Sunday, December 05, 2010

nem is nep 3

We have heard of NEP
Crafted in the early 70s
It was suppose to help all races
Giving them a leg up to fight poverty

Along the way
The elites and cronies
They made it their own party
The poor still living poor

For 20 years the poor still struggling
The noble NEP was waylaid
We don't see much improvements
The poor still struggling to make a living

It was suppose for 20 years ending in 1990
The ruling elites don't want it to end
Giving all kinds of excuses to the other races
They then drafted part 2 called NDP

The National Development Plan
It was still the same story
The elites and cronies made it their own party
The poor still living to struggle for a living

20 years down the road
The ruling elites pushed for NEM
The part 3 of NEP rises to the horizon
Again it will be for the elites and cronies

The poor will still be poor
Struggling to live in this land of wealth
The distribution isn't handled equally
New terms the economic well being for the people

Who really benefits in the end?
Crafted to step forward to development status
The foundation hasn't constructed firmly
The elites still talk of 30% equity.......

Don't be yesterday's fools
For 40 years the 30% equity can't be achieved?
The Malays got it sold it off and started all over again
This is the spinning wheel we must go for change

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