Thursday, December 30, 2010

the people i knew 1

The people I knew
They made my stay in memories
Of the years I spent my youth
On the hilly cool home

Daniel in the Post Office
He delivered mails with a kind face
He stayed up in the hill for years
Before he shifted on transfer

Nash the reservation officer
Working for FHDC then
A jovial guy I spent my time
Telling me stories before I came

Last I heard of him
He seems to migrate to Australia
Maybe he found his base
We have no contact since

Abang Raja taught me about banquet
I used to help him when I was free
I learned some tips by spending time
Last I heard years ago he passed on

Nadarajah Palavi who taught me driving
On the hill driving along the contours
Thought me to have confidence even without licence
Driving down to town.....

Tan Mee Keen
The multi tasking woman
She can do many things
A very versatile person

She was the first I met
On going up the hill
Now how years gone by
She has left the hill

She was raised up in the hill
After school she came back
Hoping to stay for good
As usual life can't be predicted

Now she is married
Staying in Australia
Only got her email
No contact since

Ronnie Lim
Another local born guy
He is good in golf and table tennis
He is also a compulsive gambler

He dares to take challenges
As long as he could make some money
Even playing golf he will bet on it
Though he was champion in open competitions

In his playing days
He won many titles in golf competitions
It is gambling brought him his downfall
It is the habit creeping into his life

Years ago I heard he is in China
Teaching golf to the Chinese
He dares not return, of the loan sharks
Maybe he is still teaching golf

Shahafuddin once dropped out from Mara
He worked and smoked a lot in the hill
Average intelligent but a good worker
One day he applied to Mara again

Right now I never know where he is
Maybe somewhere settling down with his family
Perhaps he may remember his time in Fraser's Hill
The friends he met and knew

Khoo Keat Peng
A jovial guy one day met with an accident
He recovered later he shifted back to Johore
His home state where he is still there

Alester Tan Boon Chong
A good amateur golfer
A close friend in those years
We used to meet once a while

Now he is back in KL
The city he was born
Married a second time
Living well with his life

And those guys and women
I remembered Ramlan Kassim, Samsudin, Harun, Hanis
Mat Budu, Mat Current, Benny Ong, Mokhtaruddin, Ong Say Han,
Loke Yee Hon, Philip Tan,Rajan, in those days in Fraser's Hill

I can't leave the women behind
Those lovely girls years ago
Christine Woo, Nancy Chuan, Lena Tan @ Pua Gan
Lily Foo Kam Fong, Janet, Jennifer Kong. Sylvia Khoo Ai Yap
Sally Cheng, Grace Tai, Lucy, Syarifah sisters, Farida and forgotten names

And those names I can't recall
They too are the part of my life
In those early years on the hill
The footprints of my mind

The locals on the hill
Mr Tan, Robert Tan, Mr Yap
The memories came
It is just part of the whole

The hill of those years
The cool weather pollution free
The silence in the night
The whispering of shadows

If you are lucky
In the early morning
The wild boar and herd stroll
As the hill residents go to work

Life on the hill
No rushing no traffic jam
You can be lazy and lose the youth
Dull into complacent believing this is it

The time of youth
Spending it on lazy moods
Then time to move on
As the future calls

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