Monday, February 28, 2022

stay the brave


Stay the brave

Go and make the change

But don't be a fool

Forgetting SOP

Nothing much has changed

Omicron still catching

On those who forget

The SOP are walls

Telling us

Don't try to forget

One can stay brave

Don't forget it still isn't safe

Stay the brave

Within the rules to stay safe

Omicron isn't sleeping

Nothing has changed

there is no sunshine


There is no sunshine

The bad returns to rule

By the time the voters cry

There is nothing much to do

Know the difference

Between the good and bad leaders

Once the choice is cast

Tomorrow is hard to say

The bad will magnet the crowd

Especially how to learn to cart away wealth

Within a short time in political stint

A politician has so much to smile about

But it is a short gain in life

It will be a long term pain

When the returnees have to say

In another time in another season

There is no sunshine

Know the good and bad leaders

Once the bad returns

It will be too late to cry

the political frogs


The political frogs

Taking the voters for rides

They only think of their own

The enrichment to come their way

They may not contest the same seats

They are afraid the voters will kick them out

They will run to another areas pleading once again

Let them win to represent the voters

Most of the times

The political frogs can't win

The voters will think of them as traitors

They only think to serve themselves

The political frogs

Their days are numbered

They better enjoy what they get

Tomorrow they are just ordinary

the comedian


The comedian

The court cases he can't escape

He has to file his defense

His lawyers will craft it for him

Yet he feels no shame

He still finds time to sue others

For something he said they said

He just wants to go to court

Maybe he likes to play his comedy

Even if he is found guilty

He will file appeal and appeal

Then there will be GE15

The court should settle it quickly

Do not allow for bail if he is found guilty

Let him file his appeal while in prison

It will dawn on him to say honestly

The comedian

Stay at home pray for your sins

Let the worldly things stay behind

Plead guilty good for your soul

Nobody can take his wealth

When the time is done on Earth

It is only the good deeds will credit

No wealth to bribe your way

overconfidence will bring tears


The party leaders

Fighting for the share of the seats

Over confidence will bring tears

As the voters will decide the game

Nothing is certain

The Johore election

It will show where the nation sit

At the bottom begging for alms?

Do not rule out Pejuang

Contesting 42 state seats

It may take back those areas

Won in the last election under Moo

PH leaders must double up efforts

The dark shadows will play their unfair game

Learned from the last 3 defeats

The boom the lights and get the seats

Sunday, February 27, 2022

somebody feels the pain


The game of blame

It hits up the flame

Crushing in the name

Somebody feels the pain

Now the lawyers busy

Sending demand letter

No apology needed

The party will wait in court

Something happened before

Way back to the old times

Cases could be dropped so easily

Without offering any explanation

The game of might

The fall will be in disgrace

But somebody still walking free

The other holding his demand letter

Am C A will not win


Am C A

You are out before you begin

Last GE had told you guys

Yet because of power and benefits

You couldn't see the picture

You are still tied down to the bad guys

You are still willing and endorsing the bad leaders

Am C A, you have no shame

Now in Johore election rounds

Using a convict to grace it

What are you trying to say?

Closing one eye to all the corruption?

There will be no saving grace

You will be punished again!

It is time to think straight

Do not taint your reputation in red

Harbouring with the bad guys

The cloth of white with black marks

The Chinese aren't rooting for you

the johore voters don't kick the wrong ball


The Johore snap election

In the height of Omicron?

The wolves want this strategy

The low turn out they will win

The minister for the wolves

He isn't going to postpone the election

He only wants strict enforcement and rules

But Omicron isn't following any SOP

All the 56 state seats will be hotly contested

The Johore voters must really choose wisely

They mustn't pick the wrong party or candidates

The nation needs to progress economically

The way of the lights brigade

They should spread the light wings wide

Embiggen it to seek victory

The nation can't sleep with the crooks and bad guys

The Johore snap election

It will decide GE15

The people's power must rule

Not for the crooks of course!

the changes in life


The changes in life

Nobody should run away

Face it will full embrace

It will not run into oblivion

Don't let regrets block the way

It will consume the mind

The eyes can't see clearly

Leaving a void of darkness

Some like to do the mapping out

A ten years duration to see the changes

Where they will be pushing the dreams

Sometimes external forces cause a change in plan

Yet in life nobody can predict

There must be allowances for changes

The only thing is certain we can't live forever

As the years walk in, embrace it will full joy!

Saturday, February 26, 2022

be prepared


In Scout motto

Be prepared”

Every day in our lives

Because unexpected events can happen

Good or bad always in tune

Once the mind isn't staying focus

We may lose it all

The smile the laughter or opportunity

Curiosity will help or entrap

Because children may not know

But adults will understand its consequences

Let our minds stay wide but know our limits

I don't believe in thinking “Big”

I rather start small feel the confidence

A step by step to get up the ladder

Because not every one can climb to the top!

Once the confidence flow

We can embiggen our sphere

By then we can fly

Reaching reality for our dreams

In life it is always

Be prepared”

Finance, medical, economy and joy

And don't feel regret but to learn

the super agers 3


The super agers

They do the work out

They will eat well

They will stay happy

They will find food

Boosting up the immune systems

They aren't in the mood to stay old

They want to enjoy life to the full

Doctor Mahathir is a good example

He isn't going to fade away as yet

He still takes his meal in portions

Hot drink and keep his mind active

The mind is the key

Once we cultivate the habit

Aging can be slowed down

Stay positive stay in cool mood

he will not forget the place he makes his name


A leader comes

A leader goes

When the time is right

He will know

He will put his marks

The years in his work

The good deeds he performed

The past, present and future will respond

Time will never grow old

The good deeds of a leader will be remembered

Even history will sing praises to him

A leader who walks for honour and trust

There will be some crying tears

When a good leader has to venture beyond his comfort zone

Plying his trade elsewhere to put his marks again

But he will not forget the place he makes his name

Friday, February 25, 2022

the sarung party women


The sarung party women

The glamour in the night

The noises of money smile

In the every day life

The life cheat to success

The short cut to wealth and paradise

The short term gains

The long term rains of pain

But the sarung party women

They aren't thinking ahead

In their minds are the wealth

The sleazy minds generating paradise

When they are found out

The shame will run for decades

Where to hide their faces?

Overseas to escape the glare and gossips

it is action to make the cut


Dare to go

Dare to fail

In it success will begin

A brick at a time

No action no success

In dreams hit into reality

Don't worry about failures

Every one will fail and learn

Life is a success

How one lay the bricks

The visualization and manifestation

The ringing rhythm in the mind

Words can spin in the mind

It is action to make the cut

Dare to go dare to fail

Success will show in determination

the candle will light up in the dark


The marching of the crooks

The air of confidence ringing

Telling them the good times return

If only they watch the front door

The last 3 elections got them smiling

The crooks won thumbing up signs

The way of self interests will ring

Who is stopping them now?

Now they are gunning for another

The crooks still walking proud

The 3 winning belts in their possession

The opponents should reassess their strategies

The marching of the crooks

The nation can't sleep in joy

The resources will be twisted

As had happened in decades

But the hope is still there

The return of the marching lights

A few losses nothing to feel disheartened

The candle will light up in the dark

your aim is GE15, MUDA


MUDA must learn not to be greedy

Learn the process in Johore snap election

Market your brand even in small numbers

Accept graciously the number of seats allocated

On the whole the public do not know your plan

You behave as if you can win the election

As it is the older generations hardly know about you

So it is vital you market your brand

Take the few seats allocated

Fight it out with your strategies to win

This is your maiden voyage in election

Win or lose it has no bearing to you

Because your aim is GE15

Now market your brand well

Let the public know what is your plan

Don't be greedy it will not bring you glory

don't let the crooks walk free


The Malays shouldn't think of race

In the long run it will not be good for them

They have it good for the last 6 decades

They better wake up to realize their mistakes

Think of the nation

The bundles of many colours

Waving in unity to progress

Alone will find the going tough

In this 21st century

It isn't about a race to rule

It is about unity to stay strong

Because the world is changing fast

The nation is in debts

A cool $1 trillion in our backyards

Our resources aren't used wisely

It gets lost in transition

This country was colonized before

By the Hindus from Indonesia, by Siam in history

Then Portugal then Britain then Japan until independence

Now she can be colonized by economy

The Malays should wake up quickly

Supporting the bad leaders and crooks

They will lose it in the end

They have to see for themselves now

Our resources carted away

Leaving us a sour bad taste

The nation cries every day

Don't let the crooks walk free

Thursday, February 24, 2022

the super agers 2


When we hit 30

It is time to plan a health bank deposit

The more we deposit in the health bank

The more we will stay healthy and enjoy life

We have heard

Health is wealth”

So we better plan now

No matter what age we are

When the health bank is over-drawn

Our lives will face many traffic jams

We can't move smoothly in our lives

Hospital stay will be frequent and waste of time

Don't let cortisol ruin our lives

We have to live free without the red dots

It is within ourselves to manage our living

Good diet, sleep well, socialization, and feel happy

The health bank deposit

Put it every day in our lives

Once it is over-drawn

Sickness will cause the traffic jams

the super agers 1


The super agers

They aren't taking their lives down

They want to fight and stay healthy

As long as they can

Growing old isn't in the mind

It is just a number increasing every year

Putting down life with increasing number

But it is just about that

The super agers

Living their lives to the best

Stay healthy, good diet and exercise

Active in every day living

Live the life

Don't surrender it

Fight to the last line

Give it a good fight

our minds


Our minds

We should make it flow

Young or old it doesn't matter

Once we forget to use it

The stagnation will begin

Long ago I read about it

We hardly used it often

As a result we lost our edge

Over time we feel the loss

But we can wake up the Editor

To make our minds active again

Be creative; make the juices flow

Make the mind works hard for it

It needs to get into shape

In every sense of our living

Our minds use it or lose it

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

the police cartel


The police cartel

The carpet covers it well

It looks so clean

Like the white paint on the wall

The police may have grouping

Aligned to certain officers of rank

It is a natural progression

Carrying balls to climb up ladders

If they hear a certain officers rising in rank

They will gather around them to curry favours

They too want to bet on the rising stars

They too want to gain promotions in certain years

It is no difference in corporate world

The currying favours will be subtly carried out

Every one will want to get promoted

When the betting horse can finish the course

The police cartel

The former IGP highlighted about it

He knew there is an organization within an organization

But EAIC can't find because of wrong approach?

they came through the same DNA of a party


They came through

The same DNA of a party

Joined it when they were adults

Breathe the same air

Of divide and rule

The 3R to enrich their eyes

Leaving the 4R gasping for breath

Now they are out of the loop

They started to finger point each other

Spinning their own tales of deception

Running the wealth skimming into contracts

Everything looking well above board

The agencies don't dare to make the cut

The evil roots take hold and spread

As the saying goes “Join them if we can't catch”

So the wagon train choo choo in the dead of night

Until the pandemic came to throw out into the light

The bad management and self serving interests rule

The nation's finances stretch to its limit

Yet one race still living in dream land

Still thinking the good times will roll

Still living in La la land

the pandemic


The pandemic

2 years of lost time

2 years of lost value

2 years of pain, suffering and memories

The fear of death sweeps the world population

The governments crank up the grip on power

A kind of dictatorship looms in our eyes

Fine, jail, lock downs, SOP and rules

Our freedom slowly put a stop

The choices we have slowly eroded

Without booster shots we can't go anywhere

In US the pipeline of vaccine passport

In Canada a martial law may declare

As her citizens fight for their rights and freedom

In Sweden and UK will bring down the restrictions

They want the party of commerce to begin

The pandemic

A tool a mad dictator will use

Controlling the world by his finger tips

The fear of death in a virus


the blue eye trust issue


The blue eye

The losing streak

The frogs and traitors

Still the smoke filling in the air

Its leaders seem in deep sleep

The counting of sheep

The blah blah in the air

Will they come down to the ground?

The S move still haunts in blue eye

The trust deficit still in a long haul

The last 3 state elections told the story

They want to win but it can't be for one man!

The blue eye

The Omicron catching in

What are the leaders going to do?

Waiting for MOH to give vaccines?

Sinovac maybe get a chance

Pfizer or AZ the heart attack

The natural remedy stays the distance

The blue eye; go and pick your choice

death in police custody


Death in police custody

Too many cases came to stay

These 2 months alone 10 cases happened

What is P.I.G* going to do?

Let everything stay as usual?

Are there serial killers in uniform?

It reminded me of a film “Eyes of Laura Mars”

Where the police officer was the killer

This is a urgent matter

It can't be swept under the carpet

The concrete measures must be introduced

Enough of death in police custody

Even a detainee is sick

He must be sent to hospital immediately

It mustn't be wait and see attitude

The proactive moves must be adopted

P.I.G must request for help

Ask outside consultants to study SOP

It has to be tackled now

The police operations need an urgent overhaul

* police inspector general