Thursday, July 29, 2021

moo and his cabinet better resign now


Moo and his Cabinet

They have to resign now

They shouldn't show their faces

They are a disgrace to the nation

HRH the King has expressed his displeasure

About the affairs on EO in Parliament

He wants debate on EO and voted

But not by Cabinet decision to revoked it

It is against the Federal Constitution

The Constitution is very clear on it

Any emergency law must be laid out for debate

Later it has to be voted for or against

Moo and his Cabinet should go

Many members and lawyers say

They have committed treason on HRH the King

They shouldn't show their faces now

The chief wolf now is his chance

He should seize it to demand his members resignations

Let the back door fall in shame

He may get back some credibility

Moo and his Cabinet

He scored a bad high 5

The last one on HRH the King and people

They better resign and take their shame away

when you are battling for your life


When you are battling for your life

You will search whatever to bring your hope alive

Because it is your life to make that decision

It isn't about doctors or the government

The medical doctors will follow science and research

With the data supplied by the drugs companies

They will say these medicines will assist

When it fails to deliver they can't offer any advice

Most they will tell you

Stay at home and pray or hope for the best

We know the consequences

Because the doctors have failed in their profession

They have no answers or clues

You are left to find your own

But the alternative medicines

These associations and drug companies will block

The government too will stay

Supporting them leaving the patients on their own

Battling diseases where drugs can't make the day

You are on your own; go home and pray”

Ivermectin a drug approved by WHO

For the treatment of animals

It can't be used on humans

But we are animals aren't we?

Many countries have used to treat C19

The statistics show it has stopped the deaths

It means this vaccine has its potential

Big pharma companies don't agree

Because Ivermectin is cheap

Big pharma companies will lose billions

Fighting C19 is every one meal

Because of profit a patient has to suffer death

When your life is at stake

You must have your final say

You will need to find alternative medicines

To reach the final hope to stay alive

But there are road blocks

You will find to your dislike

Because of profits for the sector

You will find you are at a loss

The other natural remedy

Drink baking soda and raw honey*

Twice a day in the morning and at night

It may help to fight the viruses well

It may help to draw out the viruses

Clean up the mess in the body

You will have a chance to fight in life

Because it is a natural remedy

This remedy can cure cancer

It may help in fighting C19

As it is a natural way to beat our ailments

I drink it every morning in empty stomach for years

When you are fighting for your life

There is no harm to try new ways to survive

Big pharma will try to put up road blocks

Because of fear of losing billions

*note one teaspoon each of baking soda and raw honey

take action now, chief wolf


The chief wolf

No use complaining

You are kept in the dark

You fail to initiate action

The 9 wolves in the Cabinet

They didn't tell or phone to say

They intended to play their own game

Daring him to take the appropriate action

The order given out

Yet the wolves in Cabinet and GLC

They pretended not to hear or read it

The chief wolf has to take action

Every day on slow walk

It will become bad for the chief wolf

It will show he has no power to take action

It will erode his confidence and power base

The chief wolf

Take action now

Else forget about your position

The 9 wolves challenge your call

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

azzmin feels the blue


Azzmin feels the blue

He has no chance to grow

Touted as the most trusted man

Moo finally dished him in a corner

He wasn't picked as deputy prime minister

A post he really wanted it in his resume

He couldn't hide his displeasure

His days may have fallen in the darkness

Will he stay in Bersatu?

One of the movers for the back door

Now karma bites him where it hurts most

His pride has been dented

His Sandakan video may push him in

One party has identified it is him

So far the police says can't identify

But the clip can be seen clearly!

Azzmin feels the blue

Moo wants him to be controlled

Now without his coveted position

Azzmin may feel he is being pushed away

It is best for him to retire

As one of the duplicitous traitors of the back door fame

The public will not welcome him

He should have stayed with PKR for his ambition

the street where I stay


The street where I stay

It seems to attract mental illness people

In the beginning there was a family

The youngest son is a mental nut

Though he didn't make noise or shout

He would behave to show he is mad

His mother always gives it to him

She didn't want to make him angry

He was a teacher in an independent school

The next door neighbour said he had good grades

How he turn himself a mad man?

Sometimes love can make it bad

Then they shifted

When his sister bought a new house

In the same neighbourhood

About 800 meter away

Then the zombie man arrives

The shouting cry the whole day

For months his parents just pretended

They too aren't connected in their heads

One day he wanted to attack a woman

She video taped him on her handphone

She made her police report

They came and took him way

For six months the place was quiet

No more shouting the whole day

The street returned to its normal routine

After 6 months he returned from mental hospital

Now he doesn't shout anymore

He is quiet he must have taken his pills

The staff from the hospital will check sometimes

So far he stays quiet

Now there is a new tenant

This family has a mental guy

He uses to say out loud in the morning

Most of the time the same words and tone

Sometimes he will walk around the neighbourhood

Walking with a limp as he struggles on his way

I suspect he might have suffered a stroke

Because his right hand he hardly moves it

The street where I stay

3 families with mental sons

I will not know how they will be

Running amok one day?

As far as I know

Love turns wrong

Can cause a person

Turning into a mad animal

While growing up

My cousin turned mad

Because her mother disagreed

Her choice of man to marry

She turned into a mental patient

Always wanting to kill her mother

Her parents locked her in her room

She stayed in for good

She was nice to me

Through her window

Even my mother could talk to her

But not her own mother

When we shifted house

I didn't see her any more

The last time I heard

She passed away with her broken dreams

play marbles on the ground


Play marbles on the ground

Hit it and let it roll

Listen to the sound as it hits

The sound of a high pitch

A while it stays

When the wind takes it away

Looking at the marbles

The back lane spins the tales

Hear of the shooting marbles

No action to play its sound

It is only the talk and whisper

Even women on discreet sound better

At the back-yard the tins of rubbish

The sound of rubbish as the stray animals dig

Leaving all the debris nothing good but repeat

Of a time action should be swift but never

The sound in Parliament

The noises but still lack of action

The back door still playing marbles

While C19 hits over 17K of infection

The nation in low gear

The working clusters nail the chart

The back door still playing marbles

Hit the gong but slow action on the roll

don't get carried away while in power


When you haven't tasted power before

You will not know the knife can cut both ways

Once it is in your hands you can feel the energy flow

The power of authority every one will stay good

Because you have the power to decide on disciplinary action

To sack a person or to suspend an employee or deny his promotion

You have the sole right to judge your decision after a report

All subordinates will understand the rule of power

In the work place the management will use it

It is to instil discipline in all sectors in the organization

It is to bring as a united group to service the customers

There is no free loading for laziness or bad employees

In a way it makes a person stands out

The clout of power in his hand to mete out judgement

But it is also a curse if a person mishandles issues

Use it in the wrong way to create fear in the work place

Use power wisely every day

It can change rule

It can change place

Don't get carried away while you are in it

plan ahead to get there


When you are born poor

It doesn't say it is the end of the road

The initial years may feel sad and blue

Watching the rich people in expensive cars

Living in palatial homes with maids and drivers

Dining in expensive and classy restaurants

When you are born poor

You shouldn't let it stay that way

You have to plan ahead to get there

Because dying poor isn't a good way to go

Every opportunity will be in the circle

You need to find and grab as it surfaces

Many who are born poor

They have made their lives in many ways

They plan it on how to get there

As long as there is a plan it will work

Because the mind will want it to happen

Do not let poor background

Be a stumbling block to success

Every one has many opportunities to succeed

The universe wants everyone to feel the joy of abundance

Plan it the day will come to feel the wealth

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

no heat wave in parliament


The heat wave in the air

The temperature rising even indoors

The people are living uncomfortably

Even with fans whirring but hot air

Even with air- conditioning units switch on

Nobody wants to last it for many hours

Because of the energy cost eating out of the pockets

With the economic situation now is to save expenses

In Parliament we expect some fire works

But the back door just hits the buttons and walk away

Like Moo quickly disappears from the August House

He shows his lack of confidence and leadership

Now the opposition has to plan something

They have 5 days to turn it around

Get the motions even if by force

It happened in Perak in 2009 

The back door must not be on stage

No respect to Parliament and laws

Even the speaker takes side

He forgets he works for all the members

No heat wave in Parliament

Yesterday was a quite a cool affair

The wolves stayed quiet on EO

Let us hear what the next 4 days will bring?

the day walkers


The day walkers

Walk in the shadows

Sing their praises

Quickly make the exit

In the circle of the sun

The day walkers can't stand

The heated waves of debate

They don't have the answers

The lobster tail will help

He is part of the gang

Shielding the day walkers

Of the lighted words flowing

The day walkers

Fearful of the day

Smarter in the night

Because it is their might

But they still live in fear

Of a day the rocket will explode

The blue waves will take over

Leaving them with a bad taste

Now the day walkers

Staring in their blood shot eyes

Trying their might to intimidate

The power in their hands

the infection rate is high


Every day I read

The infection chart is high

Of people get infected

In the work places or mall

Why it keeps happening?

It's the attitude of the people

It's the attitude of the back door

Stop the traveling save the souls

Even in my current place

Once it was green for months

Suddenly the infection hit

Now the mall has it

It runs about 78 infections

Over 200+ tested for it

The days ahead will ring

How the infection will spread?

The Delta variant is infectious

As DG says it can spread very quickly

So the people should follow rules

Don't let C19 play its game of roulette