Thursday, June 30, 2005

i am out 12

Rotating the CM post should be granted to all states irrespective of which party has more seats since it is contested under the banner of the National Front. Some politicians argue that they and or their cronies couldnt get business contracts through the state governments. So they reasoned that changes in the state administration and management would help this group. I just couldnt understand their mentality. We are living in the multi racial, multi religious multi skin whatever in the country so each must have some shares in the country. It goes without saying that no one race should eat the whole cake. I think the ruling elite has learned something from the colonial system that the party officials are using it to their advantage. On the other hand they bad mouthing the British Government for the rule and divide system done in her administration of the country then. Now I see the same method is used to prop up the ruling elite in the country.

As the saying goes 'Dont push the dogs in the corner, the biting will be severe!'

Now the current news. Before I could adjust to the new petrol price increase, I hear there will a next one in the horizon. It is another 5-8% increase....while the national oil company made about $58 billion profits. The ruling government always say we paid the cheapest petrol compared to other countries but they never want to say how much these people earned in those countries. I think it is time to change government. The present government has stayed long in its time

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

i am out 11

CSMU deregistration hit the roof of parents and men on the street. A fiery debate is still raging on. Even a deputy minister was suspended for supporting his race in this medical degree fiasco. The MMC reasons were like 'a child play drawing cartoons to say you are out' I always think due process of laws must take cognizance of a fact and let the other party has a say and then only take the appropriate actions. This has not happened. The MMC big wigs just ordered the deregistration of CSMU. So are these people better than the Russians(when CSMU in the state which is part of Russia at one time) who could send people to outer space? I dont agree with their statements. It boils down to political supremacy something like the Malays want to be the top, The Chinese take the middle ground, the Indian down the drain and the rest we forget.
There so many issues affecting the other races that can not be discussed in print or in coffee shops some even are governed under OSA(Official Secrets Act)

The haze has gone today. It rains this morning and so it clears the sky. Infact I am happy today I can go for my walk in the evening and peep at one of my new homes. will be some months before I can move in. The old one will remain as a place to put my books and for relatives and friends who come visiting for days. This is just the planning. I never thought of buying property as an investment. I buy it more on my own travelling needs. I bought another one less than 10 minutes drive to the city which is a self contained township when it is fully developed which is sitting on a 1000 acres of land taking about 15 years to complete the transformation by the developer. This company is a public listed company with diverse interests in businesses. Oh...well it will by next year for this new one.My guess will be middle of next year because the developer has to show other buyers to buy his houses. Currently the response for this housing project is poor but then the company has the resources to complete the project. The current one should be ready say in September thought the site office confirmed it in July. I can't take as correct because it had postponed twice from March to May and now in July...Only next month but I dont see any development yet....

Exercise is good for health; it makes you active and healthy. Every one should participate for about 5 minutes a day which I think most can spare the time. If you dont, just think of the grave consequences in later years. It becomes 'penny wise pound foolish'

Monday, June 27, 2005

i am out 10

Why people are lonely? Educated ones too. So what is wrong? They can't find relationships, friendships, platonic relationships. It is work and money. Leaving these people nothing much to enjoy the social scene. Some work late at night. Some fail to see life beyond working life. It is money first. It is to build a comfortable zone to the future. Then one day they find their journey has no meaning to work, home and sleep. These people live in hollow experience with no warm shoulders to cry and laugh. Only the empty oblivion in the lonely night of darkness...

Nice girl : I am pretty educated and have own home and car yet I am lonely
Doctor : So what is wrong with you?
Nice girl : I always come home late at night. Sometimes around 7 pm. You see I dont want
to go the empty home every night
Doctor : In the beginning you enjoy your space and in your own home. You feel no
one can crowd your freedom Now what happen?
Nice girl : Time changes Doc. I have no one to talk and share. I am leaving in the empty
house all the times. I need music. I want to feel the human voices Yet I seem
to sleep alone all the times
Doctor : You go find one. Join clubs or societies or single clubs. Make yourself move
around. You find the more you circulate the more you will get known by
Nice girl : I go now
Doctor : Yes...and see me again to chat. Bye

Saturday, June 25, 2005

i am out 9

Taiwan stopped import of US beef because of the mad cow disease. Japan too banned it since 2003. Is this Lord God's plan to wipe out the human race? We have seen the tidal waves hitting the countries. Now flood in southern China and dry weather in Northern China. Ironic ist it? We will not be aware of it because it will come 'like a thief walking through the night' Besides, we have moral decay in our population. The changes are coming in our midst. The clock is ticking and the time bomb sweating to glow in the distance light....Vegetables too have been contaminated with chemical spraying, the rivers and oceans and the rainfalls..The ozone layer is widening the hole in the sky...So what to be? Vegetarian? Meat eater? My mind is spinning.......

The ruling government own party official has been found guilty of money politics. A veteran politician in the ruling party currently the vice president of the party. There are more yet this could be just a ploy to silence the critics of the current administration. Just to say 'Look I have done my job!' This is just a temporary move to salvage the pride of the party. Nothing more. I wait for more news...

Thursday, June 23, 2005

i am out 8

A deputy minister suspended from his post becauses of his outburts in parliament. The PM didnt like it so the poor deputy minister got booted out for 3 months suspension. I thought parliament is a place to discuss views, shared ideas, what to do, what to implement and each MP has a right to open up on issues affecting the people. It is the first time that a PM has suspended his own cabinent members for breaking the codes in parliament (?) During the last election he wanted the people to walk with him and so we took the cry to do it. Now what we got in the end?
I am the majority holder so now you shut up!!!! Kiss goodbye to freedom of expression!!!Even in parliament one can't do it what's more could one do outside it? To me the coalition partners should break away from the pact. Why must they hang themselves there? It is really on color party so it is much better they go somewhere else. On its own the ruling party can't match the other racial parties if the current parties in the coalition break away.....Let UMNO stands alone and see how they survive in the next round.....I think they can't get the majority votes to form the government....Maybe it is going to happen with BA rising up a storm for the next election..

I am getting cheesed off with the attitudes of the ruling party. The current sessions of parliament has come to racist attacks by a minister. He wasnt suspended. Because he didnt break the codes? The time is ticking on the clock....the coalition will fall just for the party to learn a bitter lesson....

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

i am out 7

'I will protect you' says Education Minister on the school bullies. Yet students still get bashed up in schools and sometimes out of school. What have gone wrong in our teaching system? The students of yesteryears never indulge it in schools. Now we have gangs in schools. They are suppose to be the future leaders of the country one day yet will they change when they realize their own folly? Protection from the isnt easy to find the perimeter to cast the net. When one deals with the shadows of gangs, it is always difficult to catch them all. One group goes another takes over. So the cycle repeats again. It is the education itself that would need to study.

Another baby boy disappeared in the hospital. In the black market the baby boy is worth $20,000/- but I hope the kidnappers dont use him for black magic.....sacrifice to the demons for some supernatural power.....for those who have wicked minds to indulge in the evil ways Olden days of bygone era it is used for such evil purposes It reminds me of the Ancient Mayans who practised human sacrifices to their gods.....history has recorded the cruel sacrifices....

Then there are people who speak well in religion matters in chapters in sections in parts yet in their hearts they are just empty and evil too. Greed and power and ill treatment of another person. It abounds in all aspect of the human society....Out for now!

Monday, June 20, 2005

i am out 6

One of the district council projected a budget of $51.5 million for grounds and landscaping. For a district which has no potential for tourists...Even the MP got pissed off with the council president on his reasoning on his projection. This is tax payers' money and he asked for something that does not feed in to the people's scheme of recreation. He should ask for something that the people can appreciate. To do that he had to engage a consultant to plan for the council. Rubbish!! Don't tell me the council has no experience officers........all these people want easy life....when task to do a job they can't finish the race.

The PM is still talking and talking. I dont know when he has to stop, take a breath and see what he has been talking. Approved Permits (AP) for cars no transparency. He is afraid to divulge the information and so he supported his minister. His words 'Come walk with me' and yet when someone pointed out that he should do so he refused. What under OSA?? Maybe the AP permits are given to all the political cronies in his circle of friends...One person may have thousands of these permits. Surely he has already become multimillionaires many times over yet he wants some more because he can make money

And the universities have become the field of cronies too. It is sad that higher education in the country has become 3rd class with 1st class equipments..The PM could say that but he didnt see in front of his eyes. Maybe he should wear his specs more often...

Saturday, June 18, 2005

i am out 5

The Police got knocked down by own force. It is in the corruption road that some of these officers tarnished the name of the force. It is not happening in an isolated cage. It happens everywhere in the world policing force. The police is to enforce and keep the peace in a peaceful country. But in the underworld they are people who rock the boat to satisfy their own taste of policing. So sometimes these officers too want some action. As they say if you can't catch them join them and get the part of action. When there is insufficient evidence, there is no case. How to when life is always got messed up. Again money and wealth play a dominant role in a person's life. This is the road led to corruption. It is the shortest cut to fame and glamour and an easy life where the river flows with paradise.....

The bullying in schools reared its ugly head again. It happens in religious schools. It happens in top schools. So what is not new? The teachers and parents should listen to the views of these young adults - dont call them children! This is what chilled them off. They need to be respected as someone who is going to challenge the world. Give them some credits and you get them interested. Forget about dishing much homework! This is the folly in one's road to satisfy. Allow them some leeway to make their own decisions. We learn through our mistakes. So let them do with support from the teachers and parents. They will turn out good young adults...

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

other crazy thought 7

In Mathew the disciples asked Jesus when the world comes to an end? Jesus replied 'You shall hear of wars and rumours of wars...nation raise against nation, kingdom against kingdom. There shall be famines, and pestilence, and earthquakes.....and no flesh shall be save'

Sound familiar in our times? It sure is! The European Union is on except the grouping has not really formed yet. France and Great Britain currently have different opinion. It is just a matter of time before it is happening And the Vatican City will be ruled by Lucifer...for about a year. Earth will not be the same anymore. Wars and many wars or many diseases plague the people, famines and sufferings, the crying in the mind....nothing will help...It is religion people used it for selfish motives. This is the end of the road..........................The Christians believe in so many gods and they have been cheated of their salvation all the times read ' In the name of the Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost' and they always mention Jesus Christ forgetting about the Lord God!!
And the Muslim waging a holy war without justification at is because they wanted to destroy the unfaithfuls..'In the name of Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah'

So we have condemned ourselves through the layers of deception and corruption....and the worst are the Christians believing so much written by Paul. He was a Roman soldier who personaly persecuted and killed Christians by him and or his soldiers. He converted to 'Christian' because he found it was easy to fool them to commit his sin than get his hands tainted by blood. He is the mole of Lucifer! He didnt record what he saw in his dream when Lord God showed it to him. This was his salvation but he blew it! Daniel knew what he saw and so he recorded it....the Sultan of prophets and messengers - Ahmed or Muhammad!! Jesus spoke about Him yet the Christians (to me followers of Paul not Jesus because Jesus didnt preach about Christianity) deny Him the truth! Allah religion is Islam so is Abraham, Moses, Jacob, Jesus(pbuh all prophets)

Was it a rehash story of the earlier Epochs happening 15,000 BC? Because as I read through the accounts the end of the world sound so familiar.....

Monday, June 13, 2005

i am out 4

Now the politician enters the politics. After much brouhaha about Dr Gomez, the minister approved his leave of 2 years. Why took so long to approve it? UM didnt approve it. Dr Gomez was forced to resign to take up his post in UN which is an honor to Malaysia. Now the whole world and the country know what a lousy administrative rot in the system. It has become a sour taste in my mouth. It is a simple process. If it is good for the worker and the country, it should be approved. Why are the lame excuses? Now the issue has become political in a sense it wanted to build a wider audience. Feed the masses so that we know how the situation in the country. It takes someone to play the game then the whole process will light up...It will happen so the cause will not be in vain

The AP(approved permit) will go to the cronies. No matter how much the public glamour for it the political system will deny it. In fact one has to listen to the coffee shops talking one can gather more information that the government willing to give. It is a political networking to sustain one grows in power in the administration. Even one km road costs $10million to build and tar. So it is the cost really correct?

When one talks about corruption in one's country, it is always stinks. You can feel it in the air, in the system and in the way the people who get it showing it off. You can calculate the simple mathematics and you can feel the irony of the system misused all the times

Sunday, June 12, 2005

other crazy thought 6

Our time it is the end of the world called 'Kali' Epoch

The ancient Maya Calendar for the end of the world is 'the day will be 4 Ahau 3 kankin which is 23/12/2012 of our present calendar and it will be ruled by the Sun God, the 9th Lord of the Night. The moon will be 8 days old and it will be the 3rd lunation in a series of six' from Breaking the Maya Code p.275 (fingerprints of the gods)

According to the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania 'This world will perish just as surely as did the world before the Flood......Many things were foretold to occur during the last days and all of these are being fulfilled. This means that the end of the world is near' from Will the world survive 1992

The scientists expect the next reversal of the earth's magnetic poles to occur around AD2030
from JM Harwood and SCR Malin writing in Nature 12/2/76 (Fingerprints of the gods)

In The New Testament(The Bible) 2Peter 3 '.....the thief will come through the night...'

Of course nobody will believe the world will end. How can it be? We have a population of over 6 billion people...and the earth has become overcrowded, insufficient place, lack of food and water, diseases spreading (cancer, AIDS, STDs, heart attacks, strokes) agnostic belief, lack of family warmth, breakdown in communications and relationships with God...

Land is drying up Rainfall scattered. Pullution and smog increases. Ozone layers grow. So the Ice Block will melt.......another flood in our midst!!

It is happening......dams dried up and scattered rainfall. The European Union is shaping up to conqueur the world (Maybe the 3rd Crusade...) and The Vatican Church will be ruled by Lucifer and or his followers....

If there is only one person who walks with the Lord God/Allah....He may spare the dreadful dilemma befalling mankind...

Friday, June 10, 2005

i am out 3

The top 25 SPM students out of which 40% didnt get scholarships to further studies. By right these top students should have the scholarships. They even were feted by the PM and DPM. This was for the hard work put into their studies. The PSD decided these students couldnt merit scholarships because some of them were short by 0.5 points! Ridiculous to think about it! So those 1260 scholarships excluded the 60% top students were better than the 40% top students who were rejected...By right the PM should have awarded the scholarships during his gathering with these top students..Always remember it is tax payers money the government is dealing with.Now they should publish these students who are successful in their applications with their grades and how many distinctions and course of study pursue. In this way there can show fairness in awarding scholarships and not basing on how many % allocated to a particular race!!
We are talking about the future of our country not about race!!!

The lastest news the PM would step in to find out the solutions. The DG of PSD said he didnt know! This is the typical response in my country. Hear no evil speak no evil....

The Proton Savvy is out in the basket! Generally it is cute with price suitable to the average wage earner. The TV advert sucks! Is Proton selling car or what? Myvi about $5,000/- more so I guess now there is real competition in the car market. Now to wait the critical comments from the car users or car critics..

The boys who got lost in Fraser's Hills found! The first thing why would their father left them for the jungle trekking along Bishop Trail..Many people had lost before. They werent prepared for the trekking too. I think this was the faults of the parents/guardians. I know about Fraser's Hill I stayed there for so many years before. Glad the rescuers found them.

Have you heard about global malaysian networking? It was launched yesterday.

Monday, June 06, 2005

i am out 2

The Malay Mail reported about new bankrupts and old bankrupts on 5/6/05. 'Surprising the new generation of bankrupts aged 20-30 years faced financial ruin all because of credit cards' says Chan Wai Kong of MM. 'The credit card is hardly a tool for convenient payment; it has become a loan facility' Chan continued. The NST reported that in the end of March there were 6.88 million credit cards spending RM8.83 billion on credit! The debts outstanding at the end of March peaked at RM518.7 million jumped by 40.5% from February 05 outstanding balances.
Last year advances of RM2.63 billion on credit cards and coughed out RM131 million in cash advance fees.

Looked at the bankruptcies statistics. In 2002 some 1,117 bankrupts. In 2003 1,152 bankrupts. In 2004 1,397 bankrupts.

Let Chan speaks '..the new bankrupts didnt endure sleepless nights that desperate feeling of going bust, of facing a winding up or their companies going into liquidation. At a rather young age, they are already declared by law to be unable to pay their debts. Their financial credibility is all gone. Forget about their debts to society and roles in nation building'

'So we see as the nation progresses, we forget about the side roads of doom. This is the place where to find borrowed richness to kill the boredom or show off their wealth. Nothing about tomorrow. Maybe the young people could be right....they could have sense the progress of the black shadow looming in the sky...and the older people thought they could have ruined their lives in this materialistic world' says Lanai

As Vasanthi R put in nicely ' is about how morally bankrupt the world has become..'

The tsunami of 26/12/04 in Indonesia could be a real warning of what would become of the world. The black shadow hovers over in the sky waiting for her time to strike again

Friday, June 03, 2005

i am out 1

The UM crisis. Higher Education in the pit. Yet the proper authorities didnt comment on the issue of Dr Gomez requested 2 years leave and was forced to resign for his post. He is appointed to UN which is a lead for Malaysia. Yet the on going issues have taken a bad taste in my mouth. If the job is good for Malaysia, the UM Board should have approved his leave. Unless they have something else to hide. Maybe they are going for a single race...In the political field it is seemed the policies are gearing for one race only and the other race of the people can take a back seat. You can see in in the Government departments and companies hold by the state and federal governments or companies linked to the political bigwigs...The present PM got the people's mandate but he is ineffective leader. He doesnt do what he preached. He just talks. And nothing happens. Dead silence!!! Will he ask for the something again in the next election? He should make public on these issues :-

1) corruption those who have the case to answer
2) education in the universitites all must sit for the public examinations to avoid any under the table favoritism
3) open job opportunities in the governments and agencies or linked companies without basing on racial issues
As the government of the day I have my doubts that it can happen in my life time. It is too difficult to change...all because of money and contracts which boils down to enjoy the easy life
And free condoms to drug addicts...the scourge of AIDS has increased in Malaysia. Yet the funding is slow in terms of education on sex. It is still taboo in mind set. As it is now, nothing has changed. Free condoms may reduce the incidence of AIDS and other diseases yet it is the mind and soul one has to reach out. Otherwise it is just a short measure eventually it will be back to the beginning..