Saturday, May 31, 2014

mah wins

The hiccup on the card
In Teluk Intan by election
Unofficial result shown
Mah Siew Keong wins

It dampens the changing mood
The voters turnout isn't high
DAP doesn't win this round
Dyana has to wait in GE14

Maybe PAS hudud law
It makes a difference
The non-Muslims uncomfortable
With PAS agenda

Dyana is expected to win
But the voters have different game
This round it never happens
Wait for GE14 to crack the jackpot

A slim majority 0f 238 votes
The spoilt votes of 550
DAP will request a recount
Mah has to wait for a bit longer

the end of an era coming


This is Umno baru youth
They brought down the Rocket
They were so addicted to hate
They couldn't see the difference

The Rocket could fly us to the moon
Up there we could see what was on Earth
With a better view to appreciate our existence
But not Umno baru youth who couldn't comprehend

They were in the sieged mentality
With lies only to shock themselves
In reality they are facing their own ghosts
Slowly targeting them to become the zombies

If Tunku was alive said Ku Li
He would curse everybody for the nation
The way Umno baru playing its card of 3R
Its leaders think they are born into it

We should participate in debate
Agree to disagree or support view
At no time we should play hate politics
Leave religions for the people to pray in private

Pakatan Rakyat will flourish
The end of an era is on the card
The signs are there for a total change
In India Congress suffered the worst defeat


The 2 years old girl
She was taken away
In Kota Raya complex
By a stranger in a crowd

The security guard didn't stop
He didn't realize it was kidnapping
The CCTV had shown the streaming
The small girl was lost

By the river the man took
He decapitated her and drank her blood
Two homeless guys saw
One ran to call the police

When the police came
The man jumped into the river
The police said he could have drowned
Nobody was found yet

The child mother could cry
When tears are dried through the night
When memories become a faded dream
One mistake it takes to make a loss

choose wisely teluk intan folks

Teluk Intan folks
Today it is your decision to make
Don't let the nation down
Don't let your vote go to waste

The non-Malays called many names
The authorities never act on it
Even offering hampers and monies
EC will say there is no report

The Malays better wake up
NEP is an addiction to make you waste
You don't progress after over 4 decades
You should ask why you are still far behind?

The wealth of the nation
Why you are left so far out
You struggle to live day by day
You are led to fall into the trap

Now you have the opportunity
To send a clear signal to hurry for change
You can't be satisfied with peanuts on your plate
There are meat out there to be shared!

the lizards

The lizards on the walls
As the light turning dark
There the lizards will crawl out
Like the dark forces of life

The heat of the light
The lizards stay quiet
The stationery movements
The stake out of long hours

It is only the insects
Flapping wings eager for the light
As the insects fly closer
One long swipe of its tongue

The quick swallow
The eyes keep a look out
The night is still young
The insects will fly by

the missing children

The innocent children
Playing in the park
With greens around them
Listening to the cry of laughter
Parents tend to doze away
Thinking in the public surrounding
Many eyes will watch
They have their small gathering
Sharing tales and experiences

By the time the parents remember
The quiet park no cry of laughter
They begin to look around panic comes to mind
Frantic searches for the missing ones
The park becomes a hive of activities
The strangers will lend support and time
The little missing ones long time gone

In the shopping malls
The familiar scenes shoot
The children are left to walk freely
The parents busy window shopping
In the public traffic many eyes will watch
In the sea of human faces and bodies
The children will be clouded unrecognizable
In this time of a situation
The parents begin to get panic
The eyes will scout for the children
The strangers will stop and help be given
By then the children are long gone

Do the parents learn?
The reports of missing children
The parents shouldn't put their guards down
The missing children can happen any time
There is no way the children would be allowed alone
To explore by themselves in the park or mall

Friday, May 30, 2014

the mango tree

The mango tree
On the village of India
Two sisters of the lowest caste
Out on the open field

They were found hanging
Swaying on the mango tree
The medical report said
They were raped and killed

The poor can't afford toilets
The old caste system still exists today
The government of the day hasn't solved it
Leaving the poor to be used and discarded

The two sisters lives cut short
By the sadistic men on the prowl
The police in India can't run the field
Leaving the dark forces engaging in evil ways

The mango tree
Swaying by the wind
The weight of two sisters
A sad and sorrowful way to go

God will have mercy
Granting the girls an easy path to paradise
Death in the hands of the evil men
They will get their true justice

who hasn't committed a sin?

The honour killing
It has to stop
Who hasn't committed a sin?
In this world we live

In Pakistan
A family stoned a daughter to die
She was 3 months pregnant
Married without their consent

In front of the High Court building
Watched by the police and passersby
The police officers didn't stop them
The poor woman suffered a painful death

Is that the way to go?
Islamic syariah law in Pakistan
The honour killing has to stop
It is a barbaric way to enforce

The family members involved
They have to be charged for murder
The police officers too must face the consequences
Standing there without controlling the public stoning

The honour killing
It is a murder in the mask
It shouldn't be allowed to happen
The penetrators must be punished

$32 million without interest

Bank Rakyat loan
A $32 million loan without interest
Payment through issuing 120 checks
For 10 years the bank lose interest!

A minister instructed it
Though initially the bank didn't agree
Through his direct involvement
The bank relented

The former chairman had aired his grouses
In the public domain for all to read
Now Macc should take flight
I forget..they waiting for making report

The central bank should investigate
This isn't a corporate giving free interest
It involves $32 million and something isn't right
The transparency is still not happening here

vote in a new face

Umno backing
Mah thinks he will win
Most likely he will lose
The voters angry with threats

Umno promises
As if the funds come from it
It is the taxpayers monies
Umno leaders seem to forget

Now Mah is promise a minister post
The funds will come to the constituency
Just look at the threats by Umno leaders
Vote out Mah for good measure

You see Mah still can be appointed as a Senator
Through the back door to become a minister
Teluk Intan folks think about it
There are 2 winners for this by election

Vote in Dyana
A fresh face in Parliament
With it a new challenge for change
By the voters in the nation

Thursday, May 29, 2014

we are the power on the throne

Move on
The fence sitters
You can't wallow in sorrow
Knowing what ills the nation

It's time to make the change
The wealth of the nation
Draining out of control
With the wolves running at will

You can't sleep and cry
Listening the howling at night
The crimes of corruption and greed
The bigots, zealots and extremists

The camouflage in NGO
Brewing the poisonous air
Infecting the minds
Unless we make the move

This is the way
To clean up the mess in our nation
Kick out the corrupted and its cronies
Let us be the power on the throne

live your life

The black May
Suicides got it made
Many took their lives
Thinking problems solved

The journey of fire
They don't see it then
When the entry is confirmed
Nobody could turn back

When life has down trends
Find a way to make it stop
Talk to people even to strangers
You never know help is on the way

When you are down underneath the ground
What is there to plead anymore?
The fire will claim you forever
Until you learn your bitter and stupid decision

celebrities marriages

Celebrities marriages
It will be in public domain
The good fodder news
The profits soar

The marsupial can't hide
When the bad news hit the street
The talk of the news
The straying party hides

Don't they know?
Don't they realize it?
Straying away from a married life
It can't be ignored and kept quiet

The marriage will fall
Though they plead for private space
When strays hit on the road
The dog catchers will come to rope in

if the head is rotten

The police hunting
The 38 rapists on the run
A secondary school girl was raped
Many times over until unconscious

The police suspect
She could be sodomised too
The medical report would tell
The rapists must all be caught

The house unoccupied
Though the owner lived 20 meter away
As reported the addicts haunt
Report made no police acted on it

The surrounding neighbours
Nobody knew a rape committed
Until the police came
It became news to the people

Even with the tough drug laws
The death penalty imposed on it
The drugs are still running through
The chain hasn't been broken

The law on rape
With caning and jail sentence
The rape still occurs
They blame on yellow culture and women

It is in the mind
Nothing to do with adverse erotic materials
If the head is rotten,everything smells bad

Even harsh laws will not deter a crime

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

the feeding

The cats, dogs and hens
At the back lane hustling around
Of food throwing on the road
Each looking trying who will be the first

The pecking order of the animals
They don't need anybody to tell
When there is enough food
There is no rush for it

The throwing rice
The cats and hens have their own
The dogs will just smell and move on
There is no need to chase

The Indian woman will watch
The cats and hens at the back lane
Of nuisance to other homes
She isn't bothered with it

bee anne comedians

Bee Anne comedians
The running commentary on stage
Trying to run out the opponents
The old dogs have passed the prime

This is the young generation
They will decide the future of the nation
The old tricks of Bee Anne
It has died years ago

Look at in Penang
With 56% turnout
DAP still chalked up an impressive win
The old tricks of money and divide can't work

The people aren't fooled easily
They have learned their lessons well
Even today Bee Anne still uses the satanic frogs
Brewing bad fragrance in the air

In Teluk Intan by election
Bee Anne will get the knocking hard
They use race, religion and money
The comedians poking fun at the other races

The fragrance of new aroma
It permeates in the air of Teluk Intan
The people will decide on the new face
A fresh air the Waterloo of a change

where is the jet plane?

The commercial jet plane
In the night March 8
It took off and disappeared
MH370 still can't be found

Raw data released
Questions were raised
By the professionals in the industry
Now where is the jet plane?

Maybe the jet plane
Plunged down in the Andaman Sea
According to a Malaysian who saw it
The tail end of a plane on March 8

Nobody was buying the story
At a height of 43,000 feet
It was impossible to see anything
So the story ended there

The lives of 239 passengers and crew
They could be alive somewhere or dead
As long as we can't find the jet plane
The hope is always there..

The insurance payments process
The reality they could have been dead
The relatives and loved ones
The tears have dried long ago

the spots can't change

Don't get carried away
Telling a story to satisfy a time
You can't change your root
It is buried deep into the ground

You can change your religion
You can call what you are
Deep inside your family root stays
This is the truth you can't hide

Some forget the truth
Putting on air of indifference
The spots can't change
Even paint it over

Don't get carried it away
Rain fall in different places
The flow of water never change
The cycle keeps recycle again

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

amno got the shake

Amno Amno got the shake
Going all out to pull hairs
Leaving the gentleman's ethos behind
The days and nights afraid of shadows

On the campaign trails
The hooligans shaking their bikes
Thinking they can put fear

It's leaders have no leadership qualities
Branding the antics of Ah Longs
Throwing red paint spreading fear
Calling others ingrates or traitors

Amno Amno got the shake
When a pretty woman comes along
The party of red and white
Amno can't decide what to do

Amno Amno got the shake
Bringing the old rock star
He can't break the barrier
Amno can't decide which way

The telling sign
Amno Amno got the shake
On the diamonds in the sky
The light of shadows

the new will rule

The aging rock star
Once a drug addict failed in marriages
Joined Umno to resurrect his image
He should have stayed away

Now he was back in Teluk Intan
His hometown to rock for Umno
The voters aren't fool to listen
The aging rock star with his once drug addictions

Is this Umno could do?
Dyana will win the Teluk Intan by election
She is the youthful young lawyer
Without any damaging bag to take her down

She rocks the Teluk Intan folks
She tells them the messages
She isn't a pussy cat
She will roar in Parliament

Mah Siew Keong will get booted out
The yes-man letting Umno takes over his campaign
He had his 2 terms he should realize
There will be no comeback for a yes man

Voters in Penang
They said it loud and clear
Now Teluk Intan folks will do the job
Let the Dyana roar in Parliament

don't love the satanic frogs

Don't love the satanic frogs
The magic potion of their words
The circle of smoke in the air
They just want to see the destruction

Love,harmony and respect
They hate to see it happening
Don't love the satanic frogs
They brew magic potion to make you cry

The losers running
With placards in their hands
Don't love the satanic frogs
Leaving in peace is a mountain to climb

Look at the pond
The lotus leaves crumble
The toxic words they crafted
It never brings harmony

Don't love the satanic frogs
Put them in the boiling oil
Let them get deep fried into crispy meat
Let the black dogs have a meal

They want to make you dizzy
They don't have love, harmony and respect
With the fire of smoke they will frog around
They are the losers rocking in the acidic pond

let dyana roar in parliament


Umno top leaders
They can't string a better way
The years under the siege mentality
When new faces come along
They feel the fear
They go all out to discredit
When they should remember
What they were once upon a time?
No Sirs they forget
Once they were the greenhorn
Currying favours to get to the top
Don't they remember how to start off?

In Teluk Intan by election
A new pretty face and a lawyer
She comes with a mission
We are all Malaysians
She has her mind of her own
She isn't cowed by the big guns Umno
She isn't afraid to say sorry
She isn't afraid to tell
And she is from DAP
She makes Umno Malays singing her name
Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud a lawyer in her head
Umno top leaders can't sleep well in bed

Teluk Intan voters
You have been insulted by Bee Anne leaders
You shouldn't vote for Mah Siew Keong
He is the yes man in Parliament
Now give him the 3rd knock out punch
Gerakan runs out from Penang
Let the party stand out in the rain
Let the party leaders learn their lessons

Teluk Intan voters
Vote for Dyana of DAP
The face of the future
The nation needs her
You need her too
She isn't a yes woman
She will roar in Parliament
Give your vote
You will not sleep with regret

Monday, May 26, 2014

if you want to cheat

If you want to cheat
Don't get married in the first place
Why get married and go out the back door?
Stay single and enjoy the field

Something married guys have
Something the married women glow
It comes into the open slowly and quickly
The sexual camouflages in dating games

The hide and seek game
The minds work hard on it
Forgetting the hurt will come
The partners and children

If you want to cheat
It is better to stay single
You have the opportunities to roam
Any place anywhere nobody will care

the summer of tears

The summer of tears
In the land of plenty
And yet there is this drumbeat
It never goes away

In the sun of glory
The radiant flow in the sky
The many shadows gathered
The masks of lies singing

The nation of many colours
The plentiful wealth for the hardworking
The willingness to share the opportunities
And yet there is this drumbeat

One race keeps on barging in
The summer of tears they sing
They have all the wealth of opportunities
They drum it up making them look so silly

They shouldn't be lazy
Get up and earn the living
The land of opportunities
Choose the rightful and honest leaders

Now this is what happening
The crooks taking it away
Leaving the empty nest
They never turn back to see

The summer of tears
The destiny of the nation
The people have to wake up
Remember the long history