Wednesday, May 18, 2022

the back door better go


The back door leaders

Better go separately

Unity isn't in the game plan

It is trying to bring each other down

The wolves want to shout loudly

Up to their voices yet they shiver

If the Moos pull the rug out of them

The wolves will walk with a limp

The crocodiles may grab them

Coming in hard for its Islamic values

Telling the wolves they have to change

Before they will face the wrath of God

The hornbills will fly and watch

Looking for a way to enrich their meals

A ticket to do as they like on their own

Let no big gun staring at them in the air

The back door leaders

Do the nation a favour

Go on with your different way

Let the nation feel no shame

the NRD better explain


The NRD better explain

The hacking of its website

Personal details delivered

In 1948 onwards!

Silence isn't a remedy

The issue has come out in the open

The selling of personal details on line

The NRD better tell us why

The back door hasn't said anything

The minister concerned still dragging

By now our details are kept by the hackers

Waiting to sell for cash

The Rocket has written for details

How our personal information in NRD hacked in

Silence isn't a solution

The truth will save us the blushes

the old ways ring


The old ways ring

The puppet can only dance

When his strings are pulled

He has to obey no buts or ifs

Why must MP appoint as ambassador?

His duty is to the constituents

It isn't to be sent to another country

Leaving his area unrepresented

But this MP has issues

Macc investigated him

Maybe now it is under NFA

As a wolf he has his benefits

The turtle man will not explain

The public should know what to do

Let the wolves bite the dust

They thought they are on the rise

They will fall with a big bang

Over 6 decades of the wolves

Time the party is buried for good

The country needs to breathe

PH leaders should forget about MOU

No need to extend when it expires in July

Get your candidates ready to contest

The window of opportunity will ring the bell

The back door in inner conflict

On the surface they try to put up face

The actions will tell a different tale

The old ways ring the nation feels the shame

the Rocket guys


The Rocket guys

The banana leaders

They will opt out in GE15

Citing the loss in party election

These hardworking members

The people will lose their services

As they really work for the people

Ultimately the nation will gain

Now these leaders will step down

Paving the way for new members to step forward

In GE15 if this is the appropriate time?

We need to kick out the wolves and its allies

We need the experience leaders to shoulder it

Now the Rocket will lose 2 or 3 of its hardworking leaders

The new SG must have his list of candidates ready

GE15 any party can win with good candidates

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

the blue eye party election


The Blue Eye party election

The complaints piling up

It doesn't sound good

In its administration

It isn't the first maiden election

It happened in last round too

The problems still hanging again

The Comet Man rings up the news

This will show on Anwar

He should have seen it in his mind

How the run of the election will become?

He shouldn't listen too much on his advisors

The best rule to walk the ground

Have a mock run with volunteers

It will show up the inning problems

Then it can be rectified immediately

Now the real party election going on

The hiccups will show on his leadership

It will reflect on his capability to manage

He has to rectify his party in order quickly

In GE15 there is no time to complain

There is no time to rectify teething issues

He has to make it into an united winning party

Talking will not win but action will make the day

p/s PD party election police has to stop the chaos

the people still dozing in their minds


The turtle man

What hero welcome?

Because he shakes hand with Joe Biden

The US President who hosted the Asean meeting

Did he bring news on economy?

How to make progress for the nation?

What are the attractions for FDI?

But Elon Musk makes ventures in Indonesia

The warm reception in KLIA

Maybe these supporters are paid

This is the style of the wolves

Use cash to garner support

Somebody wants to curry favours

Now the wolves are running the show

But with strings attached to the main players

The parties in the back door grouping

What Zunar depicted in his cartoons

He could be right in his take on it

The fake support for money

Just to make the turtle man happy

The politics is a game of favours

This is the game in the news

The nation keeps crying

The people still dozing in their minds

the bad wolves


The bad wolves

They will want to return

They will not hide

They will show

They will use

The tricks they know

Crafted through the decades

They can't change

Even the new members

They will behave like the old

The bad wolves for their own

The wealth of the nation they can go

The bad wolves

The old ways have returned

Will the people take action?

Will the people stay like fools?

The nation can't go

Like the Sri Lanka way

The majority will suffer

They better vote wisely

The bad wolves

The nation feels the shame

Her people must get the change moving

Don't let the old ways make her poor

Monday, May 16, 2022

the new order must begin


Don't let the back door ever return

They will not bring good cheers or joy

These leaders will be remembered

For the death of democracy in their hands

They stole back the mandate

Through the back door to govern

The voters get angry and seeking revenge

It can only happen in GE15

The back door leaders

They mustn't be allowed to return

Let them retire in disgrace

Let them retire in Bamboo River

The court cluster will try

Every mean to get out of jail

Because they want to play their games

The people mustn't fall victims again

The new order must begin

Let democracy flow like the wind

The people mustn't be fools and victims

They should open their eyes and minds

the wolves counting the eggs


The wolves

Howling in the background

Looking up to the sky

Eyes bright arrogantly on high

They are counting the eggs

Wanting to get back in form

They don't care what others think

They behave as if they will rule!

Enough of the corrupt leaders

Enough of the racial tone

They haven't paid back

GE15 is their bad song

The court cluster can't escape

The rule of law will take them away

Though they can amend their party constitution

It isn't the way to be forged a trust relationship

The wolves

The many misdeeds in the news

The people mustn't be fools

Vote for the honest leaders to progress the nation

think of the time


Think of the time

Of opportunities missed

Of adventures dare not take

It was gone in minutes

The confidence wasn't there

The experience was non-existence

There was no guidance then

Think of the time

Many would have

Think of the time

The opportunities but afraid to take

It was gone quickly in the air

Think of the time

An Ozzie woman wanted me to go

Back to her country and stay

I wasn't brave to settle down there

She returned home alone

I stayed behind missing my opportunity

And the company of a pretty woman

Think of the time how I missed it all

Now age has taken its toll

Think of time gone away

Leaving its memory

Of the missed opportunity