Sunday, December 12, 2010

the town the soul

by nicholaslam

The town the soul of the life
Everything you need can be found here
Food and souvenirs, transport and post office
A quiet life nestling amongst the natural elements

There was a small roundabout
Before in later years a clock tower was built
In the beginning of my living
Friends I met and knew

The 9 holes golf course
It is the attraction for locals and tourists
Those years not many picked up the game
Even playing for free

It was later added into 18 holes golf course
By then the game is popular amongst the locals
They came to play under the cool weather
I was watching no interest in the game

On weekends the tourists from Singapore
The young charging studs looking out for the girls
Singapore women when they were alone
They would go for fun and games

I thought life up in the hill
It could be dull and daily routines
Yet on weekends the scenes changed
Women travelers made the backdrop scenes

I heard stories before I came
The sex stories and the women game
The local guys had their hands full
On weekends the barbeques

Of ghost stories
Of one local Indian guy
Floating down to the golf green
When he slept in the empty broken bungalow

I knew the guy
He told of his story
In the hill of the ghosts
In the night the shadows peep

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