Thursday, April 27, 2006

the bridge too far

The scenic bridge was history. Singapore bullied Malaysia! Our government crumbled. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi gave reasons which I couldnt accept. People protest and legal implications. I sat here to ponder. The bridge was negotiated for at leat 10 years. I didnt see people went with fury. In fact many people in Johor were eagerly waiting for the bridge to materialise. Legal implications? Nothing whatsoever was discussed between Malaysia and Singapore. Now the present government called it off after awarding the contract in January 06 to build the bridge. Sometimes I wonder what's happening with Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. I guess he should go to mosque to preach. I know the chinese mindset. They hit you when you are weak. They dont give you a chance to recuperate. You have it for good. And they are smart to create moving poles - giving all kinds of imaginative mirages to confuse the opponents. Malaysia had her bomoh but failed to use her magic to make Singapore fall. When her weakness became known, Singapore got her advantage to go for the culling and now the bridge was history...

Malaysia......get a new leader to fight in this global borderless world

petrol saving wiped out!

The petrol saving wiped out! So there is nothing then to improve the transport system of the country. The crude petrol jumped to US75 a barrel from US65 a barrel. So what is Petronas up for? Now the government will guarantee the GLC to take up the private initiatives in companies related to transportation and lease or rent to the government. Dont we have enough bleeding from the highway projects? These GLC companies including EPF will invest a quarter of the $200 billion 9th Malaysia Plan. To me the government should have thought it out in its plan. Apparently when these people drew up the plan they dont source for fundings. It was then tabled in Parliament and all the 'yes men' would say 'go for it PM!' If it is a good plan, why go out to explain to the rakyat? Maybe the PM felt his plans could be sabotaged by the bad delivery system which he knew since he was part of the system before. He should not burden the people by saying it is a project for all Malaysians...Common on we arent in kid schools! Read backwards about all the will get the answer and see who or which companines will get the major share and see what will happen to the ordinary folks like you and me. Plan always feed into the imagination of the planners. But it should be realistically targeted to benefit the people and not to the pockets of a few..

Malaysia....time to spread your wings

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

cameron highlands 3rd visit

This was my 3rd trip to Cameron Highlands. The last trip was 7 months in September 05. This excursion was on 21 April 06 with family groups. It was to celebrate my nephew's birthday. It was raining on reaching Kampong Raja. Then it was drizzling right to Brinchang before it finally stopped at Tanah Rata. We rented 2 apartments and stayed for 2 nights. The housing estate is quiet and flowing of fresh air. In the morning I could hear chirping of birds something like wake up morning call. Cool air circulating with moisture floating which I think I dont get it often in lowlands unless there is a shower or perhaps grass cutting...

We arent really tourists. We dont really visited places but dropped by to the nursery areas to take pictures of various flowers. I went to look at the housing projects thinking of getting a holiday place there. I got brochures to browse through and didnt see any mock-up unit.

The place always never plan to suit the natural environment. It is built as you wish. It destroys the natural ambience of the hill resort. I guess money is the real issue. Get out the gold mine and then leave the empty holes for others to stare and curse it. By then the money has gone to the businessmen leaving just pockets of sentimental values to the nature lovers to walk around. Currently it is slowly going to be destroyed of its natural ambience. It is hot now compared to my 1st visit to the hill resort.

The old Merlin resort reopened as Cameron Highlands Resort. I stayed in the old Merlin for a few nights before. The facade stands as usual no change to it. I didnt see the interior since I was just passing through.

I returned after spending 2 nights in the hill resort. The next round will be my 4th visit which I think will be quite awhile unless I find a place to buy (?)

Malaysia.......oh yes! Too many tea breaks employed!

Friday, April 21, 2006


The new house has problem. Leaking on the roof top and 1st floor bathroom to downstair bathroom. The contractor/developer normally takes time to repair. Previously I had written so many letters until the ink too dried up. So finally I sent my bill to the lawyer's office to claim for the previous faults on the house. The Defect Liability Period has been done so the developer has no excuse to play 'I dont know' In fact the site office will try to pass over the buck trying to give many excuses and some will be bullied to accept it as 'Act of God' which remind me of Samy Vellu. This morning the guy came to inspect his work of his piping works in the 1st floor bathroom. If he is not at fault, the developer has to redo the tiles and concrete on the bathroom floor. Damned. I had painted the whole house with a new coat of paint and now this leaking issue.
I am getting tired of trying to pester this developer to get his act right. I hope my next property shouldnt give me this headache. It is 75 % completed. The last time I checked it was looking good to me. The final touches are coming soon - tiles, gate, road, kitchen the developer. To me it is a good buy

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

local councils - forget about spying

The local councils have so much work to do. Yet the officers seem to indulge in peeping private lives of others. Because to generate revenue to its coffers. My perception is the officers have nothing else to do. Blocked drains, poor rubbish collections, poor garden maintenance in public areas, poor enforcement, never want to handle complaints, passing bucks around, poor assessment rates collection running to millions....yet they can spend time catching amorous couples in public or dark places. I should think they should devise a proper system to collect assessment rates from the property owners than allowing debts to accumulate into millions. This show how efficient these officers are. Poor perception only want to do the easy work. I still maintain that local councils shouldn't involve in passing laws or bylaws. It is the work of Parliament. Let the MPs decide. The local councils become the LORD of the people. Even PM has lost control over his administration. I read last month even a chief minister didnt know how much taxes his local council imposed in his state. When it was brought up by an opposition member he disputed the percentage charge yet it was true...Now it was timely that the Minister had dialogues with all local council presidents in Lumut, hopefully something good can be brought into focus in the administration of the local councils. Sometimes I wonder whether we are slowly going to be the next Taliban as the officers carrying out their tasks to patrol the morality of the people.

Malaysia wake up and go! The honeymoon is over. Time to walk the talk!!!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

proton cars in case one forgets

Proton cars
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Proton cars are manufactured by Perusahaan Otomobil Nasional Sdn Bhd (Proton), based in Malaysia.

1981 Joint venture proposed with Mitsubishi to build a Malaysian car.
1982 National Car Project given cabinet approval.
Heavy Industries Corporation of Malaysia (HICOM) signs agreement with Mitsubishi.
1983 Proton established on 7th May.
Proton factory established in HICOM area.
1984 Prototype model on test.
Edaran Otomobil Nasional Sendirian Berhad (EON) Privatised.
First car named Proton Saga.
1985 Saga launched.
1986 Saga exported to Bangladesh.
1987 Production reaches 50,000 cars.
Agreement to sell Proton cars in UK.
1988 Saga wins 2 gold medals and 1 bronze medal at International Exhibition in Birmingham (UK).
1989 Local engine plant opens.
Production reaches 150,000.
1990 Saga wins 2 more gold medals at Birmingham International Exhibition (UK).
Production reaches 200,000,
Saga enters Thailand Rally and ended as winners.
1991 What Car awards Saga "Best Purchase" accolade.
12 valve engine released in the UK.
300,000 cars produced.
Transmission and Engine Facility opened by the then-Prime Minister - Mahathir bin Mohamad.
1992 Robotic upgrade to the Proton factory.
Saga variant, Proton Iswara launched.
Proton's hat-trick. 2 gold medals at the Birmingham Exhibition for the 3rd consecutive year.
En Adzmi Abdul Wahab appointed Managing Director of EON.
1993 Proton R&D facility opens.
Proton Wira launched.
Datuk Mohd Nadzmi Mohd Salleh appointed Managing Director of Proton.
Production reaches 500,000 cars.
Proton finishes 2nd in Rally of Dubai.
1994 Proton Satria launched.
Agreement to export cars to Indonesia signed.
1995 Proton Perdana launched by the Prime Minister at Putra World Trade Center.
A more sporty Proton Wira called Wira Aeroback was launched.
In June 1995 proton lauuched in Australia with the Wira sedan.
1996 Production of Proton Tiara begins.
Proton now exporting to 31 countries.
Proton Wira 400 Series launched in Zagreb, Croatia.
1997 YB Dato' Saleh Sulong becomes Chairman of Proton.
Production of Lotus Elise begins.
1998 Proton gains ISO 9002 certification.
Satria GTi and Perdana V6 launched.
1999 Perdana V6 and Satria GTi launched in Singapore and Brunei.
2000 Launch of Proton Juara mini-MPV.
2001 Proton Waja launched.
2002 Launch of Proton Arena and Waja 1.8.
2003 Sponsorship of Norwich City Football Club begins.
2004 Proton Gen-2 launched.
2005 Launch of Proton Savvy.
2005 Syed Zainal Abidin Tahir appointed the new MD.
2006 Launch of Waja Campro 1.6 DOHC
2006 Proton reduced car prices in Malaysia along with several other car manufacturers in a move by the government to lower car prices.

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Model Range
Proton Saga was the first Proton model, based on the Mitsubishi Lancer Fiore. It rolled off the Shah Alam assembly line for the first time in September 1985. The 100,000th Proton Saga was produced in January 1989. Launched 20 years ago. The face-lifted model *Proton Iswara is still in production in 2006. It remains the top-selling model even though newer, more advanced models have been launched.[1] There have been a few other face-lifted models: Proton Knight and Iswara Aeroback, Iswara Limited Edition (painted in light purple with power steering and sporty exhaust note). This model is extremely popular with taxi drivers in Kuala Lumpur who repaint the vehicles red and white.
Proton Saga Iswara, is a face-lifted version of the Proton Saga; originally launched way-back in 1992 and is still one of the top selling models for Proton in 2004 because of its low price. In past decades, this model had been well known for its low fuel consumption. However, with the advancement of technology Iswara has lost in this field. Sometime in 2005, the Saga Iswara was facelifted again and renamed back to the Proton Saga. This new version featured remodeled headlamps both front and rear. It also had an Audi TT-inspired dashboard and 1st generation Lotus Elise-derived dashboard display. In 2006, the Saga was facelifted yet again to include a new wau grille to match the rest of the family.
Proton Wira (also known as the Proton Persona in Europe and some other international markets) was introduced in 1993 and is based on Mitsubishi Lancer/Colt. More than 220,000 units were sold between 1996 and 1998 [2]. This car was, and still is, very popular in Malaysia. The word Wira translates into English as "Hero" but instead of using this as the name in English-speaking countries, Proton chose to use the word Persona instead. However, from about 2001 onwards, the car has been sold as the Wira in the United Kingdom, whilst in 2002 the Wira was put into production in Iran by Zagross Khodro.
Proton Wira Aeroback
Proton Satria, (also called Proton Compact in the UK) a sporty 3-door hatchback based on the Mitsubishi Colt. Proton gained a lot of valuable engineering knowledge from its takeover of Lotus which ultimately led to a special Lotus badged version of the Satria being produced.
Proton Satria GTi is a 3-door sports hatchback. This was Proton's attempt at the sporty, performance hatchback market. Very popular in Malaysia and has a large following in Australia. Powered by a 4-cylinder 1,800 cc DOHC engine and featured Lotus-tuned suspension, it was one of the best Protons ever built.
Proton Satria R3 is a limited edition road-legal race-spec Satria with only 150 units in production. It features a double seam-welded lightened chassis and a tweaked engine with more aggressive cam timing.
Proton Satria SE is the last batch of Proton Satrias to roll out. Featuring Proton Arena sports rims and grille, and many extras in the interior similar to the Proton Wira SE, this would be the last of the Satrias before the long-awaited SRM (Satria Replacement Model) rolls out.
Proton Putra, a 2-door sporty coupe based on the Mitsubishi Mirage. Considered by many as one of the better looking of the Mitsubishi-based models, the Putra was well-received and commands good second-hand value.
Proton Perdana, based on the Mitsubishi Eterna, first produced in 1994, intended for the higher-end market.
Proton Perdana V6 was the facelifted version of the Perdana, featuring a more powerful V6 engine and new front and rear look. It was later facelifted to include the Alfa-Romeo-inspired grille that earned it the nickname Alfa-dana among enthusiasts. It was tuned more for performance this time, and also featured a new, more expensive-feel interior.
Proton Tiara was a compact car based on the Citroën AX, built under licence by Proton from 1996 to 2000. Faced numerous problems due to Proton not supporting the model after it was discontinued. However, Tiara owners were an enthusiastic lot, and formed clubs and alliances with mechanics and Citroen experts, keeping the ownership of the Tiara alive and well.
Proton Juara, a quirky, boxy MPV based on the Mitsubishi Town Box Wide. This model was one of the best built Proton models due to the first batch being totally CKD models from Japan. It featured a modern futuristic shape that was considered to be a bit too modern for Malaysian tastes at the time of launch. Times have thus changed and Malaysians have learned to appreciate the Juara, as many can be seen on the roads. It was very economical in fuel consumption and was very versatile. It is also one of the best-equipped Mitsubishi-based models, as it was based on a current model Mitsubishi, and not an outdated model. It featured a lot of high-tech gadgetry like keyless entry, auto-dim lights, safety lock for gear, child locks for doors and a digital odometer (which was later used in other Proton models). It was also the first Malaysian car to offer Mercedes-Benz-style wing mirror-mounted signal indicators. The Juara continues to be sold alongside other Proton models, although in reduced numbers.
Proton Waja (Proton Impian in Europe) was the first Proton to be designed and styled in-house. However, the car's chassis and engine were sourced and adapted from Mitsubishi (except for the 1,800 cc variant, which was powered by a Renault engine). The word Waja translates into English as "steel" while Impian translates into "dreams" or "ambition". The name Impian was chosen as it was considered to be a more pleasant sounding word for the international market. In January 2006, the car was fitted with a CamPro engine which has been re-tuned to boost the horsepower to 86 kW (115 bhp) and 155 N-m pf torque. This made it go full-circle, as the CamPro was originally developed for the WAja, but was deemed not ready for production when the Waja was launched, hence debuting in the Proton Gen.2.
Proton Chancellor is variant of the Waja for the executive market with longer base, larger interior space, and extra features.
Proton Arena (Called Proton Jumbuck in UK and Australia), a mini utility vehicle. Based on the Wira platform, Proton engineers managed to develop a vehicle that would cater for those who have an active lifestyle and also those who need a small and economical utility vehicle as opposed to a commercial truck. It also sold very well in Australia, where it had no competition and sold more than 1200 units in its first year. The Arena comes in 3 bodystyles, and is one of the more interesting models to come out from Proton.
Proton Gen.2 is the first fully Malaysian-developed (including chassis and engine) Proton car and the replacement model for the Proton Wira; launched on February 8, 2004. It featured a modern sleek shape, with original design cues like crop-circle rear lamps and concave tail. The interior was very modern and minimalist, with a cool meter cluster and also an intergrated audio system by Clarion. It was well ahead of other Protons of that time in terms of design. However, Proton continued to sell the Wira after the Gen.2 was launched, due to having a huge supply of the vehicle still in stock. The Gen.2 was considered by many one of the prettiest Protons, and had good sales figures. It has a minimalist and modern interior that was designed with the help of Lotus. However, it did face problems with the quality of the interior and therefore seeked the help of TUV of Germany for quality control, with results clearly visible from the Savvy onwards. The Gen.2 was the 1st to receive the CamPro engine, and it is said that the engine needed lots of revs to obtain full power, and this was sorted out with he re-tuning of later units of the car.
Proton Savvy was launched on June 8, 2005. The 1,200 cc 5-door supermini car is the replacement model for the Proton Tiara. The car is fitted with an engine and a gearbox sourced from Renault.
Proton Savvy R3 Zerokit was based on the Proton Savvy R3 prototype and could be added to a Savvy purchase for an additional RM3000. It featured a roof spoiler, front and rear lips and side skirting.
Proton PERT (Petronas-EON Racing Team), a near-identical copy of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. The current model resembles the Evolution VII and participates in the production class of the World Rally Championship.

I got it through the net while I had nothing else to do. In fact I dont know about Proton cars so this article came out handy to me.

what I remember

The telcos companies are going after the lucrative market of smses. I think it is the younger market who used it more often than the business people or older adults. Imagine now it costs 1 sen to send your sms to your friends. Still the profit will runs into millions. For those who enjoy sending smses still must be the lucky break they are hoping. Now it has become a reality. I had read short abbreviations on the smses which I took quite awhile to understand it. Every word has a short cut sometimes one will feel falling on the uncharted waters of those smses. Anyway I hardly use it so I can't cut words to its shortest form.

The toad has a long tail which the villagers got a windfall in the lottery. The family released it in the jungle for their good luck. It is one of a kind so they did the right thing to release it to the natural habitat. Of course they are people wanting to know where.....because it brings luck to the owners......When there is money to be made you smell the pack running to your place...I heard recently there was this medium who gave 4 digit numbers in Mambang Diawan where those in the know bought the numbers -legal and illegal. It came out 1st prize. Many people in the villagers strike it big I think it runs into millions ringgit...These people must be lucky to hang around in Mambang Diawan.....

Now I dont hear about bird flu..What is happening? They said ducks are the carrier of the I didnt see any duck hanging out for sale. Even today I dont see it. Perhaps all got culled by the Health Ministry officials. My favourite duck stall too didnt sell it. Chicken no problem...At least the Health Ministry officials should come out with the latest news about bird flu in the country. Do you hear anything about it now?

'Malaysia itu negara Islam. Kalau tak suka, keluar' so said the MP of Jerai. He didnt understand the Constitution. He is good at opening his mouth. The British Government would not grant Merdeka if the 3 main races didnt unit together for a common objective. It may not happen if the races in the country aren't united as one race one country. What he was saying is trying to erase history of those people who played their part in getting Merdeka. The PM should put him under ISA for flaming racial overtones. Apparently he did make quite a few racial remarks but his party didnt haul him for displinary action. He escaped! Not with MIC Secretary General he was suspended for 3 months for going against BN spirit on Crimea Medical University...If you read about reports of BN parties, you will see the favouritism runs its course...

Which car you want to buy from our national car makers? Myvi at $38,000+ and savvy at $39,000+ on the road? About banks loan? The interest rates has jumped to thinking about it. Maybe going for Gen 2 or Honda Civic 1.8....

Malaysia....raining season in my place and my new house leaking on its rooftop to the master bedroom..

Friday, April 14, 2006

bad sex 3

Bad sex can be changed. It all depends on the party involved. Marriage should last a life time. Sometimes there are problems but it should be able to get over it. Bad sex too is one of those important factors that causes marriage to break down. Affairs on sex. It is an important aspect of a person's life. It is there the intimacy flaming the act. It is there to cool the hot fire brewing all day. It makes life healthy too. But do we understand the importance of sex? On records many marriages failed because of sex. It is not that easy to putt the hole(s). It involves alot of stamina and techniques in sex which can be learned and read about it. Nothing shameful in marriage unless one has different outlook on sex. It is not for procreation in the first place of marriage. It is for the couple to learn and enjoy sex. Procreation comes later in the couple's marriage life.
Sometime I wonder why marriages fail. It is what brought the marriage alive yet somehow the fire dies in boils down to the techniques or skills one learns to satisfy one's partner. It is not 5 minutes or 10 seconds fame. It should be over 30 minutes or 1 hour or 2 hour. Good sex should have enough foreplay to relax and enjoy it. It shouldnt be in a hurry. Only sometimes it should act like cheated lovers - hurriedly done and gone or in a car romantically exploiting the near frenzy of getting caught....It should be fun to do it and at the same time sexually exploring the intimacy of it every time. Every day it is different. It never should be the same all the times. Use our imagination skills to manipulate the sexual journey. It fails because a couple forgets about foreplay and techniques of doin it. There shouldnt be any excuse. Dont bring work home and dont bring work problems to the house. It kills the marriage life. However, if you need to talk about it, make a place to sit and share with it. After which it should be kept away.

Sex is a game; it needs practice alot of it and stamina to pursue it everyday.

Goodnight Malaysia....we are so so in our sex life.....only some who get it high to the top

Thursday, April 13, 2006

tension of life pursuits

Got work to do yet tension got in the way. No work to do tension gets the way. This is life. It is the reasoning of living otherwise how are you going to feel the flow of life. think about it. Looking at others shaking legs you thought you could do the same thing. When you try to flow with it, you can't get the rhythm. It never works. So you realize you can walk the same direct line but the temperature lights up differently. This is why when you looked at life and work you couldnt understand beyond your focus. Say like you walk into a mist....some walk out so easily others get lost in circles and others sit down and cry when they find they can't find their way out..Tension in life is feeling alive. You should get the drum beats and feel how wonderful the gift of life.....only it can last forever....but it is another story.

The beginning and the ending you can count in your figures. Nothing really extra ordinary only we make it so difficult to enjoy our journeys. I always feel that tension is one of those living pursuits to make us think - going too fast? walking too slow? life in the rainbow? no mirror no smile? too much work losing out friends? too many friends till dont know what to do? too lonely never find a way out? no motivation life a drag? and God where is He? In the mind? In heavens?

Life is what we made it out to be....

Selamat malam Malaysia keindahan jambatan hanya dimimpi saja...

BN Manisfesto

The BN manisfesto was made to sweeten the people's mind. It is not there to really help/assist the people or allowing freedom of choices. It is there as a window dressing - good to look at but never good to taste it. It is the BN ways of doing work in the country. The often used mentoring 'Vote the devil you know than the devil you dont know' BN parties are scared that the people might vote other parties to govern the country. Sometime ago PM Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said he had fulfilled his election pledges on corruption. But I ask 'Has he done it?' I dont think so. He has lost his grip on his administration. Here is an article I found interesting on the BN manisfesto of what pledges had been done and why I said the PM had lost grip of his government.

BN manifesto - what they really meantProduct of the SystemApr 12, 06 4:05pm

The prime minister was quoted earlier this week to have said that the Barisan Nasional has fulfilled its election promises with the unveiling of the 9th Malaysia Plan. Here is a list comparing the BN’s 2004 Election Manifesto and what has transpired since then. I urge the prime minister to re-read his own manifesto before making grandiose but fraudulent proclamations. On education, the manifesto said:
Barisan Nasional has worked hard to provide universal access to education. We will ... foster student interaction to enhance national unity.
The reality
“I will never allow non-bumiputeras to enter UiTM. I will ensure that the percentage of Malay students given places at public universities will always be higher than the percentage under the previous quota system.” - then Higher Education Minister
Dr Shafie Salleh, Umno General Assembly 2004.
“Universiti ini tempat Melayu.” - Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak, Umno General Assembly 2004, in describing UiTM.
On the economy, the manifesto said:
BN cares about your needs and will seek your views on important issues.
Your opinions and views continue to matter as Barisan Nasional endeavours to implement people centred policies.
The reality
“I hope the public will not question the money saved...” - Prime Minister
Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, March 17, 2006, on the RM4.4 billion saved from fuel subsidies.
“Why are you complaining? What more do you want?” - Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, April 7, 2006
on the 9MP.
On religion and culture, the manifesto said:
BN will continue to promote peace, prosperity and harmony among all Malaysians.
BN upholds the diversity of religious practice, language and culture.
The reality
“Let no one from the other races ever question the rights of Malays on this land. Don’t question the religion because this is my right on this land. Don’t poke at this nest, for if it were disturbed, these hornets will strike and destroy the country.” - Jerai MP
Badruddin Amiruddin, Umno General Assembly 2004.
“Malaysia ini negara Islam, you tak suka, you keluar dari Malaysia.” - Badruddin Amiruddin.
“Members of uniformed services, including the police, must abide by the regulations on the wearing of their uniforms.” - Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, March 27, 2006, on the
compulsory wearing of the tudung by non-Muslim policewomen during official functions.
On corruption and abuse of power, the manifesto said:
BN will continue the all-out campaign against corruption, without fear or favour.
BN will continue to promote a culture of zero-tolerance for corruption.
The reality
“Umno does not intend to report the cases to the ACA. We have our own mechanism.” -
Radzi Sheikh Ahmad, Umno secretary-general, on money politics in Umno.
“But it is not easy, in the government everything is difficult...” - Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, April 3, 2006, RTM interview, on efforts to tackle corruption.
On Parliament and democracy, the manifesto said:
Barisan Nasional is strongly committed to parliamentary democracy, which gives each citizen a say in the administration of this nation.
Everyone has a stake and a voice in Malaysia under Barisan Nasional.
Barisan Nasional will ... ensure Muslim women have recourse to a fair and just legal system.
The reality
“Bloody racist, racist [...] Itu perkauman, perkauman punya ahli parlimen. Mahu beri 500 India.’ - Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department
Mohd Nazri Aziz, June 22, 2005, Parliament.
“Yes, we made a decision to suspend him [...] for what he did in Parliament. He should not have taken the stand to criticise the government.” - Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, June 22 2005
on the suspension of Natural Resources and Environment Deputy Minister S Sothinathan.
“We used the whip (once) so they had to follow, now it’s the same…” - Mohd Nazri Aziz, Dec 21, 2005, on the
forcing of women BN senators to vote for the Islamic Family Law bill.
On human rights and freedom, the manifesto said:
Barisan Nasional safeguards the interests of all citizens. We listen to and act on the hopes and aspirations of all groups regardless of age, gender, ethnic background and religion.
The reality
“We will not think twice about using this law against anyone who incites - that’s why we still need the Sedition Act and ISA (Internal Security Act).” -
Mohd Nazri Aziz, March 20, 2006.
“I think you are dreaming, we have never planned to give any teeth to Suhakam. To give them teeth has never been a proposal.” - Mohd Nazri Aziz on
Suhakam’s ineffectiveness.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

water services bill act

The Water Services Bill 2006 gone for its first reading in Parliament. There shouldnt be any polluting the rivers or streams either by the companies or individuals. The penalty is heavy to pay. Will the enforcement be quick? Will the officers drag their feet to book and charge the offenders? Will it be buried in all files over all files? Will the case ever walk in the court? If one contaminates water sources causing death, the penalty is death or $500,000 fine or both. Normal pollution to the rivers and streams will extract fines or prison sentence. So far nobody talks about it. The preventive mechanisms must be in place and protected 24/7. There shouldnt be any complacent amongst the officers in charge of protecting the natural resources of the country. Nobody should think of money and wants to make more money in the expense of the natural resources of the country by polluting it. The local authorities should beef up its enforcement now than waiting for directives. They shouldnt spend time and effort policing on morality on the people. The local councils should know where the best suit fits in its enforcement not chasing people for indecent behavior. It directions all wrong! I hope with this piece of legislation our natural rivers and streams will be freed of pollutants cause by humans and companies

Malaysia now you are talking.................but action must be required too

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

PM warned

The 9th Malaysia Plan who will benefit it? To me it is not all the Malaysians. It is again gone to race based linkages. As the former PM said it is the Chinese who paid the most taxes to the country. It is not the majority race who done it. So who will walk with the projects? Your guess is good as mine. All projects need money. Who has all the money to fund it? The government? Somehow I think the rakyat won't get it. It is again benefitted the businessmen or those close to the prime minister..Though the PM has gone on the road shows to drum up support for his plan for the next 5 years, I guess the economic situation for the Malays will not improve as much as desired. As I always say one shouldnt spoon feed any one. In the end the targeted object will not be achieved. Yet the government still doggedly going for it. Afterall it is 5o years the Malays should be able to compete but sad to say they just can't stand up to challenge. The Chinese has gone global leaving the domestic economic to the rest to figure it out. By that time, the Chinese will be flying everywhere and then the government will say the Malays have not attained the 30% economic cake. It is time the Malays would have to strike it out on their own. No doubt they will initially but the lessons learned will help them to conqueur the world - first in the home country then the global competition. Right now the Malays are still wanting to be spoon fed. Pity really! Now the PM warned the civil servants to make sure the plan wors otherwise those hindering the plans must go! I agree with him on this directive. Civil servants are too damned lazy. (When I was in Alor Star, the government servants couldnt want to entertain the public but they had time to run their own businesses or attend to their own hobbies. I had to wait for hours before finally I got my chance to ask for something. It took me just 2 minutes but I had to wait for hours......the usual excuse officer goes out; he is not around and dont know where he keeps his file or out for tea.....) Now the 9th Malaysia Plan for all Malaysians....yet why should the PM go for the road shows? I think he believes the civil servants will not carry out these projects or the contractors will try to delay it or somebody want to make sure the projects fail.....This is a huge projects worth $200billion.......for the next 5 years...

Malaysia you are on the roll yet laziness will derail you if you aren't stern with the people entrusted to carry it through

Monday, April 10, 2006

committee again

PM going for another Complaints Bureau for the people to complain about. I have my doubts about his campaigns. He seems to establish so many committees that I wonder where he wants to go. All his committees are up to the mark or not? To me perhaps these committees fail somewhere to address the problems facing the people.....I expect him to go all out to nap all those people who have bad records especially those who acquired wealth so suddenly. Mind you no one can become multimillionaires in a short time. Apparently here some could. So he should catch those people and their runners who swindled so much money out for their own personal wealth. Why wait for investigations? It has no end to it. Catch them under ISA which the government willingly used on the opposition or people who dont agree with government policies. Restrict them in Kamunting for 2 years or more without trial(which the government enjoying do it to those who disagree) So I will hear more committees on the roll......................

Sunday, April 09, 2006

bad sex 2

Couples go astray because of poor bed communication. It doesnt have to be a talking parrot. It can be body language like a wink of an eye or a smile or a caress or a hug. Do it every moment every time when the opportunity arrives. It shouldnt be planned for it to happen. Let the flow comes in which I think it is much easy to warm up the relationship. I agree sometimes couples find it difficult to talk to each other but I dont find any excuse in body language which is like magic where a person can conjure beautiful images of establishing contact. Sexual relationship is part of a marriage life or perhaps a loving date relationship. Here dont think about religion which will divide the warm relationship. It can cool the heat then what? God create Man and Woman for a purpose. Yet we find many couples shy away from enjoying the best part of their lives. Knowing nothing about sexual techniques and bashful to ask for advice. In the end the relationship turns sour and affairs continue to plague men and women in our society

Good Morning Malaysia let the freedom begins to dwell in the air

Friday, April 07, 2006

low tide for police

No part time business for police officers. Now the deputy IGP is talking. Why he took so long to say it? In fact he should nip in the bud a long time ago. The man on the streets knew about police officers running part time businesses. Last year I heard a police officer had amassed a tune of over $40 millions which he didnt declare although the General Government Orders required all government servants to do so periodically including the Cabinet Ministers. I dont know what happen to the police officer. The police should have a check and balance on themselves which the IGP claimed he had. Then why exist part time businesses by the police officers? I once read about a female police officer in UK who was moonlighting I think as a striptease in one of the night clubs in London. When she was expose, I think she face disciplinary action for not getting clearance from her superior. When one is in uniform services, one shouldn't go for part time business which can jeopardise one's reputation and integrity. So the deputy IGP was correct to get his officers to toe the line which is better than never. Right now the police officers should improve their public image which had lately been tarnished by some over-zealous officers in carrying out their duties. The last incident was the 60 years old woman who was ruffled up in lock up. Why ask sarcastic questions? Why treat a senior citizen badly? The police force should know how to recruit personnel in their workforce - those who are willing to sacrifice for the county and people and not for personal gratification just because of the badges and uniforms

Good day less more action to ease the public misconception

Thursday, April 06, 2006

trans fat

Trans food kills. So nothing much to eat then.In fact when you walk in a supermarket, hypermarket, provision shops or your favourite shops these canned foods can kill. So imagine eventually we kill ourselves.....slow and steady with money driven products...all those canned foods or bottled drinks on display on the shelves...looking tempting and desirable but with a heavy price on our lives!!!!!!!!!!!! Exercise helps to maintain a healthy mind and body but the poison seeps through in our bodies like this song 'killing softly with a song' What will the government do? I guess nothing. The MOH will wait and wait eventhough the doctors should know but because of companies employing millions of is so hard to tell....So the minister of health does his morning ritual to maintain his equilibrium whereas we suffer in silence.......maybe at the mercy of the manufacturers....No.....we can make a difference....Not buying the products....yet it is so tempting pushing it harder on our eyes and minds...We are falling to the money driven companies. Money comes first lives they dont understand...............

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

too many cooks

The PM enjoys creating committees for this and that. So now the 9th Malaysia Plan too has committee to check on the delivery system. Besides the main body, he wants other committees to oversea the projects in the 9th Malaysia Plan. In my view he doesnt revamp the delivery system at all. He creates another layer to cover another layer of inefficiency. In the end many overlapping work and loggerheads which finally the rakyat won't get it. So he can carry forward to the next 5 year plan. He should seriously revamp the delivery system. Those officers who are lazy or corrupt should be sacked or retired prematurely. The civil servant shouldnt be of a majority race. It never works in a multi cultural religious country. It should be on merit and pick the best to run the machinery of the government agencies. He should admit that the mental capacity is not up to the mark. He wants to spoon feed his race. He is doing a disservice to himself and his race. For 50 years of independence the majority race of the country still can't achieve the economic cake of 30%! To me it is a lie. The banking sector is above 70%. Contracts awarded virtually 85%. SME 70% Agriculture and farm products 70% I think it is the value earned that it is lost out. It was reported that the Non-Malays paid the most taxes in the country..

He can't spoon feed his people all the times. He makes them economically lazy. He makes them the soft steel to fight in the economic cake. In the end it is a losing battle. He must be brave to stop now. Encourage them to fight on equal opportunities, learn the hard way, build friendship in businesses, cultivate culture tolerance, learn and understand others way of making businesses and above know the religions of each race. There is no harm by doing that. It is the spoke of a wheel that gels everything together.

Good day give me ways to move around in this multi-cultural-religious country

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

explanation sometimes hard to know

No matter how much you explain and show how to do it, you dont get it what you want. The final product will come so slightly different that you will blink......'is that the one I wanted?' During the course of my working life, I didnt get it right even though my staff then would agree on the spot. Mind you I speak Malay to Malay staff which I think then that they will know how to do it. If I can receive the feedback correctly so my messages are understood. Right. When the finished product is done, it is not my design that I wanted. It is a design the workers wanted. So like now on the renovation on the new house.....say 12 inches above ground it become 24 inches. The entire pattern changes on the outlook of the house. It has become the common crowd amongst the many houses in the housing estate....It reminded me about my sister-in-law house in Shah Alam somewhere in Kota Kemuning near to a golf course. The whole project never flow accordingly to plans. It has to redo twice. Even now the satisfaction can't be tasted at all. Money spent yet satisfaction is flawed. Back to my own is nearly completed but at least I found that overall I was happy with the final product. Only the technical aspects....

Monday, April 03, 2006

On the roads

On the road I have to pay extra careful. I can't understand the mentality of drivers on the road. On the T-junction I found drivers made U-turn without putting out signals for the oncoming cars. Today I found one lady driver did that. She didnt put any signal. She just did her U-turn forgetting about on coming cars. Luckily the driver at the back of her car drove quite slowly. I was at the back of the second car. Imagine if the second car driver drove a bit faster....I looked at this driver....she didnt bother at all. She drove off coolly. Nowadays I dont see cyclists put on light on their bicycles no more. On the night I can't see them clearly. Morever they wear dark colours. And without lighting this is the receipe for disaster..So far I grumbled to myself why they think life is so cheap......It takes a little conscious effort to put on light...then life can be saved. I guess they dont think about it. Money is important but not life(?) Lucky for me I am not a real crazy driver on the road. I watch how I drive....but two years ago a van knocked my car from behind on the stop-look-go sign. He claimed his leg got stuck on the oil pedal...anyway I claimed on his insurance coverage. The thing is when I could be careful on the road others may not have the courtesy to do the same.


When I get up in the morning, I smell the air of living. It is a good feeling. What can beat that? Maybe It is a feeling of paradise. Standing above ground and listen to the magic transformation every second. The sound. The music. The laughter. The praying in the mind. The tender moments on the cherish of a life. I get going yet I dont count the time. It is the gracefully blessing that I could breathe every time. I don't wish to lose it for a long time. How many of you can say that of a life? Perhaps billions of them. So I thought the world could be save from the hellish unleashed graves....of greed, corruption and power. No. We never beat it yet. The way I see it many times I have to go through it. The blessing part is I could see the morning sunlight....

Saturday, April 01, 2006

talk in parliament no safety

Parliament is a place to plan, to discuss in a cohesive manner, to check and strategise the narrow roads to a straight one for the people. It isnt a place to shout abusive languages, to pose a threat to elected members of parliament in their speeches, to kowtow to party whip, to say what the party wants or what the government decides for them. In this view, this is not democracy. The people only elect rubber stamp representatives in parliament. There is no bite. They are just old people without teeth; in which they may as well as stay in the grave yard to talk until morning! It is only the process of election that it sounded the country practises democracy. Yet the true meaning has lost when the party wins the election. Yesterday I saw my area MP in town. He didnt attend the 9MP speech in parliament by the prime minister. So I guess what are MPs for...parliament in session yet few make the effort to show their faces and what about the rest of the MPs....gaji buta saja....

When MCA representative talked about Islam and other benefits in parliament, UMNO Youth got annoyed and wanted to censure the MCA rep. Isnt he a member of BN? And what UMNO Youth Hishamuddin welding a kris......this is a leader a country needed in future? Somehow I think these people dont know how to behave. Call themselves educated in overseas yet the way they behave smell of gangsterism in 3 piece suit...I rather stay in the kampung any time...I miss my kampung life....about friendship, ghost stories, kenduri, catching fish, spiders, playing marbles and flying kites....with every one every race....

Malaysia....the many races, many religions, with different tastes and perceptions and I am part of it.....