Friday, January 18, 2019

the hot women

The hot women
They like the bad guys
It is the attraction
The dare to fight

The gentlemen always lose
They will pick up the crumbs
And they will think why
The hot women bypass them

Basically, the women like to be led
They need men who are confident
They dare to speak their minds
They aren’t afraid of danger in their lives

But gentlemen?
Ah…they want to follow rules
They live on their set principles
The hot women find them boring

The rules are still being played
Around the world of men and women
The men must have confident to speak naturally
There are key words to fish women out quickly

let democracy live on

There is no business for PH government
Poking its head to see what the people write
On their blogs, Facebook, twitter, what’s app
Let the freedom of expression and speech flow
In the country we intend to stay on her democracy
There shouldn’t be a spy network to monitor the people

The royalty and ordinary folks
We are the humans to share on this Earth
Nobody is above the law and criticisms
Each of us must accept the bad reports too
This is how each of us will learn of our weaknesses
PH government turns your guns to gear up the economy

We put you there to change our landscape
We put you there not to stick to the old system
We know the old system makes us look bad
We don’t need you to print the old books
PH government better listen to the people
You have much credits going but don’t lose it!

You haven’t made your mark
You haven’t made the important changes
It is time to stay focus on your manifesto
We expect the important ones to get it done
And get the political crooks off the arena
They shouldn’t show their faces
As if they haven’t done anything wrong
PH leaders, action speak louder than words

the missing persons

The missing persons
How many are still unfounded?
What is the status?
Will the police publish the photographs?

In time we will forget
We will not remember faces or names
The police should put it up in web
Ask the newspapers to publish it too

The missing persons
The police must keep the active files
They must be found somewhere
If they don’t get disappeared

The police should publish the missing persons
It will push the public to keep a look out for them
The years may change the profiles
But there is always a chance to be recognized

Thursday, January 17, 2019

stay free in faith

What is the matter with a cross?
It has nothing to do with a faith or influence
One race feels offended looking at it
It’s the weakness afraid to lose

We will see the crosses in our lives
On the T-junctions crossing the roads
We will see it in mathematics
We have to write on it too

Even the farmers will put up scare-crows
Along the vast fields to scare way the birds
Are we to say we afraid of the crosses?
Crawling back into the minds making us weak?

The other faiths aren’t afraid
It has nothing to do with them
They will carry on their daily routines
They smile what is there to worry?

What is the matter with a cross?
We will see it in our minds
Like it or not it is always there
Why the fear where faith is strong?

It can be the wrong approach of a religion
A religion to bring peace and joy
Joy in living harmony and sharing
Standing together living in common bonding

don't make mistake, hilly billies

Cameron Highlands
The Bee Anne stronghold
During its rule and heyday
Now the situation has changed

Bee Anne isn’t the government
There are cases pending on its leaders
They can’t wriggle it out with ease
They have to face the courts

MO1 and his gang
He can’t taste the power again
No matter how he is going to position himself
He abuses his position for his wealth creation

The hilly billies aren’t fools
They have to think of their future
Choosing an opposition candidate
They will not get the developments

PH is the government now
Though it hasn’t made quick progress
Time is still for PH to get its recognition
By jailing the crooks and bloom the economy

MO1 should stay at home
Showing his face on the hill
He will not make any difference
He is already history

the face of principles

The Amno baru MPs
They left the party
They got fed up with it
In the wilderness
They wanted to return

In less than 2 months
These Amno baru MPs
They can’t stomach standing alone
It shows they don’t have the determination
To strike out on their own

They saw the sinking ship
The water is rushing in slowly
Yet these members want to return
It shows they forget about principles
Afraid they will be forgotten

The Old Man has seen it
These MPs should stay alone
In a year before they can move in
The new political party to pursue their dreams
Some can’t stand alone they feel afraid to lose

Amno baru will feel the heat
It will sink to its knees
ROS hasn’t decided yet
The party constitution its leaders faulted it
Yet they still talk big

MyPPP got deregistered
ROS sent the letter
Two parties claimed to represent MyPPP
Now they have no party to say
They are lost without a base

Amno baru?
We are watching ROS
Will it happen?
Fly it to the moon?
The Old Man to blow the whistle

mo1 is history

MO1 wants to play come back?
He better stays away and licks his wounds
If he thinks he can contribute his time and energy
He’s better off plans his cases piling on him

MO1 shouldn’t go on campaigns
Somebody says the voters want him there?
Somebody is feeding him false information
A man who has 38 charges still many will come

He brings bad vibes to his party candidate
It is the party which made the bad image
Through its leaders of abusing their positions
And corruption laid out to be talked

MO1 planning his come back?
He better studies his stay in Bamboo River
He will stay there for his long -term holidays
Maybe he can write his book of his downfall

The folks from the hill
They aren’t the hilly billies
They will know what is best for them
They will want the best

MO1 is history
The sooner he believes he is
It will be much easy for him
The answer he knows in his head

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

the rules of the game

The rules of the game
Don’t do bad in the play
You will get caught
You will get the blame

The rules of the game
Don’t tempt fate
You will not like it
If Satan take a liking

What will you do?
Start to blame others?
You must bite the bullets
Get the fall and disappear?

The rules of the game
History will say what it is
You can’t hide it away
You will get the good and bad

The rules of the game
The kettle is black
It has its history in the flame
Once you are there don’t try to be smart Alec

the sad MIC

The sad MIC
It can’t even stand in
The seat in its traditional hold
Now it leaves with one seat

The sad MIC
Don’t dream of the its heyday
It has gone for good
Its members better wake up

There will be nothing left
With its leaders forgetting their roots
Like Am Ci A shouting coconuts
But the fruits never fall from the coconut trees

The sad MIC
Face the exit
Don’t dream of its heyday
It will never come again