Wednesday, December 22, 2010

the dark lord minions

The dark lord minions
Running the field with immunity
They know they can escape
Even when the suspects complains

Where is the mark of injury?
Tell us where we have hurt you
We are humans in case you forget
The truth is there will be no injury

Sitting on ice with a fan
Naked mind you for the suspects
You will get the cold biting feeling
For hours sitting on the block ice

Doing things like children in schools
Ignoring homework forgetting spelling
Doing squatting or holding ears
For children they don't feel the shame

For adults to be treated as children
Doing the punishments like history of old
The dark lord minions they want you break
The mental tortures wanting confessions

The dignity of men or women
They will just give in and can't take the mental tortures
Of the continuous raining, shouting and demeaning words
They just want to get over solace in fear

The dark lord minions
They run the show of demeaning humans
Law is physical evidence though judges know
What lies behind the bar of interrogations

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