Sunday, June 30, 2024

the drama in politics


The drama in politics

It never fails to entertain

In our daily mundane life

Hitting us like fools they behave

We can give them names

In our privacy and in groups

The drama in politics

They think we are fools

We can say

We should take the blame

Letting them misbehave

Wasting our votes and efforts

But we are entertained

The double speeches and lies

The string of degrees

The truth seems hard to come by

The drama in politics

Push and pull antics for all to see

In reality we can criticize

Giving us something to do in our lives

the homeless


The homeless

At our back doors

The lost of hope

The lost of dignity

Born into the world

They don't get the cut

They are thrown out cold

Fighting for their souls

What does Renaissance man say?

He declared support for Hamas

Thousand of kilometers away

Contributing millions to its cause

His own backyard of homeless?

He doesn't see at all

He could make his speeches

In reality he sounds hollow

He could allocate over $2 billions to Jakim

When the homeless in his eyes he should go

He should cut down on Jakim allocation

Use the billions to give dignity to the homeless

If he wants to be the best

He should change his ways

Once in power he forgets

He shouldn't worry about his co-partners

water in our lives


Water issues

It will not skip away

As long as we don't play our roles

The problem will persist

Massive developments

Without caring for the environment

Nature will rebel in stages

Until we realize our wrong approaches

Don't bring down the hills or mountains

Don't try to cut it down to size

Citing developments as a prize

We will get our feedback on our woes

It isn't happening here

It happens around the world

Water needs to be shared

A nature gift but we are asked to pay

Water issues

Build more dams

Don't destroy hills or mountains

Plant more trees as signal for the rain

the fools demonstration


The drama of fools

They will not go away

They smell of money

They will do as they are told

The demonstration on the street

Though the police warned against it

Without police permit it will be an offence

Now let us see what the police will say

About 150 protestors holding placards

Nicely done holding it high

Telling how they feel

The bad response couldn't lie

The costs of living

It will go up

This is the trend of business owners

No subsidies costs will jump

It isn't the government fault

The economy of trade and export

Every nation and business have a role

The business owners will not back down

The drama of fools

Don't just demonstrate

Tell the people what they can do

Holding placards will not solve issues

when life is down


When life is down

You can kneel, pray and cry

Whispering all the frustrations

Let the silence echo try

You can tell God

He doesn't keep His words

He makes your life in misery

No hope to struggle to be free

He lets you feel your pain

You can shout at God

He may not listen at will

You have to find your courage

Stand up on your feet

God doesn't help those who run away

Ranting their unkind words in their brains

Help yourself God will break the chains

When life is down

You can kneel, pray and cry

But you can't be living in sorrow

You have to stand up God will break the chains

Saturday, June 29, 2024

the changes


The changes

Still on the wall

The write up on display

Action seems walking slow

Every opportunity

It will be talked about

Fanning the crowd

But nothing on record

NATO is the game

It isn't the name

We want to hear

The good news in our ears

The changes

The old style still walking

Leaving a bad feeling

Nothing will make it

The fault lies

Renaissance man fear

He needs his partners support

To hang on to his dream post

The changes

Hanging in the air

Waiting for a time

Renaissance comes alive

a welcome sight


Good morning

The sunshine glows

Spread its rays of lights

The day a welcome sight

The night rain

Pattering on the roof

Dancing of droplet water

The ring of the night

The streets quiet

Only the cats or dogs roam

Chasing each other in play

Nothing to worry

Good morning

The mists on the mountain

The early birds rushing

Don't want to miss opportunities

Good morning

A sight of the day

A living will stay

Counting the blessing

don't cry for nothing


Don't cry for nothing

Life isn't a bed of beautiful flowers

There will always have ups and downs

It is called a test of faith in living

Not everything can be achieved

Within a span of 30 years of our prime

We can do as much as we desire

In reality we have a fixed time

We can say we need more time

We know we can't have it

We can sacrifice our sleep

Is it worth it suffering in the future?

Don't cry for nothing

Some will be rich

Some will be poor

Some will be forever trying

Don't cry for nothing

We can't have everything

We should recognize our limitation

Don't complain of unfairness of it all

we want to be free


We want to be free

No traffic jams in our lives

Living like the blowing of the wind

Feel the pump up feeling

Yet we will catch

The dictatorship jumping in to control

The fear and prison in our eyes

It's reality to walk in paces

We can talk in private

Nothing will be shared openly

The law of Sedition will play

Catching those who still say so

We want to be free

We can only say at our private meeting

Nothing can be said openly

The Sedition Act will shout back

Friday, June 28, 2024

don't tell too many tales


Renaissance man

He should forget Hamas

It is his personal affairs

He shouldn't mix with the nation

The country's affairs

He shouldn't seek advice

Hamas isn't the right forum

It is his Cabinet he should consult

He better wakes up

He seems to be sleep walking

He doesn't know what he is doing?

Consult Hamas? Is he a joke?

The country's affairs

The Cabinet should decide

It isn't for outsiders to influence

Renaissance man makes his poor judgement

So much expected of him

But he seems to fail to reach the ground

He makes some cosmetic changes

The major ones he seems to forget

Renaissance man

Hit the chart for all

Don't tell too many tales

When NATO* dancing through

* No Action Talk Only

don't let the scriptures fool you


Islamic militants

Again in the country

Many years it stays quiet

Now the police start to crack it open

The religious indoctrination

The police should check on it

This is the basic ground to influence

The young minds to start a bad movement

Praying many times

The core values they should learn

But sad to say they don't 

They think they fight for God

They should read the scriptures

Don't get betray by their own selfishness

Every one has equal rights

No one is better than the other

The police should put them way

These Islamic militants can't be changed

They have to sit behind bars for good

They are like the addicts reform will be hard

you say you don't tell lies


You say you don't tell lies

You will laugh at the words

You wink your eyes as you say

The words just come out so easily

In the neon lights

It can blind the eyes

The words just come out

You say you don't tell lies

The bar knights come along

In the hours of midnight flow

The rock music blast off

The hard vibrations ringing

The shaking movements

In a while you are gone

Dancing on the floor

Without a care at all

You say you don't tell lies

Once it makes your eyes glow

You will run away to do your thing

Leaving all your words behind

You say you don't tell lies

You will laugh at your words

Only the beta males will believe

As you walk away smiling

make life fun no regrets


Don't live with regrets

We are here to learn and practice

Use our intelligence and skills

How we will use our lives

We have all the opportunities

Running around in our minds and eyes

We have to slow it down to grab it

But many are in a hurry to notice

Understand we may have 30 years to make it

Along the quests to get what we wanted and desired

Within that decades we should make our marks

We make it or we may die trying

When we age in time

Don't live with regrets

Do the best in this world

Make it fun we will live a good life

Thursday, June 27, 2024

hey you


Hey you

Don't run

When a dog barks

Walk away

Don't try anything

A dog may get it wrong

You may get hurt of bites

If a dog feels different

Hey you

On the road

Stay aware

Don't walk blind

Hey you

The sound you hear

Don't close your ears

Open your eyes to see

Don't walk quickly away

Stay a moment to look around

It may help you to get free

Knowing the surrounding area

Hey you

Don't run

Stay a moment to see

It may help you to get free

hold on to a believe


Hold on to a believe

It's the only way to live

When many have fallen

Like the wind

Scattering wild

Finding a place to stay

Nothing can hold it

Like the wind

Hold on to a believe

Let the mind work on it

There's always an apportunity

In the mind of chaos

There are choices

Pick one to make the grade

Hold on to a believe

Let the mind work on it

he can be the best


He can be the best

If only he knows what he has to do

Living in his political life

His dreams for the nation

He can learn from the past mistakes

Those who came and left the stage

Leaving regrets or unfinished business

Of bringing the nation to the front

But does he?

Renaissance man talks too much

The current issues he stays quiet

Some he may skirt it with some answers

He should amend the draconian laws

He shouldn't allow 2R to cross ahead

It will not make the country progresses

He should accept criticisms from all sectors

He can be the best

If he can establish diplomatic relations with Israel

In this way he can help Palestine to find peace

But will he have the will to do it?

But he hasn't done much

He still stays at the old way

Nearly 2 years to his administration

He still talks about changes

black night


Black night

The blind will say

They don't feel the fear

It is as natural as light of day

Black night

The non-blind will feel

The darkness engulfs them whole

The fear will scream in their minds

The chase in the night

Siren of police cars

Driving hard on the streets

Black night on the whole

The crooks will have their ways

An opportunity they will not let go

The thinking of loot and the riches

Because of black night

Black night

The sky turns dark

The blind will not feel a thing

Only non-blind will scream

Wednesday, June 26, 2024

backwards or what?



Let business flow

It has nothing to do with politics

The wolves have nothing to do?


Support Israel

What has it to do with us?

Nothing much really

It is those drama of fools

Running mad shouting for Palestine

Yet our back doors of poor and vagabond

They don't shout for them

Palestinians don't wake up

They are facing losses for decades

They should talk peaceful coexistence

Instead going on the offensive to lose


It is a business decision

It isn't about politics

The wolves just forget of their past

a vision going backwards


A race base university

Funded by tax-payers

Yet not all citizens can enter

Restricted it to a race policy

But foreigners are welcome!

The irony of its policies

Leaving the other citizens angry

Giving them a bad taste

Let them get spoon fed

See how long they can survive

In the harsh world of economics growth

When they can't speak English well

The economics disparity as an excuse

A race base university will not flourishing high

Over 50 years still can't stay high

Still needs ladders to support

Renaissance man

Your vision is going backwards

He should discard his 2R game

Let the nation of people grow

Let this race tax be used

The others shouldn't be funding it

Unlock it for the other citizens

Don't talk without actions

a time to pull up the strings


The party of Trojan horses

Lurking behind back doors

Causing headaches in government

The leaders should recognize them

But finding support to stay on

The weaknessess will expose

A leader can't carry on his reforms

He will keep pushing out fires

A time to act with clarity

A time to pull up the strings

A time to act tough for change

The bad ones will stay afraid

Put a gun on the head frame

When a feeling going to die or lose

It is the time to start galloping fast

Hitting on the ground hard

Many reforms can be achieved

Realize that time will not wait

It will keep ticking away

Put a gun on the head frame to win

The party of Trojan horses

Don't let them have free way

They should be chained for good

Let them cry in the cage

the bad vibrations


The Old Man

Still want to paint

He makes no mistakes

In his long career in politics

He should see

Why many say he has?

Causing the bad vibrations

Rocking the nation down

He may bring industrialization

But causing us to lose our edge

On our agriculture farming and products

The quick short term results

Now he blames

The previous prime ministers

Causing the bad vibrations

Yet he will say not he has a hand in it

The Old Man

He is still wanting his way

Even he will face his exit in time

He refuses to admit his mistakes too

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

the wolves living in the past


The wolves

Scoring the right notes

They can't perform right

They are tuned to their old ways

The leaders can't behave

They still show their arrogance

Instead of finding ways to feel remorse

They are still at their bad behaviour

In unity government

The wolves still bite their own partners

Showing their teeth of unforgetfulness

In a sense they are done

The decades of bad skeletons

The wolves should have buried it

Don't carry it into the present

It will bring no purpose but sad tales

The wolves

The party is done

Still supporting a jailed convict

A sad story in GE16

the game


The game

The lies or truth

We hear so often

Until we don't want listen

This is the way

The politicians will play

Spin it more often

Until we don't want to hear

We will hear

Many will say

They don't believe in politicians

They are a waste of our monies

They aren't the gentle souls

They are the gremlins

Playing their bad games

Leaving us angry in our brains

The game

The spin of lies or truth

The politicians will play

Sometimes they don't even know

focus on the economy to stay on


Renaissance man

Focus on economy

Don't play politics

It can wait in GE16

Don't try to invite

The crocodiles to unity government

What is your fear?

Afraid to lose your post?

Forget about 2R

It isn't worth the time and effort

You should concentrate fully

On the welfare of the nation

The economy has to run

Let the nation feel the vibrations

Hitting every corner to its high

The success on her progression

Renaissance man

Enough of playing politics

Stay focus to improve the economy

It's the only way you can stay on

members in Parliament


Members in Parliament

Behave like gentlemen?

They don't understand the word

They will cause ruckus while they debate

Spinning tales or lies

They think they look good

When they are caught pants down

The scream like puppies

They are paid to work

The way they behave

The tax payers will scream instead

The drama of fools life long pensions

Do they care?

The way they behave

They can't be bothered

They want their benefits

Monday, June 24, 2024

langkawi islands in economic woes


The conservative rules by the opposition states

The tourism industry will hit into the hollowness

It can't be restricted to Muslim only tourists

Langkawi Islands will cry for the years to come

The tourism players and hotel operators

They have to face the stark reality

The island will not be pulling tourists

Locals or foreigners to spend the tourism dollars

The islanders shouldn't cry now

They voted the crocodiles to rule

Be prepared to suffer economic losses

As it is Langkawi Islands is facing economic woes

Now under crocodiles management

The Kedahans shouldn't cry or complain

They want to go to heaven

They forget to enjoy paradise

If they can't make it in paradise

They will not be welcome in heaven

If they can't solve problem A

Going to solve B will be more difficult