Sunday, December 19, 2010

the old or young get married

The old got married to a young
A young got married to an old
And the story will be told
Every part every side walk cafe

The news travel
Prominent people lesser known personalities
When there is something likely different
The flow of gossips and the pit holes

The intermarriages
The struggles with religions
Love isn't blind
Someone has to give way

The sacrifices in the beginning
It looks worthwhile then the cracks
The sacrifices of the past will not help
Hit the road find somebody new

Old or young get married
It is to impress on social standing
It is lust or lustful of the young
In the union the curtains shadows

The long shadows
The years will bring
The deep rooted differences
The strain will envelope within

Every one wants it to last
The long road of finding union
The old or the young
The cross road makes it right

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