Wednesday, April 30, 2008

the wind of subtle changing

The Mongolian shadow
She spreads it wide for her vengeance
She can’t rest in peace knowing how she died
Without saying goodbye to her children
Families and close friends

The greed of money
The corruption dwells in the mind
An innocent woman died
In the land she hardly knew

When her father tried
What did the government do?
Delaying trial giving lame excuses
Just so the guilty can find time
To think on their next plot
How to escape the noose?

In Parliament House
The father went to see
The sleeping beauty didn’t offer words of encouragement
He quickly made his exit citing he was busy
Didn’t he know this man travel long distance to come here?
Lost his daughter in a horrible death blown to pieces?
It is sad to see this behavior of our country’s PM

The 2nd in command dared not appear
How convenient to escape the encounter?
Knowing eyes can’t fool
He escaped out through the back door

The cracks in BN
The writing is on the wall
It is time made them feel the pain
Of their arrogance, corruption and deceit

The wind of subtle changing
It is blowing gaining momentum
In silence across seas
In the cities capturing the imagination
Something is going to happen
Then the people can sing

friends of the people

Friends of the people
Now the time to light out darkness
In Parliament see what you can do
The people wait………..

‘Comrades’ died in Mao Tze Tong
Communists had laid down arms
It is back to peaceful coexistence
In Malaysia political landscape

Friends of the people
You got our votes
Don’t let us down for nothing
Bring up issues relevant to the country
Ask for changes; do for the common folks
No more about personal glory

The hard knocks come to play
Nothing to hide now nothing to run
You have our votes
So make it works

The work is just beginning
The hard works on the streets
Be with the people
BN will fall this year
Else in the next GE 13

Now in Parliament
Light the dark
Let the shaft of rays shine brightly
Friends of the people
This is your day

mina the tent city

Mina the tent city
The Lord waits His children to purify
All in the tent
Colors of black, white, yellow and brown
In white ropes showing as one unity

The call of prayer
The knowledge of true purification
In this Mina the tent city
The people share the same God

In one’s life time
It is worth the journey
Wherever you can be
God will be fair
All in His ways

The purity of the minds and hearts
In white ropes no arrogance and prejudice
In the eyes of the Lord Almighty
His children have come to purify
Seeking His mercy and grace

Mina the tent city
The people come to seek purification
United in the sole purpose of cleansing sins
In the eyes of Lord Almighty

Islam the sacrifice of a soul
For the Lord who is and always will be in His children
Until the Day of Judgement
So do every thing good…….
In the life each of us walks on the journey

a beautiful game

Super league
It got nowhere
Football no magic flow
Years down the road
Only remembering the old warriors

Helmed by the familiar names
Knowing not the game sliding downhill
Oh yeah they talk about bringing glory
Super league isn’t going the way

Bribery rears its ugly head
Ruining running the game
ACA and Police investigating
What ails the Super league?

Politics and power
Leaders don’t know how to play
It takes gut and love of the game
To turn into a beautiful flow
People will come to appreciate
Yet here we are
The Super league crossing nowhere

FAM should be made a company
Issuing shares to the public
Elect competent officials
To market the game

Deal it as a business venture
Every one; players and officials
They have an interest in the game
Otherwise when the company collapses
There will be no game, no money, and no company

Now Super league
A sad affair on the field
Fans don’t come in
When the flow is irregular
A sad way to remember
A beautiful game

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

the gallant knights will strike

putrajaya malaysia

The black castle lights up
The shaft of mesmerizing rays
Twisting and shadowing all around
The rent seekers and cronies came

Part of the rear lost
Part of the domain gone
Yet in the black castle
The black knight never learned
It is business as usual
No change in momentum
Everything remains so

The skeletons propping them up
In the dark light glaring their eyes
Red and green shining in the darkness
The gallant knights of the people
They wait for the opportunity to strike

Gathering in the shadows
The gallant knights see it all
The black knight and his goons
Only words to hide the truth

Wasting money to help their cronies
Giving them jobs to do the same work
Act as spies and agents nothing else they do
In the domain of the gallant knights of the people

So the goons go all out
Collect what can be bought and commissioned
Before the frogs croaking home to the other side
The white witch brewing strong magical concoction
The frogs will turn into the savior of the people
In time when the toll bell in the night

the gallant knights of the people

So it begins
The 12th session of Parliament
The gallant knights of the people
82 of them in shining armor

In the play ground
Horses beautifully decorated
The gallant knights of the people
Battle ready to defend rights

The dog blue knights smile
The barking toning down now
They had suffered the pains of agony
In the dreams the people inflicted

Now the dog blue knights watch
Every word they want to say
Every action must benefit the people
They know they will lose their control

The people have spoken
The 82 gallant knights will do their bidding
Go forward and do your work
The people are behind you all the way

In the rear the frogs are croaking
Silently into the quiet night
When the signal ignites in the sky
A new light on the street
The marching of freedom shall be complete

Monday, April 28, 2008

easy tests we fail miserably

Image Preview
Politics should leave sports alone
What sports has to do with politics eh?

We are the children from Adam and Eve
Isn’t it good enough to befriend every body?
Only politics and different faiths disrupt peaceful harmony
The angels crying for us on our stupidity

The path to peace
In our eyes in our minds
Yet we are blind
Praying every day
The simple truth we never display

We look at issues
Of religions of different faiths
And we want to make an impact in the global stage
We are just villagers
We can’t see the global images

We want to talk peace
Yet we don’t subscribe to neighborliness
How can peace begin when our minds see one way?
We must have diplomatic relations
Then the issues can be tackled amicably

When politics and religious faiths entangle into sports
There will be no truce in humans’ endeavors
Sports bring barrier down to establish cohesiveness
Songs too bring people together

When politics and religions sway one’s emotion
Of different faiths and political earnings
The world at large won’t find harmony
We will fight stupidly until the world disappears
Then are we satisfied?

God/Allah easy tests
We fail so much in our times
Don’t we ever learn the truth?
We pray every day but we never understand

What is race to you and me?
Aren’t we come from the same lineage?
We are the children of Allah/God
That is the truth every day!

bn goons

courtesy mob's crib
Niahmah BN!
Dr M started it then
Now the goons go along
Dr M has attacked the administration
The morons just sleeping through

The taxpayers’ money
In BN pockets they sing
“There is no money
For the opposition parties”

‘Look voters
You aren’t have a say
Now we control the Federal Government
We aren’t lending them a hand’

The BN goons
They don’t learn even today
Got the worst election result
They waved their tails
They don’t feel a thing

The second wave is rising
Silently as the susurrus wind
Whispering and calling
The frogs to jump over quickly

Let them warm their seats
Let them feel the power in their hands
When it is gone while they slept through
It is like this damned looking man
Open mouth stoned to sleeping world
He doesn’t know what hit him
It is niahmah BN!

the rich small boy

The rich small boy
He has many toys
Among the neighborhood he rules
Nobody can challenge him
He nests in his roost

Even the humming bird
Flying away when he comes
He doesn’t show compassion
He knows he rules his world

One day he loses
The neighborhood children don’t want him
Enough of his arrogance; enough of his blurbs
He finds he is alone
Looking at his toys

He sits down and cries
Feeling the loss of friends
The rich small boy realizes
He has to share his toys
Friendship means so much to him
The toys are just secondary pleasures

Sunday, April 27, 2008

be humble but leaders fail

borrowed the

Why Hisham wants to apologize?
He had sheathed the keris
He had done that so many times
Now he said he is sorry…..

Najib did it in 1987
Maybe it runs in their families
I wish it doesn’t repeat it
It shows no class though has education

Sometimes I think
Education makes a man
Sometimes I wish
Education doesn’t make man play and play
Until the line of truth barely knows the barrier

It takes March 8
BN leaders quickly swallowed pride and faces
Telling people they will do right
When you look around
They hide it well

The BN leaders know
The streets aren’t lined up of gold
The glitter seems to get away
They can’t sleep thinking about the frogs
Croaking after a night rainy fall

So you hear “I am the pm for all people”
When comes to projects
All kinds of excuses heaped on the opposing state governments
Is there anything new in BN rule?

They are the ‘great pretenders’
They feed the masses needs
And people just fall for it
‘It is better late than never’

The vision is for all Malaysians
No class distinction no obstacle
No color of skin no color of religion
Just you and me, others and foreigners
In Malaysia
We walk and work as a team

Do you hear a keris?
It’s the bright sky
The beautiful smile
The people marching by

0 penang!

Gurney Drive
borrowed in time 1)

Madam Kee is back……………
Aiyoh what will Penang be?
When I was in Penang for years
People said she syiok sendiripunya

So now I don’t know
What she will do?
This one she is eager to glow

The ‘lau yee’ should have stayed back home
No need to polish her face on papers any more
Maybe she needs it…………..
Since her place now has a security pondok
Or has the MPPP pulled it down already?

The Penang Government should clean up the beach
Introduce more greens in the state landscape
Highlight the old buildings and make it a hawkers’ centre
Introduce the old BB park theme in the Old George town area
Advertise the Penang Hill
Do more cultural and modern, rap, hip-hop dancing
Don’t do the longest this and that
The ‘lau yee’ then seemed to enjoy doing it

The syiok sendiri Azalina
She doesn’t want others to do it
Why so stingy one this woman?
Let others enjoy it mah!

O the food!
This is what I remember
Friends I have forgotten and lost in contact
But food……………………?
Penang better make full use of it

the bowling 10 pins roll

borrowed charz)

They don’t agree
They are the saints walking in
The corridors of power
They sing the same melody

You hear it often
In the last 50 years
Yet countless reports made
Where are the reports now?
Gathering dusts somewhere in archives
Of history and of has been

Do hear Dr M saying about it?
He keeps silence on the issues
He talks of something else
I wish he doesn’t talk any more
He makes us looking bad
In the eyes of the world

Now the frogs better quickly jump
Across the fence and croak the new dawn
Let the world see it
There is hope for everybody

The corrupted leaders and officials
They better get ready to face the light
Littering into the darkness
They can’t hide any more

Our masked zorros
Whoever they are
They will make the show
The corrupted ones will fall
Like the bowling ten pins roll

bn wasting public money

BN is wasting public money
Setting up councils to feed its cronies and supporters
BN leaders never learn anything at all
Money is to be used wisely for the peoples’ benefits

BN leaders still think
They can divide and rule the country
They still walk proudly and arrogantly
They should by right show humbleness
The voters had said their dissatisfaction
On March 8, 2008

BN never learns
After 50 years governing the country
The skin has become too thick
The BN leaders have lost that feeling

Why pay money doing the same work?
What purposes bringing to the people?
That money can be used for other needy things
Benefiting the people of the country

BN leaders want to show
“I can make your life miserable
Voting for the opposition”
And using taxpayers’ money
They don’t care what you think

The BN leaders will know the truth
Enough of what BN leaders done
The second wave is coming…….
They think they are on higher ground
Nobody can reach them

The rain is falling
The electrical wiring is burning
The lightning and thunder in the dark sky
Do you know what it is?

The people have the boats
Anchoring nearby to save the day
But BN leaders never see it that way
They are the lords the people must pay

The frogs will croak this year
Otherwise you sink in GE13
Enough of lies, deception and corruption
You will be buried in the ballot boxes

A new light I see
Waving the golden shaft of rays
I am free!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

when consciousness wakes the guilty

borrowed dwyer)

Atlantuya can wait
Sitting on her chair sipping her drink
Looking down at the culprits
Thinking they can get away

In spaces up in the Milky Way
Nobody knows what is there
You know I know Atlantuya crying
Asking justice make it quick

Internationally generated concerned
On the slow trial moving in the court
Malaysia’s Judiciary in everybody’s eyes
Will it make the final cut then?

Who are the players behind the storm?
The runners never want to tell
They want to stall the game
Let it drags on until everybody forgets

The whisper on the corridors
The hide and seek game of politics
Hard to tell; hard to believe
Nobody dares to tell the truth

As in X-file ‘the truth is out there’
When conscious wakes the guilty
Then the truth will come…….
The whole world will know

pakatan rakyat shows the way

A new speaker in Perak Assembly
So it signals a new chapter for the state
Changes will come
BN better get use to it
No more your way
It has long gone in March 8

The sore leaders
Hoping the line never changes
It has BN leaders
Get ready for the second wave
It is building up storm……..
You may not even realize it

Now PR must do the job
Teach those BN goons how to run
On the field preparation is important
Let the warming up begin
The race won now the trophy
Glittering invitingly in the sun

Now don’t talk about race
We are Malaysians through and through
It is only BN leaders say
Malay supremacy and sons of the soil
This is the trick of BN
Don’t fall for the trap any more
Time to think as a Malaysian
Branding flag in the world community

Pakatan Rakyat shows the way
Don’t fail the people voting you in
Do the job and make the people proud
The changes in your hands
Let yesterday gone today’s a new beginning

pr it is your ball

Toyol silly excuse
Has he forgotten his roots?
Change of government
Change of direction
A new tea
A new taste
Has he forgotten that too?

Calling EGM within 3 days
I don’t know it is under its constitution
Balkis an organization doing charitable needs
Why in a hurry to disband and transfer money?

This is criminal breach of trust
The way the office bearers acted it out
Without due consideration to the fact
The BN fell on March 8

Was it legally held meeting?
When the authority automatically ceased
After March 8 rules of engagement changed

Toyol is afraid PR changed students in Balkis list
When it is deserving student who wanted to change?
Unless he doesn’t want to account on transparency
Telling silly excuses trying to hide his actions

Malaysian Bar says it is CBT
The way the office bearers carried it out
Dissolved it and registered a new body
Damn what are these office bearers thinking?

No conscious of their solemn oath
Forgetting the values instill in them
Suddenly when MB fell of power
They too wanted to change files

Listen it is for the people
You are a disgrace
Telling others what to do
When it is you
You forget about it

PR it is your ball
A penalty aiming it correctly
Unleash your powerful kick
And hear the roar of the people
Echoing in the Selangor stadium!
Goal! It’s a goal!!!!!!

back to play mind games

The black eye
It turns light now
One time BN says
Anwar is finished

The March 8 GE12
The people made it worked
He is back to play mind games
The strategist on Art of War

Anwar makes waves
Along the coast to coast
The BN leaders deny it
Looking at his shadow

He issued statements
About the frogs coming in
This will wake up the sleeping beauty
And the rest of his entourage

The lap dogs bark
In the shadow of the light
Waking up more people
Coast to coast
They think they sing sweet melody

This is the Art of War
Hit while the news is hot
Let the losers hit their gongs
Puffing and lack of sleep

Then the frogs quietly hop in
Maybe now there are croaking voices
The rainy season comes late evening
Anwar just prepares his warm umbrella
A new light after the dark

Friday, April 25, 2008

the light will shine

This is the sickness
BN spreads right to its core
People’s money for charity
The BN wants it all
No way they want others to take it?

Quickly convened meeting
Approved the transfer
Let the organization died
King Solomon never cried

Balkis in Selangor
The committee members’ sinful action
Betraying the trust of charitable people
Let the organization dies….

The Lord has mercy on their souls
But the people won’t let them go
What they had done is outright greed
No consideration of the poor and disability

They think they got it right
Into Federal umbrella sitting regal
King Solomon just smile
They won’t get away
When the time is right

Losers must be gentlemen
But BN leaders don’t see it that way
They see their corrupted power gone
They want to make others feel misery
Like them losing their glittering gold

The light will shine
The Lord will make it happen
For the upright people to come
Then the full blast of light
The beginning of a new day
The country will never cry….

when will they learn?

The BN leaders no change in their thoughts
Double speak innuendo to boot
Telling you in their style
‘We are the government
We know what we are talking about’

The MSM go for the drive
Publishing it let the readers decide
In the loop one will know
Out of it the innocent bewildered

The Toyol and his gang
The pig farm approved then
Now the Cheeky minister says differently
It is done by PR government

The main newspapers never give two sides of a coin
Printed a version lopsided effect
The people should know
Don’t fall for the trap one more time

The verdict to suppress
Blame it on others
It never is them
Hello wake up and tell the truth
Be a man and gentle guy

People already know
BN a group of detractors
Trying to hook wind the people
With their brands saying no lies

When will they learn?
Time running out for them
They can count in their fingers
A new ball on the field
The referee is waiting to whistle
Let the new season begins

let the changes begin

courtesy mob's crib

What will the donkey know?
He just carries his load up the hill
Pushing and neighing all the way
Nobody says a thing or 2

This is happening
When a party rules for so long
The soldiers feel they are strong
They don’t make any wrong

Even Police report
It can be settled
Somehow there will be retraction
When the nuts get screwed
Give the line of glittering gold
Somehow the story turned upside down

The soldiers know the drill
Hike the donkey let them see
The ruling party sings party songs
All the money all the inner glow
The peasants and the unconnected people
Only sigh with sorrow

When the frogs jumping for joy
The country will see better days ahead
Only the self centered people say
No principle they are paid to cry
The fake wolves roaming out into the night

Let the changes begin
Before the damages go too far behind
Then there will be nothing to highlight
Only silence whispering ear to ear

the past time to talk in cafe

The jet hits the sky
100 dalil to make the time
The pilot looks down
Damn I better fly!

Falsehoods don’t come home
It makes the day look so unknown
Thinking about it makes no way
It is the work of spinning wheel

People gather to listen
Read and try to comprehend
100 dalil of a politician
You just need one
He will run………..

Money talks perhaps?
Giving it to popularize
When many people talk about it
It is still hearsay until proven otherwise

Now it is hard to get the details
Bury it under heap of official seals
Unless we change the government
Let Anwar spins the wheel……

Right now people
Watch the jet in the sky
The white line broadly display
It is surrender or the pilot wants to disappear?

100 dalil
The past time to talk in café
Every reason every answer every no way
Unless it is proven to make the person runs
Into the bosom of consolation

Thursday, April 24, 2008

it is like a promissory note

Police report made
Victim made about turn
Withdrawing her report
Claiming she got it wrong

Drunkard or tipsy
What had been done got it made
Sometimes I wonder……………
Money was exchanged?

In this world of money market
It counts a lot in settling cases
Minor or serious offences
It can be arranged……..when price is right

When it involved moneyed or VIP people
Close one eye can be made
The invincible corruption walking in the mind
People don’t see it
It is like a promissory note
For future redemption when it is due

People can speculate
Thinking of the obvious what they will
Witnesses and friends
It was just a bad dream perhaps?

It isn’t anything new
Past cases had done before
Let the evil sleeps
Let nobody wakes it up
Let the dreams be yesterday
Life will be normal
The traffic lights and dreams

he is the man for the job

anwar ibrahim


He is the man for the job
Why wait 3 years when he can do it now?

He says he has the number
The frogs ready to hop
The net is ready to catch
Why the hesitation?

War is won
When the enemy retreats
Into his fortress and regroup
The winner shouldn’t allow it to happen
The enemy may turn out winner

He shouldn’t allow time to heal
The enemy will find ways to retaliate
It is now or he never gets his chance
When the BN passes law
On members hopping over the fence
The Anti-Hopping Law…………..

I strongly believe he will do it this year
For the PR to succeed in the states
Holding it at the Federal Level
He will unleash his skills to crush BN
Bury in the deep shit forever….

country or party

Country or party
The politicians should be aware
You work for the country
The party is just a badge to say
The affiliation you belong

It is just a badge
It shouldn’t be the first line you draw you defense
It is the country benefits and progresses
Every politician should come forward to help

It is sad to read
The sleeping beauty and his BN arrogant leaders
Never understand the concept
They just want their power
And the gravy train to take them far and wide

Man it is the country
It is the backbone of the people
You are voted in by the people
For the people and the country
It isn’t for you and your party
Time the leaders change their myopic rules

This isn’t a new concept
In the days of Islamic pursuits
It has been done
Everybody is treated equally
In the administration of a state

Likewise with other religious faiths
They do share with others
Why can’t political party leaders do?
It isn’t about principle and rules
It is about helping the country to progress
For the sole purpose of giving wealth
To the people and nation

people decide bn fate

The old man should keep quiet
He has retired let the country run
The course swayed by the leaders
Elected by the people then

People agree
People disagree
The BN leadership
The voters decided
The old man got nothing much to grill
He has his time and day
So he should refrain from telling
It will make him
A sore leader in his own party

Let the current group marches
Though I don’t agree with their selfish slogans
They are still up to their tricks
Arrogantly despising the voters

These leaders think of themselves
As the BN first helping the people last
Look at what they are saying
They don’t know what to make of it

Dr M should keep afar
Let them do…..the people will bring them down
When the second wave comes around
This time it will be the clean sweep
Leaving nothing for them to say and shout

Are you afraid Dr M?
The party you found will disappear in time?
Dear Dr M
You had done your best
Take your rest and leave them to work theirs

I remember your achievements
Don’t do it to make a black mark on it
Take your hard earned retirement
Let the people decide BN fate

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

the spinning toyol

courtesy mob's crib

Has he changed these days?
The days of glory in the black art
It has finally brought down to earth
By the people torching in the ballot boxes

Now he hides
In the blogosphere to write
Brewing his concoctions
Trying to sell on line

The spins he will do
The Toyol shall not die
Out in the cold
The botox takes effect

Now he wrote
His chief must go
Searching for his princess
He has lost most of his hope

The ship is sinking
Toyol knows about it
He tries to tell
Nobody in his platoon believes
Toyol brews his own medicine

In his outpost he rants
Thinking he can still rule
In the cyber-world
But he forgets about the mob
Castrating him into many tiny pieces
And let it floats in the space
Where untruth shall lie there forever

the leaders of jaguh kampong fame

Image Preview
borrowed hadie)

Political parties
When the election is done
The mindset should think of the whole
The country and the state
For the people

We want to compete in the globalize economy
Entrenched in the mould of 1st class facilities
Yet the brewing fire a 3rd class act
Is it the way we have achieved?

Here it is party first
Nothing else matters
The reasoning back to the old age
This is the 21st century
In centuries forward it has to evolve
The leaders
Think hard before you spin your magic

Country is the one
People make the magic
Weaving tapestries of unity of work and wealth
It shouldn’t be party of one’s believe
It is for the whole
The country comes first

Political parties
The stage actors donning many characters
Play the role make the country glow
No backstabbing brewing old tales
About rules and regulations

Malaysia needs the best soldiers
Any one from any regiment
On the forefront to bring glory
On the stage of the world

the frogs better croak into pr net

OSA opens it
Then we will know

One sided contracts
The people raped so many times over
Holes and hearts already chucked away
Yet the rapists still haven’t been caught

Hiding behind the umbrella of legality
The legit companies harvest the wealth
The taxpayers keep dishing out their money
And it never ends in the long tunnel

The BN leaders brewing grandeur projects
Catering to their cronies stealing the peoples’ wealth
Telling all kind of deceptions hiding behind facades
Of glittering gold and legal laws

The frogs better croak into PR net
Let the game begin for the peoples’ sake
They have gone into many rapes
They can’t stomach the filth and laughter
Of the BN leaders arrogant and selfish administration

atlantuya can wait

She was gone
Oh yeah she was gone!
Blown to pieces in C4
No record of her entry
The country BN leaders
Let the trial goes on and on

The people watching
Shaking heads why so slow?
105 days down the road
They still don’t know
Who behind the throne?

Atlantuya’s pieces of soul
Buried in the soil waiting for atonement
She cries when she left her world
Too soon in pieces of C4

The trial dragging on
Putting strain on all involved
Like a race to the finish line
Then puffing out of breath
The distance seems never end

Atlantuya sits in her world
Seeking justice for her soul
The injustices keep dragging on
She cries rainfall flooding the soil

The truth is
The alleged leaders never wanted to tell
Let the court decides drag on the trial
Well……Atlantuya can wait
She has all the time in her hands
Have the alleged leaders got the time?

this time do it for yourself

Go to fullsize image

The C4 boys must go
Don’t let them hang on too long
Enough damage to AAB administration
It is time he takes a hard look at them

As what had been reported
They take an active part in the administration
Running it through AAB
The pm doesn’t know what hits him

It is time he let them go
The people grievances hard for him not to know
He has to wake up quickly
Otherwise his castle will be gone

He has to rein in his horses
Too many grazing on the field
Nobody cares what is happening
The cowboy sleeps on his saddle

Don’t announce something
Then wait for it to sink in
No Sir! Go and get it done
This is what you have to do

Clear the desks of these boys
They shouldn’t be there at all
Get your act together quickly
Before the twister lands you somewhere

You say you have big ears
Use it now; get it to work
Forget your advisors
Forget your C4 boys
This time do it for yourself
For the country and her people
Go rein in the horses
Let them see
‘You are the cowboy’

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

it will be a long way

Malaysia wants to shine
In the country in the world
Only the people never let go
The races and their belief

Everything and word
The race factor can’t go
It sinks into our minds
Telling us what are we?

People better know
We are race?
We are Malaysians?
It’s a long way to decide

When the government still thinks on race
On the forms on official documents
You think it is going to change so soon?
It will take another tornado to do it
When everybody standing up to say
We are Malaysians…………..and hurray!

When the forms are changed
Then we can think not on race
It is there all the time
Reminding you of your color
Glaring at you pointing at your eyes
You think you forget
The government doesn’t…….

It will be a long way
The mindset needs to change
The seed planted
Now watch it germinates

the waiting game


When leader is cornered
He will say something to stay alive
Brewing up programs initiative
Put it on hold saying it needs time to set up

When light dim slowly
When the road seems into darkness
When every sound telling you to go to hell
A leader will try one more time

It is said the last people remember
They wish you to run faster with the pack
Offering encouragement to make you realize
You have to push to make it on line

This is happening
The leader pushes his last breath
He wants to reach the line
No half way measure now

Acknowledging government concerned
The drop of Judiciary independence
The set up of MCAC to boost transparency and accountability
To let the people know he means business

O he hears the applause
The measures he takes to right the wrong
I hope he doesn’t sleep on it
The strain will be too much for him to handle

He has his record
He doesn’t buy me my share
He talks he doesn’t know what to do
Sitting on his bed he dreams once more

O he hears the applause
The smile and good wishes
In the end of the race
He still stays far behind…..

be humble so easy

Everything a person wants to do
You do it for the people, country and self-fulfillment
Party is just a badge wearing it to announce
To all and sundry ‘I belong to such a party’

For the true people of the state
When opportunity comes to help
Nobody should decline by saying ‘I belong to such a party
So I can’t assist you to bring developments
For the state and her people’

True mature politicians
They work for the state they are in
Party affiliations is just by choice
It shouldn’t be the yardstick to measure
The disagreement on party rules…….

When election is over
The talented people should help the state to prosper
Eventually the people gain and life will be fruitful
Don’t let different party views
Deride the economic growth of the state

It is the immature politicians
Sulking in the dark corner
Never want to acknowledge
We are Malaysians
We must develop economic growth
For Malaysians and country

There are people I am sorry to say
They will spin and spin until the sun goes down
And they don’t stop doing it
Until they get it their way

Malaysians must work together
Carry the torch of light
When election is over
We must work for the growth of the country
In one vision one unity

Monday, April 21, 2008

running for peace

Running for peace
The world needs it
The people of many faiths salute
For the people who make the difference

The torch in our lives
For the people of many races
We shouldn’t pick and decide
It is our race on this Mother Earth

We mustn’t forget
There is always a day to pray
Let the world ills and sorrows
We can’t escape
It is human made

Running for peace
A small gesture big stride in our lives
The peaceful coexistence
O it is so hard to come by!

Yet one mustn’t give up
The small step makes the mark
The small ripples on the sea
It will make big one day

Running for peace
Let us not forget about it
In this troubling time
We need our faith

o they give the best

Layouts By Desperate Housewife

Desperate housewives
They aren’t for sale
Maybe they don’t need to
They string all the power

Only desperate guys
Chasing after the rainbow
Linking their lips
Wah….look at those women!

Equality should be shared
Nobody should take advantage
If guys think they are great horses
They better think hard on it

The Amazing Women
They are ruling the planet soon
They will hold the sticks
I don’t know where the guys will hide

It is long time guys behave
The women for their slaves
Now the way will be changed
The women know about their power
They can do great job with it

So the guys better learn quickly
Know the limit walk with peace
One day when we wake up
We will be a scarce commodity

Too many women so few men
The guys will be desperate
Looking for places to hide
Believe me if we don’t learn yet
We will pay for our deeds

mp works on it

Parliament isn’t a sleeping haven
Asking questions only part of a MP job
Checking abuses and corruption
Passing right laws for right situations
This is the command the people want

The thick files
The many reading to look into
The misuses of laws for serving self interests
On the government leaders should be questioned
Answers must be forth coming
Nothing to hide in the bushes

The fiery debate
High and low fire
Parliament House will flow with it
Don’t let the wrongdoers escape
Parliament where MPs grill it
Don’t fail your duty
As the peoples’ representatives

Now don’t think about your party
The peoples’ votes for you to fight for it
It is really nothing to do with your affiliation
On your party rules and regulations
When you step into Parliament
Peoples’ needs and mandate come first
Don’t you forget………….

Party whip disgrace to peoples’ mandate
As peoples’ MPs you listen to them
In Parliament this is what you must do
There shouldn’t be yes all the way
There shouldn’t be no as party like it

MPs in Parliament
You are the people
All the way
Representing the voters
To do the job for them

mat rempits

Mat Rempits
UMNO Youth allegedly wants them
They play a big part in election bullying
See them rides on the streets
The voters in Rembau will tell
They aren’t locals; they are from the city

Even in Kuala Dipang Road
They carried BN flags many on the road
Care not about traffic flow
They were the small kings waving right at you

Amendments to Road Transport Act 1987
Canned them and put them in jail
When words make into legality
Will there be enforcement done?

Mat Rempits
They shouldn’t be supported by any one
Now it seems UMNO Youth want them
During election they are the menace
Revving motorbikes disturbing the night

Mat Rempits
Put them in Kamunting
Let them learn the rules of discipline
Of how to be a successful group in society

yawn and sleep

borrowed bass)

How many committees the sleeping beauty wants?
Every announcement to rectify certain issues
Committees, committees then more committees
A long running process; whither the light?

The damage control he did for awhile
A breathing space to shift his gears
The power creeps into his brain
It is hard to let go
When one knows the power wields

Judiciary Reforms
He says he will do and rectify it
Mind you he said the some thing of Police
It is over 3 years……..nothing satisfying

When a tsunami jolted him to reality
He works on it then he forgets
He should announce what he has done
Every month to the people
It isn’t hard for him to do

This is just a feel good factor
He makes it just for his pr work
Though I agree on his take
On the former Lord President and his colleagues
Short of saying sorry

The working mechanics
He should dismiss the C4 boys
They don’t help him there
They brought disgrace to his administration

The light just shines for awhile
Then the darkness will dim it again
You think the sleeping beauty will stay awake?
Nay he just yawns and sleeps again!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

when you age and out of job

When you age and out of job
It isn’t easy to find another
When you try and try to land one
It has become an elusive dream

I read reports
The headaches these people go through
When company closes down
When relocation start to drive
The bread earners facing a solemn calamity
Food and bills to pay

When saving drying up
When outlook seems bleak
The finding of another job
It will be hard as economy takes a drive

Will there be something around?
The young and old capturing in a pool
The ways forward suddenly stops
Degrees and experiences
It doesn’t count as much as the economy turns

I feel for these people
The light ahead will be hard to fight
Every day the nightmare comes true
When one wakes up there is nothing to do

So the government must create opportunities
Not every body has the skills to start a business
Not every body has the stamina to last the distance
This is why a government job is to build wealth
Where the people can work and earn from it

Social welfare must be seriously considered
Build up a fund to help those in need
Tax those who are working now
A dollar a month; just imagine the fund!
With proper management and skills in investments
Those out of work and old folks will be feeling proud
Something to look forward when the days are down

isa must go

borrowed boon keong penang watch)
ISA should be gone
Yet the BN government wants it to stay
It is a convenient tool to silence critics
Giving the lame excuse
It is for national security

Years of those days
It had gone
The communists had given up arms struggle
Recognizing the rights to govern
through democratic elections

The BN government wants it to stay
The BN leaders shall not change
The people’s power must initiate it
ISA must be buried for good

There are many people throwing in
Without trials or reasonable hearing
These people are put into Kamunting Inn
It is to rehabilitate souls……………?

The agony of detained families
Friends and community leaders
NGOs and other opposing parties
ISA must go let the freedom flow

Nobody in sane mind
To destroy the country they are born
It is the backbone for them and generations to come
It is the corruption, lies and deceptions
The BN government doesn’t want to tackle

Makkal Sakthi will flow
On the minds into the government
The peoples’ cries shall not be in vain
ISA must go
It’s time it too retired
Into Annals of History of the country

prodigy falls

sufiah yusof shilpa lee leather
sufiah yusof child prodigy turns social escort

Like comet hit the sky
Then falling out
Burning the final strike

Too early too soon
The nuts and screws on the streets
Can’t get the act together
The thread stringing apart
Dangling with the wind

Afraid to ask for help
Thinking ‘I am fully qualified’
But life is a light and dark force
It isn’t measured by qualification
It is mostly through experience and coexistence

The cry in the mind
The eyes can’t tell why
Looking at life in color blobs
Difficult to transcend barrier
Burning out too soon
Reality freak it out

Down into the darkness
The crying for help blurry excuses
Doing things signaling the spiral
The web of a child
In the world of adults

Saturday, April 19, 2008

whatlah these mps?!

parliament house

Why ask questions for the government to prepare?
Let them come to the August House
And handle the Q & A in Parliament
In this way we know how prepared them are….

Understand the opposing MPs
Their colleagues had given the same questions
They ‘who do not submit questions’ aren’t mute or deaf
They just don’t want to play all the cards at once

It is just like working under your boss
You are the deputy you don’t lay out cards
You support or you hate his guts
You just wait he makes a fatal mistake
Then you take over coolly without a fuss

To me the government leaders must prepare answer
For any question arising in the Parliament
Whether it is asked or it never………
The cabinet ministers must know their work

Ex ministers will shy away
They know the nuts and screws so they keep quiet
When they want answer
I am sure they just give a call………

How many questions will be answered?
The cabinet ministers will pick and choose
The sensitive ones they try to ignore
As far as possible citing OSA or whatever reasoning
Else they say they need time to respond……

When MPs don’t ask
They aren’t sleeping or they don’t know
They don’t want to play their cards outright
Let BN leaders think they are warming seats
Let the voters think ‘whatlah these MPs!’

Now the fun will begin
In Parliament the beans will spill
We watch, see and read
All about it soon
p/s 29 mps never submit a single question in the coming Parliament session late April 08
15 BN, 5 DAP and 9 PKR

the pigs got news

The pigs got news
In Selangor a $100 million integrated pig farming
Modern methods so clean environment
Approved by BN implemented by PR
Then the hoorah banners and criticisms

We are living amongst Malaysians of many faiths
Cultures, religious belief and other sinful small things
Nobody should disagree when it is properly laid out
We should accept rearing pigs billions ringgit business

Many benefits for Malaysians
Earning and taxes for the people and government
Don’t forget we have 1.2 million civil servants
The millions spend to keep the machine going

For the same token
These ill-advised people should protest
In Negeri Sembilan too
The BN doesn’t do it
The pig farming there is not properly controlled
As reported in the blogs for the last 30 years

Farming will bring the wealth
Properly implemented with modern technologies
Everybody will benefit…………….
Work, income and taxes
The people and country

Even in Kelantan PAS allow
It doesn’t mean disrespect to a religion
It is fairness to others to earn a living
In this world of plenty

The pigs got news
In a country of many faiths
We all sinners in our small sinful things
So why make it deeper in learning our lives
Seeking the magical paradise……

wrong footing it will fall

Image Preview

Every day
The papers write about UMNO
Planning this doing that….
About party, race, religion then country

When the focus is wrong
All the basis of survival will be doomed
UMNO thinks it has enjoyed power
For 5 decades the party can’t be wrong

The founding leaders
Knew how to thread along
Amongst other partners
Grouping to govern the country

Years down the road
Subsequent leaders become arrogant
Raising keris to announce malay supremacy
Telling others about malay rights and privileges
They conveniently forget about the Federal Constitution
Every race is equal in the eye of the law

The partners in BN
UMNO just smile to them
Every decision made
The partners are told to follow
Don’t ask questions at all

The wealth of the country
The leaders want to get shares of it
Believing it is belonging to them
No other races should question

UMNO still talks
About the wealth and race
Nothing in the mind
About Malaysia the country all belong

So when the basis of survival is wrong
It is matter of time it will collapse
The cracks appear now…….
It isn’t easy to stop the flow
They know the cancer has spread
The day will come
The party will doom
If the leaders don’t find a cure
Quickly in a year…………

find the ring else i am not free

courtesy mob's crib

‘Oh princess
It can’t be done
I have lost the ring
I have to find it’

The cry in the wild
Along the streams of ripples flow
Snaking magic eyes aglow
‘Oh princess you don’t come any more’

The lost direction
The map gone to the streams
The wind blew it
The clapping of the waving leaves

The creature stares upwards
Amongst the shadows of the tall trees
The dark knight camouflaged perfectly
Full armor ready to battle

‘Oh princess
Give me your ring!’
The hollowness talking in silence
The creature has lost all hope to change
The black knight has seen……..
He has found out his secrets

So he makes changes
Let the predators smoke the wrong tree
He needs time to make his escape
Amongst the applause he quietly smile
It is working to his benefits……

Oh princess!
The time to flee
When the dark knight sleeps
We will take flight to kangaroo runs
There we live happily
Farming goats and cows
Sometimes sheep and kangaroos
Enough of the shadows
‘Snooping on me’

Friday, April 18, 2008

let them decide we watch at a distance

50 year of BN rule
We rants and raves
In the ring we escape
Just barely money did it

We tolerate the abuses
Of country’s wealth for a few
No tender no accountability
No transparency we lived
Even corruption shoots into us
We still fight in the shadow

Now there are some sparks
A new state government trying to rule
The way the people expect it to run
One slippery step they start pointing figures
They want to please as many as possible
In reality it is hard to satisfy people’s needs

As long as there is something growing
The people shouldn’t judge it so critically
As long as it is an improvement over BN
It spells something good for the people

The state government needs all the assistance
From the people of Penang to make it works
There are sour losers walking on the streets
They know the gravy train disappearing
They will try many tricks to win back again

So let the new state government manages
In each quarter see what have been done
Now it is too early to say otherwise
Let them get the feel of power in their hands
Then they know………
And one wrong move
The wrath of the people in Penang

oh the frogs!

Oh the frogs!
Where are you?
The rain falling
The ground is wet
Don’t you need a spin?

The country needs
Upright people to govern
The true spirit of equality
Freedom and choices
It is for the people
So the country progresses

Oh the frogs!
You croak away at night
When the rain stops
You hop around
Flies flying around
Disturbing your thought
You slip it away

When the trumpet blowing
The sound of duty calls
You quickly hop into the water
Will you hop out to make a stand?

Oh the frogs!
Croaking away in the dark raining night
Where water fills up the lakes
Wet ground on the hilly sides
So will you hop out to make a cho

something good!

Tun Salleh Abas former Lord President of Malaysia


Some sparks
The sleeping beauty finally said
Judiciary Reforms
Give the judges the trust and accountability
Let the judges decide
They are the letters of the law

Admitting mistakes of past
It doesn’t bring down the house
It makes good sense
At last the ghost of 1988
Finally finds way to rest

At least now
I should say the sleeping beauty wakes
He finally did something good
I hope he doesn’t stop it there

Corruption and accountability
All his people must declare
Catch those leaders quickly
Let the judges decide

And also stop wasting public funds
Like some of his ministers do
Every year publish a statement of expenses
Let the public know

It is a good start
March 8 GE 12 sinks into his head
There are many he has to do
2004 till today………….

we have to change the government

The days are numbered
In the fingers counting
Don’t we see it coming?
The new wave has arrived

BN/UMNO cracks in shield
The battle fought the great wall falls
The crumbling slowly toppling down
The porous bricks they claimed solid

The Bird Eye view
The sorry affairs
BN/UMNO just let flow
They pretend they don’t know

Many things happen
They say they can’t remember
One better learn before accusing
They don’t give explanation

The Police and AG
They too close their eyes
About BN/UMNO leaders
They are the kings
Nothing is wrong
They tell you so

It is no use crying
We have to change the government
Then dig up the corruption and misuse of funds
Make it clean and restore confidence
To the people and country

Thursday, April 17, 2008

yo pakatan rakyat!

The sleeping beauty
The sun and moon he won’t see
He walks with his eyes close
He doesn’t know what to do

His advisors telling him
So many things he forgets
In his mind he thinks it is easy
Seeing the billions
On his corridors thing

Now the ground he works
The potholes have known
Yet he pretends he doesn’t know
He lets others keep harping
Until they get tired of his inaction

He has no choice
One day he said after him would be Najib
To run the show in the country
As if it is his right to say so
It is the people who would decide

Now the people watch
Pakatan Rakyat moving in for the kill?
BN/UMNO will be buried in the potholes
It is time we say goodbye

Enough of the arrogance
Enough of the deception
Enough of the corruption
BN/UMNO still never learn

Yo Pakatan Rakyat!
When will be the day the frogs hopping in?
A new day must come to Malaysia
A new team to steer the country’s affairs

oh the arrogance!

Image Preview

Oh the arrogance!
They don’t learn do they?

Duplicating of jobs
In tax-payers’ money
To pay for their former officials
Doing spying work?

You hear it right
M2M and OKC
Telling these former village heads and councilors
Funds will be generated
To keep them in the fold

These funding can be of better used
Dispensing to the displaced people
Oh no they want to use it
For their party benefits

Oh the arrogance!
These BN leaders never learn
It isn’t for the people
It is for their political survival

The sheer waste of funds
Pakatan Rakyat better move in fast
The more delays happen
The coffer will be empty
When you step in on the threshold

a new political party to manage change

The country leaders must change
Cosmetic makeup won’t make it work
Coming from the same troop
It is back to history

What this country needs
It is a totally different way of doing things
No use of crap words and slogans
It has died on the people

These leaders
On the way out soon
When PR equips with the frogs
Change the political scene

This is what the country needed
A new political party to effect changes
Give the people for the people
And the rest they say will be history

Why pay attention on BN/UMNO?
The party is going down slowly and effectively
It is now salvaging its pride and heyday
It has spoken………………………
Even not this year it will be GE13

I only wish it will be this year
How the opposition leaders play their game
The frogs will be caught in the net
Then a new light for the people and country

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

oh devil!

The Pontianak in Malacca
She appears and disappears
Scary images floating in my mind
As I recall my life in the kampong

The elders used to tell
Stories about beautiful Pontianak and her child
Always looking for pitying souls
Look after her child while she is gone

In the late of night
She appears in white silky dress
Flowing beautifully with the breeze
One can’t find a beauty such as this!

She gives the best entertainment
Nobody can claim it isn’t
But who will tell in the dark?
When it is done the poor soul gone mad

This is the folklore
It could be true along the lonely roads
Once I was told along Mersing Kota Tinggi Road
There was this young woman waiting at the bus stop
Smiling sweetly at the passing motorists
Then she disappeared into the dark trees….

Now we have another hantu
Shoveling expenses under entertainment
I don’t know what she spent
When it is said worth $1.4 million

The taxpayers’ money
Gone up in easy smoke
Like white silky dress
Fooling the eyes then disappear

Into the dark edges of romance
Like my old kampong of Pontianak
Telling stories of the unnatural
But this one we see in our eyes

I wish somebody catches the hantu
So the truth will be known
Now it could be buried in dark corridors
Like the Pontianak only night will tell
So we wait with our binoculars
Screening into the dim light streets………

we need changes fast

borrowed jijibean)

The same old sets apply
Double standard they don’t care

People have seen it
The way the Police behave
No compassion though we pay taxes
They do as if they are the little lords

We the people have no standing
Hello will you check in the mirror?
Who pay you to do police work?
Do it professionally no biased order
Don’t show different set of rules
One for A one for B

In Penang when UMNO held public protests
No arrest is made till today
When it was in Ipoh……
Nothing was done too

The people know
The Police force must change
The way it is running
We need Pakatan Rakyat to string it

get the frogs niahmah!

$1.4 million on entertainment
The former minister better explains
This isn’t just on one minister
Maybe they are many in BN stable

Hip-hop in the air
Horse riding up and down
Kangaroo fighting learning from old timer
$1.4 million is just chicken feed

Benefit of doubt to the minister
Give the list of expenses
For what purposes it was spent
In corporate world there is always a schedule
Listing it out, what purpose and with whom..

BN/UMNO contractual agreements
The costs always over-run
Just like the Penang 2nd bridge
Now it is said it costs over $4.3billion

And someone said about the bridge project in Sarawak
The initial cost was $300 million
Now it is said ballooned to $3billion
Niamah……the taxpayers taken for fools!

It is time Pakatan Rakyat
Get the frogs to hop over
Why wait when the country’s wealth gone?

Others may say
No principle or what not
When the country’s wealth is at stake
When the future of the country is question
Who cares about principle?
This is one I don’t care
Get the frogs and do the right thing
Before we all say goodbye…………
The wealth of the nation!

is it necessary for a 2nd bridge?

borrowed rahman)
Ah Penang Island!
Once I stayed enjoyed my sojourn
For years I drove happily around
Then more vehicles came
Congestion becomes a daily affair

Ferry rides
I could take a short nap
Sometimes seeing the rolling ripples
Admiring cars sometimes pretty women

Now with the Penang Bridge
In the beginning it was a breeze
Driving on it

It is no more the breezy feeling
Traffic jams and bottlenecks
Penang Island loses her charm
The quiet life once I knew
It has gone for good

The 2nd bridge…….
Ah I can see
Traffic jams and cursing
The cost over-runs again
Nothing new with BN contracts
It is always cost more in the end

I agree on ferry points
Build more of these along the coasts
Tanjong Tokong, Bayan Lepas, George Town, Batu Ferrighi
In a way it will promote tourism and reduce traffic flow on the bridge
So there is no need to construct a 2nd bridge…………..
Avoiding displacing the fishermen and eco-system

In years to come
The petrol will jump
And the toll charges will increase
It will become too expensive driving on the bridge
The $4.3 billion cost runs should be used for others
Benefiting the people in the state

crown or clown?

courtesy mob's crib

The crown prince
Where did he come from?
Talking about rights and privileges of malays
This is Malaysia……
A land of opportunities for the hard and diligent people
Lazy and spoon feed people shouldn’t be helped at all

Maybe he has nothing to do
Thinking of ways to spice up his life
Damn he chooses wrong words to say
The supremacy of the malays….
Hello…..we are Malaysians!

If he wants to play politics
He better comes to the ground
Play with his hands and see what others are suffering
Malaysians need help any race in the country

The mentality of supremacy
It shouldn’t be said again and again
It has to be earned right on one’s labor
I wonder what the crown prince agendas?

Under the Constitution
The Agong will safeguard the interests and privileges of the malays
It is not for the political party to harp on it
UMNO makes its own interpretation…….
When it is the King right to decide

So the crown prince never understands
Reading from prepared text……….
Maybe his mind is still in the kampong life
Where the locals salute and kowtow to the royalty

For what it is worth
I still enjoy my life in my country
This is the spices I hear and read every day
Niamah……….this what makes it good!