Monday, December 06, 2010

running scared

by hata koh photography

Protect Putrajaya for whom?
The greedy and corrupted cronies?
The imagined terrorists in the midst?
You know the score you better go

The greed and corruption in the government
The scratches of the agencies and parties
All collude to deny the people's rights
Of fair and equal distributions of wealth

The policies shouldn't be benefiting a race
There must be equal protection for all
This country is for every one
Let's us enjoy the equal opportunities

The Constitution has written it
Don't select a section ignore the second part
The forefathers didn't agree with lopsided opportunities
It is all tied down to serve the nation

Protect Putrajaya for whom?
The government leaders know the writing on the wall
Telling its members to get ready to go
By the fall the gravy train no more!

GE13 the people better wake up
You had tried to test the waters in GE12
You did shake the arrogant Bee Anne
Now finish the party let the sun blasts its lights

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