Tuesday, May 18, 2021

living free the pages of life


To sell or not to sell?

Leaving there let others enjoy?

The house you may not return

Cut the ties keep the memories

Renting can cause headaches

Sometimes rent will not be paid

Mortgage loan needs to pay

Scratching your head on finance

Of course there is the professional agent

The commission needs to be paid

Doing all the leg work and taxes

Is it worth the cost to hang it there?

Keeping it in long term

2 decades down the road

The house may fetch a higher price

Turning it into a gold mine

That's the future to realize

Will it happen; will it bomb in price?

The future isn't for us to know

We can only predict with some guess work

If you unload it now

You may get a good return

You are house debt free

You will know what to do

At the current situation

The ongoing pandemic

It is good to hold on to cash

It's the life blood to survive

It is good to live in debt free

Though many may live in high gear situation

Living in a domino effect until something changes

Living free the best way to the pages of life

the conflict in Middle East


The conflict in Middle East

Through the decades it is still burning

On the political differences

The weak still wants to act aggressively

While the strong still hammers on

Getting it most on its way to rule

This is the price of winning

The loser should stay for peace

The wounded shouldn't try to attack

It will not carry much damage

Through the decades the conflict continues

The wrong ideology the destruction rules

Our nation shouldn't get involved

Through the decades we gave donations and support

It is only encouraging the conflict to progress

Without a solution to find a peaceful settlement

What happen if a missile hit us?

Who will support us in the end?

We should lend our voice to find peace

Not by condemning the other party

Just remember we don't have the military arsenal

In conflict of war we are the losing candidate

So it is better to help to find a peace settlement

Lend our vocal voice of support for it

solutions need to be found


The MCO isn't working

The way it is now

Infections will knock us high

Now the total lock down should introduce

We don't have a choice

We need to kill off the C19

Every one has to work in tandem

Put aside the political differences

This is our nation to save

We can't be thinking of supremacy

Of a race or religion or whatever

C19 doesn't care what we try to differentiate

C19 just wants to invest in hosts

The more the merrier for the virus

We mustn't fall for our greed and power

We will pay for our transgression

The emergency isn't working too

His Majesty should recall it home

Reconvene Parliament immediately

Better still he can remove the sitting leader

This is the situation

Yesterday we had over 4,400 infections

The hospitals are nearly full

Do we still wait and see?

the weak should seek peace


The dogs and cats

They will keep fighting

On the political differences

Showing their claws clamouring to win

But it will not happen

Because a peace settlement isn't there

One weak party still wants his way

Though he is weak to make demands

We know the rules

The weak should seek peace

Wait until the strong falls

Then he fights back again

The constant irritations

Showing the weak has no clues

He has no arsenal

He has no strong support

For decades the wrong approaches

The new born will make the same mistakes

Of the last generation before them

Besides, he shouldn't fight on a weak front

Most of the times he will run leaving his work undone

Among his own people he wants to talk big

In reality he should seek peace

Find a better solution to live and prosper

Waging a conflict on a weak position

It is always a failure

Look at his neigbours

The dogs and cats

Must be willing to respect the rules

When a party is weak

It is better to negotiate for peace

Though he may get less

There is always a tomorrow!

Monday, May 17, 2021

the back door nothing good


The back door

Nothing good will become

It hasn't given the good vibes

It's all sink in the mind

We read of double standards

Arising from ministers or VIPs

While the ordinary folks fine on the spot

It brings anger to the ground

Moo can't say much

The obligation for support

He is the weakest leader

Only interested in his post

Moo has lost his support

The wolves should openly declare now

They don't have to wait until August

The chief wolf can't escape his wounds

The back door swings

With hurried leaders and ministers

Counting the days they will lose it all

When people are angry with flip-flops

May the naughty glow


May Day May Day

We can't jump into the well

Because the pandemic will say

We must be crazy!”

May the naughty flow

We can't get up into gears

The lock down in our lives

Unless we break the SOP

Now who want to pay fine?

Running like crazy in May

We better stay alive

Pray like monks in Tantric cry

C19 will be happy

If we forget to control our desires

May is tempting to break free

But SOP stops; break pays a fee

the social ladders in dating game


When we were growing up

We were told about standards

Even about women who would come and go

Look for similarities in each other

Look for the same social ladders

So that we wouldn't get squeezed

Don't try to go beyond our reach

We would fall and we heard “I tell you so!”

Now we might have been fooled

We shouldn't put barriers in our pursuit

Especially on women coming into our lives

We should aim the best we can find

We shouldn't fall for 5 or 6

We should go for 9 or 10

This is to test our ability

How we stand and learn along with it

As the saying goes “no venture no gain”

No action no result if we are shy or fear

Because women always want to test us

They will play a game of hard to get

If we are on the playing field

We mustn't put up with barriers in our pursuits

We should practice push and pull

It will always work in the game

When we were growing up

We were schooled to look at our levels

The social ladders have become a caste system

We should break free and play the game

our back yards need funds too


Funds for Palestine

Malaysians raised $1 million

In a quick time to support

The conflict in the Middle East

It may sound a good effort

Helping a nation in needs of funds

But where are the funds going?

Buying weapons for aggression?

Nobody seems to know

Even the Ambassador has no clue

Where are the funds gone to?

Why raise funds when peace refuse to deal?

Our back-yard needs funds too

The homeless and vagabonds

It never comes in quick support

Because there is no publicity!

We have so many in every state

The poor Malaysians crying out for help

But where are the funds to assist them?

The politicians are so eager to fund Palestine!

the dating game


The dating game

It will be dry

Of course you can break the rules

If you are willing to pay the fine

The players still can communicate

Through the social medias like zoom

They can still send emails or what's app

But the physical connection is hard to complete

There is always the vacuum

Generated by the pandemic

You don't want to get roasted

Just because you feel lonely

Though there will be some

Willing to beat the rules and try

The dating game on a dry run

Don't get caught you don't want to pay the fine

Sunday, May 16, 2021

the homeless people


The homeless people

Living among us

In the cities, towns or villages

The sad eyes and the lost vision

They will look at you

Hoping for a grace

Cash or food to stay

Living on charity

But their lives are tough

Many will find it hard to stay

Living on any place to call a home

Sometimes they get rejection

We always say charity begins at home

Yet we find it doesn't really apply

Why support Palestinians cause?

Why they refuse to talk peace?

They aren't homeless

Through the generations

They can't accept they have lost

The game of intimidation not for peace

Right here in our back-yard

We forget our own people

The homeless and the original people

Living in a harsh reality of life

However, there are concerned people

By NGOs and soup kitchens

They run the show to help the homeless

But it is the government should provide it

The homeless people

There will be stories behind their lives

Our charity should begin at home

This is where it should begin

the dogs and cats


The dogs and cats

The vagabond lives they live

Abandoned by their owners

Chase away to live on their own

Hunting food in rubbish bins

Waiting patiently at the food outlets

Looking for crumbs to satisfy hunger

Hoping for some good fellows

Yet they still breed

Many at a time to add to the misery

Of the needs to find homes and meals

But they live outdoors like vagabond

Some kind souls will feed

Some NGOs will find places for them

But the dogs and cats

They are forced to live on the streets

We can feel sorry for the animals

In the pandemic the scarcity of food

But there are kind souls helping out

It isn't every time on the streets

the power and the weak


The rules

The power and the weak

We see the double standards

We can only complaints

The rules

The powerful can get away

They don't have to worry

It can be settled or forget

The ordinary and the poor

They will face the music

Flute, guitar, organ, sax, or drums

The police go around to arrest

While the powerful will smile

Sitting it their homes sipping champagne or wine

The police will take some time

Conducting investigations and report

The weak will cry

They will spend time

In jail or pay fine

The rules will apply