Tuesday, February 20, 2024

the Rocket dilemma


The Rocket

The fuel burning less

Running in the unity government

The hot plate seems mild to touch

Its leaders seem bending low

They don't want to say how they feel

They let Anwar runs the show

Leaving them with some headaches

Anwar is playing his 2R game

He wants to please his own race

He feels he can't lose his base

But the Rocket should take notice

So much to expect from Anwar

In his run he may have forgotten his black eyes

Got hit while he was in prison by the highest police officer

Now in his power to control and distribute he has forgotten

The Rocket mustn't turn soft

The rocket fuel must always stay on top

Heat up the plate others will take notice

Don't be a hanging punching bag

don't be afraid to change


Renaissance man

Don't talk too much

Don't be afraid to make changes

The nation needs to break her chains

In 2nd year of his administration

He needs to start his bold changes

He can't be a walking microphone

Shouting without action doesn't work

Renaissance man

The crocodiles pushing it

Telling many political lies

Don't let them achieve their goals

Don't let history say

Renaissance man is a coward

Dare not take his chances

Afraid to introduce changes

Renaissance man

Stand up have a back-bone

The 2nd year show us

The way forward

the down MUDA


The down MUDA

Its heyday at the beginning

Creating much hope in politics

Many people thought so

Now MUDA can be has been

The leaders can't gather up storm

The attraction isn't in the polls

Because its menu is weak in reality

The down MUDA

Its former president found guilty on corruption

The bad image fuels bad publicity

The cooperation and patience it lacks in its arsenal

Now MUDA hits with donation

The grapevine says of DZ and Old Man

Though its leaders didn't say much

The perception is in the political minds

MUDA troubles

On the wrong way in politics

Without patience nothing will help

Wrong perception derails ambition

living on grace the old man


The Old Man

The soul lingering on

In hospital telling no lies

Living on a grace

The past of his time

He shouldn't delay his mistakes

He should be a man to admit

Those bad divide and rule tactics

It gained him power

At the expense of the nation and people

The power to control and spread corruption

Leading the nation to the downward spiral

The industralization of the nation

The privatization of many government investments

It is only to benefit his cronies and families

The one sided on the NEP

The education systems butchered

Letting go of meritocracy

Letting go the talents

Letting go of English

The Old Man

Better to say sorry now

No need to plot but save his prayers

It may help his soul

Monday, February 19, 2024

renaissance man shouldn't be a softie


The crocodiles bad thinking

They want their own way

They should perfect their walking

Yet they don't see they aren't perfect

Passing laws in Kelantan

They swear to hold and protect the Constitution

Yet behind close door they go against it

Belittling the Federal judges

The state bad laws

The Federal Court judges have the right

To make it void going against the Constitution

But the crocodiles crying afraid of their lies

The drama of fools

A race who can't see the truth

All laws passed mustn't run against the Constitution

It will be challenged in Federal Court

Renaissance man

Stand firm without compromise

The Constitution must stand supreme

It is the country's foundation

Yet he dares not stop the crocodiles

He lets the crocodiles run against him

He should remember he is managing a secular nation

It isn't an Islamic nation; the Constitution stays supreme

the soft way has left


You are

The reason

The nation goes south

Struggling to stand up again

The decades of erosion

In Education and morality

Concentrating on religion

Creeping into the minds

The wrong approaches

The nation suffers in silence

The mass production of graduates

The mass production of Phd holders

The soft way has left

Leaving the hard extremists

Wanting to change the landscape

You are the reason

The broken threads

Searching it in the dark

You are

The reason

one old man


One old man

In hospital breathing on respiratory tube

Eyes staring into space

Maybe thinking of his time

The sins and bad deeds

Flashing to his eyes

Reminding him immortality is none

Saying sorry is to release the mind

Once long ago

I went to the hospital

To get my injection

I saw this old man

His eyes staring right to me

No smile no wink

As if he was done with it

A blank in his eyes

The nurses weren't around

The old man had to live with it

No children or relatives to stay with him

He was practically on his own

And his life slowly floating away

Looking at him it wasn't a good sign

Suffering alone waiting for the moment

When his life would be done

Now this one old man

He's still never remembers his sins

Maybe too many for him to know

He doesn't want to say sorry

He carries with him too many bad baggage

Carrying the load will make him worst

Saying sorry doesn't bring down his dignity

It only says he is human after all

The alleged wealth he had diverted

Covering his tracks nobody can trace

But the papers trail and contracts

It will not simply disappear

Like Putin of Russia

He allegedly could have US$200 billion dollars

The investigators try to unlock his hidden wealth

He seems to hide it so well

He doesn't want to say he is sorry

His critics will face his wrath

He doesn't care what others think of him

But his life is always hanging by a thread

The corrupt will pay

In time the circle will complete

If we are still alive it is better to say sorry

Amend our ways walk the path of truth

the brand of rice


Madani rice

Why ply into politics?

It's just a name

Maybe trying to brand it?

It is still boiling to cost

What will the price be?

There is only one brand?

The current ones have to change?

We have so many brands of rice

Each trying to compete for a share

The consumers have many choices

Yet it is the price

No matter what is the name

The price is still the consideration

The price factor must benefit all of us

It isn't for self enjoyment

Sunday, February 18, 2024

the wolves should stay humble


The wolves

If they don't learn

They will lose

In the 3rd round of election

In unity government

The wolves have their second wind

They have a time to recuperate

After 2 major losses in elections

Yet the wolves don't behave

The leaders still speak badly

Thinking they are running the show

They forget the director is a different person

In their low esteem

They can't face the truth

They better get into a good shape

They need it to survive in GE16

The wolves

They shouldn't show their fangs

It has been blunted no good to say

Stay humble return to basics

there will come a time


There will come a time

Our physical bodies may decline

We can't walk or travel far

We will be bound to our disability

The photographs will be a solace

Turning the photo albums to remember

The faces and places once we traveled

Friends we knew; friends we had our laughter

The sins we might have committed

The love game we played and stole

Leaving scars behind or footprints in memories

The regrets of living; the echoes of bad vibrations

While sitting in a porch or garden

Sipping hot drinks admiring the glow

Remembering the footprints in memories

Of a time dare to do anything

There will come a time

We may not be able to walk

We will get stuck on disability

It's only memories bringing cheers

the opposition


The opposition

Time to move on

Don't get hitched in memories

It will not see progress

The opposition

Still hang on in the past

Salivating minds still dreaming

Of power and greed

They can't forget

Once they were in the seats

The cash flow in their eyes

They couldn't forget

Now they will cry

Thinking back of their time

The cash flow ringing in their minds

They want to shake it for their own

The opposition

Time to move on

Yesterday is gone

Today pay for your sins

the moo 6


The Moo 6

They aren't worried

They will stand their ground

On supporting unity government

The moos party can shout or amend its constitution

The Moo 6 will stay in or outside the party

It will not make so much difference at all

The unlikely scene they will become Independents

The moos party can sack or remove them

But there will be no by election in the law

Unless they resign and hop to another party

Only then the Anti-hopping law applies

The Moo 6

Most likely they will become Independents

They will not run foul of the Anti-hopping law

They will still get their benefits as members of Parliament

stand by the light


Stand by the light

When life is unkind

You don't have to cry

All the tears

It will not help much

You will still be alone

Seeking solace but none to see

You are just a number and a face

You want people to recognize

They have their tasks and worry

You have to fight it out

Don't cry in tears

Stand by the light

The angels will be watching

Time isn't wasted of trying

As long as you can break free