Thursday, March 09, 2023

moo goes to Macc


Moo goes to Macc

There is the fear of it

He may face arrest

On the corruption dilemma

His supporters gather outside Macc HQ

Showing the might may be helpful

If Moo has done wrong in his life

He has to face the music like a man

We must believe in karma

She will not let us go so easily

Once we make our stupid blunders

The 7 sins will not fade away

Moo is no exception

He has to face his time

The remand may be ordered

He needs to tell the truth

The $300 million in his party account

The contractors remanded spilled the contents

The bank accounts of the party frozen

There will be some truth in it all

Moo goes to Macc

The front page news for all to read

If he has done nothing wrong

Macc will not call him

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