Wednesday, December 15, 2010

secrets every one wants to hear


The shadows don't sleep any more
The leaking pipes smoke get into the air
The trap doors spring open to fill the vacuum
The facts and gossips rank amongst leaders

The mystical dragon puffs ball of fire
Rolling into the cables burning hot in the minds
The ringing bells touching lives of politicians
“The master of the game” an illusion of foreplay

The strokes on the guitar strings
The vibration hitting high notes to the audience
The listening ears picking up subtle messages
The gossips plain and simple to listen

But then the career diplomats and ministers
Coined it in subtle double meaning words
Hearsay from sources can't be verified
Give the report under secrecy

Now the cages are open
Plying into the web
The world leaders feeling hot
Blaming the leaks not themselves

Take a sip of coffer or tea
Why the fascination with secrets?
It is just a marketing tool to hit the masses
Secrets every one wants to hear

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