Thursday, February 28, 2013

sebby and his udon mee

On his baby chair
Rocking his legs away
His fingers wriggling slowly
Then he sees

The glow of excitement
The eyes open wide to see
The bowl of udon mee
The smell makes Loong Cai smiles

The eager stretching
He tries to get up from his baby chair
The opening mouth wide
He can't believe it

The taste of the udon mee
You can see his satisfaction on his face
The eyes light up
Sebastien smiles ear to ear

the shadows of the bright light

The bright sun goes down on me
The golden rays have no effect in my mind
As I walk on the long lonely stretch of the road
Of shadows laughing at my loss

The tall trees whispering
With the breezy wind bending down to me
I can't remember the goodbyes
I can't remember a thing

When I wake up one morning
The sunny smile of the glorious rays
There is nobody around to say
The emptiness greet me with a short gun bang

I open the cabinet doors
The whole range all disappear
There is nothing to remind me
The sun just goes down in my mind

On the lonely stretch of road
The empty park and lonely benches
There is no soul to light up my life
As I walk the breezes whispering to me

the lights take her away

The city lights glow
I hear the day she is gone
Into the ways of the big boys
The high stake of bodies and souls

I see the shadow in my mind
Of a time how life could be spent
The melody echoing in the mind
The city lights take her away

She just walks into it
Leaving her memories behind
There is nothing to say
The city lights glow

There is no message
Only the photographs on the wall of the mind
Of a time how life could be spent
Now it is just a memory

The city lights take her away
Leaving her memories behind
Only the photographs on the wall of the mind
Of a time how life could be spent

the wreckage of the mind

borrowed zorro-zorro unmasked

For 55 years
The life line got sucked it bare
Until the wreckage of the mind
The washed out of its thinking pool

The rust on the body
The lights broken in the eyes
The images slanted for a better look
The long blurry images flow

The hinterland of the body
It keeps tying its broken wires and cables
The sound of the running barely roars
It is just a whimper no energy to go

The many knocks on the body
It still thinks it looks pretty
The mind has been washed out
The rusty mind the yesterday dreams

The badge of honour
The mind forgets to claim it back
It lies dormant for decades
It has to wake up before it is too late

you can't own a name

You can't own a name
It is a common use in the world
Only the fools of the minds will say
They want to put a mark to claim

Before the world of Islam came
Allah” is used freely in the Middle East
At one time they practiced paganism
Even before prophet Muhammad was born

Only in Malaysia
The many don't understand
A survey says 83% wants the exclusive right
No other religions is allowed

They are brainwashed thoroughly
Without realizing the harm they have to themselves
In the country of multi-religious faiths and people
God's name isn't coined to any particular religion

It is the work of Bee Anne
The divide and rule to gain the upper hand
The conservative Islamic faithfuls never see it coming
Getting the pittance while the ruling elites grow fat

Give them light, mosques and handouts
These faithfuls of Islam will stay at fixed deposit
They never realize they have been used
It's time the children wake up their parents

Even High Court has ruled its decision
Allah” is not an exclusive right to any religion
It is free to be used to spread the word of God
Any one who disagrees will be contempt of Court

The rights of God
No human should claim exclusiveness
We have no rights in our existence
We have to live in harmony and goodwill

i know you want to go

I know you want to go
You can't stand to be poor
You want to get there quickly
By any means you think you will

You don't have time to wait
You are in a hurry to get there
I know I don't have what you needed
I only wish you think before you leap

You say you can't stay
You want to go there quickly
The material joy you wish to get
I know you want to go

You just say your goodbye
There is no looking back for you
You go out to get your dream
I know you want to go

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

troubles at hat satu

On the calm sea
The clear sunny weather in the sky
The painted blue and white clouds
Every moment a joy to smile

The islanders anchor their boats
Along the coastal line of the beach
The houses on land and stilt houses
The early sun rays blossom the penetrating rays

The children running and screaming
Under the many coconut trees
Hey children don't play under the trees
One fall of that hard coconut then you cry”

One mother screams at her child
Playing with the other children
Running wild with breezing wind
Then they hear loud motor boats

They stop and run to the beach
They see the 12 speed boats on the sea
The men wearing army uniforms
They children back home

Fathers! Mothers!” they scream
There are armed men coming to our land
Come quick to see what to do!”
The elders rushing out to see

They stand there in silence
What can they do with the armed intruders?
They watch as the uniformed men disembark
They shout orders and the followers stand still

We do not want bloodshed
We have no quarrel with the locals
We just want our land back
It is our home!”

Yes Your Highness!
There will be no bloodshed on this land
We come in peace so we expect the same”
The leader smiles and disperses them

The villagers come out in groups
Watching helplessly at the armed soldiers
What they want with our land?
Anybody knows who are these people?”

One old villager speaks
I have seen the leader
He used to work in the restaurant
Near the border to our town

I heard he is a nice and friendly man
One day he left town and never heard since
Now he is back with his army of soldiers
We better call the police or army”

The morning light in the sky
The clear blue and white clouds
Now the joy has been compromised
The villagers watch in fear and hope

The village head finally makes his move
He tries many times before his urgent call passes through
I am Ali village head of Hat Satu
I am reporting a few hundreds armed intruders here”

The desk officer takes the urgent call
Thank you Ali We will make the arrangement”
The line goes dead in Ali's ear
Well I hope the police arrive quickly”

The leader of the intruders turns to look
Finally he decides to walk to the villagers
He stops facing the village folks
Just coperate with us everything will be fine”

Ali steps out to face him
I know you once before
I used to give you a lift back to town
You used to tell me you are a prince”

The prince looks at Ali
Ah Ali the fisherman
Always grumbling about poor catches
Always complaining about the government”

The prince eyes every one
You don't have to be afraid of me
I am not at war with this land
I am just fighting with my own government”

Karuna leave our land
We are a peaceful people
We don't need armed intruders
We have nothing here for you”

You are right, Ali
Our fight is not with you and your folks
And the people on this island
It is our fight for our land

In the time past
This land belonged to my royal family
In wars that were waged we lost
Our land was taken and sold

As part of our peaceful settlement
My forefathers had to agree
It is history but I am claiming it back
This island is my home”

Karuna you take the wrong way
You should take it with your government
This island doesn't belong to you and your people
It has been for few centuries”

We will see, Ali
Right now we are staying put here
You better advise your people to keep away
We don't want any bloodshed on this island”

Karuna walks away
As the cool sunrays beam along
The sky turns a bit cloudy
Ali shakes his head

The police and soldiers arrive
They put up barricades around the surrounding
The villagers are told to stay away
Road blocks are staged and guarded

Karuna watches from his spot
He knows the police and army will not attack
As a fellow brother in religion he has hope for it
Do we retreat Your Highness?”

Let's play a game
These police and soldiers will not attack
We will hold it here for a while
Maybe I will think of something else”

the time for flexi-hour

The economy will grow
The economy will burst
The economy will flatten out
The economy will stay on course

And the people who work
What are there for them?
The wealth creation and production
The management of time

The economy of scale
The living will go up for it
The lazy bones will leave behind
The light will not shine

The jamming of workers
The executives and manual jobbers
They cling to hope and prosperity
The economy of wealth creation

On the roads and streets
The jamming of vehicles
The smog and stresses
It makes the choking flow

It's time to change
How we work in a company
The flexibility hours to ease congestion
The assistance to family units

The stability at home
The higher productivity in the work place
There will not be any wild running around
Giving all kind of excuses

No need to waste time
No need to check tardiness
The job workloads are specified
Every one knows the best to come

The flexi-hours
It will boost the production
The workers will stay happy
The family units become a joy

live the life

You will live with your life
Of those times when you run
Of city life and the neon lights
Of the places and women and men

Every one wants to search
The pot of gold somewhere in the mind
The impatience to get it on
The quick schemes and telling lies

Along the way you will find regrets
As the years slip through unnoticed
The age comes a calling
Some never find their way back home

As you walk in your life
You will see the familiar patterns come alive
You will see the lost souls in the parks and alleys
They lose their focus they never get it back

Lesson in life
When you lose
Don't cry too long
You have to carry on

The time will not wait
Somebody will come take your place
So don't waste crying over spilled milk
Clean up and put a smile back to life

Culture Club - Karma Chameleon

the armed intruders

The armed intruders
They don't want to go away
They know our security weaknesses
They want to stay put on the land

They come from Sulu
They claim Sabah is their homeland
Through history though they lost
The land once they could have

The wait and see stand off
The police and army sit and watch
There is total blank out of news
Only it says “We are in control”

The armed intruders
They want to stay put in Sabah
The land once they had
It is history the changed done

Why wait and watch?
The armed intruders landed on our soil
It is our rights to defend our nation
It shows our weaknesses in our security

love is good

Love is good
When you get it whole
You don't have to look
It is there all day long

The words will flow
It makes the mind work a quickie
The lips of sensuous glow
The time will take it along

By saying the loving words
It may not bring you the whole
There are the skill of techniques
Otherwise why many fail in love

It's the whole body
The package inflow and outflow
The knowledge will bring it glow
It's the constant practise and getting it there

Love is good
Through the whole
There is no meeting halfway
Though you can play hide and seek

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

the little rats

The little rats
The holes they look
There is no cat around
We have our rendezvous”

The party gearing up
The flags on the streets
On the lamp posts and trees
Blowing with the wind

The town councils see
The blind spot eye
There is no approval
Even EC stays quiet

The work of the little rats
The busy whisper the money collected
The flags putting up before its time
The party leaders should be fined

As the cats are straying
The little rats go on the over drive
They dance on the streets
Back lanes tongs and drains

the rising light

The rising light
In the sky
The blue and cloudy white
Something good is coming

The dirt keep rising
The rain keep falling
The hole is full
It can't hold any more

The long shadow
The pieces of soul gathered
It's time to seek pay back
The crimes have to pay

The long corridor
Of shadows and dark dim light
Slowly the bursting night
The wake up call for the people

The Nation sing
Let me be free
Let the truth come
It's time for the change”

the light will shine

The light will shine
No matter what the darkness fight
It is the order of natural way
As the sun sleeps the moon takes flight

Amno is playing
The race, religion and rulers
Leaving the other races behind
The party forgets the multi-racial brand

Now its leader says
Islam is dead if Pakatan rakes”
This is the worst and silly mistake
The Constitution still stays doesn't it?

The porn actor says
The businesses will suffer
If you vote for Pakatan
A vote for opposition a vote for hudud”

He never says
Islam is the official religion
So what is wrong with hudud?
And the Constitution says it is secular nation

The tricks have arrived
The regime tries its best to divide
The propaganda machines ride
We must see the shadows and light

Monday, February 25, 2013


It comes and goes
It never stays for long
Bringing the fear of the unknown

When you remember
Why the same dreams come again?
It's something you haven't done
You try to forget in your life

We have our broken dreams
It hides somewhere in our minds
We just file them away
We know we can't get it there

We move our lives
We make our new dreams
The old dreams will return
In the sleep to say

Don't forget to remember
The promises you make for me
I never forget your plan
It stays in the mind”

As age takes through
The old tends to forget
The memories will fade
The sunset is just waiting

But the dreams
It never forgets your plan
You try to forget in your life
It comes to stay for a while

the falling rain

The rain falling
It never wants to go away
The dancing droplets on the water
The ripples of the moments

The shadows come to dance
Leaving the moments to remember
The pages of our times and history
What a fool we have been!

The cleansing ritual of the rain
Dragging out the lazy bones to the rivers
The falling rain
It sings its tune of hope and gain

The screaming of falling rain
It never wants to tell lies on the water
There will be memories of a time gone
What a fool we have been!

Now the whirring sound of change
The windy breezes blowing along in the air
The falling rain singing its tune of new hope and gain
Along the streets the echo of a new chime

The falling rain
Listen to its whirring sound in the air
It tells stories of times gone
What a fool we have been!