Friday, December 31, 2021

we should reject fear


We all will meet our Maker

We will not know how or when

We can only live and enjoy our lives

Why live in a worrying state all the times?

The punishments for our sins

It will crawl up into our lives

The old; the young or babies

We have our bags of skeletons

We better live with desire of the good

Jump up the scale and make it plenty

There is no shame to think of it

Unless we indulge in the desire of the bad

We don't have to live in fear

It will bring our cortisol high

It will bring our immune systems low

Causing us to fall sick and die

Now Omicron hit the world

World leaders press the panic buttons of fear

In South Africa it has been said of bad flu

Hospitalization or stay at home will do

How many times to inject vaccines?

It isn't a cure but walls of protection

As it stands today C19 can break the walls

Learn from the past and alternative science experts

We should reject fear

Project a positive outlook in life

Boost up the immune systems

We will beat the virus in our fight

walking through


Walking through

The life we have

Nothing to fear

Everything to live for

The time will record

Every memory every event

Don't let fear rule

It's only in our minds

Walking through

The maze we see

We may feel afraid

It's the natural thing to do

Live with the blues

It will make us better

Walking through

The choices we will make

Walking through

The life we have

Don't let fear rule

It's only in our minds

poll in Johore before GE15?


The wolves

Thinking of snap poll in Johore

The leaders don't care of Rocking Rona

Since they saw it could be done

The wolves may push it

Believing they have the advantage

As Malacca poll had shown it

The wolves got the mandate

PH should be ready

Get their goals into gear

Don't get cornered

As the last 2 states election shown

PH didn't get the result

Until every one thought what happened?

Even the crooks could get elected

The voters wanted to be abused

Johore state election

It will be last one to be held

Before the wolves call for GE15

Thinking low voters turn out help them

PH needs the hard work

The leaders mustn't forget

Stick to the manifesto

Don't break the promise

the last day


The last day

The year will close

Today it is

Memories in records

Living with Rocking Rona

It isn't a good drive to all of us

Infection and deaths in records

We wish it doesn't happen

It drains our resources

We wish we can fight it

But the virus is invincible

We are blind but we still living

The economy in slow drives

Though back door plans to tax more

The funds are low still bloated Cabinet

Still the bloated civil servants

The floods will keep us company

The days ahead of the New Year

The back door responded slow

Until the public backlashed

Omicron sings

The back door gets the blue

The fear gets into the back door

Omicron is like a bad flu

The last day

We will still hear Omicron

Our lives will still keep living

We still have to stay together

religions should stay private


Religions should stay private

It shouldn't be used in politics

It will not bring good cheers to all

It will bring bad vibrations

HRH Sultan of Selangor is right

No license for politicians to preach Islam

The crocodiles shouldn't feel slighted

They use religion to bring own benefits

The Sultan as Head of Islam in the Selangor

He has every right to demand compliance

He doesn't want Islam to fall in bad light

The crocodiles should learn to accept in good faith

The crocodiles have a choice to play

Take the heat or leave the State

It isn't for them to decide

Heed the HRH Sultan's decree

Thursday, December 30, 2021

the bad vibrations in Macc


The flood in Macc

To the top of its leader

The shoreline in public view

There shouldn't be hidden away

The SOP is to clean up

The corrupted politicians and officials

Betraying the trust of the public and voters

But the flood vibrations hit the agency

There is still no news

On the $25 million gone in Macc

The agency hasn't given any details

Maybe only opening file to investigate

Now it is the chief

He hasn't given any answers yet

Even the supervisory Board chairman evades the issue

They hope is it just a bad dream?

It is now in public knowledge

The turtle brain has to respond

As usual he is quiet as a mouse

What happen to integrity?

PH leaders go to the ground


PH leaders have to work harder

The majority race still in slumber

They don't see the wrong in the nation

They don't see the wrong of their leaders

They only think of their benefits

Believing nobody can question it

They should think on the bigger issue

Don't get economically colonized

Now it is the global issues

Every race will want to stake a part

Nobody wants to be left behind

PH leaders have to tell them

Tell the truth of the bad issues

PH leaders shouldn't stay away

Let the majority race feel it

Don't get economically colonized

remember time doesn't wait


If you can't solve a problem

Sleep on it let the mind get in gears

If you still can't find a solution

Ask for help no need to waste time

Flying high if you have no chains linked

Everything has a reason to stay a while

Get it done quickly and move on

Because time doesn't wait

No need to ask for more time

Focus on the tasks at hand

Let distractions stay behind

Put the priority in the basket

When the ideas or solutions light

There is no stopping to get it done

When problems are shared

Solutions can be found

the integrity stands in low


The men in blue

The integrity in poor light

The public opinion low

Is there no shame at all?

The must be a group of bad angels

Cooking out the bad food to the public

The tastes aren't good for the tongues

The broken wings in grapevine whispers

The men in blue

The deaths in lock up

Nobody seems to be charged

A while of hot news then forget

The corruption rears its sound

The millions run out to shout

Yet the silence of the blue

The integrity stands in low

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

the pieces of history


The pieces of history

The old and the young

Living in this nation

Giving it a name

As the years rolling on

The cracks and bends

The greed and corruption

Leaving pieces of history

The young eager to grow

The old fighting hard to stay

Branding a kind of wisdom

It doesn't suit the nation

The nation cry

The pieces of history

The good and the bad

The ugly too comes along

Now a new party registered MUDA

This is the young politicians marching in

They know and see the bad vibrations

They may bring some fresh ways ahead

But they must beware of Satan

He will try to corrupt the young minds

The old crooks will try to offer wisdom

They should think of the pieces of history

The pieces of history

The young and the old

Live for the common goals

Don't play with bad vibrations

the knots in Macc


Macc chief

The millions of shares in his name

There is a need for him to explain

He can't stay quiet

It is now in public news

Pejuang wants him to take garden leave

Let an independent team probe the case

Macc chief shouldn't wait in office

The turtle brain still stays quiet

He hasn't done a quick response yet

Maybe his mind is still on the flood

Finding ways to ease the pain

Macc chief

The rain has fallen

The roof is leaking now

The sound has been heard

When the fish head is rotten

Everything down the line will smell bad

If he has integrity he should take his garden leave

Let the probe team get into focus or clear his name

don't try to understand women


Men spend huge some of money

On how to attract women into their lives

They search for coaches who can tell them

The how to trick to get women

Don't try to understand women

They can easily change their minds

With a few seconds they may shift focus

Men should better learn it

The cold approach to women

There is no script to memorize

It is the face and words to play

Within 30 seconds to get the ball rolling

Learn to be bold

Learn to accept failures

Learn to laugh it off

Learn to try again

Be natural with women

No fake buildup or false pretenses

Be like the cave men pull and grab

Women like men of taking action

But there is a law in existence

The sexual harassment law

Don't get entangle with it

It is no use spending time in jail

As long as it is on common ground

The needs of similar tastes and wants

Nothing will be entangled in law

Everything will be a green light through

looking ahead for a better game to play


The year closing in

Every gain and loss

It will stay in the record

Of a time of economic games

Rocking Rona causing us pain

The memory will stay in record

Causing deaths and infections

Changing as it spooks us

The vaccines are walls to contain the virus

When the virus breaks through the walls

It will be paradise lost for those infected

Yet the cure hasn't been found today

The global warming rising

The floods will spread its marks

The rising tides and flooding

The people must stay alert of rain

The politics of the back door

It doesn't bring good progress for all

The bad vibrations still in the news

The incompetent ministers giving excuses

The year closing in

The chapters of tales in record

The good vibrations hardly in the news

Looking ahead to a better game to play

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

limit to forming political parties


There must a limit to forming political parties

As it is there are so many coming up in the country

All because of ego of political leaders

On frogs who can't cut it in the long term

Some aren't active in the roles

We don't hear much about these politicians

There are hiding in the caves

Until a GE is called they started to show

ROS should take stock of these political parties

The registrar of society should axe the ineffective ones

Amalgamate these small parties or face axing

There are too many for personal glory

ROS should be strict on new applicants

The country doesn't need many political parties

Even at the current level there are too many

Time to put away the ineffective and inactive ones

desire in life


Desire in life

It should be on the positive values

As it will bring much benefits

When the time has come to end it

There is always a cause and effect

There is nothing free to give away

There will be a time to account for it

Once the life has finally called it a day

There is nothing wrong in desire

As long as it enriches positively in life

The prophets of the past had it well

In the good causes in their well beings

It is only the desire of the bad

The negative ways of getting in life

Here it will spell the long jump into the pit

Where darkness will make life nothing

Desire in life

It can't hide

It will be in every day

Till the day life is gone

the past is just a memory


The past is just a memory

The good or the bad or the worst

It shouldn't stay in the forefront

It should be rooted down to the back door

Though every one will learn

The history of the past mistakes

Some were good some were hopeless

In all it makes us humans

Failures allowing us to see

it shouldn't be a set-back

It should tell us we need to focus

Change ideas learn to fight on

Success comes through determination

A desire to make it work in life

Stage fright happens to every one

Even the seasoned ones too

You will find your success

The way you plan your progress

I am here to read and relearn

Maybe share a few thoughts of my own

the master of his game


The master of his game

He wanted to bring down his own government

Believing he wanted a race to govern

He didn't care what he had done

He forgot he was the government

Ironically he plotted to bring himself down

Thinking he still has magic of his game

Only his trusted leaders hijacked from him

By the time he woke up to realize

He had lost his game out right

He couldn't believe in his eyes

His trusted leaders kicked him out

Now he still never wants to apologize

He has bred many leaders who copy his ways

He will live to witness what he had done

It will not be good when he finally takes his bow

The master of his game

The touches have gone

The sparks aren't there now

His way has been stolen

Monday, December 27, 2021

the ambulance


The ambulance

It should take top priority

Because it is life or death situation

The rest of vehicles can wait

The turtle brain should have stopped

He can score some brownie points with it

But in his brain he thinks he is important

The ambulance can wait for all he cares

The police should know the work

Ambulance is carrying life and death patient

Every second counts to get him saved

The convoy of cars can stop

The police get the wrong approach

Even with the explanation it is still wrong

The ambulance has the right of way

Nobody should break the law

the floods bring


The floods bring

All races together

Facing the common threat

On properties and lives

Helping each other

In the spirit of togetherness

No need to harp on race or religions

The races recognize the old enemy

It always knock the walls

Every end of the year season

The heavy downfall and clogged drains

The emerging ugly head to laugh

The tales keep going

All races together

While the back door on tortoise walk

The races help each other

The floods bring

The compassion on all races

Helping to get life going

After the floods the debris

let fear stay behind


Let fear stay behind

We don't have to ponder

We can't do much today

Let the good tidings flowing

Let the Natural flow

Live in it and smile

Life is meant to enjoy

Even we see the adversity

Let the year end holidays

Give us a spring in our lives

There are many bad happenings

Time to brush it aside and glow

So let fear stay behind

Omicron will knock the doors

It is its way of pursuing

Let the angels do some chasing

the maids


The maids in the homes

The mistreatments happen

The employers should be blacklisted

They bring shame to the nation

The housemaids work throughout

Some are exploited to do many tasks

Even though it isn't mandated

Yet the maids comply holding their tongues

Through the years we heard bad tales

Mistreated maids, underpaid helpers

Some died on mistreatments by employers

Maids run away; maids steal

But there are bad cases

Bringing shame to the nation

The SOP must tweak to coordinate

The agencies and agents must play the roles

Sunday, December 26, 2021

why the need of a task force?


The turtle brain

No direction in the floods

Now he wants a task force

To study the bad situation?

He has a bloated Cabinet

He has many advisors

Yet he wants a task force?

He isn't good at his work

To honest way he should do

He should quit his post

He shouldn't hold it now

He has shown his incompetency

The nation has history of floods

Isn't the government has the records?

He should dismantle his Cabinet of poor performers

Let the DG handle the nation affairs

The turtle brain

He can't see the rain

He can't feel the pain

He thinks he can gain

Johore wants a state election?


Johore may want a state election

Now the back door has one seat majority

The wolves may consider it

Since they found it was successful

In Malacca state election

The wolves swept back with a good majority

Now Johore is eyeing it as well

Thinking it will be good for the wolves

Do the wolves think of Omicron?

They only think of power in their hands

They can talk to the opposition to avoid it

Barter trade for the state and people

Anwar and gang should gear it up

The wolves are hungry of power

They think they can win in the pandemic

They may just want an election in the state

omicron knocks


Omicron knocks

One person died in US

As the Christmas season kicks in

The infection will break through again

The vaccines aren't staying alive

With Omicron coming into contact

Without creating new vaccines

The booster shots will not hold in

The alternative scientists will tell

The effects on the vaccines

Though these doctors are censored

Their views are suppressed

China is testing her new booster shots

US has come out with covid tablets

WHO has said a different view

It causes the virus to mutate to survive

We should stay within the rules

Wear face masks and wash hands with soap

Avoid crowd; stay indoors; hike up immunity

We shouldn't be taking vaccines many times in a year!

round up golden dragon hill


Round up golden dragon hill slope of houses

The quiet fall of the night of soft breezes

Watching the Christmas lights on a home

Brightly coloured celebrating Christmas

The quiet night as most homeowners stayed indoors

Maybe watching television shows or sleep early

The holiday season kicks in for this weekend

Recharging to stay physically fit against illnesses

Only one house brightly coloured on the porch

It makes the day to remember as Christians celebrate

Remembering the Good Lord once walked on Earth

Preaching his way to say the truth

On Christmas Day on holiday

Let the truth stay in harmony and true

As the coloured lighting will tell the people

The bright of truth darkness will hide

As the car rounds up the trip

Leaving behind the quiet breezy hill slope

The golden dragon hill standing a bit higher

Watching the night and day passing by

Saturday, December 25, 2021

it's the season of flooding and pain of losses


Why should some ministers go on holidays?

It's the season of flooding and pain of losses

Some lives may have lost in the floods

The constituents need their representatives to stay

In a way to help them find ways to ease their burden

As flooding will cause losses to many households

Some may have lost everything in the floods

There will be no end to the F government

The floods causing the ministers to face the truth

Don't tell lies to mark your status higher

It will not help in case of calamity to the nation

It will expose the ministers weaknesses

One minister trying to blame the people

The F ministers never learn their lessons

The F leaders wait and watch

The responses will take time to react

By the time they wake up to realize

The flood water has weaved its way high

Leaving the people running for higher ground

Leaving most things behind to save themselves

And the help will come too late

The last count 41 people perished

8 still recording missing in the floods

This yearly affair always have deaths in circle

The people never learn the danger of flooding

The under currents flow and its claws of grabbing

The people shouldn't swim in the flood water

It will become a life and death situation