Tuesday, December 07, 2010

the dark demon lord 1


The profits driven companies
The CEO on small part of social responsibilities
Determined by what mileage gain
In the course of its missions

Then the publicity
Of giving alms and charity
A small part engulfing the whole
The CEO smiles waving his baton

One such company
The dark demon lord
Alcohol a major cause of early death
It's more harmful then heroin and crack cocaine

It's legal and not so expensive
Sell in any shop many can indulge in it
The consequences many ignore
Until it is too late

Alcohol is addictive
It is mind altering drug
It is abused everyday
It causes millions of deaths

When you hold the dark demon lord
Just spare a moment of what it will do
It is medically linked to over 60 diseases
Sadly it is legal brew enjoyed by many

The happy hour runs
The juices of death will suffice
When bottle too many
Death on the road or drain

Now stop alcohol consumption
It never makes you good
It gives a false sense of dream
It's your life the dark demon lord wants

sources CAP Nov/Dec 2010

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