Saturday, December 04, 2010

the nation must know the truth

History is a story
In the wrong calculated minds
The spinning wheel telling half lies
The innocence just get brainwashed
They hardly know why
They turn the pages of history
There it was printed in glossary of tales
Of the events and the players named
Even murderers it was recorded as heroes
So in the wrong minds they will spin
The history of the nation
The ameeno good at it
The government of the day defended it
It is them telling the story
Leaving the earlier patriots fighting for a cause
Before ameeno ever thinking of doing
Now the half truths spin
Along the printed media and textbooks
Of the earlier players they forgot
They were the ones pushing for independence
Whatever been said and done
Let history unfolds in our times
For the nation must know the truth
Before she seeks glory in her future

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