Thursday, December 30, 2010

the political games

Holding positions
It's only for a time
When it is time to go
Graciously exit with head holding high

Yet leaders turning like babies
Crying of bottled milk days and nights
What are they thinking all those years?
Holding positions aren't forever

The political games
The greed in any form rise
The losing power base
The losers feel unwanted

It is complete patience
The way to survive in political game
It isn't for the weakling leaders
Crying for bottled milk days and nights

play fair and be fair

The controversial new state secretary
The sultan forgot to consult the people's government
Doesn't he know he should for fair play?
Why consented when MB wasn't consulted?

The new state secretary
He made many issues when he was Jais director
Issuing Islamic statements when he isn't qualified to do
Tarnishing the Pakatan Selangor administration

The ameeno can't sleep peacefully
The richest state fell to the opposition
The demons in the box can't be satisfied
Now this to make hell for Pakatan

The walls are crumbling
This is why empire falling
The political dynasty too
The people will not accept

The sultan should meet the MB
Decide a candidate for the state and people
There is grace to admit mistake
We are humans to err then rectify

the people i knew 1

The people I knew
They made my stay in memories
Of the years I spent my youth
On the hilly cool home

Daniel in the Post Office
He delivered mails with a kind face
He stayed up in the hill for years
Before he shifted on transfer

Nash the reservation officer
Working for FHDC then
A jovial guy I spent my time
Telling me stories before I came

Last I heard of him
He seems to migrate to Australia
Maybe he found his base
We have no contact since

Abang Raja taught me about banquet
I used to help him when I was free
I learned some tips by spending time
Last I heard years ago he passed on

Nadarajah Palavi who taught me driving
On the hill driving along the contours
Thought me to have confidence even without licence
Driving down to town.....

Tan Mee Keen
The multi tasking woman
She can do many things
A very versatile person

She was the first I met
On going up the hill
Now how years gone by
She has left the hill

She was raised up in the hill
After school she came back
Hoping to stay for good
As usual life can't be predicted

Now she is married
Staying in Australia
Only got her email
No contact since

Ronnie Lim
Another local born guy
He is good in golf and table tennis
He is also a compulsive gambler

He dares to take challenges
As long as he could make some money
Even playing golf he will bet on it
Though he was champion in open competitions

In his playing days
He won many titles in golf competitions
It is gambling brought him his downfall
It is the habit creeping into his life

Years ago I heard he is in China
Teaching golf to the Chinese
He dares not return, of the loan sharks
Maybe he is still teaching golf

Shahafuddin once dropped out from Mara
He worked and smoked a lot in the hill
Average intelligent but a good worker
One day he applied to Mara again

Right now I never know where he is
Maybe somewhere settling down with his family
Perhaps he may remember his time in Fraser's Hill
The friends he met and knew

Khoo Keat Peng
A jovial guy one day met with an accident
He recovered later he shifted back to Johore
His home state where he is still there

Alester Tan Boon Chong
A good amateur golfer
A close friend in those years
We used to meet once a while

Now he is back in KL
The city he was born
Married a second time
Living well with his life

And those guys and women
I remembered Ramlan Kassim, Samsudin, Harun, Hanis
Mat Budu, Mat Current, Benny Ong, Mokhtaruddin, Ong Say Han,
Loke Yee Hon, Philip Tan,Rajan, in those days in Fraser's Hill

I can't leave the women behind
Those lovely girls years ago
Christine Woo, Nancy Chuan, Lena Tan @ Pua Gan
Lily Foo Kam Fong, Janet, Jennifer Kong. Sylvia Khoo Ai Yap
Sally Cheng, Grace Tai, Lucy, Syarifah sisters, Farida and forgotten names

And those names I can't recall
They too are the part of my life
In those early years on the hill
The footprints of my mind

The locals on the hill
Mr Tan, Robert Tan, Mr Yap
The memories came
It is just part of the whole

The hill of those years
The cool weather pollution free
The silence in the night
The whispering of shadows

If you are lucky
In the early morning
The wild boar and herd stroll
As the hill residents go to work

Life on the hill
No rushing no traffic jam
You can be lazy and lose the youth
Dull into complacent believing this is it

The time of youth
Spending it on lazy moods
Then time to move on
As the future calls

the failed notice

The guard dog
She fails to notice
The would be prowlers
Walking on the blocks

She sits there
Reading her newspaper
Eyes watching the going-on
She never notices the prowler

She knows about neighbours
Sometimes sharing with others
The conversation piece she spins
About her watches and gossips

Maybe now she will be alert
About the prowler snooping in the blocks
Of the story and drama last week
She doesn't want to miss it

taman kampar

The tall slim Malay man
Rode in with his motorbike
Parked directly in front of my house
In the day walking away confidently

No resident knew what he was doing
Coolly walked to the back lane
Within minutes he climbed up
Through drainage pipes on the wall

The children saw him up on the highest floor
Walking as if he owned the place.........
In the cloudy sky he took his time
The residents came with sticks

The thief saw the crowd
So he tried to hide his presence
Police was called for assistance
As the thief knew he was cornered

He tried to climb down the drainage pipe
A few older residents waited for him
He dropped his stolen copper cable
He climbed up to the roof top again

He had come here a few times
Once he was at the concrete ledge at night
Squatting down holding his own council
No pigeon that very night

The 5 storey blocks
The back lanes quite dark at night
Illegal extensions for spaces
They don't worry about fire

Likewise the thief knew
He studied the blocks well
So he could go in and out
Without raising alarm

It was his bad day he was found
Instead of pigeons he was there
Silently sat on the concrete ledge
Pondering what to do next

Police came for him
He disappeared in the night
Looking everywhere to locate the man
He was gone in the camouflage of night

The next day he came
In the daylight he was found
On top of the highest roof top
Walking as if he owned the place

Police came to lend a hand
The Malay thief just didn't want to climb down
Much persuasion was injected into his mind
He stayed put on the roof

Police called Fire Brigade officers
They came to help them catch the thief
They managed to cajole him to walk down
And the police took him away

The residents could see his face
Now they knew what he looks like
Yet nobody wanted to make police report
Though it was just a formality

Eventually one woman said she would
Maybe by then the thief could have been released
The police couldn't hold him for long.........
Without report to make the charge stick

Now the residents of Taman Kampar
They woke up of the impending robbery
They should be staying alert of unfamiliar faces
Prowling around the neighborhood

what's the objective?

The lost of shine
The wayward leaders cry
Hurling accusations one after another
Trying to outwit each other

What's the objective?
The nation or personal greed?
One going off tangent
Brewing a different breed?

The shadow plays
Running after the same cake
Don't they realize it?
Who is the common foe?

Ameeno plants shadowy spies
Infiltrating into the ranks
Of the Pakatan Rakyat
They forget about back door again!

The march to Putrajaya
It is in the next election
Get it right learn the mistakes
Prepared for tasks forget about personal glory

learning will reshape a destiny

The intrigues and plotters
In corporate and political parties
The unfavored leaders will try to bad mouth
In small circles or through unnamed mails

The side lined leaders will stay behind
It is only the runners feverishly writing
The bad lights of the party or companies
Thinking there will be changed.........

Only they don't want to
They are living cozy with its perks
Now that the word 'Boss' is gone
They feel naked in their minds

They forget we all have our times
We reach our posts then we are done
In higher offices or in lower ranks
To each what God has planned

Some are put there to learn
Back to the basic of humanity
Learning it will reshape a destiny
For the leaders who want to inspire the nation

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

izzy at boulevard 4

High up in the apartment building
There is a big eye girl playing
With her princess dolls and ponies
Singing her songs as she plays along

She sits near the Christmas tree
Lighted up shining on her face
The eager face as she plays her tasks
Inventing words and puzzles

Alone by herself
Toying around making her believing world
With the Christmas lights shining on her face
She is singing happily away

Sometimes she wants her ways
Though her mother may say differently
Yet she will run to her daddy
She knows he will be her rock any day

When her cousins come along
She will share and play the games
Children at this stage of growing
They should enjoy with the passing years

The saber sword balloons
She wields it I play along
She enjoys her game
The antics of losing.....

The young in her mind
She sees every one the same
She will go to play her games
With any one who shares her interests

High up in the apartment building
There is a big eye girl playing
The laughter ringing through
The fun and games each passing day

the night cool breezes

langkawi beach

The night cool breezes
Blowing in the night air

The lovers walk hand in hand
Leaving footprints on the sand

The dimly lighted streets
Reflection on the shadows

The Beach Club Cafe
A beacon of light to afar

The lovers stroll along
They are living on their own

A black car park nearby
With camera taking shots

Of light of life
Of memories to keep young

When age comes to call
The video and pictures dance

The night cool breezes
The lovers walk hand in hand

assassin of the mind

Assassin of the mind
It flows of fear and shame
Slowly it brings you down
Along the path of indignity

With the power on the wrong hands
The leaders yield it to carve their rule
“Yield or imprison” the way
How the people feel minding own business

Assassin of the mind
It breeds you helpless
It makes you think like robot
Walking the day and night

You think you have it
The work, family, friends
Social standing and material wants
Yet the assassin of the mind

The political walls the power hides
On the wrong hands the fear of the rule
The leaders smile demons in the minds
The assassins in the shadowy nights

pakatan selangor dissolves state assembly

Pakatan Selangor
Don't wait for the worst
The players are set to play
Through the back door again

You have the mandate
The people expected you to play
Don't feel you are the captain
The black knight will not let it be

He knows he tasted the success
The Perak Pakatan fell through back door
Don't let it happen to you
The state secretary playing a role

Now the palace seems to get involved
The way the new state secretary is handled
By ignoring the people's elected government
The ruler should be wise and fair...........

It is the back door
Oh Pakatan Selangor!
Listen to the drum beats
The demons can't sleep in peace

It is better to dissolve the State Assembly
Quickly move your targets before it is too late
The black knight can't sleep in peace
The demonic dreams upsetting him....

Go now fix the loopholes
You have the mandate do it quickly
For the demons will not sleep peacefully
They want the gravy train.....

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

the boulevard subang jaya 3

Yellow lines on the side roads
Along the housing and apartment buildings
Cars parking illegally
As the owners have no extra parking space

The cars of many makes
Expensive to budget cars
Along the side roads
No traffic congestion

Nobody wants to complain
There is not enough parking bays
For the houses and apartments
Children grow extra cars needed

There is no difference
With other housing estates
Too many cars with limited parking bays
The traffic police hardly passing through

you can't escape the change

from personal album

The way to Roman Empire
It fell for greed and corruption
The way the empire conducted its affairs
The years brought it down

The sins within the ranks
The backstabbing and internal quarrels
It was the way to reach the top
The laid foundation was weak eventually fell

The cracks opened wide
The blinded leaders after own affairs
The changes came swiftly
With people wanting change

Now in modern political environment
The familiar mistakes run its course
Decades of greed and corruption
Arrogance never want to listen

The appointment on close ties
With a bad list the party boss can control
Toe the lines the affairs will be closed
The way of the Roman Empire the way it is now!

tainted with money politics

Tainted with money politics
Suspended his membership
For the few years in wilderness
Then he made his triumphant return

Macc and police
The way they closed the files
There was nothing in their investigations
Admission of guilt found by his party

Now he got his line of credit
His party boss appointed him
Into one of the GLC as chairman
A man who had lost his creditability

Which direction the party boss wants to go?
There is no creditability person to take the post?
What message to pass to the nation?
A man found guilty in money politics

the boulevard at subang jaya 2

The walkabout at Boulevard
On the ground floor reaching the park
The windy wind flowing the trail
Reaching the iron gate

The key pass can't be used
The automatic gadget out of service
Walked to the guard for assistance
He manually tried a few times the gate opened

On the pavements to the lake
The green algae formations
The plastic bottles throwing by irresponsible people
It makes the lake losing her charm

On the ground it leaves marks of flooding
Possibly during heavy downpour
When the lake over flow with water
There are traces of the overflow

Saw a woman and her dog
Sitting under the shade smiling at her
I guessed she allowed her dog to poo
Without bringing her plastic bag to scoop

The mentality of pet owners
Majority just dump the poo
On the public places from the dogs
They walk away responsibility forget

The park never keeps in good mood
It seems neglected and unwanted
A good view to the lake yet of the upkeep
It sparks of no interest by the building managers

Later walked out through another open iron gate
Onto the road park with cars though on yellow lines
Walked by the pavement to return to Boulevard
Through the security point no question asked...

the boulevard subang jaya 1

borrowed from

Up on the high apartment living
Of 24 storey high trying to reach the clouds
The lift just takes within minutes
Rising high with a feeling of no gravity

Looking out from the balcony
The track of railway lines
The vehicles on the Federal Highway
And the smog and haze in the sky

On the lake of green
The rubbish plastics on the side lake
Stuck there for ages
Where are the cleaners?

The windy breezes reaching high
Feel it floating to the balcony
With it the dust from the outlaying areas
It needs mopping a daily affair

The place of Boulevard Subang Jaya
Two security check points easy for the residents
The intruders will be kept at close range
With security guards running 24 hours a day

i say watch your back yards

Backyard Flooding

Ameeno wants to mount assault on Selangor and FT
Searching for ways to take back the lost seats
Brewing up words hotly debated by its leaders
I say watch your back yards

When the intelligence reduced to rubbish
Telling the people lopsided funding
This isn't the way for the way forward
You are just petty leaders thinking of your own

I say watch your back yards
Ameeno leaders before you plan to win back the states
You can't do it for a while until you own up your sins
Too many have been said and recorded in the Web

So the black knight and Mohawkdin
The camouflages have been seen
You don't realize it do you?
Drumming up arrogance on the beats

The Rakyat will want change
Say what you want...
In the long schemes of events
The government must change!

Friday, December 24, 2010

the corporate losses

The corporate losses
The senior managers to blame?
The Board of Directors must share equally
With the tacit approval of projects by the Board

What are the protections the employees have?
Of such losses when the company initiate legal moves
To recover the losses suffered in the hands of these managers
Is this the way the corporate world turning?

Is this a test case of corporate entity?
A separate body manages by the senior managers
When losses occur every one should be held responsible
The Board, Management and Staff

Now every CEO should learn
Get the minutes approved before embarking on projects
Protect yourself by company's insurance
It isn't a game to fight for a living

In business losses and profits part of the game
Of how good a person can push the limits in pursuing goals
Of the companies entrusted to mangers to run
If there is a dark cloud of legal moves over losses who can work?

Thursday, December 23, 2010

the caucasian sunbathers

The Caucasian sunbathers
Lying free on the sun loungers

Reading books listening to the waves
Exposing naked bodies to the sun

The early 20s and 30s
Girlfriends and boyfriends smile

On the beach on holidays
With nothing to worry back home

The culture of different values
The local guys ogle with shock

Some complaints to local authorities
About the behavior of the Caucasians

The closing one eye flow
Let them enjoy their holidays

On the beach on a hot sunny day
The sunbathers lying naked.....

The culture shock for the local guys
In the end they just ogle with the sunlight

the memory of my time

by golf course fraser's hill

I used to run on the road
Around the golf course I went
Climbing up slope descending flow
Of the years I stayed up in Fraser's Hill

In the evening when the weather was cool
I would run for my daily exercise
Others went to play golf hitting the silly holes
I had my lonely run beating the wind

On the slope it was always hard
Breathing hard to climb the slope
By the time I reached it I was out of breath
Yet it was a routine I did on a daily basis

Along the way I could see
Some tourists took to walking
Some sat on the bench overlooking the golf course
Watching the local players teeing off

The memory of my time
The years gone only the whispers
Even the breeze would not recognize
It was such a long time ago

we pray for the changes

The season of jolly
It comes again
The imaginative Santa
Bringing his goodies

The cheers in the air
Others will feel sad
Miserable living finding hard to meet
The balancing act in daily routines

As we toast to the season
Remember the cost of living will rise
Of the daily needs by January 2011
Then the silent cry in the nights

We pray for the changes
The country's wealth and health
Before it is all gone
Manipulations by the cronies

married in civil law trial in civil law

When you are married in civil law
You should let the civil court decides
The merits of the battles in the family
Yet the judges refuse to hear.........
When one party converts into Muslim
Now everything must be tried under Syariah courts
It is the wrong approach to handle family matters
Back to the root where did the marriage start?
It is under civil law so it must be tried there
Why the civil court judge passing the buck?
The country isn't an Islamic nation
No syariah courts should over-helm civil courts
Now the non-Muslim parent can't be tried in syariah court
He or she isn't a party to a spouse conversion
Why the injustice trying in syariah court?
Even non-syariah lawyers aren't allowed to attend
Where is justice for the non-muslim spouse?
It is back to the root of their marriage
It is civil law so it should be tried there
It doesn't matter later one converts to Muslim
It is the marriage certificate
saying they were married in civil law

the tears never stop


The tears never stop
The lives lost once more
The horror fire in Georgetown
The burning joss sticks paraphernalia

Double storey link shop houses
The fire started engulfing flames
Quickly spread 3 family members gone
The distract husband lost all

Prayed for winter solstice
The praying bowls and joss sticks
A happy family tears in the night
Lives lost just like that

The tears never stop
Bus tragedy and now horror fire
We never learn through the years
The carelessness and complacency

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

mclm what's the deal?

MCLM what's the deal?
Don't play like Perkasa
Coining words of civil liberties
For whom the bell toll?

People want change
With the march to Putrajaya
Enough has been said
The corruption and greed

Pakatan Rakyat gathering forces
For the battle of Waterloo
There shouldn't be any more distractions
So I say what's the deal?

3rd force marching in?
There is no deal with the people
The villagers will not understand
The majority of the votes through the villages

MCLM playing a spoiler job?
I wish the people behind it don't forget
It is the Ameeno we want to banish
Into the dustbin smelling its own vomit

Patience always win the race
MCLM hasn't learned the ropes
The reality of people's games
They want walls they can lean on it

you got to move PKR

You got to move PKR
You got to clean up your house
There are many self interested groups
They aren't fighting for the people

Listen to the complaints
You better don't sweep it under the carpet
You got to move PKR
The undercurrents spinning tales

Learn your mistakes
You shouldn't be arrogant showing no respect
Fight for a cause for the people
Stay focus and listen

You got to move PKR
Many will try to disrupt your way
New parties with old leaders
They just want to play spoilers

You got to move PKR
You better be strong
The years ahead will be stormy
Every part you better ride

the dark lord minions

The dark lord minions
Running the field with immunity
They know they can escape
Even when the suspects complains

Where is the mark of injury?
Tell us where we have hurt you
We are humans in case you forget
The truth is there will be no injury

Sitting on ice with a fan
Naked mind you for the suspects
You will get the cold biting feeling
For hours sitting on the block ice

Doing things like children in schools
Ignoring homework forgetting spelling
Doing squatting or holding ears
For children they don't feel the shame

For adults to be treated as children
Doing the punishments like history of old
The dark lord minions they want you break
The mental tortures wanting confessions

The dignity of men or women
They will just give in and can't take the mental tortures
Of the continuous raining, shouting and demeaning words
They just want to get over solace in fear

The dark lord minions
They run the show of demeaning humans
Law is physical evidence though judges know
What lies behind the bar of interrogations

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

the white hair old man

The white hair old man
He got inspiration to get married
The affairs of the Hornbills
He can let it run

A man in his 70s
A woman in her 30s
The talk of the town
In the largest river flows

The white hair old man
He can't mourn any more
He wants a wife to massage his tiring bones
The nights he doesn't want to scream alone

The crocodiles floating in the river
Hungry for meals waiting for the fall
In the murky water the creatures wait
For the splashes of a catch

The Wikileaks of the East
The concerned people will not rest
They will plot and churn out reports
Of the white hair old man

Now he is occupied
On the affairs of the heart
This is where the chance to prevail
When guards are down

roti kaya

putrajaya malaysia

Roti Kaya on the prowl
He wants the work done
He doesn't want to slot
Playing his racial card game

It never works in this century
People have learned
They are clever now then before
For it is their lives they think

The politicians better think twice
Battling for the constituencies and votes
Bete noire of the rich and grandeur
Roti Kaya wants a part of the game

The Pied Piper he can't
The songs of bewitching tales
It isn't only the race track
The like of him forgets

The smaller parties
Focus the objective
It is the changing of guards
Better group together to survive

Splitting down the middle
Brewing games of dispute
Forgetting the agenda
Marching to Putrajaya

Roti Kaya and some new party leaders
In the old skin marketing as a new product
The Rakyat will be the judge
Will there be change in the end?

the bus tragedy again

Emilio's Bus Accident

By ppena55 bus accident

The bus tragedy
What excuse this time?
The last count 27 died
Coming out from Cameron Highland

The bus lost control
Hit the concrete divider
Turned turtle top roof came off
And the wheels flunked out

The lives wouldn't be short changed
For a bus physical safety in doubt
Reports had claimed on the design
Instability taking corners and the driver habits

A dark cloud on road mishaps
On the history of our road accidents
The many body bags carried away
A gloomy picture at the hospital

living on the river

The calm water
On the river flow
It looks so sparkling
In the day of the sun

You watch the images
The monkey faces floating away
You never know what lies in the river
As you row your boat

Living on the river
The hazards you will find
Alone day light travel
Oh the calm water!

The creatures of the river
The signs you don't see
Rowing the boat merrily away
With a big splash the debris floating

The scream in the lonely river
Only the wind gathering speed
The monkey faces all disappear
The calm water waiting again

Monday, December 20, 2010

read the game don't fall prey

It never should be on race
It should be on the best potential candidates
Fighting for a cause for the country and her people
Personal gains shouldn't be in the forefront

Blackmail or any threats to another
It should be condemned at all levels
It shows the immaturity of the politicians
We have seen in ameeno

So we don't need a small irrelevant party
Race base party issuing 'threats' for seats
Let this party go and fly its kite
The candidates will just lose all the deposits

Pakatan Rakyat must learn from its mistakes
The last generation breeds the frogs........
It is for their personal gains voters got cheated
I support frogs for the benefits of the people

The power craze personalities
Forming political parties to play
This high stake poker game
It isn't for the weak

Uthayakumar's threats
He reads his game wrong
So much had happened
The leaders changed

Pakatan Rakyat leaders must march it on
Brush aside the power craze leaders.......
You can't entertain the 'blackmailers'
You will never sleep easy

the magic of the night


The magic of the night
When you sit and watch the sky
You will feel the closeness
Once you believe you were there

The stars formation
Blinking in the clear dark sky
Telling you the stories
If only you can find out why

Sitting on the bench
Sometimes on hilly slope
People look up to the sky
Say a short prayer

It is so far away
You will imagine about angels
The gates to heaven
Do you know?

It is hard to say
The stars blink the magic light
Watching recording playing nights
On the sky the imagination fly

crocodile attacks

Morelet's Crocodile 002: Kyle's Smile
South of the border in Mexico to Panama, you'll find Morelet's Crocodiles. They get to be about 9' to 11' in length. Kyle here is about 6' long right now. Yes, crocodiles are also in South America, not just Africa and Australia. More people are killed around the world in a year by crocodiles than any 10 years of recorded shark attacks. Fresh water just got a little less safe.

A Malay man died
Ate into half by a crocodile
Alone fishing by the river
Food for crocodiles food for men

The river flow camouflages with dark colors
The predators hiding in the cool water
Patiently waiting for the meals to appear
On a day when complacency brings disaster

Fishing for food
On the river known for crocodiles
One should have known living in the area
One wrong move a life was lost

The bite and the scream
Like the whispering wind
Splashes in the river
Within minutes a life is gone

Leaving his wife in sorrow
His children lost a father
Sometimes it is fate
Sometimes want to save money

A life just gone
Into the river of crocodiles
Lurking patiently for victims
One wrong move goodbye life!

learn the mistakes live life

Suicides aren't the way
When broken affairs and bad debts
Raising the devilish smile in your heads
Say you make a bad decision

Learn the mistakes
Life isn't a rosy bed
You must know about the thorns
Pointedly sharp waiting for its preys

You want to fly
Banishing gravity in your mind
Once you do you think you will?
Flapping wings airborne in the sky

The devilish smile
Then the devil disappears
Letting you holding the ball
You realize it is too late

The gravity pulls you down
The falling hard to the ground
You scream without a voice
You forget you just can't fly

On the ground you realize
You can't escape your failures
You make others suffering your pain
You dropping tears and regrets

It is too late now
The devil takes you away
Believing in him spinning lies
Now in chain you can't escape

Sunday, December 19, 2010

the old or young get married

The old got married to a young
A young got married to an old
And the story will be told
Every part every side walk cafe

The news travel
Prominent people lesser known personalities
When there is something likely different
The flow of gossips and the pit holes

The intermarriages
The struggles with religions
Love isn't blind
Someone has to give way

The sacrifices in the beginning
It looks worthwhile then the cracks
The sacrifices of the past will not help
Hit the road find somebody new

Old or young get married
It is to impress on social standing
It is lust or lustful of the young
In the union the curtains shadows

The long shadows
The years will bring
The deep rooted differences
The strain will envelope within

Every one wants it to last
The long road of finding union
The old or the young
The cross road makes it right

love is a game

Love the glory and death
You can't get away even you think you can
It is inborn when you were born
It gives you a chance to taste life

When love is gone
When light is never found
What you see in your eyes
Your mind can't seem to know

Love is a game
You must have a heart of steel
Stubborn yet soft within the circle
Appreciate life knowing the falls

When love fails
It isn't the end of the journey
Failures in life learning the ropes
Once you fail you will learn

Love is a game
Love the glory and death
It gives you a chance to taste life
You shouldn't throw it away

the hill once i walked

fraser's hill malaysia by fay#2

The apartments of the new
Way back after my stay on the hill
I can't determine which plot of land
This building sits

The capturing clear in the sky
As time moving slowly away
Some patches of dark clouds
The misty cool weather disappearing

The Fraser's Hill I knew
Staying up there for years
Slowly it has lost its natural flow
When buildings erected destroying nature

The family and tourists
Apartments and rooms demand
On weekends and holidays
It never changes still

Maybe I haven't returned
The hill once I walked in the cool hilly wind
Bare chested feeling the whispering
Of nature and birds in the hill