Sunday, October 17, 2021

the puppy at the gate


The puppy at the gate

Eager to jump out but can't

He struggles with his efforts

All in vain to get out

He attracts no attention

His young master has gone out

Leaving the puppy alone

Struggling to get free

The boy always allows his puppy

Jump on to his motorbike for rides

The puppy can sit still and enjoying it

The freedom out in the open

Like us too

We will craze for freedom

We can't stay cook up the whole day

We will turn into irrational beings

We can listen to advice

Like the puppy yet he wants his freedom

Out in the open running his errands

The freedom to make his choice

the national unity not by painting over


The national unity

The way it is handled

It will not happen

Even with another slogan

The supremacy of a race

It shouldn't be called at all

The country is the living colours

Its brightness forms by the multi-faces

The current slogan

It is meant to pull wool over our eyes

Just like 1Malaysia but it was for a race

The present one too falls into that place

Seriously dismantle NEP

It makes a race weak and demanding

Teach a race how to fish

A race will settle it for life

Over 64 years a race still can't walk well?

They should ask themselves why it is so?

They should seriously shake it off

Learn to toil their minds and progress

the blind of the people


The blind of the people

They don't see or read at all?

The bad vibrations ringing in the air

The riches gone to the hands of the elites

The Pandora papers showed the way

The leaders involved may have said

Though it isn't illegal to open up off shore accounts

The reasoning will be held questionable

The House Speaker refused to allow debate

A man who can't see the reason for it

The Opposition leader has demanded to know the truth

Why the assets or funds are stashed in off shore accounts?

Now the authorities are going in

They shouldn't have waited to investigate

They should have started when the expose came

We weren't the only one in the Pandora papers

don't be afraid to change


You choose what you want

You choose the life you will lead

You will stay on course

Until one day something crop up

Still you have your basic skills

Honed it through the years

It will help you to make progress

Even in the days of adversity

Everyone has a different need

Everyone has a different route to take

Everyone wants to hit the pot of gold

When the years are delivered, done and sealed

Along the way

Don't be afraid to change

Sometimes what we want or desire

It may not come within a time

Saturday, October 16, 2021

you want to live free


You want to live free

Or stay in hospital

You have a choice to make

In the moment of abnormal

In the circle of Rocking Rona

It will never show its face

It will never whisper its wind

It just flies in take what it wants

You want to live free

Don't throw caution to the wind

You will get entangled with C19

Once in it will start jabbing

You don't want to be in it

It will bring you down to your knees

Don't follow the herd mentality

You don't want to dance with Rocking Rona

You want to live free

Learn to abide the rules

Don't let Rocking Rona fly you away

You will live to regret it

everyone is afraid to get a mark


The love on hold

The music in the mind

The strumming of the heavy loads

It isn't flowing in easy glow

Blame it on Rocking Rona

Everyone is afraid to get a mark

It will not give us a confidence boost

It brings us down to roast

The distance of embrace

Like the guitar strings on the neck

Arranged in equal distance

So it doesn't sound bad

The hungry in the mind

It mustn't go in a hurry

Rocking Rona is forever waiting

The clueless ones will be caged in

we want to get back to normal


We want to get back to normal

We want to feel the Earth on our feet

Driving or walking or sightseeing

Destress ourselves against the bad vibrations

But we know we can't

It will be against good advice

Rocking Rona will catch

The invincible ghost playing game

When it is on its term

In its Dojo we will lose

We will not stand a chance

We can't hit it back

The numbers of infection

It is like climbing up hill

Stop, climb, stop and climb

End of the day many staring at the walls

We want to go back to normal

We want to feel the Earth on our feet

Rocking Rona putting its brake on us

We don't want to get into hospitals



Fat mama

Got her passport

The judge said okay

To visit her daughter in Singapore

Mind you for a month

Until her daughter gives birth

Why need to do it in Singapore?

As if we don't have the facilities here?

Now her husband wants to apply

Asking the court to allow him to travel

Give him back his passport

To see his daughter

The judge shouldn't consider his case

He is found guilty in one case

He still his pending cases to handle

1MDB and IRB

The 1MDB man shouldn't be allowed to go

He should stay behind maybe he can try zoom

The judge mustn't be swayed by the lame excuse

The man can easily go to Batam and beyond

The fat mama got it

Her husband wants to try his luck

The judge mustn't be swayed by lame excuse

1MDB man should stay behind and he can use zoom

Friday, October 15, 2021

the long queue on the highway


The highway

The long queue on the road

The many travelers going North

Visiting or holidays

Listen to the grapevine

KL folks didn't want to return

When they found out of the long queue

They rather stayed put in the city

By right the folks shouldn't go crazy

As if they were released from prisons

Bearing in mind of the sars covid19 virus

It is better to stay and wait the out-come

On statistics the chart is rising

It should tell something to MOH

This weekend many will drive on the highway

They may cause a spike for the virus

As it is they better take precaution

It isn't back to normal in our lives

Rocking Rona is still grinning at us

Better follow the rules and SOP

the infection rate


The infection rate

It will slowly arrive

As we don't learn from Singapore

The republic has over thousands cases

The republic has to pull in the plugs

Every allowance of release has to pull back

The government has to stop the spread

Stringent measures have returned

The back door is doing the opposite

Opening up inter-state traveling

Most of the economic activities will resume operation

Rocking Rona will wake up its sting

Yesterday numbers rose

Over 8k cases reported

A sign MOH has to take action

Pull in the plugs before it goes up again

Vaccinations are putting up walls

It may help within a short spell

As sars Covid19 keeps mutating

The vaccines will become ineffective

We must still stick to rules and SOP

We mustn't be carried away

Rocking Rona still hanging free

We have to stay ahead; don't get caught in its web

a long term shame


Everyone wants

A short cut to power

A short cut to promotion

A short cut to riches

Every trick in the book

It may be used to get there

The bartering trade in return

When power eventually corrupts

The systems installed

It can be compromised

When the corrupt run the show

There will be bad running high

Who are to blame?

The leaders of bad faith

Indulging in short cut to fame

A long term shame

why the need for committees?


The back door

Like the previous governments before

Like to establish committees

Many as possible

Sometimes we wonder

What happened to previous study?

All left forgotten in the drawers?

Because new committees knock the door?

Cases gone to court

The judges decided the cases

A race doesn't like the outcome

Because of political votes

A committee is formed

To find the culprits involved

When it is work related

Dead or misadventure is a consequence


It isn't passed as law

Because it makes the force clean

Too many skeletons to come out

So the police blocked

Every possible way

The bad skeletons in the force

Too much weight to dig it up

Now there is call to investigate

The police officers buy up promotions

Something shouldn't have happened

Like UK political 250 club of the ruling party

We have the police

We have Macc

We have AGC

Why the need for committees?