Saturday, March 31, 2018

the ghost house on the hill

There is a house on the hill
Once during those decades ago
The British used to stay
The hive of activities bloomed

When we achieved our independence
The British slowly returned back home
Leaving the houses alone or went to the state
One particular house was left alone

Through the years
The house lost everything
Leaving its structures alive
Then the story of the ghost began

Nobody dared to sleep in
One man tried to show his courage
He went up to the house and slept
In the opening he found himself on the golf field!

The house was used as muchroom experiments
The years passed nothing was heard of the ghost
The muchroom experiments too died away
Leaving the house a ghost on the hill

we can't let injustice prevail

We can't let the injustice prevail
We have to stop it before it is too late
The time has come for us to decide
No more sitting quiet sipping champagne

EC designs to favor the ruling regime
It never takes into a fair and level playing field
It makes the voting bases catering to a regime
It wants the opponents to lose in every race

The injustice has fallen
By the current regime
Why must we pay to suffer?
We elect them to do our work

But in reality we are pushed around
We are even shouted at and looked down
We pay them through our sweat and tears
Is this what we got for our troubles?

We can't let injustic rule
We must band together fight for the nation
No doubt there are the bad supporters
There are afraid to lose their silver spoons

Let Bee Anne go
It doesn't need to stay
We have given them over 6 decades
Enough of the lies, corruptions and scandals

We have to vote for Pakatan Harapan
Let these leaders bring us out of the blue
Our country's debts are high today
We mustn't be like Greece...

up on the hill

Up on the hill
Away from the bustling crowd
The time of quiet moments
Soaked it up once I stayed

Once I thought I could hang around
For a while before I decided to move on
I fell in love with the environment
I glued myself for many years

There were excitement on weekends
Where the crowd of tourists would arrive
In groups or single they would come
The local guys and women could have a pick

The party in the wee hours
In the bungalow house or in open air
The cool weather would not make a sweat
The sound of insects would join in the crowd

The Tavern would be the focal point
It was here the pick up could be found
The crowd during those years ago
They would like to enjoy life to the full

The jungle walking made some sweat
Walking through the quiet sound of life
Only insects would make some noises
The jungle trek a pathway of silence and free

Then job changed
I had to wave goodbye
The memories still stayed with me
Though images of friends seem in history

the cow dung on the road

The cow dung on the road
The forever problem remains familiar
The town councils will not enforce its regulations
The cows will walk with no care to its waste

The roads can be littered with it
It has become an eyesore to the motorists
The hive of cow dungs on the road
In the night the motorists will curse

When it pours heavily of rain
The road will be flooded mixed with cow dung
The motorists will not able to see
Once they reach home the aroma of bad

The cow dung on the road
Don't expect the town councils to do a thing
They sit in the cool offices
They don't drive around to see

send zakir naik home

Zakir Naik
Time for him to return
India is where he came
He shouldn't stay here

He's an Indian national
Bee Anne shouldn't hide him
He has cases to answer
It is better he returns home

India has issued her extradition order
Malaysia shouldn't hide him no more
The country has enough bad issues
We don't need another bad apple here

There are many videos of him
India has cases on her wanted man
Malaysia must send him back home
Don't use religion to justify his stay

Zakir Naik
Time to deport him to India
The official documents of request file
Malaysia shouldn't wait or try

Friday, March 30, 2018

let bee anne go

Let Bee Anne go
It is time to say our goodbye
It is a party which forgot its root
Its leaders become too arrogant and insincere

The party crafted laws
Basically to protect themselves
Against criticisms or slanders by its opponents
Its leaders slowly putting its opponents in jail

The agencies seem compromise
Every action it seems one sided
As long as it pleases the party
The agencies will be rewarded

The core values have been eroded
The agencies fail to investigate the crooks
They keep quiet and pretend not to know
They let the howling spread in space

The Old Man quits the party
Once he led the group to victory
He knows the party is dying
The cancer growth in high degree

When GE14 finally comes to the scene
The voters better prepare to get the change
This is the time to bury Bee Anne
This is the time to make history

the howling of the wolves

The fake news club
The fangs will sink in
The dogs will bark
In the day or in the night

The howling of the wolves
Spreading the curses in the minds
The wolves will run in pack
The hunters and the hunted in the game

Nobody is spared
It will hit all the fronts
Everybody will be hunted
When the fake news spread

It cuts both ways
The juices of life will be muted
The howling of the wolves
Everyone isn't spared

the jilted lover

The jilted lover
He will find ways to seek his dues
There is no way he will sleep quietly
The burning desires must be fulfilled

He will dig up old photographs
He will open up his can of worms
The streaming videos of his exploits
Put it up let the race begin

The jilted lover
In his mind is his demon
Once he loses his marbles
Everything the demon needs

He is already drowning in sins
He doesn't care he lives or disappears
He doesn't want to stay and forget
He has a debt to collect

The jilted lover
He will find ways to seek his dues
Once he loses his marbles
Everything the demon needs

Thursday, March 29, 2018

the space of life

The space of life
If you do it good
It's the easy flow
The lights will shine

This is the way
Yet it never happens
There will be walls
There will be bumps

Living in it
The space will be clogged
With sins keep rearing its head
The darkness stakes its claim

Make no mistakes
Go the wrong way
The obstacles in life
The space of walls

the unequal share

The bulldog runs
Around the compound
He feels happy
Puffing and saliva flowing

He gets his wishes
The line of his design
The territories he wants
He wants to control

The other small dogs
They will obey and stand behind
They lick their lips
dreaming of the meat bones

The cats don't agree
They jump from chair to chair
This isn't fair at all
We don't get our share

But the bulldog barks
I am the one man show
There is no room for more”
The cats meow scatch the chairs

We see you in the polls
Maybe you will realize
The cats have balls to fight
The share shouldn't be deprived”

we can't let the bad win

EC design
The way of unfair cry
This is the game
EC seems to play

Now the Bee Anne lawmakers passed it
Giving it the legal status to go ahead
Though there are court cases pending
It has become an unlevel playing field

The law of subjudice isn't applied
The speaker will say to suit his taste
When 1MDB issue cropped up to debate
He cited subjudice to stop it!

Now with EC design
The speaker shifted his stand
It shows he isn't neutral
He lets the tabling in the August House

The people of the nation
You have seen the wrong
You have heard and read about scandals
You have heard and read about corruptions

This is the time to change
Let GE14 be the changing game
Let us make history for the nation
We will bury Bee Anne deep in the ground!

it will make us mute

The bill of fake news
The effects on us are high
Don't say about the fine and jail time
It will make us mute

This is the idea
No more gossips
No more banters
No more hearing comedians

It crosses every sector of society
It isn't limit to critics but ordinary people
This is a piece of injustice
And our lawmakers don't see it!

We pick them to do us favors
We pay them to do our work
Instead we get bitten so many times
We get talked down like children!

The bill of fake news
Democracy dies with it
We can't let the bad win
We have to change

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

the voters will decide

It's the voters will decide
The party to rule the nation
Once a decision is made
It's up or down our choice to make

The country can't have rubber stamps
The unfair exercise makes us sad
The boundary lines have been passed
Bee Anne lawmakers make the grade

The subjudice principle doesn't apply
The court hasn't disposed the pending case
Bee Anne wants to quickly get it done
With a speaker who isn't holding on the clause

It isn't the end of the road
It is the people who have to make a choice
Let the voters cast votes of change
Else the heavy burden to bear

the popularity isn't a life time

The popularity isn't a life time
It will not stay forever in the limelight
There will come a time the popularity will dive
The value will drop the income drips

This is the reality of life
Be it in any occupation
It is the cycle of nature
It is a page to turn

Once the popularity disappears
The income stream will vanish
The engagements or calls will diminish
Without a steady income life will suffer

The artists should learn finance
Do not think you can survive
Once income streams are gone
Life of glamour will disappear

The popularity will not last forever
There is always a time frame
It is always come on time knocking the door
Leaving some in crying shame and homeless

It is always remember to save
The rain will fall one day
When it comes there will be the preparation
To take the burden away

the riff in the august house

The riff in the August House
The different strokes by each party
The harmony isn't flowing through
It sings off keys in the ears

When it suits a certain party leaders
The speakers will say subjudice
There will be no open discussion
There will no exception

When it suits a certain political party
The speakers will allow it to carry through
By the open tabling of EC report
Even though it is under a court consideration!

The band members in the August House
They rebel against the unfairly treatment
One is expelled for 6 months
The speaker forgets about subjudice!

This is one of the reasons
Why we must pull out the strings of the band
They don't seem to hit the right notes
They always hit on the wrong scale of justice

we will have our moments

There is a house
On the iconic street
A new icon comes to live
His name is Bill of Fake News

He is the agent of darkness
He brings with him the soothing sweets
Once we fall for it like fools
We will be caged in our minds

Once we enter his house
Bill will smile with his warm handshakes
Behind his mind there is the bad intention
He will not accept truth in his mind

In time many will fall for his promises
He promises many good but poor delivery
He brings with him the chains on the minds
Once we stay quiet he will flourish like sunlight

Bill of Fake News
He will bring free speech to its knees
He will bring democracy in name only
We will live by fear zip our mouths stay quietly

But we will not stay idle
Along the road of redemption
We will find our strength to change
Show the way of light

Bill of Fake News
He will have his days
We will have our moments
When we bring light in our lives

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

the hunters

The river of free speech
It will get clogged in the mouth
There will not be an easy flow
The choking will come in bad faith

The monkeys on the river bed
They shout and jump up and down
The crocodiles glide along the muddy water
Staring at the monkeys wanting to bite

Then the hunters come along
The monkeys jump up to the trees
Hiding behind branches and leaves
They peep what the hunters will do

The crocodiles disappear in the river
Silently they glide unnotice in the dark
The hunters look everywhere
They can't find the crocodiles

The river of long speeches
The free flow of natural glides
The crocodiles sink in waiting
The monkeys know they remain on the trees

The hunters are searching
They have to cage the crocodiles
The river of free speech depends on it
Else whole hunt is a waste of time and efforts

master of his games

The Old Man of 93 years old
He still lives healthy and sharp in his mnd
He can campaign he can talk well
He has confident to carry his tasks

But a man of 65 years old
He dares not take a public debate
He will disappear stay quiet
He is afraid to face his old master

In the crowd of his own
He can talk big engaging the crowd
The crowd will swarm around him
He feels good in the company

In reality he feels inferior
The Old Man keeps bugging him
The man of 65 years old
He chickens out on public debate

The changes are coming
It will hit the high on GE14
This is the opportunity
The voters can change

We don't need the bad

It makes us look in shame
We will feel we have lost our dignity
Let us make the change

the foreign wives

The foreign wives
Vietnam and China
Our local men spring to life
Thinking they have a good sight

Little do they know
The foreign wives
Of different cultures and belief
It will take time to understand

Once they get married
Everything seems soaring high
But it will hit bottom
When the foreign wives disappear

Some men spend a tidy sum
The agents and the brides pocket
Once the honeymoon is over
The troubles in paradise

Yet the men don't learn
They still go hungry for foreign brides
Maybe they want to look cool
We marry the foreign wives”

the cats fight

The cats fight
The Persian and a local cat
Facing off each other
Staring in locked eyes

The Persian cat stares straight
He doesn't make any noise
He wags his tail a sign he will attack
As he takes his position....

While the local cat
He doesn't want to lose
He meows so loudly
Every house can hear him

Normally he will meow softly
The months I watched him ago
Lately he has changed his character
He meows in a high pitch in a fight

This local cat
No other cats like him
Even the Indian woman who feeds strays
She will chase him away

The Persian and local cat
They see each other all the times
Even they snooze not far away
In the same place...

Finally a woman sprays water at them
The cats run away when water hit
They run to hide underneath cars
The cats fight doesn't materialize

Monday, March 26, 2018

the bad

The black ship sails
Battling the wave on the seas
The sailors ever ready to fight
Sail into the harbor in the dark night

The Captain docks in
Quickly anchor his ship firmly
Looking ahead he smiles
With his Bill of Fake News Act

He needs to get it passed
In the House to get in sweet passage
He needs it before he sails again
Into the nation of wealth and power balls

He breathes the cool night air
There is the feeling of power flowing
He knows he will get it done
The fools always need money pushes

What democracy?”
The world belongs to the powerful men
The wealth to push the frontiers
The wealth to get men and women to do dirty work

The Captain rides a cab
Reach Parliament in dark morning light
He enters by the back door
Power and money open opportunities

In the morning he sits in an open cafe
Sipping his hot coffee reading his newspaper
The black ship in anchor waiting for his return
He knows his crew they will not abandoned ship

So he is cocky sure
He smiles thinking about it
The women pass by looking at him
He counts his golden lights but it's the neon aim

lack of patience

A comet flies sparkling bright
A white line across the night sky
It lands on the ground exploding light
Once it dies down the tame night

The wok in mind
The world is calling
The kitchen is hot
Not all can get in

The sky is the limit
The motivators will encourage
But they don't say of digging in foundation
Without it we can't even fly or grow

When the tough get going
It will be hard to justify a result
It is patience to hold it there
It will happen when a belief it is

Don't be a comet
Flying in with hope so high
Many expectations running in gears
When it lands nothing to cheer