Thursday, September 30, 2010

lemon grass in the breezes 153

Cheating on your spouse

Cheating husbands wayward wives
One going left; one going right
They think they are right in silence
Only problems start surfing in the open

Some like it hot in pursuing wants
The variations play into the games
The young women on the hunt
The studs warm themselves into the plot

Cheating husbands wayward wives
Afraid of aging losing the ground
They want to feel wanted and erotic glow
They forget each should grow old graciously

Pulling down structures of family
The ground swells plot of holes begin
Is it worth the lies and cheats?
The loneliness and headaches in the night

Cheating husbands wayward wives
The bridge of faith and honesty lie
Don't sell it behind the door.........
Think of the bigger picture

dark valley 74

black sea

The marketing ploy from Putrajaya
Painting the glossy of things to come
The problems leave it behind in closed doors
Let it stay behind colour its own site

Every project fails don't worry
Let the government take the hot steering wheel
The tax payers can scream and shout on sided contracts
The courts will just follow the script under the law

The marketing ploy many times over
The 5 years plan or 10 years plan
In the end what's the report on success and failure
Putrajaya comes out with its new vision

Slogans, plans and no checking committee
Every year the Audit General will shake his head
The seepages run into the streams others fishing along
The tax payers can scream and shout on track road

The marketing ploy hits the road
This time it is said involving $1.3 trillion
Private investments to spear head the projects
Half way done they get their compensations

dark valley 73

sodomy-2.jpg Sodomy 2 image by Malaysia-Today

Sodomy 2

Sodomy 2 what's the point?
There is no concrete evidence
It likes a fixed up charge
Only for one man the ruling elites so afraid

Using the agencies to draw up the line
Along the way the hiccups can be heard
Once they did it until Federal Court rejected it
Now the ruling elites go for it one more time

When an empire is falling apart
The cracks will appear in many forms
Sodomy 2 will make it kneels down
The world is laughing at our government

Businesses from overseas
The ventures keep a low profile
With the court systems in hide and seek
The investors shy away to invest

Sodomy 2 better cut the crap
It has become a laughing stock in the world
Even our neighbour has changed her laws
We still stuck with the Colonial past

dark valley 72

By mjenea

Wild Sea

The past you can't hide
It was done, happened and recorded
No matter what news you want to spin
You can't hide the fact it was the past

The youths of today
So easily influenced by money and religions
Taking up causes unleashing the negative tones
The youths think they make a point.......

Do they really in sum of schemes?
Do they realize what the Constitution say?
Shouting rhetorics, burning effigies, showing anger
Is this the way debating issues in the country?

Religions telling the followers
We must be open to ideas and discourses
We must't be arrogant telling others to get lost
We will miss the boat for the stupidity of our actions

The past you can't hide only the future you can decide
You can learn; pick the right moves for the future
Learn your mistakes in life then change for the best
Playing with fire will consume our souls for nothing

the dark riders 17

By Kaefie

dark riders

The castle dark and quiet
Lying outskirt of town and city
By itself imposing structures
In the night the nightmares scream

The moonlight shining on it
The glow of intimidation....
By the sight the villagers see
The story of creatures crawl

On the banana orchard the shadows
Chanting and creating images in the fall
The elder spins his tales of the dead...
The young audience munching every word

The farmer finishes his dinner
Clearing up his dishes watching TV
His daughter retires to her bed
Dreaming about her boyfriend she finds today

The castle doors open
The dark riders galloping away
The wind blowing hard on them
Into the dark knight they ride

The farmer hears noises on the ground
He walks to the windows to watch what's all about
The images he sees riding fast towards him
The red thread floating high in the night dim light

He rubs his eyes he sees the dark riders
Punishing the horses riding hard towards him
He stares in atonishment as the images form
He hears a voice "Come to me I am waiting!"

The elder smiles with his eyes
Telling tales is his hobby of late
He sees the 2 women in black joining in
Crossing legs on the ground listening

The farmer get hooked up
He just absently opens the windows
He gets hold of the red thread
He just walks with it to the banana trees

In his mind he sees the dark riders
Flowing with the rushing wind on their faces
Whipping up the horses to get to their destination
As he feels he is floating in the night air of breezes

In his mind the farmer feels he is pushed along
He looks around his surrounding he finds nothing
He thinks he is walking blindly untill he stares
The banana trees of many faces and a ritual plan

The 2 women dressed in black
They write notes thinking what to include
As they hear voices sucking them to their senses
"Do you hear that? Something touching my neck!"

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

war and peace 6


War and peace
It never ends
You wake up
You see the headlines

War and peace
It isn't going away
Learn to live; give and take
On this Earth no where to go

Come on people
Whatever skin colours
Whatever religious faiths
On this Earth no where to go

War and peace
You don't have to go
Be a coward live to the full
Learn to walk what God say

nature send no warning 5

Rockpool floode

The strong wind blowing
On the coasts lashing the shores
The seagulls floating high in the sky
As the people gathered to find

What's wrong with the environment?
What's wrong with the World leaders?
Don't they read the signs everywhere?
In the homes the signs of Books calling

The waves rising high
The lashing hard on the shores
The people run some challenging it
"You think you can beat me?"

Nature send no warning
Everyday she tells what's in her mind
The people must recognize by now
The hundreds thousand came to tell

The signs are written
It isn't to learn and forget
Nature swings into action
She sends no warning

pkr members


PKR members
Think before you do
Don't play the dirty games
You will get nowhere

Don't dream of the pot of gold
Don't go digging deep in the hole
Don't drop hints you want it
Don't carry balls you will drop

PKR members
Contest on friendly terms
You know your people
The party members to vote

Don't wash dirty linens
You only show your colours
If you dream to go to Putrajaya
You need honesty to light the flow

PKR members
It isn't about you
It is about the country
Where you will play a role

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

dark valley 71


The show must go on
The actors will put on masks
Branding word swords killing the minds
All for the money; all for the wealth

The black knight gallantly rides
The tides sweeping along his way
He still holds on to his horse
As his other knights riding slow

Political intrigues through the ages
When opportunity strikes the Brutus smile
In politics no heart of sympathy for the soft mind
Even in Macbeth the 'knife' will talk at the back

The political partners running the bites
They know they had suffered badly in elections
Now they want to score some political points
Somehow it doesn't matter to the voters

It's enough of the intrigues
The people have suffered in silence
Once they believed in the slogans
Now they are better informed...

GE13 will be "Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat"
Will the voters cast it truthfully for change?
Let the new dawn bring cheers to our nation
Else we sink to be remembered in history!

a black BMW 16

carbonblackBMW.jpg Carbon Black BMW image by Don_Cheto

Carbon Black BMW

The cloudy sky looming ahead
As the elder wakes up stretching his hands
Opening his windows he breathes the fresh air
Of the sunlight it disappears today

He lights up a cigarette
Stretching it deeply before he exhales
Though he knows its dangers
He smokes for many decades

He lives alone in his house
The children all gone into the city
His living partner too enjoying life
With her grandchildren making her smile

He performes his prayer
Saying thanks to the Lord
Of making him living his full life
Of good health and friendly neighbourhood

He walks out of his house
Bringing along his trusted umbrella
To the neighbourhood Gossiping Cafe
He sits and orders his hot tea

"Hey uncle you spin tales of ghosts
We heard about it through our brothers
"Is it true in the life you have lived?"
"Come and listen the more the merrier!"

He sips his hot tea
He looks at the crowd streaming in
Most are the familiar faces he has seen
In the morning enjoying good company

He borrows newspaper from the owner
On his corner he flips the pages to read
"Young teenagers flout the law.............."
"And whose faults will it be?"

A black BMW arrives
Screeching tyres on the uneven road
Every one stares at the sound outside
Two women walk in smile of pleasant morning

They sit on the corner
The elder smiling to them
Every guy pretends to watch
The window displays of yellow bananas

The owner comes to take order
"2 black coffee and toasted breads"
"You come here by chance or looking for somebody?"
"We are searching for this home address......see here"
"I know the house
It is a short walk from here
Whom are you looking for?"
"We want to write articles about ghost stories"
"We were told to search for this house
Apparently there are tales we seek to find"
"Really? I don't remember about ghosts
But I know an elderly man who spins tales"
The cloudy weather changes
Rain begin to fall quickly
Within seconds the road is flooded
The women wait for their orders
The shop owner doesn't disclose any details
Maybe he doesn't want to prey on others
In his life he has seen many coming here
Then nothing is written in this small village

wife mother and child 4

Waves.jpg Waves image by rgntna227


Wife mother and child
The population of love and flow
In love through the eyes and minds
Everything seems fine on the blissful light

The dancing with the whirring wind
The messages tricks or treats crossing the minds
Wife mother and child in the world of men
When love is good the days of bliss.......

Living it the chores of life
Morning and night waging for love
Wife mother and child
Remember there is always a back door

Say don't be a slave to marriage
Learn your rights and obligations
Wife mother and child
Don't be short-changed in life

spices of life 152

BananaSplit.gif Banana Split image by kawaiiarashi

Banana Split

The harmony
The world seek peace
On the racial composition
Of the billions living

The branding colours
White, black, yellow and albino
Spreading through the world
Cultures, religions, likes and dislikes

Yet they don't live
To make this Planet Earth great
They live to destroy the ground they walk
With greed, corruption and racial disruptions

Wake up the colours of the world
You have the books of God in your home
Read then understand we have a purpose
Learn to live together sharing the ground

i am a banana 151

_test4.gif banana undress image by faeini1

banana undress

I am a banana
One colour amongst the many
Walking on the street
Feel the flow the breezes peep

The country of my birth
They are others disputing it
They brand the bananas
They want them to play

On the scale of music
The bananas have other ways
They want to pursue own destiny
On the land of plenty; sun and moon

The wealth of the nation
The bananas have a share
It isnt reserved for any race
It is through hardworking and enterprising deals

The banana and other fruits
Living in peace and harmony
Sharing the common ground
The fertile soil to stay alive

I am a banana
I can't change my skin
I live for part of the population
The good the bad and the ugly

Monday, September 27, 2010

you know there will be no charge 3

Corruption.jpg Corruption image by ChicoDesign


Corruption the short cut to riches
It is there through centuries of empire
It gnaws into the social fabric branding it
In it there is the acceptance of satisfaction

You hear about it all the times
You read about it in newspapers
You know about persons investigated
You know there will be no charge

The ball game kicking about
The political master and the stooges
They make up the show and lies
In the end the falling of an empire

Corruption the ticket to wealth
The easy way to plant dreams to reality
The honesty can't be found.......
You know there will be no charge

love come and go 2

aw.jpg love image by jeniferqm


Love come and go
Once you get hooked
You will feel the glow
You want it all

Love come and go
The pattern can change
The way you want it
It may fail in your eyes

Love come and go
You will feel the power
It will make you go crazy
You can't live without it

Love come and go
You will feel the high and low
It will drain your energy
You want it all

Love come and go
Live it smell the roses
The aroma of sweet breezes
Even when you fall you try living it

what money can do 1

The grey car comes to you
As you walk on the pavement
You don't see what's all the fuss
You want your freedom in your life

Nobody can tell you
The way you want your life to be
You can't let others interfere
This is your life; this is your life

You look behind the roads
The grey car comes to you
The body guards keep watching
You walk on the pavement

People stare at you
You feel good inside
You want them to see
What money can do; what money can do

the borderless space 150


Dreams in the mind
It makes you feel good
The dream of a life
It rushes in away of dreary chores

It helps to hide
The misery of life entails
Along the walk of a journey
You wish the dreams are real

The borderless space
You feel you can go anywhere
Without law and peeping eyes
You are your own the way you feel

Dreams will make clues
Back to reality you will try
The hard work and the shouting matches
In the long run you may make it

Sunday, September 26, 2010

romance on the beach 58

Eastern beaches of the Spanish island of Majorca.

The sweet words
Young and old bewitched

The agenda of beyond
Nobody will tell..........

In the pursuit of wants
Every word seems right

On the beach facing the sea
The calm water shadows play

The words of honey
The ears capture its essence

The night whispers
The symbol will fall

back sprained 149

Back sprained
The morning chores got it
I didn't turn properly
I heard a noise that was the cue

Walking with hunch back
The pulling pain at the spinal chord
This is the second time I got it
Sometimes one can forget

Now sitting with padding
With support to ease the pain
I can't do much sit straight up
It helps me for browsing the web

The pulling effect bending forward
The body takes the hit controlling the effect
It will take hours before it bounces back
By tomorrow I think it should come right

Saturday, September 25, 2010

the crescent moon smiling 15

Moon Touch

The magic in the eyes
The elder uses it to make his point
Calling up his string of tricks
The audience wakes up for him

"Now the farmer closes all entry points
He can't let the red thread enters into his life
He knows what will happen to him in the night
He glances back to see the final image.............."

"The red thread floating in the air
The night open space the calling names
The soft breezes hustling along the night
The farmer and daughter watch for sign"

"The crescent moon smile brightly
On the dark ground illuminating it
The 2 sisters come out to breathe the night
With misty white sparkling lights"

The elder takes a break
"It's time to go to bed
Tomorrow I shall narrate my tales
Tonight it is midnight"

iphone 4 what's so new? 148


I have no phone
The one I had kept in store
It was a long time ago
I am out of the loop

Crazy phones changing new
I have none no worrying too
So I don't read new gadgets
It's only the house phone

Join the wagon
Rush with the crowd
I think I am out
Sitting in my house

Do you need it?
The features in the phone
I guess I have less gadget
To worry and carry about

tell me what you will see 14

Her Eden

The village surrounds by trees and bushes
On the untarred road leading to the homes
The villagers live by fishing and farming....
The sea and its coastlines the bounty........

Certain areas secondary forest looms
On a night of the full moon imagination run wild
Of the demons and the friendly ghosts walk
The make-shift hut sitting near to the secondary forest

The untarred roads link to nearby homes
Not so far away from their centre of professions
By the sea and its surrounding areas
On a night like this the lapping waves whisper

"Now in the dark forest
Light begins to appear
Small tiny floating fire
It flies in the open"

"Look into the forest
Tell me what you will see
Mothers and children try
All eyes gearing towards the focus"

The wind weeps silently
Carrying the message in
The moonlight casting shadows
The brilliant rays of golden yellow

In the forest a white woman appears
Sparkling bright with tiny drops of sparks
Walking steadily on the shadowy track
Without looking which way she walks

"Is she real elder?"
"I can't tell you
It is something for you to believe
Of angels or demons in our lives"

"Mommy looks an angel!
She walking here isn't she?"
The elder claps his hands together
The image disappears in the dim night

life a gift to cherish 147

Garden of Eden, Maui

The signs progressing
The patient looks ahead
The days he will be free
In the garden walking

Exercises to keep fit
Eat the balance diet too
Drink lot of water
Flush out the impurities

The days done and gone
The fear of the unknown
Now totally disappeared
The faces he knows.......

The work in progress
The patient has to go
Pills for life a small price
Life a gift to cherish

children it's the magic 13

Fairy_Magic.jpg Fairy magic image by Cheetahfang

Fairy magic

The darkness the candles melt
The young audience sit listening
The elder keeps spinning his tales
Of the unknown beyond reach

"The red thread dancing in the air
Floating silently with the wind
The farmer stares with his eyes
He can't run seeing it is coming his way"

The shadowy trees in the village
Sitting under the makeshift tent
The calls ringing out to the children
"Time to bed tomorrow a new day"

The young children never move
They are enthralled with the tales
"The farmer rubs his eyes
He can't believe it is real"

"The red thread moving like a snake
Weaving along the empty space........
See this thread it has turned into a snake"
The children scream the mothers come running

"Now what's all about?"
"Oh it is the red thread changing
Into the snake of the night"
"You frightened the children!"

The elder smokes his cigarette
Smiling on his face eyes glow with his tales
"You can sit and listen to my spin
Tomorrow is Saturday"

"The red thread knocks on the window panes
A few times yet the farmer holds on to his senses
The red thread rising up into full view
With tiny legs touching the windows"

The night crescent moon shining bright
On the makeshift tent the crowd gathered
Mothers and children listening to night tales
Of the unknown burying deep in our minds

The night breezes touching hairs and bodies
The audience feel the presence of something else
They look down to the ground seeing red thread flowing
"Is it real the thing I just seen?"

One mother screams
When she finds her legs are tied
The red thread crawling higher
Reaching up to her neck

The elder stares
Eyes cold mumbling his prayer
Every one watches the scene
Slowly it all disappears from sight

"Children it's the magic!
The adults too will feel its flow
The tales I am spinning
It may be true"

romance on the beach 57

713041_beach_romance.jpg beach romance image by caitnik

beach romance

The foreplay
The hidden costs

The wind singing
The softly waves

The losing minds
Words lose in symbols

On the soft white sand
The small fire begins

Out of prying eyes
Life seems to begin

Precautions seem unnecessary
In the heat of the passionate drive

The foreplay
The netball begins

Friday, September 24, 2010

until you go out and do something 146


Believe you can do
The better life you cherish
Until you go out and do something
Otherwise it is just a belief

How many just circulate?
In the world they live in
They can give you many ways
Yet they don't move it

The "Mat Jenin" crusade
Right up in the air of dreams
Until they do something about it
The reality will be nothing

Believe in the scriptures
Understanding what it projects
When there is no action
There is no progress

Believe in your dreams
What you want to do
Into the world you are born
Just make it real let there be progress

the spiders 145

spiderweb.jpg spiders image by BRIx333


The spiders in the garden
Sometimes in the homes

Don't think it is harmless
Running around hiding in closets

The spiders many types
Some are killers in the homes

The best part kill them all
You never know what it will be

The spiders breed
You never know what people bring

So take it out for good
When life will be in misery

the red thread 12

thread red

The full moon blazing her rays
On the dark field spreading to the orchard
The sea breezes whirring softly into the land
The sea is calm the silent ripples patterns

The farmer sits near the window panes
Forever alert for something unwanted to appear
The sound of motorcycle hitting the road
A little while his daughter returns home

"Better close all the windows and doors
There is something crawling in the shadows"
"Dad you are's the tree leaves
You imagine it and I thought I did too"

"No daughter it is the truth
Amina saw the imprints and warned me
They will come when it is full moon
Now it is and I watching the field"

The elder spins his tales
The young audience listen attentively
As the moonlit night tears the night apart
The sound of breathing carrying its weight

"Look the red thread!
I know it the evil will come"
The farmer's daughter rushes to see
Now her eyes wide open fear grips her soul

"What does it mean Dad?"
"It comes for me from your late mother
She has turned alive from the black art"
"You mean she will take you away?"

"In a way she is
But I am not going her way
I have you to take care
She has her time.........."

The red thread dance
Along the trees and poles
Gripping its tentacles around
The red eyes staring through

The farmer draws the curtains
Enough of what he has seen
This is the work of witch-craft
Drawing out souls the evil needs

The uprooting of poles
Cracking up the ground it stood
The red thread dancing seductively
The farmer peeps knowing its meaning

a second chance 144

Operating Room

Operating room
A second chance
You mustn't lose it
Believe in good hands

The doctors know
They are trained to do
The performance they hope
Carrying them high

The audience of tired faces
Sitting in the waiting room
The stage players carrying on
For hours getting the operation right

The watches and soft conversation
The eyes take in the sight..............
The minds can be world apart
Thinking of the good times

When the patients wheeling out
The audience get up to find.......
The minds stay alert for the answer
The patients live struggling on the first day

the better days 143

operatingroom.jpg operating room image by dirtberry

operating room

The basic instruments
Taken out to give the patient
The natural breathing to get the flow
Into life the way he will live through

The critical dilemma had gone
The prospects looking good on the chart
The music and flowers will flow
In the mind all things are possible

The nurses and doctors
Busy studying and plotting charts
As the patients in ICU lying down
Counting the days they want to discharge

Now the patient adjusts
He made his brave decision
Tomorrow he will see the light
The better days a smile on his face

the little ginger kitten 142


The little ginger kitten

Across the road meowing yesterday

When the traffic was clear running across

The neighbourly houses it went

Meowing loudly in the night

Losing way finding mother cat gone

Calling out for help to find its way home

It's one of the stray cats 2 months old

The little ginger kitten

It has the human contact in its eyes

It doesn't feel afraid of humans

It goes after them eagerly for comfort

In the night the meowing echo

Loudly as it walked its way home

Hoping the mother cat would find

Then the silence erupted in the night

Thursday, September 23, 2010

the young audience 11

The young audience listen
Some open mouth gasping for air
As the elder spins his tales
In night of breezy snoring wind

The village dogs barking
Some running away in fright
The young boys and girls get a fright
The elder puffs his cigarette

"Amina is a witch
She lives in her wooden house
Many people claim she can see
Of the underworld where demons dwell"

"She is fair skin with long hair
Eyes of dark pupils staring taking souls
She always ties her hair in a bun
She wants to be free with the wind"

A small twig drops from the tree
A small boy shouts in the quiet night
Every one jumps up to see what happens
Only to see lizards running away to the hideout

The elder walks up to bring his hot tea
He takes a sip then he spins his tales
"The farmer can't hide his dilemma
He knows who will send him the red thread?"

"Amina holds his hands looking into his eyes
You mustn't take the red thread no matter what
This isn't a joke life depends on it"
"But I know it will be from the woman I know..."

The banana trees whisper
When the wind blowing in the hot sun
The leaves swaying knowing no direction
The farmers stares into the banana orchard

The sun rays dancing shadows
The farmer closes his eyes to imagine
What will it be knowing he heard the story?
The demon will come in the full moon

Amina walks away
She doesn't look back at the farmer
She already says what she knows
It is up to farmer to decide his fate

The elder gets up ties a red string
On the big tree bringing it to his chair
The young audience getting excited of his tales
"Are you going to show us what will happen?"

amina 10

The farmer holds on
Amina comes in time
The neighbour pretty as ever
The farmer wishes in his mind

The young minds peak up
"Elder what does he do?"
He sits on the bench
Rubbing his legs

"Did you see the banana trunks?
The imprint scares me through
Yesterday I saw two women
One of them I knew so well"

"You are talking nonsense
You fell now you told village tales
Dead shall not speak or run farmer
You must be reading too many ghost books"

"You go along take a look
On the banana trunks you will know
I am not telling village tales"
Amina walks leaving him on the bench

The farmer watches her go
The day has become hot in the sun
He tries to think about yesterday
Did he see the truth or just images in his mind?

Amina runs back quickly
"You are right!
I mean there are 2 imprints
One face I recognize any time!"

"Know what does it mean?"
"The women want you farmer
In their world they want you to go"
"Do I have a choice Amina?"

"In the full moon
A red thread will come to you
You mustn't accept it
You will see your own doom"

The farmer bends down
Rubbing his knees thinking ahead
"I heard the story before
When I was a young boy..."

old people no blood 141

yYouRock.gif old people image by Nurse32440

old people

Old people no blood
The eyes of the young

The wrinkles and the sagging skin
The life on the way out to pasture

How the young see life?
It's the vibrant sparks

Like them eager to learn
Run and jump full of life

Old people no blood
The mind of the young

Listen to young conversation
Know life has passed the stages

How the young see life?
Old people no blood

the runaways 140

Runaway Lovers

The runaways
They believe they should
They want the adventures
They think it belongs to them

The runaways
Leaving the misery
The parents endure
They never know

The runaways
The lies and friends
Out of the doors
The world belong to them

The runaways
They think it is so easy
Living on their own.....
Falling into traps

The runaways
Don't be a fool
Out in the reality
There is no fun at all

the taman sentosa girls 139

The 3 runaway girls were found
They holed up in an apartment in Penang
Police managed to find them with boyfriends
Living in the apartment hiding away from family

The Taman Sentosa girls
Now the town will know about them
This social problem shouldn't have happened
If only they think and rationalize actions

The parents will be happy
The daughters finally found
It is only the social stigma will shame
The daughters brought to the family

Police aren't letting away boyfriends
They will be charged under statutory rape
For the girls are underaged at the time of offence
Though the girls admitted they consented to do it

Parents know where children go
There are sweet predators on the streets
The modern slavery run by syndicates
Don't let it happen to your children

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

the operating theatre 137

Waiting for the long hours
Never knew what was in the operating theatre
The surgeon promised about 5 hours of surgery
He took it passed the promised hour

The patient only wheeled out at around 8.45pm
Everybody was quite happy when it was over the waiting
Now to hear the result of the post surgery by the doctor
The family members trooped in with tired faces.........

Over-night stayed for the patient
Early morning the preparation for the open heart surgery
Finally he summoned his courage to go for it
After years of hiding it away only to get it worst

The worrying faces amongst relatives and families
When the hours dragged on over the target hours
Everybody was thinking yet couldn't say out loud
It was the complications the surgeon didn't detected

So the hours dragged on until at night
The patient finally came out from the operating theatre
The relief on all the faces in the waiting room
Later the surgeon said it was fairly stable

Day one gone so it was quite successful
Every member of his family gone home to rest
There was no call from the SDMC hospital
The day gone on well into the night

The next morning again in the waiting room
The long hours dragged on again to find the result
Now visitors allowed to enter 2 at a time.............
The patient was sedated but could understand

He moved his toes and fingers
Opening his eyes to see his family members
The sign was good the operation was a success
At least now the worrying part was pushed behind

Now it is the time to see his progress
For the days he should be well on his fight
All I can say he finally battles himself
He wants to see his grandchildren growing up

the tired faces 136

The tired faces
The people gathered
All wanting for news
Of patients in ICU
Some came in the morning
The waking hours in the night
They couldn't sleep thinking of it
The waiting list and those in ICU
A group of family
All the way from Sabah
The old woman still in ICU
Under monitoring for brain surgery
The faces of sadness
The unknown factors throwing in
The family talked together.............
The surgeon still hasn't decided
Once the husband cried
Thinking of the ordeal of his wife
The eldest daughter comforted him
The emotion ran high in the waiting room
Then there was this man and his wife
The nurse followed him carrying his disposal unit
Together they went into the only toilet in the waiting room
All 3 gone into it where the toilet is small for 3 persons
The man looked healthy to me
Walking upright feeling good talking to his wife
I couldn't understand why 3 persons must go in
At least his wife should stay behind
The many tired faces
Early morning arrived
Bringing food and drinks
Waiting in the room

listen to the little voices 135

children.gif kids at play image by 2explore

kids at play

The journey of a life
It's always fought many times
You can't say you have won
Many lines on the forehead...

You can't know many things
Though you think you learned it
When you mix with children
Listen how they exchange conversation

You may get surprises
The way the children express
"Old people no blood want"
When they see wrinkles all over

Sometimes stay awhile
Listen to children conversation
You will not lose your identity
You will learn something else

The journey of a life
It never ends in your time
Listen to the little voices
Smell the scents and whirring breezes

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

the strays 134

Stray Bar

The strays I see
Sometimes I read
The way life treat
The ugliness on the streets

I can't get away
It is there all the times
The way life treat
The humans fall on the way

The lost hope in their eyes
Branded into many forms
They just want to live.......
Do anything to get it through

The high society and low class strays
They want to get ahead will do anything to progress
Is there any difference without makeup and dress?
It is just human wanting to get ahead or living through

spices of life 133

Asian Doll and Outfit

Mother and child
Smile on her face
Cuddling baby
She makes the day

On the drive home
The smell of baby scent
It never goes away
The mother instincts dwell

The eyes glow
The baby smile at you
The innocent face
The adorable one to hold

The world can go topsy turvy
The mother and child will stay
On the drive home the baby routines
Take away the worries for a change

spices of life 132

Stray cat frenzy

The stray dogs and cats

They run around in markets and streets

Some just stare the miserable eyes

They just wait for some kind souls to help

When they get a home

They can be happy animals

Finding a roof and a warm place

No more running wild in the open

Don't forget it costs money

Feeding the stray dogs and cats

A woman in Singapore found out

She used up over S$3 million

Now she is poorer owing rent

Will the animals help her then?

This is the wrong move on her part

She should know save some for herself

Now she can't help the stray animals

She is broke asking for help................

You can be kind yet don't forget yourself

Who will help you now you are out?

Monday, September 20, 2010

dark valley 70


Yesterday gone
It never comes again

Back then the glory
Something good was made

Living in the past
Forgetting the present changes

A leader was of yesterday
Trying to make a new name

Out in the cold when power gone
A leader should recognize it is just temporary

A leader should let go
The time he steps down

Yesterday gone
It never comes again

spices of life 131

Pregnant Teens

Home for pregnant teens open
It is a safe house for life mistakes
As the young teens wanting to experiment
They get into this social trap crying for help

In this safe house the authority must help
They have enough emotional problems besetting them
So don't go adding insult to the teens troubled minds
Let them have a safe haven teach them the wrongs and rights

The religious rules or laws should be set aside
Let the young mothers have a chance to get their lives back
The guys or boys shouldn't be let off the hook..........
They must be brought back to bear the responsibility

Home for the pregnant teens open
There should be hope and compassion
Do not let harsh treatments hide within the walls
The young mothers will have a tough time changing

spices of life 130

thblood2bloodhandBACKGROUNDFORHP1.jpg bloody hands image by BabyGirl69202

bloody hands

Crimes come and go
You live to see it
When you go to work
Driving on the roads
You can't shut your eyes
On the road you stay alert
You never know what will happen
You wish you never want to know
But you know others don't think
The same way as you do on the roads
They want their rights bullying others as well
You wish you never want to know
Now you hear or read about reports lodged
Indian nationals using bloody hands to stop
The motorists on the roads asking for help
Do not stop your car drive to police station
These Indian gangsters from India
They will rob or rape the victims....
You wish you never want to know
About lives on the roads...............

Sunday, September 19, 2010

the old white mazda 8

The hot sunny day
The white old Mazda takes
There is no complaint
It is just life on the open road
The years gone quickly
The young maiden turns grey
The spotted rust the aging game
The painter will do the patch up dame
The two black dogs sniffing
On her wheels smelling of burning tyres
As what dogs will not forget in pursuit
The dogs urine on her wheels; sign post of a journey
The old white Mazda
Alone on her own parking bay
Outside the garden she waits her day
Of the sun or the moon is nature's game

spices of life 129

Discolightanimatedgif.gif disco ball image by allrequestmusic1

disco bal

The love and the beast
Within the soul it interplays
The green eyes monster
The chicken at the end
Blowing hot and cold on relationship
The pull and release method to test the line
It is still the inferior complex judging into it
Afraid to lose in the sea of many watery snakes
The gears of a vehicle
Engaging it on the free way
How fast or slow depends on the driver
As the straight road will tell on him
The wimps will not win
In any contest pursuing in a relationship
Silence isn't golden in love pursuit
Nobody can read your mind waiting patiently by
The love and the beast
Make up your mind get it over
You don't need books to tell
Of the drum beats and falling rain

the banana trunks 9

By debsHB

Banana Trunk

The night fall in the village
The shadows amongst the trees and bushes
The silent wind and the smiling moon
The hot humid air floating into nostrils

The stars shining bright
Twinkling in the moon light
The witches in the sky
The whisperers of stars

The elder sits on his usual stool
Leaning his body against the wooden wall
He lights up his rolled up cigarettes puffing smoke
As he watches his young audience trooping in

He sits with his kerosene light
It casts shadows amongst the small crowd
"Now girls and boys I shall begin
The story of the farmer and what he sees"

"Daddy I am afraid
The smiling faces on the banana trees"
"In a while daughter the sun will rise
You will not be afraid of the darkness"

The two sisters quickly transform
Blending it into the banana trees
For the sun light will be rising.....
It is best they would be hiding

The dogs bark in the early morning
As the farmer wakes up his daughter
"Honey time to go to school
I know you have a rough night"

The girl yawns stretching her arms
Staring at her father she let out a scream
"Hey....what's wrong with you?"
"There is a woman behind the window"

The farmer walks to get a peep
He sees it is Amina the woman next door
"It's our neighbour walking to do her exercise
Every morning she will walk pass our house"

The daugher gets ready for school
She cycles along the quiet untarred road
Smiling at the cool morning with sun raining on her
The farmer walks up to the banana orchard............

When he arrives he surveys his surrounding

Yesterday it was something he saw with his binocular

He walks around the banana trees inspecting each trunk

At the final end of the line he sees the imprint of shapes

He stops staring at the banana trunks

Shape of women blending into the banana trees

Eyes close body tuning into the banana colour

He blinks his eyes a few times trying to make sure

He slowly touches the banana trunks

He feels warm vibration generating from his touches

He feels his hands trembling as he realizes what it is

His dead wife has returned to her farm.........................

The shape becomers clearer in his eyes

Drawing him closer to her bidding.........

"You know me farmer; know what I am!"

The farmer closes his eyes trying to forget

He runs away quickly

He can't believe what he just saw

"She can't be alive now

She was dead one week ago!"

Even Usian Bolt can't challenge him

The farmer speeds along like the wind

He seems to fly above ground running away

He turns once to look then he tumbles down

He knocks a few boxes

He gets up legs wobbily

As he glances towards the banana trees

Amina runs to him "Are you alright?"