Tuesday, March 21, 2023

the Old Man will learn in prison


Put the Old Man

Behind the prison wall

He will wake up and realize

The things he said and done

He doesn't want to apologize

He still harps on race and religion

Still saying lacking behind

He just wants to ghost the other races

Operation Lalang was his fear

Putting most of opposition in prison

Many are still alive to remember it

This Old Man should be inside the cage

It will help to seal his bad behaviour

It will help him to understand the causes and effects

Though he may try to pretend he has forgotten

In his age he should give advice but he doesn't

the walls


The walls

The extremists will try

They can't share

They want it all

They should learn

From Sabah and Sarawak

How they live and share

In harmony in different faith

The extremists can't understand

They learned an education under the tax-payers fund

Studying overseas yet returned with a narrow view

Thinking they owned this nation as well

The walls

The extremists will try

They can't see the shimmering light

They are so afraid of the stirring thoughts

the life styles we live


The life styles we live

Fasts food lack of sleep

What will become to many of us?

The doctors will smile happy

Even the drugs companies

They will rake in the profits

They will see the billions

Because of our spending habits

The toxic running in

We have to be pay carefully

There are so many in our everyday living

And yet we indulge without knowing

The terminal illness will rise

The unknown viruses attack

Whom do we blame it all?

It is ourselves to be the slaves

Anwar should swing into action


The Old Man sings his blue

The things he did decades ago

He must have forgotten

Now he wanted the same old again

Maybe now in his old aged of 98 years

He can't remember much even today

Still he doesn't feel sorry

Still he wants to rub salt in!

The Malay rally congress

It shouldn't be held at all

Still on race and religion bashing

The extremists want to rock the nation

Anwar should swing into action

It has nothing to do his revenge

It is for the sake of the nation

She has to recover from the economy

The Old Man and his ilk

They mustn't think they are above the law

They are just the ordinary citizens

Break the law face the music instead

the cat on the step


The cat on the step

Face of sadness fur dirty

Eyes looking tired

Staring out to the road

As if he woke up

In a different place

Lost his bearing

Where he was then?

He looked like a throw away cat

Maybe he got trapped roaming into somebody's house

A trap was laid with food

He thought he was lucky to be there

The cats are nuisance

Somehow they will behave badly

Roaming to other houses

Urinating and poo

So this cat on the step

He looked like one

Caught up with his crime

Now banished away from home

Monday, March 20, 2023

Anwar must walk the talk


The Old Man

He can't change

He still talks bad

Though he should apologize

He had his second chance

But he didn't use to change

He used on his old way

Causing problems for the nation

He hopped from one party to another

He wanted only his way or nothing else

The Old Man can't change his spots

Until God calls him home for good

Anwar must walk the talk

He mustn't show nice or proper

Enough warnings so let action begin

Nobody is above the law of the nation

don't let the extremists glow


Don't let the extremists glow

They will not bring a good cheer

They are the narrow minded group

They want to get their hands on the nation

What they say is for their own benefits

There is nothing beneficial in the country

The other colours have no say for them

They will treat them as second class

Don't let the extremists show

They want their cake and eat it too

The Madani leaders must recognize the threat

Take action before the bush fires spread

The police must take action

There are enough law in the Penal Code

The extremists mustn't be allowed to go freely

They need to respect the law of the nation

Don't let the extremists glow

The Madani leaders must recognize the threat

The police must take action

Before the bush fires spread

it's no use complaining


The bad administrators

Bringing low flame and bad image

Of the past the nation face it

The economy get the hit

It's no use complaining

It will not solve the issue

It is to be pro-active in it

Get it down to the ground

It doesn't need any new law

It is the change of policies

Throw out the bad ones

Get the new policies in place

The nation may in bad shape

Owing debts to a tune of $1.5 trillion

Take the bad administrators to the cleaners

Don't let them escape

Now Anwar and his team

They have to clean up quickly

Don't walk slowly but fast

The nation needs to be on the right track

Sunday, March 19, 2023

the bad image still holds true


The wolf party election over

All the President's men in control

The party will run through

The changes it needs to do

These are the leaders

Still holding the torch to MO1

He has the influence in the party

Though he is housing in prison

The wolf party needs to change

The way forward to stay relevant

No more playing the old game

Taking wealth in projects

Now the party in unity government

The outlook must be clean and good

The party needs to revamp to stay afloat

They got the bad beating in the last GE15

The bad image still holds true

The wolf leaders still have a lot to do

They can't go back to the old way

It will bring them astray again

talking hard has no action


Anwar Ibrahim

Action should be your way

Talking hard has no action

On the ground to feel the issues

Malays shouldn't felt unhappy

They shouldn't listen to the moos and crocodiles

Even with the wolves they should stay alert

These politicians are for themselves and families

No doubt Anwar wants to be known

Hitting hard on the corrupt

It is action by Macc and police

The nation needs to live in progress

Anwar Ibrahim

The economy is the battle ground

The Malays mustn't stay on support

They need to strike it out to be free

It can be done

The Renaissance Man has to make it happen

It will be his legacy to get it correct

Freedom and liberty without the addiction

the plotters behind the curtains


The plotters can't sleep

The minds hungry for the power

The road to the cage

They can't live with it

The digging of the past

On the monies gone

The plotters are worried

They will do all kind of distractions

The plotters behind the curtains

Planning how to make their return

Though they know it will be difficult

With Anti-hopping law in place

The plotters can't sleep

Afraid the police will knock their doors

Behind closed doors they will plan

Afraid to go to the cage

the habit with the handphones


The habit we see

The handphones do the talking

Everyone at the tables

The manners totally disappear

Even in a group

No wave of communication

Everyone is busy

Knocking the keyboards talking

Even in the young

The parents will buy them

The handphones to keep company

The sights and sound totally forget

The social interaction is gone

With the families; with friends

The handphones take the role

The waves with the keyboards