Monday, April 30, 2007

democracy at work?

Democracy at work in Ijok? It was more on vote buying disguise as money for developement projects. The BN had breached the election rules. What EC is doing? The Mat Rambo of Pemuda UMNO threathened innocent people. Monkey faces and thumbing chest (UMNO youth and MIC youth) showing disrespect to the opponents. If there is no police around, maybe there will be fighting. A free for all like in the football match. Then again the police always do the bidding of the political master so they wont take action. Democracy at work? It depends who is talking about it. If BN talks, then it isnt democracy. It is autocratic policy meaning it doesnt relish dissent from the rakyat. Period. And we are suckers of wealth and projects....until we dont know where to put our faces. Sad also true. Zam Maidin said BBC shouldnt allow Anwar to be interviewed in its channel because Anwar is a bankrupt politician and rejected by the people. This is the mentality of our Information Minister. His job is to help the people and not on his political party. This is how the 3rd world mentality works. Time to change should be the next general election. Our ministers should go back to school and learn some PR for damage control and draw a line of party works and public office to serve the rakyat. Damn. Dr M is still right on his view of rotten government

it isnt easy

It is not easy to live life as a single parent. There are so many struggles to meet own obligations and the children's needs - food, school, encouragement, outing, money for this and that. A few go in by choice (like Azalina, Wati, Jodie Foster - they go for adoption to be single parent) Some are by circumstances others by love affairs. Pick a choice, it isnt easy to do parenting alone unless you are a rich cow...The children tend to do the opposite. Something to hit back at their parents. "Look you deserve it leaving us with one parent" In their eyes this is what they do. Will they grow out of it? The emotion will heal but the memory will stay. When they grow up, they will understand why. Right now the children just hit back without realizing their actions make the parent(s) hurt and feeling alone. Tears will flow which is good. Because emotion will be released and hurt feeling will go away in time. Life has so much to enjoy; dont let the small incident plays right into your weaknesses When you feel hurt, you realize you still can share your life with love. Life is a new page every day. It is in your hands to enjoy and realize its full potential. Nothing should block your way unless you allow it to happen. Also remember life is not smooth sailing all the times; there are hiccups, tears and sorrows,happiness and desires, needs done needs in limbo which why life is so much fun, it makes one goes out to achieve or keep trying to make it worthwhile. God graces is for those who tries and tries...

Sunday, April 29, 2007

back to base

I always say that after school or university one has to start from zero base. All the distinctions in all the subjects won't be taken into consideration when applying for jobs. It is what one could do that counts. It is how one inter-acts with people. Of course some will get jobs so easily because of political connections or knowing who to ask for jobs. But most people on jobs hunting are practically on their own. Some may have gone to so many interviews but still jobless. When I conduct interview I want to know how this person can help the company to grow. I dont ask for his/her certificates. It is the job and that person would have to prove it that he/she is the best to fill the vacancy. Because there is the probation period of 3-6 months to show or demonstrate a person capabilities. There are some who jump from one job to another all because of money.....Because you have about say 2 decades to save your pile for old age. In a hurry will always forget the focus of one's journey; and money will always blind it.

ijok dust settles

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak leading the cheering for Barisan candidate K. Parthiban (right) after the results of the Ijok by-election were announced Saturday night. Flanking them is MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu.Barisan wins with 1,850 majority courtesy The Star

Ijok dust settles. The work will begin. This is what normally happens then. It is also the way the victories team will do. Take a break wait for the call again. New developments will be put on hold or conveniently forget until the next election. It is still a base race party. "Malaysian" is the last call. Read their campaigns the fight is still on racial party. Maybe there will be court battles to bring leaders to their knees. There should be cases file so that the people will know in depth about leaders who try to make the rakyat look like fools. It is going to be 50 years; and we are told we are like babies waiting for milk to feed. Every buy election many goods are sent to the people. So they are blinded for that particular occasion then the magic of goodies totally disappear. Congratulations to BN for winning the buy election. Time will change. Voters will change

Saturday, April 28, 2007

BN won in Ijok

BN won the by election by an increase majority. The people in Ijok wanted the rotten government because they could get more it is over. Honeymoon gone to the wind. After the election, I dont see much news then. The people in Ijok have to fend for themselves. Then the same delaying tactics will be used until the next general election. The voters bought over by $36-100 million promised to develop Ijok..

garden pests

This one no complaining hehehe

Every morning I have to do this. Kill the crawling insects in my garden. Damn it multiplies very fast. At one time it was on the wall of the fencing area. Now it crawls right into the house too. These crawling insects, I was told, were the common pests in the garden. Honestly this is the first time I have encountered these pests in the garden. It could be transferred from the black soil I bought. This is no other possible explanation. So every morning I have a new job dancing in the garden. I call it reflexology dance. One leg up bring it down, step on it and hit it hard, poor insects squashed to death. When the day is hot, I can sigh a relief. I dont see them crawling around. So far it is only in the morning and evening sometimes. Currently I think it is controllable. I bought a chemical to defuse the situation. So far I dont know about the result. I still see many crawling insects in the grass....Ah this is life; sometimes good sometimes bad..

Friday, April 27, 2007

time to change

BN has ruled the country for 50 years in 2007. First the Alliance now National Front (BN) comprising the racial base parties. These parties such as MCA and MIC are the tools for UMNO to stay on ruling the country. They are the office boys of the boss UMNO. So many racial remarks made against other races but UMNO leaders got a slap on the wrist only; the laws are conveniently forgotten. Police report made but no investigation was done. Even if the police do it, it is only for show. Because it will say there is no case to investigate. Malaysia needs a new government to take her to the moon and a new direction for the democratic process. The current BN government is too heavy and the school children carrying heavy load of textbooks to school. BN can't change which I am sure. There are too many comfort zones and the leaders should retire gracefully. Most of them never want to help the country and her people. It is still the money through political clout. Look BN will lose heavily in the next election. If KMT in Taiwan could be replaced after 50 years, BN too can be done by the people. The people should open their eyes and see the corrupted leaders in our midst. Even Dr Mathir the former PM called the current administration a rotten government!!
The rakyat should stand up to change the government. Don't be fooled so many times before. Read the many statements are made to win over the hearts of these people - all on racial base policies. It is time to change for Malaysia for Malaysians nothing should be on race.

ijok buy election

Tomorrow will be the by election in Ijok. The voters should vote wisely to put a good candidate to the state assembly; dont choose on party because the party will forget you after the vote count. This is a decisive vote for the people and in general for the next general election. Dr Mahathir asked the voters in Ijok dont vote for the rotten government. AAB is not running the country but his supporters will say he has. Walk with me has now gone into emptiness. Islam Hadhari will be recorded as a gimmick when the words never translated into action per se. Look around us....religious officers are garang now knowing that the government is weak; tourism minister made red tape more when the cabinet wants to reduce red tape ( fill forms for those going for holidays overseas and what will be the result? Will it worth the time and money spend on it? I doubt it) Mat Rempit becomes Mat Rambo in disguise as Pemuda UMNO intimidating the people in Ijok (read blog of Jeff Ooi) and KJ -son in law gave a briefing to Bernama reporters....Is he running the government? No wonder Dr M said the present administration is rotten...A gentleman must keep part of his agreement..but power corrupts the mind and promises. I am part of the BN party and I used to vote for BN. Since Anwar sacking 8 years ago, I had changed my view and support. The present government must change. It is a long time to let BN rule the country for 50 years. We must a new kid to run the show. Dont fall the traps of the ruling government. These leaders want to profit on their seats. US of A keep changing leaders and yet the country is the super-power of the world. Taiwan did the same. Tokyo too. Finally I hope the voters will see the true colors of the BN leaders. Dont fall for their traps again. So many years they can't get what they need; now suddenly they can get it within 10 days!! Ijok people should open their eyes and believe what is happening. I bet the election the leaders will forget about Ijok if they win the seat. If BN loses the seat, I see these leaders will make regular visits to woo the voters again. So another round of goodies (read tax payers money) Dr M says vote for Khalid (of course he didnt mention it that way)

Thursday, April 26, 2007

children in Africa dying

I saw the American Idol programme on Idol gives back. And about the African people who have to suffer all kinds of diseases and lack of medical aids to help these people. Also on the American people who are displaced even after 2 years of Katrina...And the US President is spending trillions in Iraq for what purposes? To show the might of USA while her own people suffer without food and aids? This is the part of madman who doesnt help his own people but create more bloodshed in other countries. The African continents are suffering from AIDS, TB, malaria and host of other diseases. Natural disasters like draught. But the African people must do it themselves. Stop producing babies unplanned; stop the wars amongst own people; stop the greed, stop the corruption, stop looking for aids.....learn the ways of the saints and back home in my country, the BN government spend money to win election through tax payers money. The government doesnt care much about the poor people too. The government pick and choose and not to display the distribution fairly to all people. Children of own people born and bred here can't get their citizen papers whereas Indonesians can get it so easy. It tells something sulks here. Over in Ijok the BN government pours in millions to win votes. During 15 years of BN rule nothing really was done to help the town to grow. And now suddenly Ijok has money to spend and spend. I just hope Ijok people will send a clear message to BN that money doesnt win election. Sincerely help the rakyat yes..The children in Africa one dies in every 30 seconds I feel the pain and sadness

13th installation of the king

The 13th King's installation today(26/4/07) Public holiday for banks and govt depts; maybe some commercial companies too. It was also reported that the King would change 80% of the palace officials. He will select his own staff for the next 5 years. I hope the King didnt terminate the 80% staff he replaced with his own selection. I hold the view that these palace officials are seconded from the other govt depts/agencies so that their station of life are not disrupted by the King changes of staff administration. I support the King time changes in official functions or meetings or events at night. In this set up he has viewed the people participating in these events. By the time the function is over it would be nearly 2 in the morning. I wish the present King will take a more direct role in his capacity as the ruler of the country and not play into the hands of the BN government. I believe he has some standing for certain issues in the country. I want to believe that.

life is a new page every day

Someone said life is a new page every day. I agree. Every time you wake up, there should be new things to do and accomplish. It can be anything. It doesnt need to be a lofty objective. It can be the simple things in life. Looking at the garden about watering the plants about sweeping the floor about making tea or lunch or dinner with new receipes; or about writing that letter or posting to blog(s) or about calling friends far or near or visiting relatives or friends or perhaps reading about the religious text or why people allow their minds to be controlled by the religious fanatics to blow themselves up? And the leaders never do it? About King's installation today and what he will do for the next 5 years? About the cats' mating season and the ritual dances and fights to get attention; anything different with human antics? About the by election and thugs in the by election. About money is used to influence the lower income group to vote them about promises this and that about anything under the sun and moon.......................about a new page every day of one's life

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

ijok buy election 2

The buy election in Ijok has become a nasty business. People are paid to make trouble. As I read reports in the reputable blogs, I could see what the BN is doing. Khir Toyo asked the police to catch these hooligans but could the police do it? These are the Pemuda UMNO. They behave like thugs as reported in the blogs(Jeff Ooi) What are the UMNO leaders doing? I personally feel BN is afraid to lose this battle. Alot of goodies have been distributed and are going to spread out to reach as many people as possible. The EC should have stepped in by now. This is vote buying. The BN leaders harped a different tune----under the 9th Malaysian Plan and on going projects....the people in Ijok should vote PKR take the goodies from BN and let them think harder next election. Because more goodies will come again. In this election Najib has a stake too. His position will be in trouble. The opposition party is talking about the link to the Mongolian beauty who was blown to bits by C4. When the trial begins in June, I suspect more worms will start crawling out. Of course by now personal attacks had begun. I should think the candidates should say what they can do for Ijok at what time frame. If they can't deliver, they shouldnt be there. The voters should kick them out. I think Tan Sri Khalid has a good chance to win this by election. You dont need young turks to do work; you need good followers to make it works!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

malaysian travellers to fill forms?

I dont know what the tourism minister is trying to do. Asking Malaysian travellers to fill forms to say what they want to do on reaching their destinations. I think he should find ways to promote the country tourism products than asking fellow malaysians to fill forms.....This is the way of the weak government. The air tickets will show which country they are going; and from there these people may go elsewhere. Even when the policy is implemented, the people won't tell the truth. They may just fill in the forms putting false information basically nobody is going to tell what he/she wants to do. He just wants to waste time and energy and not forgetting tax payers' money for to me it is a stupid plan. If you dont see other countries, you dont see the world. What we have here is basically the hills, beach and historic buildings. Malaysians are not into these things. They want to shop and see something different where the country can't produce or allow it to happen. For example word like 'pussy' is censored in television programmes. In time to come sex education will be introduced.....I dont know what words the teachers are going to use...I think the tourism ministry is trying to spy and also to keep the ministry relevant for its funding. He should go and see what products we have in the country and how they are maintained. It is shit!!!! The public restrooms are a disgrace and I dont think the minister has walked to the public loos....

Monday, April 23, 2007

goods in Ijok

Ijok buy election....I read the ruling BN is spending up to $100 million for the voters of 12,000. Suddenly the voters have goodies coming so soon and fast. For over 15 years under BN rep nothing was really coming to this sleepy hollow. Then he died. The goods train arrived. MCA president said that the tarring of roads in Ijok is the ongoing process not necessarily in this by election. What was he talking about?! If there is no by election, the process of tarring the road wont be happening. Maybe when there is the general election. The EC should investigate. I believe it is above EC rules in the election. Another thing for over 15 years the house owners couldnt get CF for their houses; suddenly the CF is approved in this Ijok by election. I hope the people there understands the tactics of the ruling BN. This is another form of vote buying which I think the EC wont investigate. So I guess we should have more by election in the country so that the people can have goodies over night. Without it, the people have to wait years for it. And the hooligans tactics displayed by UMNO deputy head and MIC and supporters in this by election should be investigated by the police. These people disrupted the peaceful lives in Ijok. For those who graduated in universities, it is sad to see these gangster's tactics dsplayed on nomination day. Time to put a number for people to go there. Say a limit of 21 people for both candidates. This is to avoid trouble.....unless some crazy potluck triggers suicide bombs. I hope it doesnt happen in this country...And "Act of God" samyvelu said it is under the 9th Malaysian Plan on tarring of the roads. It happens so suddenly in this sleepy hollow...

monitor lizard/iguana

Today I saw a monitor lizard or iguana crawled into the house. The sliding door was ajar and I heard a sound so I turned around saw the animal quickly made the escape. I was surfing in my net downstairs because I was testing the D-link router in the house. Now I can sit anywhere in the house and I can browse my cyber world. So this iguana about 18 inches long to its tail trying desperately to escape in the garden. I came out with the broom stick but it ran somewhere in the flower pots. I looked high and low but I couldnt find it. I let it be and went back to clock in the net. I have no intention of killing it. I just wanted to let it go somewhere else.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

houses in bandar seri botani

In my new house at Bandar Seri Botani, I left a few cleaning materials in the house. I thought who wanted to steal barangan saya di rumah sendiri. Lagipun bukan mahal barangan itu. Mula2 my broom and dustpan got hilang. I put it outside the porch area. Of course the house isnt occupied because no electricity yet only water. I could do some cleaning up then. So I left the broom and dustpan behind. Today in the house itself my scrapper was lost. I guess it could be the contruction workers who came to do some touch up on the wall where I had filed complaints about 3 weeks ago. There are still a few things needed to be done like the painting on the grills, drainage cover and porch cleaning of painting stained on the tiles...Did some cleaning in the house and test the wiring connection and it was to my satisfaction. I havent asked the lighting shop owner to fix up the lights yet. Because I am waiting for the developer to do the minor faults on the house. I saw a few houses are occupied now. My row one house did some renovations other than that nobody occupies the houses there. I won't be staying in this new house though I will do some basic amenities in the house.

about garden

When I have a garden, I think it will be good. I can see butterflies and birds (sparrows and humming birds sometimes mynas) visiting the garden. When it rains the order of nature takes over. It is cooling too when it is scorching hot in the sun. But I can't understand where the pests come from. Those crawling many legged pests. I spend a few minutes squashing these pests. I bought a chemical lotion to exterminate these pests but these pests are still crawling around. It is a common pest in the garden. Perhaps it was the black soil that I bought and mixed with the sand and mud. Yet I have to walk around the garden in the morning and evening to stamp out these crawling insects. The smaller ones can climb up to over 1o feet on the wall. Currently when it is hot in the afternoon these crawling insects hide in the grass...or burrow deep into the soft ground. Think of people going going going about going from here to there;about truths and lies about lies and more lies about small things to big events; about money about corruption on money about good life and poor life about religions about God how many faces He has? about disaster about peace about harmony about relationships about death about religion.......always crawling back and forth...about the garden..............paradise or darkness....about tea time...

Friday, April 20, 2007

billions to a fortune teller

Billions left to feng shui master Chan. Nina Wang, Asian richest woman, left her will to her fortune teller. Court case looms in Hong Kong. She died of cervical cancer. She was diagnosed with the disease 2 years ago afterwhich as reported she changed her will in 2006. Now her family members are pursuing the case in court. Anything familiar here with our bomohs? Here these bomohs dont take money per se but conned women to have sex with them. It is to evict evil spirits in these women's bodies. So he must have sex with them. How easy women are conned into this trap. It applies to single and married women. So in Nina Wang case it could be the same treatment. When the mind is low and soul is lost everything could happen...when is lost in the world of death the focus will be lost and it is at this time one could be conned into doing things without realizing it at all. I am sorry I am not the expert but reading reports of people conned I could say this could be the truth.

Maybe I should take up a new profession.....since women are so easily conned to do things without realizing it. Possible for me....but I like the truth

Thursday, April 19, 2007

ijok buy election

Ijok buy election....the goodies have rolled into the little hollow. So I guess the people there will see some real action for the next 11 days. Already the Selangor MB had approved $36 million to Ijok (registered voters around 12,000) for development purposes and the roads retarred. These are the folders of enticement which the ACA should check and not wait for reports after reports but nothing is solved. Prior to the by election nothing is really done to elevate the voters in Ijok. Now the people will see the heavy weights in the constituency of the like of Dr Khir Toyo, Samyvelu, UMNO youth leaders, MCA Ong Ka Chuan and his Selangor comrades. This is the battle ground of the hopes of these leaders. Unlike Macap by election, this Ijok by election has the big guns to wage personal glory to say BN government is still relevant...Malaysians in general should throw away racial base parties. We are going to celebrate 50 years of independence...yet the racial cards are still type into our minds. So it is good then for the by election.....because the tax payers will foot the bills anyway. In other words any party can form the government and distribute the goodies - it shouldnt be the BN government alone. Because BN government is there for the past 49 years, it fills it is its right to dazzle carrots to the people...Well..anyone in that shoe will be able to work out the same strategy....For me it is time to change....

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

woman and man

What is this brickbat of woman and man? Man has his now perhaps wrongly view is for woman. It is to narrow the gap of mental strength, emotional strength, knowledge strength, social strength, etc etc..Do I say about sex? So it should be. Women are now flooding in doves in the universities. The men are shrinking in numbers in the institute of higher learning. I guess it is the time for those in The Amazon Women where the men serve the needs of these women of power. If you look into the scriptures, women are the mover in so many aspects of the civilization. Men always want to brag that they are the motivators to push for changes. Nature we call it 'She" So God could be 'She' where the Red Indian had named it in history. Of course there are many who subscribe to different view. "Every successful man there is a woman" Women play a more dignified role in the civilization; men as usual the crooks in many forms. Believe me I am not a woman.

Perak crime index goes up

Perak crime index had gone up. It was reported in the Star. The Acting CPO said that the police must do more patrols and the people should help the police by reporting of any suspicious characters loitering around in the neighbourhood. This is easy said than done. The police should brush up on their PR before the public can help them to reduce crimes. They are paid by the taxpayers to keep the country or state free of crimes. Apparently the police always think they rule the country. Of course if one looks at the arms the police have in its armament bought and paid for by the taxpayers' money and we are made to look like criminals. Even making police reports it turns out to be a frustrating experience. Of course there are police officers who are kind to help through. But these are the few who know about PR what about the rest of the police officers? Some of them will just shout at you. As if you are a nuisance to walk in to file a complaint. Sometimes it explains why people are reluctant to assist the police because your identity will be exposed and voila! the crooks will know who you are and where you stay.....scary isnt it? So the neighbourhood patrol should be introduced by law. In this way everybody has no excuse to escape duty. Now it is just a voluntary service and it will die in its own speed. I always think I want to join the Rakankop but I keep postpone it. Right now without doing anything people in town 'know' me. I dont know them because this town isn't my home town. I transport myself here to stay...The Perak Police should break down who commit the crimes. The people on the street always think it is the foreigner here....Either it is the Indonesian or the police can do to dispel the notion about these people cari makan disini.

Monday, April 16, 2007

learn from nature

Yesterday I saw a humming bird trying to make a nest in my garden. A few months same thing happen. The 3 small birdies had grown and flew away. I cut off the nest thinking it had served its purpose. Now it has come back to build its nest. I could see how natural the humming bird knows the technique. I couldnt see how it could be done. Every day I water the plants and grass, I dont have the faintest idea how can a bird builds its nest in my potted plants. Yesterday I saw it. When life is broken into pieces, it isnt the end of the road. In fact it is the way one would have to build it up again. Painful and bitter what you think it would be? Magic goods? When one is down or out of luck or whatever reasons befall, look at nature and its inhabitants. There are lessons to be learned. Dont give up easily. Dont go the easy way out...Embrace life....the wishes one must do..

by election goods

Every time there is a by election, the ruling government will forward awards/goodies to the people in that area. I dont find it truly interesting in the general election because the ruling government has to reach the whole country. In the by election where the ruling government can concentrate on giving back to the people saying that the government cares. I read reports about what the leaders say. This is fishing for votes. This is another form of corruption coined it in terms of developments. The ACA should look into this without waiting for reports to file in. But then ACA is toothless in checking the antics of the ruling government. It has been for years. The body must be truly independent from the government of the day. In this way I believe(most people do) that ACA can truly function its charter to stop corruption. There will be another good news to the people in Ijok. More goodies will be announced in that area. Prior to the by election, it is just a quiet town. In fact I dont hear about Ijok in my own home state. And the BN machinery will go in full swing to entice the people to support the BN. The government will also help in to win the rakyat over. So if one wants to get better goods, it is best to have a by election. Believe me the people in that area will get the windfall from the government of BN. Vote for a clean government.........

Sunday, April 15, 2007

botanic again

Last Friday I went to Botanic again. As usual as I drive to Bandar Seri Botani, both sides of the roads are houses built. Now with the RPGT repealed, many people will buy houses as an investment. I think it is still on location. Klang Valley may hit the property boom when many small town people flock to that area. Those who have bought houses a few years ago will harvest some profits when they sell the houses. As I was driving to my new property, I saw lack of activities there. I dont know why people buy houses and leave it empty (?) Now the electricity meter had been installed. I have to go shopping for lightings. I am no hurry to dress this house up.I have to take my own sweet time. This house isnt my place of stay. It is bought because of its future value and its location. I am not in the habit of buying and selling....I just want my mind to be occupied...

Saturday, April 14, 2007

computer fair

Visited the computer fair in Ipoh City. It is held at the stadium. Last time it was held at Parkson which had limited space to hold this exhibition. Now it is much better with free parking too. I didnt buy many things there. I wanted to see what are the products on display. Of course at this fair prices are always cheaper but not all the products though. The restrooms are horrible. The one I used had a broken pipe. Whenever one flushes the water flushes out to the floor. It therefore makes a mess on the whole restroom. This is the attitude of those workers or managers incharge of the public amenities. The city hall should check and keep the maintenance on top gear. As with other government departments or agencies these are drawbacks I always found. Tidak apa attitude. Bukan wang saya wang rakyat siapa nak peduli kan? Even the plasic chairs need to wash and clean. Come on the stadium is empty and the contractor or workers should do the cleaning up job. I dont see it happening. It is no use that the PM tried to boost productivity when the delivery systems are horribly weak. He should have tackle these problems in the bud. Nay I dont see this happening....It sucks.

Malaysia where is the soft ware?

Friday, April 13, 2007

life doing nothing

I dont know what others say. About free time doing nothing. If you are in Klang Valley, I think they may say I wasted my time for not getting money in the developing country. There is money to be made....any time in the city. Heck I was there before but I didnt do much to gain a name for myself. Actually I just dont want to do anything right now. I am throwing everything out of my window......just be plain lazy up in my brain. Do you know how good to feel this way? Perhaps I have wasted my time. Somehow I feel I gain some to put my health in order. Now I have a home gym and an exercising bicyle to keep fit. I still do my jogging...thinking about it, I haven't done my jogging for about 3 weeks now. Sometimes it rains heavily here and so I skip my jog again or at times the haze which makes me stay indoor.....watching Astro programmes, DVDs any type which soothes my mind....Life of doing nothing; freedom to do what I please with my own resources...Ah...about computer fair in the city. I may want to visit the computer fair........thinking of a new notebook.....

Thursday, April 12, 2007

baton exchanges

Now LKY had stepped down as the president of Gerakan. He knew his time has come to pass over his baton to his deputy Dr Koh Tsu Koon. He had his run of his political career. Now Dr Koh has to show his mettle in the National politics. His time as CM of Penang should come to a close too. He has stayed his welcome in Penang politics. If he doesnt make a career move soon, he may lose his seat in Penang. Like what happened to Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu. Then Dr Koh may lose his presidency of Gerakan because he forgets he has to move upwards and not stay as what he is now. The next person to make his exit should be Samyvellu. He has to go otherwise the Indians will be shackled behind -crying and wailing for alms but nobody will come around. He has done much to the Indians but he is too proud and arrogant of his movements. He should realize that leaders must move on and let the younger set of leaders take over the party and improve on its developments to compete successfully with the other parties in the country. Malaysia must move away from the race base party. Globalization has no limits. Race, religion, economy, and inter-relations have a different kind of song. The kampong frog should look beyond its hut and see the real happenings of the world.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

forget VW

PM waits for VW chief to meet him. It has been days yet the VW chief never shows up. How serious is VW wanted the stake in Proton? I think the PM shouldnt wait for VW. He should instead award it to Naza who has made it big in this industry. I dont think tying it up with a foreigner will benefit Proton. If the country top brass sends a wrong signal, then we are already colonized by the foreigners (again?) I always believe we have the people here who can make the difference in the world economy provide we dont take skin color as the barometer to prove of something. This mindset must be changed to move forward. Currently it has deeply rooted in the minds of one race that there is no else who could do the job. Like the Johore Malays on IDR projects in Johore. The NEP has made the Malays lazy to use their minds to wedge for better wealth and blaze the trails of globalization. Every time the government must dish out goodies so that these people can survive without much efforts. Sad but it is true. The country must have all rounders in the administration mingle with other races to fight for the rights of the nation. Until the BN government changes the roles then I believe other nations will want to trade. Look at VW....the CEO thinks Malaysia needs him. I should say forget about VW...let Naza takes Proton and turns it around. Naza has the passion in the industry and Naza has the track records and experience of the motor industry...

Monday, April 09, 2007

bloggers must register

Bloggers must register.....This is the downside of the BN government. I should think the leaders must stop whining about what bloggers say in cyberspace. Normally people will express it good or bad. There must be leeway for the rakyat to do some anger roars in space. The government of the day shouldnt be so worked up to deny this liberty to the people. This must be someone's inferior complex. The BN government will fall in this century. The changes are taking place. The rakyat has gone wary of all the catch calls. Any party which comes to rule the country will not destroy the fundamentals of the nation. The leaders should move with the aspirations of the people. Currently that I see it is the few who would try to take everything out from the people. This isnt fair to the people. The Macap by election will be won by the BN government. This is my conclusion. Then you will see the nice political speeches of the BN leaders. Let them feel the power then. When people revolt in unity, there lies the changes. See what the Thais are doing now in the country......I dont agree bloggers must register. In fact there is no reason at all. The bloggers here are well behaved people. I believe nobody wants to write something to run down the country. It is the leaders of BN....that has let power corrupts their minds. Sure they will deny it. One of the best ways is for them to declare under oath their assets in public...before and after lists...I dont think the leaders will do it sincerely....more like lip services as usual.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

good friday

Good Friday. Praying and meditation. For peace for good neighbourliness. The world is hugely populated....with humans and toxic smoke. Spare a thought of the glaciers melting pot of disaster yet every one goes looking of his/her pot of gold. People still argue; people hate; people fear; people rob and rape; people gunned down; weapons sold for destruction; people close eyes go for social intercourse of many kinds....believing Mother Earth will live for another 50 thousand years...The Mayan people said the time is near.....unless something magical happens then. Good Friday. The ring of prayers. ASking God for grace and forgiveness yet we argue about his name...and about His prophets He sent (if this isnt a conned up story....) The list goes on and on. Look at me; look at you; and what have we done after all? Like the falling rain.............let there be peace and harmony amongst ourselves..

Friday, April 06, 2007

south of the border

Malaysians going to stay in Singapore. On the South of the border.....I like that song Singapore attracts hordes of Malaysians to work and live on the island republic. It is the money factor drawing many thousands to earn living in Singapore. Many Johoreans work or study in Singapore. Now with the recent report that Singapore Government recognizes two medical degrees from two of our universities here will open the floodgates of more doctors migrating to set up offices or work in Singapore. What has our PM doing? Unless he is thinking the Non-Malays will migrate there and leave the Malays to rule the country alone......without sharing power with other races in the country which I think in the long run Malaysia will revert to the colonial days of long ago. The government of BN should wake up soon and make some positive changes towards the policies which have blocked the progress of the country. Think about MSC it is a flop in anyway I looked at it. Putrajaya..the mega projects and where is the green effect to protect the environment? Many still have hopes that the country will change and the leadership will transform into the harvest of 21st century....Now many top brains will migrate and live elsewhere and those countries will benefit from their expertise in developing their adopted countries and Malaysia still never learned the truth of it all. Just read what those ministers and PM says.....and those party officials say....Whatever it is I am staying here.............

Thursday, April 05, 2007

macam2 jadi 3

After years and years of investigations there is no case on those charged on corruption. It was a pathetic reply from the PM in Parliament. As usual shifting blame is the order of the day. There must be something that could be used in the Court of Law after spending thousands of hours pouring and recording statements. Psst....he said witnesses couldn't be found. Look into EPF records or Income Tax records or Property records there must be something telling where these people have gone. Even overseas the Immigration can be called to assist to find whether so and so has left the country. is the usual tactic to protect friends and cronies. It is the selective prosecution. I always think give other party a chance to rule the country. Other countries are doing it even USA too. Talk about Asian countries...Thailand or Japan or Taiwan or Korea or India. These people change the government. Here we are living obediently on the whims and fanciness of the BN government. I think it has served it purposes for now. Let other people run the show. And I am sure the 18 Immortals will be held in court to answer charges of misuse of power and corruption.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

long working hours

Now the civil servant will work long hours from 7.30 am to 5.30pm. Cuepacs cited the problems of families especially school going pupils. There will be much discussion before it is fully implemented in June 07. They have a choice of 7.30 or 8.00 or 8.30am. Why not make it 900am for the first group and 10.00am for the second group and ending it at 6/7 in the evening? In this way nobody will complain on the delivery systems. The public get the services and the civil servant get the time to attend families matters. It is also good to open the counters during lunch break. Of course the civil servant will have staggered breaks. Like what the hotels are doing for years. It improves the delivery systems to make the customers happy and appreciated. So for now I guess I will see grumpy crawling on the wall...

Monday, April 02, 2007

macam2 jadi 2

Instant cash refund for over-paid taxes. I hope this is what the government wanted to do with its delivery system. Currently the taxpayers must fill in forms and wait for refunds which take ages to happen. Base on letters to the Editors, the Income Tax DG should have known about it in the years. The previous DG said the same thing but nothing happen as far as I know. Now with this statement again I have to sleep out because I am sure somehow the delivery system will breakdown. The government shouldnt employ one race in any department. There must be a composition of the other races so that everything moves in an open and transparent manner. It applies to the private companies too. I think it is disease in our country. When the company is owned by a Malay or Chinese or Indian or whatever race, there is this tendency to employ the majority same race in the organization. For example Maybank, Bank Bumi. Public Bank, Hong Leong Bank and other private companies too. The other day I went to Taiko Properties I saw majority Chinese in the office. This is the trend. The BN government employed nearly 95% Malay in its organization. Will it help in time of crisis or public holidays? I know there will be unhappiness along the set up. It is the winner takes all.......but there are exceptions. And there is the case of the non-muslim to face the syariah court for redress when one of the partners is a muslim. The learned judges should read the Federal Constitution again. There is nothing contradictary at all. Non-muslim will seek redress in the civil court whereas muslim should take up case in the syariah court. So why make that decision which will not augur well in the country? Or is it somebody trying to make AAB looking bad?

Malaysia land of many magic

Sunday, April 01, 2007

macam2 jadi

Dr Mahathir says that AAB has a $60 million house in Perth, Australia. Is that true? I think most politicians especially in BN have assets that ACA needs to investigate. With the current issues plaguing the ACA DG, I dont think there will be any headway in this direction. Rightly his term of contract will not be renewed as announced by the PM department. So far is just dragging feet to investigate on the ACA DG. Today he's no more in the hot seat. For now he is just an ordinary person like the rakyat. Will ACA investigate the claim by Dr Mahathir? AAB has no money to buy this home unless it is bought by his son of whom he has the money through his connected businesses. There is another police report on the Johore Prince of assaulting a Malay woman. The father had to travel to Johore Baru to make his police report fearing what the Johore Prince may want to do. The IGP now should show his authority that no one is above the laws of the country. Of course it wasn't published in the main stream newspapers. So most people won't know what is happening. The royalty in Johore should be reigned in by the police. The institution of royalty should be discontinued for the sake of the country. It has become a burden in this 21st century Malaysia. Now I dont hear what is happening to Zakaria's mansion...whether he has paid his fine. Of course the building will not be demolished because he is above the ordinary rakyat now. When one forgets his roots, Allah will punish it on His own terms and ways. Believe me it always happens