Monday, December 20, 2010

read the game don't fall prey

It never should be on race
It should be on the best potential candidates
Fighting for a cause for the country and her people
Personal gains shouldn't be in the forefront

Blackmail or any threats to another
It should be condemned at all levels
It shows the immaturity of the politicians
We have seen in ameeno

So we don't need a small irrelevant party
Race base party issuing 'threats' for seats
Let this party go and fly its kite
The candidates will just lose all the deposits

Pakatan Rakyat must learn from its mistakes
The last generation breeds the frogs........
It is for their personal gains voters got cheated
I support frogs for the benefits of the people

The power craze personalities
Forming political parties to play
This high stake poker game
It isn't for the weak

Uthayakumar's threats
He reads his game wrong
So much had happened
The leaders changed

Pakatan Rakyat leaders must march it on
Brush aside the power craze leaders.......
You can't entertain the 'blackmailers'
You will never sleep easy

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