Thursday, January 31, 2008

do something

Do something
Action makes the day
Hiding behind doors
There won’t be changes

Do something
Let the people know
Sleeping beauty snores
In his work in his administration

Do something
Don’t let the lies bear fruit
It is enough out of the truth
Let him go back to sleep

Do something
The country we cherish
Don’t let her go to waste
For those morons waving false slogans

O Do something!
Don’t let them walk over you
The decision rests in your hands
Use it to your will

Do something
Before the country bleeds
The waste; no direction
It is in your hands
You can do it

new cars or beautiful models on display?

Sometimes I wonder whether the car companies are selling new cars or parading new female models on their shows? It has happened in any event. In fact most car companies tune their launching products on displaying beautiful female models. Is the customer ogling the new cars or the beautiful models wearing sexy outfits on display?. I bet the guys will stare at the new models than actually looking at the new cars. Even in Thailand one can observe it is the trend in motoring shows. Beautiful models outlining their bodies with the new cars. Go figure....what these beautiful models trying to seduce.........the cars or themselves? If you make a survey on the guys there, I am sure they will say the beautiful models than the new cars. Women always in the forefront...................yet they never use it to their advantage. I wonder why too. Maybe we will see something in this century.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

just deny BN many seats

Don’t vote for BN
Even there are upright candidates
These BN candidates can’t stand up
Unless they are called to do so

BN candidates tow the party whip
Nobody is allowed to say a piece
Elected by the people
Functioning for the party
So it is no way voting for BN

The voters must realize
Their representatives have no say
It is party line they have to follow
Or else suspension of party membership

Just don’t give BN many seats
In the coming General Election
Just look at the party machinery works
It is against the election laws
Yet no action will be taken…………..
Putting up flags and banners on the streets

Just deny BN many seats
So the leaders know don’t play with side shows
Properly accountable in words and deeds
The way forward will be shining………

prostitutes and humans trafficking

Prostitution and humans trafficking
A multi-billion business tax free haven
It isn’t easy to stop this trade
There is a need why this business survives

Days our ancestors did
Human slaves concubines plenty
The guys or the warlords had plenty
Only bitchy women made the most noises

Ah I envy those war lords
Kings or Emperors of years gone
Beautiful women snap of fingers
The power women gladly follow
No question to ask; just go to bed chambers

Time has changed then
The modern prostitution flourishes
Serving clients who want something different
Wives and girlfriends refuse to do

It is this
The prostitutes play to the guys fancy
Strokes the guys ego
They get the loot

The prostitutes won’t say no
Pay them they will do
Nothing is impossible
This is where the business flourishes

Women are the dolls
Covert by the rich
Wanted by the government
Espionage and killing machine
In their trade you think you know
They snip you to pieces
When you fall into the wrong hands

Is it worth it?
In time you realize your folly
It is better to stick around
Wives and girlfriends….
But then taste of people
So different nothing new

give me 5 again

The sleeping beauty says
“I am not daydreaming
My corridors will turn into reality
Just give me 5
I don’t ask much do I?”

He is thinking
The new costs to come
The ways he wants to do
He has to time it right

The basket full of rising costs
He looks around trying his best to hide
The intentions he has in mind
Rising goods squeezing the people on the streets

He has to move it fast
The time won’t be right if he delays
But he feels he doesn’t need rating
He knows he can sit on the chair

The electric current flow
One wrong move he is cooked
He signals his k-cat
“Go smell the rats!”

Ah in the garden of wealth
Full of glitter starry light
He daydreams with a smile
Knowing he has his rights
And the faithful k-cat
Waiting with eyes full of hope
Knowing he has done a good job
Putting his mark in every pie

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

there is no truth today

There is no truth today
The circus runs round and round
The monkeys jumping from tree to tree
Listening to the calling
The zookeeper walking by

The roar in the cage
The tigers and lions face off
Trying to stare each other down
It is the circus
Running them around

The spectators congregate
Listening to the roaring
High hope for good entertainment
Correct, correct, correct
The audience applause

Then the curtains fall
The spectators roar with disapproval
Something the circus doesn’t want to tell
The spectators feel cheated
Shouting and banging chairs
Throwing empty plastic bottles

The clowns come
Cracking jokes light spot on
The crowds pacify
Yet thinking what is going on

The circus goes round and round
Cracking whips the animals roar
The monkeys jump here and there
The zookeeper bows and disappears
In the tent he makes his moves
Arranging his props and his traps
Then all disappear into the darkness
Underground tunnel…………

The audience clap
Then the silence fools them
Only the spot lights shine
It is magic
Written on the ground!

dont buy newspapers on tuesday

courtesy from walski

No newspaper for Tuesday
Let owners learn the truth
We pay for news telling correctly
No such thing as half measure

Let the ripples flow
Amongst the people
We can’t be living under falsehood
For newspapers must give fair view
No biased reporting
Serving the political masters and cronies

Live with integrity
Live with principles
In news coverage
The people pay
Don’t you ever forget!

The independence of reporting
It has lost its zest long ago
Every page in local news
Something to prop up the ruling elite
The newspapers become the mouth piece
Of communicating half past six news

A little bit of truth
The newspaper editors thought it could do
Carrying balls to score goals
I pity the footballers
Running hot and puffing hard
They don’t get to score

No newspaper for Tuesday
Let the ripples spread its waves
Slowly it will make an impact
In time it will happen

Monday, January 28, 2008

no clean air

No clean air to breathe
This is reality in the news
Look at the polluted air
In the valley of greed

Planting trees to advertise
How good it is for many
Cameras clip speeches make
The media newspapers give it big
There will be clean air to breathe

The dirty specks
The faintly rain use to bring
Where is the clean air?
The country index falls abruptly
Yet the leaders say
Work hard we will improve the slide

It never happens
They work hard to plunder the valley
Leaving footprints hard to ignore
The water sinks in burying history

So the leaders thought
Nobody will know
The greed and power camouflage
Servicing the people

The people mistake
Let these leaders run for over 50 years
The polluted air the wind brings
There is no clean air
Our index falls abruptly

When will we learn?
Another century to wake up is it?
This is now
There won’t come another chance
To make the right choice

death is a journey

A bright star fell
In the bus on that fateful day
3 victims died
They didn’t know
They would go this way

Grieving parents and friends
Feeling the sorrow on that day
Death nobody will know
It shouldn’t be sad
It should be joyous time to go

Now one can see God
Into the light of rainbow
No traffic jam; no back biting
No crime; no death to worry
In God’s world every one lives
If only we earn our rights
Living in His world

Death is a journey
Not the end of one’s life
In fact it is the beginning
To learn the right way to live

So the good life begins
I wish these people on their way
For us who are living
We have still much to learn

the doors closure swing

Death is uncertain
The doors closure swing
Every flow never know
When it will close

Giving a life
Born to live it full

Sometimes one is gone
At the beginning never tasting life
It is said production defects
It is better to recall
Then suffering the consequences

Yet sometimes there is
The handicap people tasting life
Let the others see
Will you help when they come a calling?

The tests of many
In a journey of one’s life
So don’t draw into sadness
Forget about sorrows

Let the good comes
Life must be lived to the fullest
For death is uncertain
The doors closure swing
When it will close
Nobody knows……………

Sunday, January 27, 2008

it is easy picking (protests on rising costs)

Easy picking
In a day’s work
The Police walk
The innocent pays

Easy picking
I hear the voices cry
Prices of goods rise
The Police just come
Put them in Black Maria

Police work
It never flows
The Police orders
The political masters say
The crimes go high
The Police just pretend
This is easy picking
On the innocent walk of lives

Court gives order
Before an event takes place
The way I see it
It is easy picking

The corrupted wins
The way it shouldn’t be
Telling words of wisdom
It never translates on the streets
It is easy picking
The Police in a day’s work

The prices of goods go up
The ordinary people pay
And the Police don’t care
Easy picking they seem to say
No courtesy rough handling
Aggressiveness display
Into the Black Maria
The innocent sheep pushed in

Do it in the polls
Let the smell disappear
Once and for all

deception for our minds

courtesy from mob's crib

I go to sleep
You be the queen
Now cheers
In our cups our lips sealed

The HP 6 cracks the whip
Let the gold shines in their eyes
Blowing air of gleefully mist
The golden dust they cherish

The people wait
Listening to the stories narrate
Feeding them packets of mee
They think it is golden licking
What a day when they know!
Deception wolf in their eyes

The court jesters sing
Smiling as they dance
Into the corridors of power
Fooling the people
‘I give you $200
You don’t go telling lie’

They salute
The cups of minded deception
Flowing into their minds
And the people are fools
They say so many times

Time to wake up
People of the nation
The hell of fire
Raining on our souls
If we never do anything right
For once in our sinful lives

the spraying gun

The spraying gun
Pointed golden color shines
Kissing the air wanting to be fine
The opening hole it seeks to find

The humming birds don’t lie
It sings in the day light
Calling friends, come look
The golden point shines

The pumping exercises
Bridging the hole and the juices
Bringing it to life
The golden point shines

The liquid spraying
On the green leaves of life
The evil parasites should die
The golden point shines

On the open fields
The Indians clapping and dancing
Holiday to woo their hearts and souls
Then dump them in the paper work
They never learn

The golden point shines
The Chinese love it
So they drown slowly
Listening to leaders
Blowing hot on their tails
Greedy projects burning hell

Ah the people of the land
The so called sons and daughters flourish
Losing faces losing souls what they care!
They learn a thing or two from the Chinese
Money talks my friends
So is the golden point shines

Then they all cry
Burning souls hitch to die
The inner souls eroded
Money no where to spend
The golden point shines

So you fall for the trap
You die screaming
In the darkness of hell!
As the parasite
The golden point shines

Saturday, January 26, 2008

go for multi racial parties

Race base parties should disband
In this 21st century it shouldn’t allowed to take hold no more
Saying and making statements all about each race
When will we ever say we are Malaysians?
And our country is Malaysia………………

Playing politics on race
Malays Chinese Indians
Other races take a back seat
Where are the Malaysians?

The racial politics the people should reject
Put these parties in the wastepaper baskets
Time the people shoulder for the multi-racial parties
Fighting the country for the common goals
Nothing to plot for a race

The Super-powers can change
The people there know their rights
Only fools feeling so scared
Walking out of the house
Seems like ages to hell

Man the people should wake up
Before we are swallowed by deceit
Manufactured by leaders of race base parties
Polluting our minds pollinating their wealth

We should go for multi-racial parties
This is where the country would lead
Into the forefront of the 21st century
Not the log heads of the last century

the lazy dog waits

courtesy from mob's crib
Don’t we ever forget the AP Queen?
She makes millions for her people
The fast talking tongue
It’s the wealth she gives

The wagging tail lines up
Knowing the dog of millions near
When the erection shooting high
Give me 5 she wants with a smile

The reflection in her parade
Glittering gold pump the fat
Blowing up in the sky
She wants a pretty body
Yet she can’t find the time
So she gives AP
The queen of millions light

The lazy dog waits
Knowing there will be bone to take
When the AP Queen walks in
He only has to wag his tail

There lie his million bones
Golden painted hot in the streets
The other dogs and bitches
Sniff it wants a piece of it
No way are they going to get
The millions I wait patiently
For the AP Queen

the party blowing natural

courtesy from mob's crib
The election battle bombs
The blue of CSL
The high cost of maintenance
Keeping the mistresses
Living the high society

The party of blowing natural
In the camp of nudity
Blue and white waving in the air
The blue tooth god fairy’s tales

The gravy train stops
The blue beret head wants to go on
‘Come on guys!
Give me 5
I want to increase my prize’

Look I am drinking tasteless coffee
Even tea I can’t find in the cupboards
This k-cat of mine takes it all
Giving to his cronies licking out to his paws

The little rats battle in the holes
I know I need that to multiply my soul
So give me 5 guys
I know what to do from there

Beautiful slogans coated with empty honey
Canvassing by the roadside telling lies
Putting up blue banners popping pills
When you wake up, everything shooting high
Don’t you like it?
Give me 5!

The waves of the blue flags
The scenes of money, wine, women and songs
Maybe guys in women’s attires
Silently parading secrets hide

And the sleeping beauty smile
Yawning rubbing his eyes
Guys give me 5
I promise you an increase
You don’t mind……..

the closed doors meeting

The closed doors meeting
The curious onlookers wait
‘Do you know what’s happening?’
‘Oh me…….? I just woke up from my sleep’

Is it an UFO thing?
I can’t tell you
Maybe it is me
Now look at my sight
I look like you; you look like me
But I am not you
I am from up in the sky
So you don’t know
This closed doors meeting about

I can say
It will be the comedy of actors
Telling stories trying to hit the audience
Look at the crowd
Buying tickets to have a good laugh

But inside the closed doors meeting
Somebody tries to hide
The jokes on the audience
The money and time

Poof! It is gone!
Only the bolt of light
Rolling in circles
You get drowsy
Back to sleep again

Friday, January 25, 2008

the court jesters whisper

courtesy mob's crib
The k-cat roams
Every place every corner
Even the side bars nooks and holes
He is there
Blowing hot and his whiskers tingle
Feeling the goodies coming out
Whetting his appetites

The owners of houses
Grumbles and cries
Taking pans and water
Cursing the k-cat
Shitting all over

The black headed hit man
Under cover he tells all and sundry
Always in contact
The k-cat he knows so well

The court jesters whistle
Blowing sweet nothing in his ears
He closes his eyes falling asleep
And his gun pointed erected oily glow
It is time to shoot the gin
One glass it won’t make any difference
So he thinks as he aims perfectly

The k-cat meows
Now he has to do his tricks
Pulling out his whiskers
He lays it down for the hit man
Let him dreams so he will get his way

The court jesters; guns out ready to hit
On the streets to fool the people
‘Let me help you or else I break your legs
Let us take your body and soul
You won’t regret it……………….’

The guns of intimidation
The gin of flowering glow
The fear into submission
‘It’s just fake guns my dear
I bought it in the night market’

oh no i am bragging!

When memory fails
I can say I am bragging
Who will know what I do?
I am the king in my house
So I can say what I want

I am not the small fry
I am the lawyer
Connected and highly respected
Amongst the lawyers in town

I had won cases
Highlighted it in the press
My name became known
As the man who could make it happen

So I bragged; so I was drunk
Telling cases I wanted to impress
The clients I deal see what I can do
Judges are with me
You won’t fail your case

When memory fails
The mind plays innocent
‘O I don’t know
I need my experts to tell me so’

The truth is out in the open
When he was drunk, he couldn’t remember
But he could remember he was bragging
To his client and his son
Telling them how connected he is
Amongst the judges

‘I am bragging
I am the king of the house
My castle is my sanctuary’

For a well known lawyer
He is fooling with our minds
The truth for him is hard to say
He takes pot shots digging his own grave
The truth will come
When he finally sees his bragging dies

p/s artwork by mob's crib

ah the company of friends

The clowning on the road
On the stop rest for awhile
When hands and eyes looked tired
It was time to take a rest

Friends made the company
Among the whole journey
Something never said
Enjoyment was the story

And the small car revved it up
All the pretty maids posing close
It must be feeling hot I guess
Knowing it couldn’t do anything
It just had to wink its lights

Ah the company of friends
Somewhere in time somewhere in the wind
I only listen………..
The faintly echo rustling along

Thursday, January 24, 2008

you will be boomerang

The BN Flags
Hanging dark blue
And the leaders say
Vote for Us

Don’t we have enough sex tapes?
Running underground in the market
Pushing out in secret corners
Hanging dark blue

There are many I am afraid
In the election going for the kill
Sex tapes the marketing tool
Some say the leaders from Pahang too

The basic needs
Increasingly high now
Petrol and toll
Differential benefits
It sings loud and clear
You want BN
You must be a fool

The sleeping beauty dreams
Feeding on the court jesters
Knowing yet refusing to accept
The reality shows belting out in secret camps

And the k-cat roaming everywhere
Meowing his pleasures on other’s land
Shitting it on the garden and tiles
‘Don’t ask me why I can’t explain’

The sleeping beauty counting sheep
1,2,3,4 and 5
Jump the fence come to me
The sheep go somewhere else

The BN flags
Waving in the white sky
The blues in dark suits
Vote for us
Else you will be boomerang

i jet here; i jet there

How low can you go?
The man even doesn’t look at you
The crony wet lips flow
There is no wealth to grow

His eyes scout far and beyond
He is looking for something else
Warming up his bed he wants
How low can you go?

There is no soft barricade
There is no way he wants your AIDS
He is the Islam Had A Hari
He wants something sweet and honey

The court jesters jubilate
The people line up to worship
The man has the wealth to give
But not for you my dear
It is for soft moons landing
You know what I mean
I dream about it
The Land of Oz
I jet here; I jet there
How low can you go?
I am afraid you can’t make it
On my time
p/s artwork by mob's crib

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

the bomohs help for nini 4

A pigeon released during a ceremony Tuesday to symbolise the freeing of missing girl Sharlinie Mohd Nashar.Sharlinie alive and will be found, predicts bomohs

The family of Sharlinie Mohd Nashar invited about 50 bomohs and their followers to perform prayers and conduct rituals at their home for the safe return of Sharlinie. Courtesy from The Star

Nini still somewhere
2 weeks now since she was kidnapped
January 9, 2008
On a playground near her parents’ homes

Today 50 bomohs
Assistants on the roll
Chanting and praying
They predicted within 7 days
Nini will be sent home

Chants and praying
The power of witch-crafts of good
It may help the suffering parents
Nini will turn up good

It is good to believe
When others fail to uncover where she is
Police going to doors to doors
Of 5km radius to flush out the kidnappers

The manhunt runs
The small girl cries somewhere
The sadly tears will awaken God
Let Him help he will make her go home

The power of prayers
It rings day and night
For the good will come
All smiles no more tears
Not like Nurin
She had gone
But not forgotten

the drama on the unscripted act

Lies, deceit, video tape
It talks to me; it talks to me
Row of argument; its spinning wheel
People see it; oh get on with it

Telling the truth isn’t easy
The higher you are; it is much difficulty
Narrating what happens long ago
It is so much easier
“I don’t remember
I am drunk so I say nonsense”

The learned birds sing
Many different tunes
Sitting on the branches
“Are you with me?
Do you want to be free?”

Lies, deceit, video tape
It talks to me; it talks to me
Telling the truth isn’t easy
The higher you are, it is much difficulty

The mynas sing
The eagle takes flight
The sparrows battling it out
The rice throwing on the plain
The hunters wait

It is just lies, deceit and video tape
The drama on the unscripted act
Day in day out a different dance
People see it, oh get on with it

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

o the pills!

O the pills
Openly sold in the market
For the women and girls
Just pay cash
Asked a few questions

“After morning pills”
“Abortion pills”
Go to the pharmacy
Just give a few details
That is you are home free

I don’t have complaints
It is better this way
Less traumas and depressions
Buy the pills
Learn a lesson

Why carry unwanted pregnancy?
Only to throw the child away
In toilet, in dustbin, in doorway
Sometimes in bushes, in temples
Let the women buy the pills

Life should be enjoyed
Mistakes should be learned
Family planning should be taught
O the pills help all that!

Abortion pills lately happening
One has to pay $50 to get 6 pills for 3 days
It works by shocking the uterus
Then the foetus dislodges
The problem solved for the woman
It saves time, money and pain
Depression and public ridicule
Now the abortion pills
Save the women the embarrassment

The government shouldn’t clamp it down
Don’t play high and mighty thinking of religious issues
Help the women to walk confidently
Mistakes make let them learn again

the snowy falls

Snowy falls
The beauty out in the doors
Floating with the faintly wind
Calling the pretty women
Don’t you want to play at all?

The posing in the verandah
Forgetting the white snow
Dripping with the dry wind
Whispering silently for a cause

Snowy falls
The pretty women smile away
Leaving the natural flow outdoors
Feeling cold don’t want to go

The whispering wind
Knocking on the empty doors
Listening to its wailing in the cold snow
The pretty women smiling happily away

they called kancil by the way

Row and row of small cars
They called ‘Kancil” by the way
Lining up on the lonely stretch of road
A pep talk perhaps
Before they zoomed off to the destination

The trunk road
A glimpse of the people
Standing and leisurely looking
What was it that people behave obediently?

The kancil cars got the bug
Along the way the songs sung
Pebbles and humps sometimes
They drove king and queen on the roads

The sun shaft of lights
The wind got them alright
The neatly row of kancil cars
Follow the leader they say ‘aye’

The kancil sung
Knocking the heads on the roads
Telling others make way make way
The small cars the king and queen for today

beware of new way to rape women

I got this piece of news from one of the blogs. Apparently it hasnt happened here with this method of raping women. As the locals are good samaritans, it may happen one day. You know about pills.............many types many functions even panadol too can do the tricks. So women out there be extra careful while going out to help others. It is no use being a victim................

Mumbai police are facing a strange case of rape in which the victim has not even seen the criminal. There is a new way to rape women. The victim left the office after work and saw a little child crying on the road.
Feeling pity for the child, she went and asked what happened. The child said, "I am lost can you take me home please?" Then the child gave her a slip and told the girl where the address is. The girl, being an average kind person, didn't suspect anything and took the child there. And there when she arrived to the "child's home", she pressed the door bell, she received a shock as the bell was wired with high voltage, the girl fainted.
The next day when she woke up, she found herself in an empty house up in the hills, with nothing on. She didn't even get to see the face of the attacker...Nowadays crimes are targeted on kind people. Next time if the same situation occurs, never bring the child to the intended place. If the child insists, then bring the child to the police station. Lost children are best sent to police stations. Please send this to all your female friends. Guys forward it to all the women you care about

lingam denied he is the ring

Lingam ring a ring
Punches here hit it there
The judges scoring points
Beautiful women stand up to display
Round and round

“I am not the person
Yet I think it was me
You can ask me hundred times
I will say this to you
I am Lingam
But I am not in the ring”

Lingam spills his beans
It is red bean I am afraid
He looks up to the Lord in heaven
‘My Lord this isn’t right
It should be white!”

And the Lord replies
‘No my son
You never earn your stripe
You are cooked
In the pressured cooker”

Lingam rapped his way
The youngsters look away
Feeling blues with his antics
Never learned to talk straight

Lingam ring a ring
He tries his best to tell the judges
‘It was me but it wasn’t me
I never knew what I said
How could it be me then?”

So he records sell
Patrick said ‘Lingam talked to me!”
In the Central Market
I sell my t-shirt like hot cakes”

p/s artwork by mob's crib

the circus

picture courtesy from
The circus never ends
Lingam puts his head on the chopping board
The RCI dares not pull the lever
‘See I told you
I have your secrets’

I had seen people got drunk
Most of them just fell asleep
Some got aggressive
Others just vomited…..

I don’t come across
Getting drunk telling stories
Of secrets of clients or what
This is something I don’t buy it
It is the circus
The sheep and the dog playing
Running wild in the open field

I did my own experiment
When my friends egged me on
Knowing that I don’t drink
Wine, beer and Guinness stout
So I got fed up
I drunk it all
Wine, beer and Guinness stout
When it was over
I felt I was floating away
They brought me back home
I went to sleep

I didn’t tell stories
I didn’t tell secrets
So what Lingam saying
He didn’t know!

The person on the video clip
The person he was talking to
But he knew how to remember telephone numbers
What a way he makes fool of RCI!

wrong place wrong stage

picture courtesy from jinggo
The Islamic officials should do something
This shouldn’t be happening in public
Even holding hands in public will be fined
So what about sleeping beauty did it in public?

There will be double standard
Islamic guidelines will not be used
Showing affection only behind closed doors
So this is his Islam Had A Hari

Look at the guys
Smiling wantonly as if they wanted a share
Man it shouldn’t be
For a person of his standing

Sleeping beauty forgot his marbles
Lying in dreams for so long now only knew
The sweet flow of honey he didn’t want to miss
So in public he wanted to plant his affection

Now what will the 4C say?
“We have lost the game
We will loose badly!”

And the sleeping beauty wants another 5 years
Leading the trends of ‘I don’t know’
It is time the voters woke up to reality
The same song keep repeating
It is time to change song

Are we ready?
Are we still sleeping?
Like the sleeping beauty?

gang and followers

Gang and followers
In the road of excursion
Smile and laughter
The closeness of people

Posing and gestures
Life for awhile wholesome
True spirit game of life
Sharing it brings harmony
The pursuit of one’s journey

I like pretty smiles
It brings happiness in the eyes
It is said smile costing nothing
Yet it brings a whole new gesture

Gang and followers
United and fall together
On the journey of harmony
Personal issues forgotten

This is the way
Life has to be shared
The pursuit of one’s journey

Sunday, January 20, 2008

thaipusam a national holiday finally

Now the PM declared Thaipusam a National holiday. Those negotiated under the CA may not get it because it isnt contracted in it. Most companies will check their unionised agreements. The public servant will get the extra holiday but for others it boils down to the union contracts and the sentiments of the companies CEOs. Under the Trade Union Act each party can pick the balance 6 holidays of their choices whereas the 1st 4 holidays are fixed (Agung, Labour Day, National Day and state Sultan's birthday) This is more of a political gimmick to win the Indian votes. Last year BN got a nice bashing on the street deomonstrations. Now it is hope to appease the Indians. Of course Semi what loo will say it is MIC................Whatever it is worth wishing the Indians of the country Happy Thaipusam

now the games begin

Has the political games begun? Every one thinks the election is March 2008. This is why I put the date on 10 March 2008. It is close to the school holidays so it is easy for the voters to go and get vote for leaders or party they wish to represent. My hope is that the voters should choose a representative who is not afraid to defy convention. Party whip is a disgrace in the democratic process. It is a gag order. So the voters this time must be smart and dont get fooled into believing all the slogans coming out now. Ong Ka Ting says only BN can bring developments to the country. It is the same old song he is dishing out again. Nothing new though. More developments to pocket cronies and businessmen. It isnt BN who could bring developments to the country. It can be the opposition parties who could do it too. When the opposition parties asume the rule, developments will come to the country. After 50 years under Alliance then BN, we are still looking at the basic needs of the people. Nothing much to shout about. According to the UMNO wanita wing on their house to house dialogue, it is still the bread and butter issues. In other words, BN has failed in bringing forward the people wishes and needs even though BN had ruled the country for 50 years....Now MIC wants to organize a 15,000 MIC supporters to drum support for the PM. Here I hope the Indians shouldnt be hooked by the MIC tactics. What have the MIC leaders really done to help the poor and disadvanted Indians? MIC too had over 50 years to help the Indians but as with UMNO it only helps their own elite and cronies. Hindraf laid bare the MIC failures yet the leaders in MIC refused to accept it. Now the PM wants to declare Thaipusam a National holiday....................this is another tactic to appease the Indians. What I see is the magic cauldron brewing to appease the voters. It starts now until the general election is called. The catch phrase I think is "BN can help you........".but it will take away your wealth too So the voters must walk very carefully and think rationally while going to the polling stations..........

they want to run

The world is black and white
I heard this song years ago
Here we have it
The lawyer and the chief justice

The holly buddy
One says is true
One says it isn’t at all
Yet the body language
Telling the world
It is right for us

Together they shared
O secrets of the realm!
Because the world is black and white
Nobody can find fault with it

Years down the road
The black and white
It turns yellow and brown
The world has forgotten them
Now they want nothing
They want to run
p/s poster courtesy from mob's crib

o the saints walk

O the saints walk
On the corridors of power
Branding words showing off shine
‘Don’t shit with me
I get you into Kamunting’

One way street
The BN sings
‘Vote for me
Here, there and everywhere
If you know what I mean’

O the saints walk
Sex, lies and video tapes
Nothing is impossible
There is no wrong door
To the holes

O the saints walk
Giving alms nothing wrong
ACA closes one eye
The Police dances on the streets
BN the party makes no noise
Silently creeps into the sleeping beauty
One service; one delivery
No wrong door to bang into

In the South; in the North
O the saints walk
Branding words showing off shine
‘Don’t walk with me
I send you to Kamunting’
p/s poster courtesy from mob's crib

it isnt easy

It isn’t easy
If you don’t know the way
When the mind isn’t fully free
There is nothing to say

Cloaks of religious fanatics
Telling you what they don’t like
Listening to them you wonder
What they know if they don’t try?

Life is experimenting
To truth and false of certain belief
The religious truth is hard to understand
When it is doctored and distorted in centuries

Look at the religions of the world
Each one tries to claim it is the way
Nobody wants to loose in this game
So you watch mind feeling uneasiness

When fights break out
When wars bomb the country
It isn’t religion
It is human’s arrogance

It is the politics of power
It is the politics of wealth
It is the politics of false hope
It is the people who never learned at all
In centuries past in today’s world
We still curious; we are still astray

It isn’t easy
Living today or yesterday
You think you know
In the end you aren’t sure
What is life anyway?

Saturday, January 19, 2008

the master on his game

courtesy The Star

The master on his stand
Nobody can fault him yet

But I always hope he says something
Don’t try to run away from ‘I forget’
He is a master strategist in his day
So I don’t believe he ever forgets

No doubt I admire his ways
Hard knocks staring at you in your eyes
He won’t look away when he speaks
Yet when he testified he played his game

A leader must know his time is over
He has to know some of his mistakes done
He can’t possibly forget important issues
He has to remember he kept his little black book

I remembered important events in my life
The decision I made thinking it was right
But years down the road I could be wrong
Or I could be right all along

One always forget minor issues
Something it never jolts the memory
Important events in one’s life
It will surely stay in one’s mind

The master goes for his style
“Let me know if you have something else
I know what I am doing
But I forget what I did!”

pgcc halted its projects

PGCC halted its projects for now
On the island of Penang……….

Penang is really congested
Full of high rise buildings
Poor transportation systems
It is better to learn it now
Before the whole island turns into a hot ghetto

I stayed there for years
I knew how choking the traffic could be
CM Koh decided to halt the projects
Because he feels Gerakan will loose
In the next election
And so will be BN

BN and its partners
The leaders stalking for time
Trying their best to please the voters
Until the GE they will decide

The Penang people must fight
Don’t let the BN go on a rampage
Through its partners and cronies
Belittling the voters as they please

It is time to change
It must happen if we want our environment
Clean pure and breathe easy
You mustn’t wait for another 50 years
By then you better play with the devil!

Friday, January 18, 2008

born for a reason; live for the experience

Every one goes to discover new horizon
The steps can be near at home or abroad
Sometimes it can be in the mind
Let it play in the wisdom of imagination

The children will hunt around the house
Looking for something like treasures perhaps
Knocking out doors and under the beds
Voices loud eyes darting far and wide

When in schools they discover friends
The world now is not about the house
It has others to share and cry
A new set of rules arrived

When the children grow into adults
Many things new arrived at last
The world of friends and enemies
They learn to cope and be free

Knocks of injuries and pride
Egos bashed to pieces
Silent tears hurtful feeling
It is part of a living process

When they find something new
Smile and laughter ring in their lives
The adventure of a life
Don’t expect it to be rosy all the time

When old age arrives
It is the mind which roams the universe
Feeling the pulse the barriers broken
Taking comfort sharing of one’s journey
Sharing the baton……
“I have lived my life”

o brother!

Mad or drunk Lingam
He played his game to his best
Learning from the master
A strategist in his day
The old man seems to enthrall
The people who came to see

Lingam had made
The unsound mind of his brother
Making it known publicly
So when his time is up
He knows he has no case to answer

The drama will carry on
Many interesting charades will be known
The public will eat every word
Feeding it sweetly
The sleeping beauty crafts his moves
Unleashed it when the public get so engrossed
On Lingam and the people trooping in

Beware of the game
ACA didn’t interview all names
Divide and rule it seems
Correct, correct, correct

Now we have the unfolding game
He is mad or drunk to talk like that
No, No, No I can’t remember
It is my way I don’t have to explain

Just don’t forget
BN has a supreme coalition meeting in January
Preparations of the election zooming in
By then Lingam will be in hot news
Or he will turn into a tame affair….

the leader makes others follow

My way is the best
He doesn’t need others to match his
He decides what he wants
As Daim said to me years ago
“The old man is a lonely person up there
He decides what he wants his way”

So this is no surprise
As leaders always do
They don’t give reasons why
They only answer to the day to day affairs
On themselves

Right or wrong decision he made it his day
He couldn’t know the insight of a man
What he played with his magic cards
Nobody could see it really

But there is another point
A leader must be brave to admit mistakes
Of choices he makes in his line of duty
A good one is the recent headline
Of Dr Chua Soi Lek
This is the man I could salute
For not running away on his mistake
Not like some who throw up smoke so often
Trying to hide the truth………..

The old man knows his way
The master at his way of best
Answering his way the way he wants it
And he smiles away

oh no he was drunk!

  • Adnan: Lingam either mad or drunk
    Chua Sue-Ann Jan 17, 08 4:04pm
  • updated 8pm The minister, whose name was mentioned 11 times in the Lingam tape, gets a little upset when grilled today Courtesy from

  • Now Lingam was drunk
    When he made the call

    How so?
    When he was steadily talking
    On his cell phone to the other party
    Narrating his skills what he could do

    Now T Adnan was trying to hide
    Threw a banner made some other noises
    Let look the other way
    Lingam was drunk

    Honesty so hard for him
    He should tell the truth nothing but the truth
    So it is much easier for the judges
    To write their assessment

    This is a poker game
    Each player trying to outwit each other
    See who will loose
    When the cards finally turn over

    The silence hangs
    The breathing stops for awhile
    Eyes on the table
    What will be the outcome?
    It will be another day

    Thursday, January 17, 2008

    it is hard not to notice

    The politics of division
    It is hard not to notice
    Wheeling and dealing in subtle moves
    Every one is a pawn
    Don’t you know?

    Here stand the cronies
    Bright eyes minds full of lights
    Mouth watering eager to bite
    Thinking it is theirs
    They have arrived

    Over the line
    The opposition raves and rants
    Telling all and sundries
    This isn’t fair

    The ruling government plunders
    The nation wealth and more
    Hiding behind OSA and ISA
    Not forgetting so many laws
    Enacted to support their causes
    In the name of freedom and choices
    The ruling government not yours or mine

    In the villages
    The people think they get a good deal
    Subsidies and projects
    Voting the ruling party

    Only the urban folks know
    The behind the scene tactics
    Give the rural folks small tokens
    Make them happy singing like the birds

    On the fence
    The young and old watch
    Eyes full of sorrows
    Hearts full of change
    This is where the table will be overturned
    For the good shall finally make

    The politics of rich and poor
    The division of wealth the people loose
    The richness of the soil aren’t distributed fairly
    All about a race nothing about the country
    These are the lies, subsidies, developments
    Hangouts of selected groups
    Share a little to make a mountain of news
    The politics of division
    It is hard not to notice
    Yet this is the fun part
    Getting every one bitching about
    The way it shouldn’t be
    It happens anyway

    monday the 1st day of the week

    Who changes the 1st day of the week?
    In schools the teachers say it is Monday
    When the parents heard about it

    Where is the directive?
    This is something little napoleons do
    Hitting behind the scenes
    When the sleeping beauty sleeps

    We all know
    1st day of week is Sunday
    The whole world know about it
    Now in this country
    The BN slips its administration
    Monday is the 1st day of the week

    The subtle Taliban movers
    Creeping slowly to hit the news
    Schools segregation of students
    MoE doesn’t know until it is blown

    These idiots must be sacked
    It is no use letting them be employed
    Creating chaos for the parents
    Teaching the students something else

    What is PIBG doing?
    They too don’t know I presume
    Letting the cracks of changes flow
    Like Taliban they want it secretly

    God rests on the 6th day
    Now there should be changes in praying
    For the Muslim on Friday
    Someone forgets
    In a hurry to change

    nini 3

    Somebody misery
    Someone wants to cash on it
    How sick the mind?
    Don’t these people have compassion?

    Sorrows fill the consciousness
    Sleep deprives yet hoping for a sign
    The little girl will come running
    Knocking at home she knows so well

    The echoes of missing laughter
    The silent aptly plays on the mind
    Yet there are people who want money
    Hoping the grieved family will pay
    For a worthless information
    On a small amount of fee

    Now many hundreds galvanized to help
    Distributing flyers for a worthy cause
    Time and efforts without money
    Let the public find the poor girl Nini
    Knowing not what is happening

    Will she be found soon?
    This is what in most peoples’ minds
    The sick minds of evildoers
    I dread what they will do to her

    I pray the gracious Lord will intervene
    Let the sick people let her leave in peace
    Put in her back on her playing ground
    At least she knows she hasn’t gone away

    lingam plays his game

    Lingam productions
    Looks like me sounds like me
    It doesn’t mean it is I
    Acting in the video clip

    He isn’t a brave man
    He is hiding behind a woman skirt
    Trying his best to change the scenes
    Until someone says he is lying
    Now he isn’t admitting it
    He only says “I am not that positively sure”

    Even at this stage
    On the production rolling
    He wants to change the script
    Trying his best to play ‘bodoh sepet’

    Like the song of rock and roll
    “How low can you go?”
    Lingam wants to go very low
    So nobody can see the tricks
    He has hiding in his sleeve

    Is it a bird or is it a plane?
    Every one looks up to the sky
    ‘No it looks like me sounds like me
    Yet I am not so sure
    Now I am slimmer!’

    The rule of the game
    The master crafts it to his advantage
    Knowing how the system works
    He may get his wishes
    Somebody doctored my image

    The one who should be in the witness box
    The Royal Commission hasn’t call
    It leaves a hole Lingam can crawl through
    Then he can sing ‘I tell you so’

    Chua Soi Lek should call Lingam
    Be like me stop the charade
    Let everybody goes home
    Case close so what can be done
    Let it falls justice of dignity

    Wednesday, January 16, 2008

    the natural beauty the eyes glow


    picture taken on LG KU990 handphone camera

    In the early morning fall
    The cloudy sky shimmering light
    Bursting through angels cry
    A new day has arrived

    The beautiful natural patterns
    It is pleasing to the eyes
    One wonders the handiworks of the Lord
    Spreading His magic
    In the cloudy sky

    The light slowly shines
    The early morning line
    Spreading far and wide
    A soft prayer for the Lord is so kind
    A new day has arrived

    The bursting light eventually glow
    The natural beauty the eyes flow
    Believing it so much easy to know
    The Lord always around
    Only we have to ask Him
    It is there all the time

    south of the border

    Grace photo by Dellis

    South of the Border
    Tall rise buildings people flow in tight regulations
    Knowing there are no natural resources
    The survival instincts drilling the day they were born

    Be the best they can be
    Make the world sees their paintings
    Cohesiveness, peace and harmony
    Amongst the lot in the country

    Nothing to disagree
    When opposition tries
    The full length of the law
    Bankruptcy and imprisonment awaits
    The people who don’t toe the line

    The beautiful city the clean streets
    The super efficient services
    Nobody can find fault with it
    A place one doesn’t have to argue
    “Put on the meter charge a fair rate”

    In their own state
    They dare not make a fuss
    About anything they see
    Only in other countries
    When they visit
    Arrogance and proud they show
    Throwing rubbish everywhere
    As if this is the backyard

    O I have relatives in Singapore
    I don’t have to examine far to know
    And I had observed their antics
    They want to be free

    O I am lucky to live here
    The good the bad and the ugly
    The rojak of the nation
    It makes a new day everyday!

    Tuesday, January 15, 2008

    always be alert

    Don’t stand so near
    On any high rise building
    Though you find a fantastic view
    You feel the wind caressing your soul

    Don’t tempt your luck
    Once you fall there is no second chance
    Be a Superman for awhile
    Flying like a bird
    Then you are gone

    A maid fell in Singapore
    Trying to hang clothes on a chair
    An old lady too
    Standing up trying to hang her clothes
    She fell when she didn’t hold still

    In Germany a man fell
    When he threw his Christmas tree from 3 storey high
    It went flying together with him
    He landed on the bottom broken like Christmas tree

    In Hong Kong many flying objects fell
    By the residents throwing out their unwanted goods
    So don’t be clever walking in the open
    You may not know what will fly downwards

    Is there a vengeful spirit?
    I don’t know
    One has to be careful standing on the balcony
    Fantastic view in high rise building
    The opposite is true
    Shouting at magical stars
    White snowy falls
    There is no second chance at all

    Monday, January 14, 2008

    we live to find the truth

    This is 21st century
    The open sky the law the limit
    On business what can sell a product
    Use it to its advantage

    Story without pictures
    It can’t sell newspapers
    This is business I am afraid
    News items people want to know

    It has to create an impact
    Of the parents and their charges
    Poor supervision misery arises
    Who to blame in the end?

    We live to find the truth
    And the truth always hurt
    No matter how civilize one wants to be
    When facing this dilemma
    It hurts through the mind

    So one must prepare to face the truth
    Sometimes it is hard to live through it
    Yet humans have the capacity to fight
    And grow better in later years

    taliban in malaysia?

    Is Malaysia going to Taliban clique?
    Co-ed school separate entrance and sitting
    Asking the Non-Malay or Muslim to wear songkok and head scarf
    In schools and institutions

    Where is the choice under the Constitution?
    The Education Minister must reply to these issues
    Is he sleeping on his job too?

    Non-Muslim parents aren’t happy
    Forcing children to wear such attires
    It isn’t the approved uniform sanctioned by MoE
    How can school enforce it?

    PIBG must answer too
    Are they too in the dark of it?
    The social stigma that accrues
    When religious officials go undercover
    Catching those on close proximity
    Or during the fasting month
    There will much anger and distress
    When wrong people catch

    So what is Islam Hadhari doing?
    Going backwards instead of forward
    Yet the sleeping beauty snores it through
    Into his dreams he thinks he gets it true

    The little napoleons are up to their tricks
    Bending rules and regulations as they like
    They think the country belonging to them
    What they see shadows of other races?

    Time for change
    Send the fanatics to pasture
    Let them think in gated confinement
    About the country multi-racial multi-religious root
    It isn’t for any one race at all…………..

    Why make the unnecessary stress?
    Let the people enjoy their freedom and choices
    In the country of many people and belief
    Together we make the nation………

    Sunday, January 13, 2008

    dont take life for granted

    Warning about life
    Telling him he won’t live a day longer
    Yet he thought it was a prank call
    Never thought it could be true

    On his way to his meeting
    A guard stood by to watch
    As he walked in
    An outsider followed him

    The leader didn’t pay attention
    He looked at the guy
    Kept his distance looked at the circular number
    As the lift hived it up

    He was thinking
    About his family, his business and his politics
    His mind wasn’t about on his threats on his life
    Why in this building who dares?

    The unknown guy wiped out his pistol
    Put it on his face smile and pulled the trigger
    He saw his life turned into pieces
    Into the bright light he knew he had gone

    When he turned around
    He saw his body lying bloody in the lift
    The man ran out and disappeared
    There was no guard at the entrance

    He cried up in the white clouds
    Knowing he had lost his life
    When he looked up to the white light
    The Lord says “Come home my child”

    dont be fooled

    The Lingam Tape controversy never ends yet. A business man came forward to publicly declared that he and his son were in Lingam's house when his son recorded Lingam conversation with the former chief justice in 2001. He felt afraid of ACA where the agency officials kept vigil survelliance on him and his family. He felt threatened by the way ACA officers conducted its affairs. He did make a police report and wrote to PM but received no reply. Helping rakyat....? We shouldn't bang on it. Only the deceiving ones or those who can give positive publicity that will be welcome by the BN government. ACA is funded by the taxpayers monies yet the way these officers conducted affairs sound like gangsters or Ah Longs. Time the sleeping beauty truly wakes up and sees for himself what is illing the country. Nay....he goes overseas at every opportunity leaving the affairs of the country to the morons. The people must really want to change the BN government. Najib still sounds the same old story - vote for stability; vote for developments. Only BN can do it? Any party can do it not only BN. The people must send a positive signal that change should be for the country. Voting BN will not help most of the people. The country wealth must be duly protected by upright and honest leaders.

    Saturday, January 12, 2008

    missing nini 2

    Every hour
    Nini will be lost forever
    The sunlight to darkness
    The cries of the young
    It will be hard to listen

    Every effort on the run
    Trying to find a child lost so young
    It shouldn’t be repeating
    Nurin still hot in our minds
    Now Nini comes to tell us
    Security mustn’t taken for free

    O parents don’t you forget!
    Out in the open spaces
    Many sick minds play
    When your guards are down
    A child is lost whispering to the wind

    Every day
    The lead becomes cold
    The time becomes hard to find
    Pray the Lord let you come out alive!

    it's the power

    It’s the power
    He won’t give up instantly
    This is his base to hold the reign
    This is what power playing comes alive

    The portfolios he wants to hold
    He can feel the golden flow
    The heated sparks in his eyes
    The power rests on his hands

    Giving up either one
    He doesn’t want
    Finance and Internal Security
    This is where the backbone lying

    Every time he says
    He knows he will win the game
    Money and security
    He holds it in his hands

    It’s the power
    When one is into it
    It will be hard to give up
    This is where the voters coming in
    Know how to vote
    Don’t be blinded like fools

    the hit men on the loose

    The hit men on the loose
    The hiding in the mind
    Waiting for it to come alive
    O just a phone call
    It will be done!

    The hit men
    They don’t care
    About life
    They want money
    Wine, songs and women
    A little bit of fun

    The money changed hands
    The hit men get their jobs done
    Clean effective no messy scenes
    This is what they liked best

    The hit men in our midst
    Living dangerously they don’t care
    O just a phone call
    It will be done!

    Friday, January 11, 2008

    MIC Johore state deputy chief shot dead

    courtesy from

    Now this is serious
    State Assemblyman shot dead in broad day light
    The police have no clue
    The state of fear rears its head again

    Sex scandal hasn’t died down
    Child kidnapping just 2 days ago
    Now bang………MIC deputy state chief died
    In Johore Baru

    Election will be postponed
    There is no good omen to hold it soon
    The Police must hunt the killers
    Can it be the same one who shot dead Dr Joe of Kulim years ago?

    Somebody is trying to pass message
    To the top leaders to study inwards
    Don’t make silly slogans
    Think first before saying it loudly

    This must be bad for the country
    Political assassination shadows the politicians
    So now what the Police will do?
    Go underground flush out the killers
    Maybe the killers have fled to Singapore
    Enjoying their lives in the city

    Bad year for 2008
    Something is hunting down the country
    Has the Lord got angry?
    Our leaders should sit up and study it deeply

    police swing into action for Nini

    Police swing into action on the missing Nini. Now IGP says he has learned from Nurin case. So every minute will help. People surrounding the locality go out to give a hand. Roped neighbours and friends and concerned people to find Nini. In most people minds, dont let it be another Nurin case. Dont let the killer strikes again! I know it isnt easy. Efforts must be pooled to get it done. It reminded me of missing women too. In Ipoh. In Cheras. The young early 20s women not even found. The usual route in prostitution or sold as slaves in some countries........or about the case of a pretty stewardess disappeared while waiting for her boyfriend to pick her up. It was years ago in Subang airport. The country has many such cases now. Yet the Police has no time to tackle it properly. The Police has time to round up the peaceful demonstrators fighting for a just cause for the country. Crimes index gone up last year. The people must fight crimes themselves. Organize groups patrol own streets. You can't rely on the Police as much as you like; they always say they dont have enough the criminals (any type) can have a field day picking their targets. When the cat is out of the house, the rat will have his day stealing cheese.

    watch your back

    Julius Caesar forgot to watch his back
    Trusting his people got himself whacked

    Playing politics aren’t for the soft hearted
    It needs courage and thick skinned face

    Don’t think about relaxing
    There won’t be any on the way
    When you need it most
    People you know keep a distance

    Like Dr Chua Soi Lek
    Hardworking minister caught between his pants
    He had no choice but to resign
    Singing his sorrow about friends hitting his back

    We have the gifted minds
    Yet we hardly know how to use it well
    Wealth and power seemed the magnet
    In politics the dark clouds
    Hiding out the true intentions

    The game we see
    The power creeps in easily
    What will be in the end?
    Power, greed and wealth

    Thursday, January 10, 2008

    missing Nini


    Missing Nini
    On the playground she disappeared
    Thinking it was near her parents’ house
    Yet a guy managed to take her away

    A 5 years old girl
    Standing 3feet 2inches tall
    Innocent doesn’t know the world
    She is gone

    Do the parents ever learn?
    Kidnapping of young girls seem so easy
    Leaving them playing alone
    The parents think the others will see

    When the parents can’t have time
    Tell the children to stay at home
    Lock the doors watch tv or do homework
    Maybe playing games with relatives
    Always in the house for sure

    Missing Nini
    The horrible scene splashed in the minds
    Don’t let it be another Nurin
    The killer(s) not yet find

    The painful sleep at night
    The sorrowful face misty eyes
    Missing Nini
    Why happen again?

    p/s for details log to

    the 12th general election?

    A worker of the Malacca election commission showing the transparent ballot box which will be used in the general election.Weeks away

    All signs point to the next general election being just a matter of weeks away, as political parties and leaders seem to have stepped up a gear in their preparations. Courtesy The Star

    Lama tukar baru, lama tukar baru..............the 12th GE is coming! The political parties gearing up to contest. The BA has concluded its seats allocation. BN has its dry runs almost complete. The party machineries are in top gear to challenge for the 12th GE. It will cost the taxpayers something like $100 million to run the general election. Besides many businessmen will get their cash ready to help their potential candidates to win the election. I remembered once during those elections in Kedah, one of those business friends I knew then brought along $400,000 to support his candidate. He said it was used for charity and kenduri in the kampongs. He said he would recoup his losses when the state awarded him contracts. When his political master fell from his power, my business friend then lost his way. He was charged for corruption for trying to bribe TNB officials for his housing project........It was reported in the press he fled to USA. I remembered he told me he used to live and stay in US of A so I guess the newspaper report could be correct. The potential candidates are not allowed to spend beyong certain amount of money. The law wants it to be cleaned for the candidates but you can see it around. Most of the times, the cronies will help the candidates to spend. It is not the candidates fund but it is their cronies. The candidates will draw on the legal amount allocated to them. When you walk around the scenes, you can feel that the amount is always breached. You will expect the EC to haul or disqualify a candidate, it never happens. I have my feeling that the GE will not hold it in March. Maybe in August 08. Maybe on 08/08/2008...........It rings true melody to the ears. There are a few things the BN has to get it done before it calls for the general election:-

    - The Royal Commission Report in March
    - The Hindu Temple committe report within 6 months in Selangor
    -The essential commodities supply in the country like cooking oil, sugar, flour
    -The petrol hike............will the government go for it?
    -The electricity and water rates increase?
    -The Port Klang Free Trade Zone
    -The school fees issue free or not free?

    These are the small matters yet it touches the hearts and souls of most people. Wrong statement wrong votes.