Saturday, June 30, 2018

the bad must go

The bad must go
There is no place in the light
The faces have been marked
In the dark world they should hide

They don't have to show their faces
They will not get the reprieve they needed
They have to pay for their misdeeds
Big time in the scale they involved

The names are written
In the long sheet in the light
There is nothing for them to bargain
Pay for their sins pray hard they changed

In Bamboo River the names keep ringing
The steel doors keeping open for the bad
Once they enter they will feel the world ends
For their lives will not be the same again

the dark forces on the run

The dark forces on the run
The remnant ones still acting cool
Still believing the evil will return
The plundering should never stop!

They hide in the party flag
Playing the innocent souls
They know what has happened
All cooked up sealed and dried

The evil one waiting for his day
Though he still lives in luxury
He still can say what he wants
Though at one time he ran away

The dark forces still playing
The bad card in their pockets
Don't believe the change will come
They think they have the right!

The dark forces on the run
The blues gang keep a tight chase
Catching them will be the game
There is no need to bargain

the languages learned

The languages learned
It's good for the brain
It will widen the power knowledge
Let a person see and gain

A restrictive policy
It will benefit nobody
It is a way to enslave the mind
In this borderless world

Want to gain knowledge?
Learn the language in the world
English is the usual way
Give a person a head start on the line

Do not live in the coconut shell
A person will not learn to progress
Wake up and learn the important languages
It will pave the way to progress

the net is closing in

The biggest shark
On the shallow water
Once it could be the predator
Living in the wide oceans

Now in his pathetic state
Struggling to live by day
Many eyes watching him
The hooks all ready

Occasionally he makes splashes
Throwing up some white foam on the sand
Nothing much to impress of his skills
Without his power he has nothing

The net is closing in
The men of blue have assembled
Pulling altogether to haul him in
He knows he is cooked

The biggest shark
Living in his heyday
Now he is in shallow water
Looking at the hooks coming for him

the change will move on

The day of change
It must have the solid foundation
It mustn't be carried out on cosmetic adjustments
It will never work in the long run

If the change needs total overhaul
There is no reason to wait but act on it
The opposition leaders turned ministers
They must realize the jobs at hand

Though there will be the extremists
They want to live in the coconut shells
We don't blame these groups of selfish leaders
They want to stay relevant let others stay silence

The change will move on
It will carry out the reforms
The unchanged hearts and minds
They will be swept away with the tide

Friday, June 29, 2018

the walls are crumbling

The old Amno was dead
Decades ago ruled by the High Court
The current party is Amno Baru
The party goes for one track destination

Now the party is slowly dying
Even breathing will find it difficult
The air surrounds the party
It smells of decay and sin

The veteran members quit
They can't stand the smell of corruption
The cash is king in politics
It destroys the party

The legality of Amno Baru
Ros has to make a ruling soon
Its constitution doesn't follow
It has become an illegal show

The Home Ministry too
It has to review Amno Baru existence
Has the party the legal right to live?
When it never follows its rules!

Amno Baru has to bite the dust
It brings down its own demise
Its leaders still champion on race and religion
They don't see the crack walls falling!

ph remember your promises

Pakatan Harapan
Now you are the government
What you promise
You mustn't shortchanged
It will tell you forget
The principles of promises
You must allow it to happen
There is no review or amendment
It has to go of any draconian law
It isn't good for the democractic nation
Now you hold the reign of power
There is no excuse not to implement it
The bad laws enacted for the nation
Such laws should be withdrawn
Two such laws must be thrown away
The Anti-fake news Act
The National Security Council Act
Of course there are still many laws
You promise to abolished it
When you have the power
Running in your hands!

stand on your feet

Stand on your feet
Do it the hard way
Learn the failures
With it will come success

Build your foundation
Put your heart and soul in it
Once it has been done
You will not fall down

Learn the art of making money
Don't go the wrong way to achieve it
You will get caught lose your name
You will spend time in jail

Above all don't forget God
Once you forget you will fall
God makes everything
Even life and death

the blues gang on the way

The blues gang on the way
There is no reason to wait
There are enough evidence
Charging the biggest shark today

But sad to say
The blues gang stop at the red traffic
The signal takes a while to turn green
So here we are waiting for the game

The shouts on the ground
The biggest shark swims along
Splashing his fins showing his face
Spinning his tales on his loot

But it is a tale
We are tired of hearing
It is all lies and make up stories
Amla will come for him

And those who want to file claim?
The police will investigate them
So will be the Income tax officials
Something to think about...

This is the new way
The old system has been overhauled
Don't think it can be wriggled away
*Amla will be waiting

*anti-money laundering act

the good vibrations

The good vibrations
Everyone seems to feel
The dawn of a new era
Blooming in the air

The people are still talking
How the giant fall from grace
In the race to reach the top
The giant fell to his bottom

The parts are scattered
Leaving its heyday on the mind
Once the giant was great
Mastering the art of rule and divide

Now the giant barely survive
The breakaway from the battered body
The others want to survive on their own
Leaving the giant to his fate

Everyone is still talking
How the giant hit the ground
He had a bad fall
He is seeing stars around his eyes

The good vibrations
Everyone hopes it is a long term
The change has knocked the doors
The good values will be shared

Thursday, June 28, 2018

the mighty has fallen

The mighty has fallen
Brought down to feel the gravity
Once it was floating in the air
Its leaders thought they couldn't be wrong

The years of many sins
It finally caught up with it
The division of the cake
The fear of losing its stake

Its leaders use to play drama
On the race, religion sometimes royalty
Leaving the other races to fend for themselves
Along the way the disease of corruption invaded

Now the party feels the strain
The heavy load of many sins
The members should wake up
Leave the ship and stay alive

take the big shark in

Take the big shark in
Don't let it swim and bite the sea

Use the Amla law
The net covers it widely

Let the big shark realize
The law will take its bite

Net him in to the shore
Put him in lock up

Let him sweat it out
Feeling the tight screws

Let him realize
Donation or gift has a price

A life in jail
To spin his tales

A life in sin
The lake of fire light

Put him in Bamboo River
Let him spin his tales

tell the truth

Why the truth so hard to come by?
MO1 still wants to spin his tales
The noose is going around his neck
He still wants to spin

Tell the truth
The sin will be forgiven
Once a person fails to see it
The lake of fire is waiting!

The police got what it wanted
Though there are many still stashed somewhere
Currently cash and valuables valued over $1.1 billion
And he says it is gift!

Why can't he come clean?
The truth will give him free
At least his conscious will be
But Bamboo River will wait for him

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

the thief can't tell the truth

The thief can't tell the truth
It will land him in prison
So he will coin words to escape
The loot in his possession

All the loot in his home
The thief will not say it is true
He will say he doesn't see it
He will say others put it there

A thief worth his skin
He will tell a long tale to escape
It is up to the police to wrap up the case
Cook up the thief until he can't walk free

Once the thief is caught red handed
He will find it hard to wriggle free
The long arm of the law will coin him in
Behind bars he can sing his story

some winners some losers

Some winners some losers
It's the political game we watch
The politicians should realize it
Bet the wrong horse smell the sweat

Some will never learn
They talk all the bad things
Until they hear their own words
Ringing in their ears

Some winners hope
To get to the heap of rewards
But the wagon is limited seating
Not everyone can be on board

And the supporters will shout
Everything isn't fair loud and clear
It's the political game to watch
Like children playing marbles

The job has to be done
The winners have to settle in quickly
Grab the bull by its horns
And start making waves

what now police?

What now police?
The value estimated at $1.1 billion ringgit*
All kept in the houses spread around the city
And MO1 still says it is donation!

It is time to haul in the big sharks
Let's put it in the tank and watch
Will the shark bite or sink in it?
MO1 is really cooked by his greed

The police should move in
There are enough evidence to nail MO1
No need to pussy foot around
Take him in and so is his wife

Let the case begin
Put them in lock up
Let them feel the heat
No more telling lies

* estimated value reported in yahoo

let the job begin!

The full house
It is finally arrived
By July 2 this year
The full Cabinet in operation

The old way must go
The bad laws must be repealed
Every unfairness must be corrected
There is no room to stick to the old!

Don't let the ugly heads returned
It serves no purpose in the new scheme
Let the old bad ways be vanquished
Let it sink like the sand of time

The new broom
The new coat of paint
The new light in the air
Let the job begin!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

the red jamban

The red jamban
On the run
How did he escape?
Somebody told him
About the snake routes
Now he posted videos
Laughing at the police
The police should get him
By any method seems possible
The red jamban has made
The police a red report card
Though it seems there is a lead
The red jamban hiding in Indonesia
It tells about Amno B leadership
The bad leaders in the group
The police must get hold of red jamban
It has to salvage its pride of the force
Let him suffer a long while in prison
Let him learn his lesson well!

let dr M work his magic!

I don't want to see
The back door game again
One experience in Perak in 2009
It had a bitter pill to swallow

PKR should give a backbone
Its leaders seem weak in the game
Anwar should make his party a solid base
Don't let the Rooster croak in any hour

Once it is decided for Dr M
Let him choose his people to run
Though his party may have less seats
He is still the right choice to lead the nation

PKR seems to be the weakest link
The perception seems that way
I don't want to see the back door game
It was a bitter pill to swallow back in 2009

Stay on course
The nation needs the stability
The nation need to change her image
Let Dr M work his magic!

singapore be a good neighbor

The water agreement
With Singapore needs to renegotiate
The contract signed in 1962
It looks like Singapore benefits the most

As a neighbor Singapore shouldn't feel kiasu
She has to face the fact she has to face it
In the political situation in Malaysia
Let's face it like a good neighbor

Go back to the negotiating table
Ironed out any grievances and listen
There must be a way to help each other
When a contract seems lopsided...

The other party should try to accommodate
It is still water supplying from Malaysia
There shouldn't be any hard rule on it
Be like a good neighbor go and negotiate

Don't wave the contract
It can be terminated at the source
Malaysia can stop the water supply
Until Singapore returns to the negotiating table

the back lane supporters

The back lane supporters
They still think they are relevant
Earning monies the easy way
They do the protests, carrying placards
The shouting matches for their causes
They know they will be protected
Until May 9 they get the bad taste
Suddenly the monies aren't flowing
The easy way of life has gone

These are the parasite groups
They will not keep low and fade away
They will try to find a new host
They will play up the game again
Now they are watching the game
What can they benefit?

The frogs don't croak
They seem to take a long break
When the raining season returns
The frogs will start to sing songs
The same old tune of race, religion and royalty

The back lane supporters
They will find a host to stay
They need to pump up their lives
Currying favors doing their chores
Of making noises singing old songs

Monday, June 25, 2018

don't stick to one language

Don't stick to one language
A person will not progress ahead
There will be road blocks to realize a dream
In this world of borderless way

The way forward in commerce
Master as many languages to progress
There are many ways to make it
In the world of commerce English holds the key

Don't get stuck in a coconut shell
The world of commerce is unkind cut
If a person doesn't know the language of trade
Nothing will help unless he wakes up

Master the languages
The world of commerce will light
Learn it now score on the borderless world
Don't stick to a language you will be poorer of it


bee anne will be dead

Bee Anne will be dead
Founded by Razak faded away by his son
Lost in the GE14 mauled by the voters
Leaving the coalition in worst shape now

The East Malaysian parties broke away
The leaders wanted to group on their own
Fight for their rights under MA63
No more with Bee Anne!

On the Peninsula
MyPPP and Gerakan quit
Leaving the ship knowing its fall
No crying shame or regret

Only Umno baru, MIC and MCA stay
The original group during the Alliance ticket
But the parties will face its relevancy
It may bite the dust too

The nation nearly loses her fate
By Bee Anne leaders ruled
Only an Old Man returned
Turned the table kicked out Bee Anne

Now the healing processes begin
It will be a long hard road to recovery
The Old Man has to stay to cane his boys
For doing all the bad things to the nation!