Friday, July 31, 2015

why don't go after the main players?

You want to cry?
You want to laugh?
The road is still muddy
It rains in the evening

The investigators go the ferry wheel
Rising up watching the ground
Feeling good as if they can fly
They forget once they are up in the sky

Go around the bush
Digging up nothing
They should go after the main actors
They have the answers

You want to cry?
You want to laugh?
They go the merry go round
Chasing shadows 

the day of bad hat

Why want to hide?
Nothing can be said
About 1MDB in the sky
It has become a bad hat

The authorities take so long
Going through the records
By now there should have the details
It is silent in the air

One of the 4 removed
One seems to get sick
The Pac man got promoted
Leaving the investigations open

This is the interference
No matter what it is said
It is the buying time to ponder
How to get out the sticky hands?

The hawk had blurted it out
But the hound dogs try to bark it off
Telling him to butt away
It is a private account

The truth is
There is no denying it
It seems it has happened
The top gun sits

But the people know
There is no need to go in circle
They are waiting for the day
Every day there is an opportunity

the pac man

The PAC man
Out of the ring
He smells of something good
He doesn't stop to think

It isn't for the people
It is only for himself
He makes himself known
He rides on it

Now when power gets to him
He smells the flavour so he takes it
Forgetting his duty to the people
He thinks it is his right to taste

The PAC man
He joins into the cloudy pool
The colour of algae and green water
He thinks he earns his stripes

The money trail he investigates
Now it is in prolonged sleeping
Until a new team comes into focus
Business as usual on the plate


Yesterday all the good in history
A place we used to be and remembered
The fabric of our times will be spoken
In the good old memories

Now we wish we could go back
Living the way of time gone us by
The harmony and understanding in our times
But then we realize times have changed

The generations coming in today
They can't stop to think and reflect
They just want to get on with it
The speed of time in a hurry

Now cheating and lies
It seems like a second nature
Nothing to feel ashame or cry
It will be business as today

Religions will be used
As a pawn to hook the minds
The segregation of the people
The downward spiral in our eyes

When will we realize?
Learn from yesterday times
There we will see how the roots started
We can draw programmes to make it work

Thursday, July 30, 2015

a tale we heard

A tale coming in the web
The leaked video of the conversation
About the alleged billions in an account
The main player still keeps quiet

The circle moves in the city
The balls and pins on display
Any one wants to try it?
There is no price for striking it

The hound dogs bark
The seasons never change
It is still business on the plate
There is no price for striking it

The false hope of confidence
The main player thinks he has it
We are watching
Our hope isn't soaring high

The bag of bad karma
We can't be carrying on the burden
A tale we mustn't reject
The main player still keeps quiet

we need an angel

Malaysia needs an angel
The land of endless possibilities
Going into the wrong places
The people aren't moving to the right

Don't they see it at all?
The dark forces are waiting at the door
It is just a matter of time
Before they take it down

Malaysia needs an angel
Before the dark forces take us down
Into the shallow pit of our sins
We don't fight back to get rid of them

The land of endless possibilites
Playing havoc in our minds and eyes
We don't see the dark forces waiting
One fall we will be like Greece!

The heavy loads piling high
Don't we see it already?
The bad karma spreading its shadow
The dark forces waiting at the door

We have to wake up
The Constitution has been ignored long ago
The piece of paper suppose to guide our nation
We have to take back our rights before it is too late

We mustn't be blind
We need to change ourselves
Else Malaysia needs an angel
One fall we will be like Greece!

the corrupted persons will go down

There is no way to go but down
The corrupted persons will kneel
When the hour and time have arrived
What else for them to say but plead

Now they spread their wings
They think they are untouchables
The hound dogs have to listen
Licking hands waiting for the crumbs

The collective motives they shared
Every one will be tainted like it or not
They want to keep their seats warm
Afraid to say afraid to lose all the perks

Don't they remember?
It is just a temporary hold
The people will keep watch
We want values for our taxes

the heavy loads of bad karma

The fuse going to explode
The heavy loads of bad karma
How long will it hold?
It is anybody's guess

Take a breathing space
The short burst of speed
Thinking it has a winning chance
Near the finishing line the legs cramped

The cry of pain
The frustration on the face
The shouts to move on
But others beat into it

The face tells a story
The loads too heavy to carry
The tainted karma makes its presence
There is no way to go but down

the hawk lost his claws

In July morning
The hawk lost his claws
He was put back into his cage
The freedom once he could

The Brutus out there
The hawk didn't see it
They lived in shadows
Heart of bad intentions

He got his fate
The way he did to others
Now his own fell on the wayside
The hawk forgot to attack

Once he had the opportunity
He didn't get it on his flight
He took his time causing him to lose
Into his cage he would ponder

Maybe he can plan his move
Without hindrances he may take it out
With his own hawks waiting for the strike
He may get his just desserts

Right now he lost his claws
In his cage the curtain slowly closing
He has to think out fast before it is too late
He will be just another has been

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

the face we want to forget

The face we want to forget
The economic woes and scandals
Low priority into getting jobs done
It is all about shaping up power game

Here we see and read
The potential cave-in coming
The Islamic threats booming high
Creeping into our lives

Cinema goers subject to Islamic rules
Slowly without public knowledge
The little napoleons inventing rules
Causing dissatisfaction on the rise

The inner turmoil in the ruling elites
The break will come out in the open
It has to come rain or shine
It is the yellow gold they think about

The people will always stay last
We must realize we make ourselves low
Choosing the wrong party to help us

Now we realize our errors

changing partners

The holes grow bigger
The hot weather and the dry wind
Blowing the soil and sand
What's left for us to see?

The excavator arrives
Puffing smoke making so much noise
Staring at the holes
Cracking by the side

The investigation on the soil
The ground the machine will drive
The driver can't drive through
He knows what will happen

I can't do it
The ground will take me alive
This isn't a job for me
I want to live another day”

The wolf men bare fangs
Hoping it will change mind
But the truth carry more weight
In the end the rain pours down

Every one runs away
Leaving the holes to grow bigger
The rattling rain sing a tune
Changing partners”

we have to take back our rights

The foundation is rotten
Even with a new coat of paint
Will it help to solve the woes?
Unlikely it will

There's the sign
The implosion is near
The end of a dynasty
It will surely die

The people want change
Gearing it up for years
Knowing the little napoleons
Creating social woes

The freedom of the people
Some religious zealots try to curb
Why can't they mind their own business?
Let God decide our fate in our lives

The Ali Baba and the forty thieves
The story of our times for so long
The password is out in the change
The foundation is rotten to its pit

time to change a new breed

The under current
There is something moving
The murky water can't see
The ripples going many lines

We stop and watch
Thinking what will it be
Of our lives running to it
Will we live to enjoy our labour?

Something in our souls
We can't see how it will be
The fruits of our labour
Going into different ways

The herd of cows
Lead by its leader
Walking on the road
Cow dung for all to smell

The town council heads
They don't see it
They never walk on the road
Something is wrong in our eyes

Changing clothes
Using different brand of aroma
Trying to pull wool over our eyes
But the smell of bad is out there

It's the end of a long story
The party of cows will go
To the slaughter's house
It is time to change a new breed

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

the thieves of the same feathers

The thieves of the same feathers
The colourful ones sitting on the branch of tree
Singing all the familiar song
Let it be”

The followers on the ground
They gather for the crumbs
Watching up to pick up the tune
Let it be”

The brown hawk watches
A distance from the group
Crying out his own song
I get no satisfaction!”

The thieves of the same feathers
They turn their heads to watch
Hey Mr Hawk
It is your own doing!”

The brown hawk opens his wings
Enjoy your ill-gotten food
The day will come you will fall
The black cats are hunting on the ground

By the time you finish
You may not have your followers
The black cats have caught them all
The juicy meal for once so high”

Ignore the brown hawk
He has no stomach for it
Now guys let us sing
The night of the same feathers”

what to change?

What to change?
It is still the same spot
Emerging from the fold
The same smell

Is that called change?
One said he wasn't born yesterday
He should look into the mirror
The truth will set him free

The public want to know
The truth of the scandals
Draining out our resources
Giving us red faces

No need to tell in close door meeting
How many times it has to be done?
Come out in the open
Settle the issues once and all

the pack of wolves

The pack of wolves
In the midnight howl
The cry in the night
Eyes red the clamouring claws

The leader stands on stage
Surveying the pack of wolves
Taking his deep breath
My brothers and sisters!”

The roaring in the night
The stars running bright
The hunters are coming
We will be hunted!”

The silence in the pack
The shaking heads “We will fight!”
The leader smiles glaring his white fangs
Of course we can't surrender lamely”

A few silver bullets fly
Hissing in the dark night
Like the silent wind
It takes the targets

One arrow flies
Right to the forehead of the leader
He doesn't have time to duck
He falls before he can run away

The growling and howling
The panic with the pack of wolves
Many silver bullets flying in different directions
The night of wolves; the pack of dead on the ground

When it is over
The hunters appear in the night
Burn them all take no chances

They are the breed we don't need

the dengue breeding

The empty houses
The empty owners
The unkempt compounds
The breeding of mosquitoes

The months and years
The houses aren't cleaned
The empty owners don't bother
The town council officials never see

As long as the owners pay
The annual quit rent and assessment rates
Everything will be fine in their books
But the empty homes pose a threat

The dengue mosquitoes breed
They will nip, suck and fly away
Giving us doses of life and death
On the houses of empty owners

The town councils should invoke its by-laws
Catch the empty owners else take away their homes
The local authority officials should walk the district
Catch the culprits who fail to maintain their homes

the wolves on the hill

The wolves on the hill
They taste the good life
They don't have to worry
Nobody can hunt them

In the full moon
They will cry in pain
They don't understand
Why they have to change?

In their own company
They sing the bad moon
They will laugh in the night
With money and gold bars

Who want to hunt them?
They bought the hunters
Give them the loot of life immortality
Nobody loses in the game

But the wolves forget
The people living in the valley
They burn midnight fires
They wait for the bad moon

it isn't on the same page

The shadow knives
Out to brand its marks
The road of diversions
The nation will cry

The marks seem straight
The white marks on the road
As if it is on the same page
Driving in the same car

At the traffic junction
The pages turn
The driver and passengers
The different route argument

The heat in the car
The cooling system malfunctions
The hot in the collar
The minds full of shadow knives

When the traffic turns green
The car gets stalled on the spot
The shadow knives in the eyes
The time to buy a new car

Monday, July 27, 2015

the dark road

The dark road
Don't go there
Life isn't bad
Hiccups always around

When troubles sing
Stop for a while to think
Remember the positive values
It makes easy living

You think you suffer
Nobody can share with you
If you keep quiet
Even God will not hear

So talk to friends
Close relatives or priest
Something will come out
Don't go to the dark road

Every one will face it
You aren't alone in the universe
Life has many things to do
So go and get the flow

the blue in narrow streets

The blue in narrow streets
In tight formation running slowly
Looking for the irrelevant ones
They want to look good in papers

The small fries always get in the way
There are many crowding in the narrow streets
It is so easy to catch them
But will it feed the hungry people?

The thirst of the truth
Of how the billions still unexplained
Picking up the small fries
Leaving the sharks into the deep hide out

But the truth will not hide
It will appear into the place
A dot here a dot there
Together the piercing flow

Call the main culprit
It doesn't have to go round and round
Digging up unnecessary soil from the ground
When the truth can be found standing right in front

Sunday, July 26, 2015

the aging population

The aging population
The country will experience it
The social dilemma will arrive
We don't have concrete plans

The saving before retirement
It isn't enough for most retirees
Within 5 years the monies will be gone
Some will be left behind

The aging population
The crying shame for the nation
The years of good wealth
All gone through greed and corruption

There is no buffer in social funds
The penniless retirees will be left to fend themselves
In our current economic situations it will be worst
For the government leaders aren't in the loop

The retirement homes aren't many
There are no constant flow of money
Most of the times run by charitable organizations
Funding depends on the economy

What now for the aging population?
They have to fend for themselves
The children aren't all charitable
It is a crying shame for the aging souls

we still seek our heavenly bliss

We are here for many reasons
When we were born we didn't know why
We could only cry craving for attention
By our first act we had sinned in our lives

But we didn't know then
We thought we had our rights to be recognized
In the world we were thrown into it
We hardly knew why we came

When we had our education
We could reason we could find why
Our minds begin to explore
Why we are here

We were born to live
We were born to die
Into ashes we will return
Our hosts die we gain our rights

We will learn in our lives
The good, the bad and the worst
Of people we meet of people we learn
How they conduct themselves

Of the worst we have seen
We still enjoy our little paradise
Our first sin now turns into hundreds
But we still hope to reach heavenly bliss

round and round in circle

Round and round in circle
Play the time forget the blue
Long tea breaks and chat rooms
What is the crime? What is the crime?!

Right in the eyes
The walk over so easy to try
But no Sir it is the flight
Round and round in circle

The financial scandals
The top dog keeps his bark
No wagging tail only worrying eyes
Round and round in circle

The dog catchers run
With sticks and nets
Chasing in circle
The strays not the branded breed

The shout out fall on deaf ears
The 4 floated in the air
Round and round in circle
The scandals bleed the lies sing

there will be the fall

There will be the fall
It can't hide forever
The greed and corruption
The lies and half truth

The power abuses
It has been for decades
In history of the times
It sums up for the fall

The power get it blind
The pitfalls on the holes
Too many waiting to be filled
There will be the fall

The last leg of the tour
The decay in the mind
There is no hope but change
For the stars in the eyes

Saturday, July 25, 2015

the blue boatman

The large fishing net
Throwing into the sea
The blue boatmen hope to catch
The big fishes in their minds

For days and hours
They spend on the sea
What they have in their large net?
The small fishes get netted in

They feel happy
For days and hours
They don't sail home empty handed
They have the small fishes

The big fishes still free
The blue boatmen still dream
Sometimes they see
Sometimes they forget

naheed be good

Naheed be good
Don't make a mess around
You have your bike
Don't forget to follow the rules”

But Naheed never listens
He thinks he is the king on the road
He makes so much noise on his machine
Cruising around the neighbourhood

He races along the road
Weaving his machine
What rules for me?
I am the daredevil”

His mother stands at the street
Naheed be good
Don't get carried away
Devil will take you if you forget”

Naheed smiles
Cruising around the neighbourhood
He sees a pretty girl
He forgets to slow his machine

Next thing he knows
He turns turtle screeching tyres
His mother hears it and shouts
Naheed be good!”

I am so sorry ma'am
He cruises right to my lane
I couldn't control my car in time
He crushes into mine”

Naheed lies in hospital
Legs and hands in plasters
He remembers his mother advice
Naheed be good”

how can one bend the truth?

No answer
But we read loud and clear
Barred, banned and prosecute
Of the truth marching out

Is this the way to go?
About our financial scandals
Growing along the corridor of power
Closing down the whistleblowers?

The main culprit walks free
Why not investigate him?
Call him to explain
He should know his answer

The round about way
The long cut to walk home
When there is a bridge nearby
Why pretend to be so blind?

Sue here or sue there
It is just a buying time
To find way to say
How can one bend the truth?