Thursday, December 30, 2010

taman kampar

The tall slim Malay man
Rode in with his motorbike
Parked directly in front of my house
In the day walking away confidently

No resident knew what he was doing
Coolly walked to the back lane
Within minutes he climbed up
Through drainage pipes on the wall

The children saw him up on the highest floor
Walking as if he owned the place.........
In the cloudy sky he took his time
The residents came with sticks

The thief saw the crowd
So he tried to hide his presence
Police was called for assistance
As the thief knew he was cornered

He tried to climb down the drainage pipe
A few older residents waited for him
He dropped his stolen copper cable
He climbed up to the roof top again

He had come here a few times
Once he was at the concrete ledge at night
Squatting down holding his own council
No pigeon that very night

The 5 storey blocks
The back lanes quite dark at night
Illegal extensions for spaces
They don't worry about fire

Likewise the thief knew
He studied the blocks well
So he could go in and out
Without raising alarm

It was his bad day he was found
Instead of pigeons he was there
Silently sat on the concrete ledge
Pondering what to do next

Police came for him
He disappeared in the night
Looking everywhere to locate the man
He was gone in the camouflage of night

The next day he came
In the daylight he was found
On top of the highest roof top
Walking as if he owned the place

Police came to lend a hand
The Malay thief just didn't want to climb down
Much persuasion was injected into his mind
He stayed put on the roof

Police called Fire Brigade officers
They came to help them catch the thief
They managed to cajole him to walk down
And the police took him away

The residents could see his face
Now they knew what he looks like
Yet nobody wanted to make police report
Though it was just a formality

Eventually one woman said she would
Maybe by then the thief could have been released
The police couldn't hold him for long.........
Without report to make the charge stick

Now the residents of Taman Kampar
They woke up of the impending robbery
They should be staying alert of unfamiliar faces
Prowling around the neighborhood

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