Sunday, June 16, 2024

the wheel of fortune


The wheel of fortune

Every one will try to catch it

Dreaming of it in their sleep

Believing they have a chance

In a maze of fortune

Not every one can get it

The lucky few who believe

They will receive blessing

Still they have to work on it

It will not come without investment

It will knock on the door with time

Not many will battle it on with patience

The wheel of fortune

It spins its tales of winning

Through opportunities, luck or connection

Only those who believe walking in a maze

The wheel of fortune

It can happen by thinking positive

Get the opportunities or try the luck

The universe will let its magic rolling in

grow the economy?



Still talking

The good and the bad

Dragging us

The economy

Rise or fall or make believe?

On the ground the grouses

Which is the truth?

The statistics says uptrend

On the ground seems nothing changes

The costs still rising

Now add in the subsidies withdrawn


MM2H program

No PR application

Who will want?

Talk of billions

MM2H no golden catch

It should retain PR application

It will entice more to arrive

Still the economy

On the ground feels nothing

The grouses will continue

Raise the good feeling way

the crooks in banks


Saving and deposits in banks

Many will believe it will be very safe

Nobody can withdraw it

Without the necessary documents and signatures

This was the truth in the old days

Instead of keeping it at home

The monies in banks could earn interest

Some would not have to work at all

Now the security will be breached

Saving and deposits can be withdrawn

By inside job working with crime syndicate

Those monies can be disappeared

All through transfers

The customers will not know

Until they receive notifications

By then the monies will be gone

The recent case by the police

A total of $24.2 million was withdrawn

The police said it was inside job

Several people were arrested

It shows every customer should stay notice

How the funds are withdrawn without consent

The banks should keep a tight security check

As it is shown the banks have to perform more

the English teachers


The English teachers

Lacking in schools

Whose fault?

Blame it on the past leaders

They switched it all to Malaysia language

Leaving English in the back burner

Through the decades we find

We are left behind

These politicians in government

Sent their children overseas

Through the easy scholarship scheme

They grabbed it for their children

Leaving the rural schools

Learning their own language

Many can't find success

They are pushed behind

It is the ruling elites

Afraid to share the wealth

They restrict it for their own

The larg population will not catch up

It's time to correct the mistake

Make English compulsory in schools

We can't be left behind

We mustn't be afraid to change it

Saturday, June 15, 2024

the blind man


When the blind man cries

In his state of darkness

He can't see anything in black or white

He just wishes he can see

But in his luck

He is blind to his life

Living and trying hard to believe

A miracle can happen

He knows it is a wishful thinking

His condition will not change

He has to live with his condition

On a lonely day the blind man cries

Everyone passing him by

Trying to help the blind man

Walking on the streets or malls

The blind man will feel grateful

On a lonely day the blind man cries

Thinking about his blindness in his life

He has to depend on others to survive

He is grateful as help is around

the white puppy


The white puppy

Barking loudly when he was tied up

The owner left to run his business

In the old town

The barking was loud

Screaming out of his lungs

The white puppy

Couldn't care his surrounding

Yesterday he was free

He torn the plastic netting

He sneaked out to feel his freedom

Across the street on the field

One Indian man

Shouted at the puppy

He ran back to his home

Across the street

Along the time of rushing

A small red car cruising by

The white puppy ran to hit the car

A screeching brake on the wheels

But the white puppy

Lost his life on the middle of the street

He didn't reach home for his short freedom

A short living but to try his luck again

to survive or fall from grace?


The right move

On the economic front

It has to happen

Else the nation will fall

On the weight of her debt

It isn't something easy to settle

It's the right way to do

The nation of people

Face the truth and play our part

No need to make so many complaints

To survive or fall from grace?

The majority race too

Face the truth in their lives

Don't dream of your benefits

The wealth of the nation

It needs to be shared all

No race should have an advantage

The previous administrations did it wrong

Because the leaders wanted power and wealth

They made the nation as it is happening today

Now we must buckle up and swallow our pride

The nation needs us to sacrifice

It's the right move

the subsidies withdraw


The withdrawing of subsidies

It is now or never as the nation faces

The huge debt inherited from previous administrations

PH leaders have to catch the bull by its horns

The targeted groups

They will flow with it

Living with the help

Needed to stay

Though there will be groups

Going all out to hit back

Even hawkers and companies

They will start increase prices

The pill of pain

It has to be felt

No more on subsidies

Time to stop it for good

We had it good for decades

Time to face the truth

Stop blaming like cry babies

Stand up and swallow our shame

Friday, June 14, 2024

learn not to be greedy


Greed will make us blind

Even our minds will not function

We will be floating in the maze

We don't realize what we have done

We live in dreaming

On the greed of money

Inflated our pockets to the full

We don't realize we get the opposite

Greed doesn't differentiate

Educated or illiterate persons

The smell of greed on money

It makes many lose their saving

Life is cruel sometimes

Learn not to be greedy

It makes many fall victims

Crying doesn't help

the black ravens


The black ravens

Flying high everywhere

No worry as they fly

Worrying is for the authority

They sing loudly

In the morning in the sun

Eyes looking for fruits to bite

As long as the owners don't cry

They sit on the cables

Single row making their calls

As if trying to call for numbers

The easy picking in their eyes

The house-owners will not bother

They are busy with their cooking or house-work

No time to listen to the noises outside their homes

But the black ravens will like their fruit time

The black ravens

Like the bad preachers

They will convey bad intention

The authority will not listen

unity should be the key


The green waves

Talking lies the nature of it

Rolling high hitting all

Nothing to save but debris on shore

The youth once got blinded

They aren't going to lose it all

Restriction on their lives

They will not be able to breathe

The green waves

The wind has stopped blowing

The ripples only to show

Nothing big in the news

The youth today

Rock on their lives

Learn to live free

No restriction in living

The green waves

Stand by the side road

Telling lies no more

Unity should be the key not division

the clue is Renaissance man


The people on the ground

They don't feel the rise of economy

In their minds they think of their empty pockets

Everyday trying hard to live and survive

Though report says of rising economy

The central bank talked about it

The rising bills of exports

It would say the businesses running

The people don't feel it

The clue is Renaissance man

He still never draws his salary

He still works for free on his position

The statistics may suggest the improvement

Yet when the survey was done in May

People survey suggested recession

The people should feel the pulses

The subsidies will be withdrawn in stages

Suggesting the country has to take stock on finance

It shows the nation hasn't got out of the bad shape

The clue is Renaissance man