Thursday, June 30, 2011

yellow fever

Pac Man

There is no evidence
Only the dream of the police

Now the judge agreed
The remand order stays

What now for the detainees
With yellow t-shirts and pamphlets

The civil rights of our nation
It has gone to the dogs now

The police has no evidence
The judge thinks with them

The Constitution runs supreme
Under its articles right to peaceful march

It is the Bee Anne
Getting scared of its fall

Now the EC join the party
Impartiality is gone

What now Malaysia?
The dogs turn rabid already

The yellow fever
The taboo to wear

The people will remember
What have happened

Only those cronies
They can't bear to get the fall

The empire losing
The cracks appear years ago

The change has to come
Nobody can stop the time

a moment of joy

Noisy cheeky
A child enjoy
Let mommy remembers
When you are out running errands
Across the bridge across the sea

The day can be full of surprises
Watch the clouds and the color changes
A child can make the pattern
There is always a smile to remember

When bones are tired
When ideas seem to float away
When you think you can't move on
Noisy cheeky child makes your day

You don't know where the energy comes from
You are full of surprises when you see a child's face
You just scoop your child up cuddling in playful joy
What money can't buy in a mother's eyes

Across the bridge
Across the sea
A child's face
A moment of joy

history the haunting shadow

The final warning, warning, warning
The written words spread it in newspapers and televisions
It's the final warning, warning, warning
Even saying the words will get into the arms of the law

What's with the yellow?
The color brings the grouping together
For a noble cause to help the nation
Only the vested interested groups running opposite

They want to live in the gravy train
The honey coated printed in paper gold
The glow of the night they are interested
For the country and her people in the back door

The fire has died out long ago
History has said its piece in the news
Now it has come back to the fore
The lessons the current leaders forget to learn

The mongrels barking loudly
They are so agitated never learn the difference
For the people are the bosses
They feed them yet they forget their roles

It's the final warning, warning, warning
It is now declare an illegal event........
Under the Constitution the rights of the people
It's the beacon of hope for many

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

the fire burn out long ago


The fire burn out long ago
The ashes in the pit and glimmer of yesterday
The amber of a time the gathering once it was
Now only the cracks of burning woods nearby

God must have listened
God must have spoken
The little devils trying hard to survive
Trying all kinds to be relevant

The hope fades slowly
The simmering light slowly dies away
The hope of sustaining power
The time has come for change

The fire burn out long ago
Only the leaders trying hard not to know
Living in their own castles of past lives
They never see the time passing by

the mongrels chase

"Mongrels" characters

Wearing yellow
With printed words
The mongrels don't like it

They chase after you
Running you down to take it away
You don't know why
The mongrels behave that way

You try to run
They come in pack
Barking at you to stop
Face your challenge

You bend down
Pick stones to throw
They bark at you
Eyes of fear

Wearing yellow
The mongrels will chase
What with these animals
They have nothing else to do?

homes for every one

Homes for every one
In towns, cities and rural areas
It has been said many times before
Location location and location

When houses are built
No takers to buy....
Next we will hear
The people are choosy lot

The disposal income
The jobs security pegged to the loans
When events turn sour
The plunge of dismay

The commitments of many
The struggles to get it play even
It is hard to meet the obligations
When marriage and parenting come to play

Buying a home
It is a long capital commitment
The borrowing of long term
Will the buyers have it in the end?

the little house of secrets

Little secrets

The little house of secrets
It nestles amongst the quiet location
In the mind is where it stays
You think about it will you?

There are all the possibilities
You can dream and make it happens
It lies there waiting for the call
The little house of secrets

The dreams and fear
It is said starting in the mind
It is where it all begins
The little house of secrets

Some will tell lies
Like the tourist trade
Saying it will lose billions
On street demonstrations

In a day of a few hours
On a Saturday for future of the nation
The tourist trade think of profits....
What were the officers thinking?

And about the man
Hoping to walk down the marriage of his daughter
On the day he feels threatened of street demonstrations
It's the government making all kinds of accusations

And the newspapers spread the alleged unwarranted lies
The blue cops inventing the communist bogey scarecrow
How low the party and agencies have gone?
It's the little house of secrets!

The dreams and fear
It is said starting in the mind
It is where it all begins
The little house of secrets

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

afraid of the night

Exotic Blue Night

The blue episode
It never ends as it has been told
The rundown on the opposition leader
Though doubts had been cast

Calling experts
One sided view
The court shouldn't allow
When rebuttals have no say

The judge just brings
The court to the lowest ebb
It is just a foolish thing to do
When the Dato Blue already pleaded guilty

Now the flurry of police reports
They want to put the opposition leader away
By any other means necessary
The little napoleons will run for it

The long dark night
In the minds of the people
If we read the warlord of China's history
It is exactly what falling leaders done

the sea of yellow

Yellow Sea

The sea of yellow
Roaming on the streets

The people who wear them
They light up the day

The statement on yellow
The t-shirts they wear

Walking on the streets
They tell stories indeed

Only the black knight can't sleep
The blues go all out to catch

The double standards flow
Giving ludicrous statements too

Wearing Che Guevera t-shirts
You are waging war against the King!

Wearing yellow t-shirts
You are a mischievous being!

The siege mentality
The black knight hides in

The amber glow
The smell of things

In the air
In history

You can't stop time
The sea of yellow triumph

Believe me
The time has come

clean bonfire

A Samad Said's Unggun Bersih:

Semakin lara kita didera bara -
kita laungkan juga pesan merdeka:
Demokrasi sebenderang mentari
sehasrat hajat semurni harga diri.

Lama resah kita - demokrasi luka;
lama duka kita - demokrasi lara.
Demokrasi yang angkuh, kita cemuhi;
suara bebas yang utuh, kita idami!
Dua abad lalu Sam Adams berseru:
(di Boston dijirus teh ke laut biru):
Tak diperlu gempita sorak yang gebu,
diperlu hanya unggun api yang syahdu.

Kini menyalalah unggun sakti itu;
kini merebaklah nyala unggun itu.

Clean Bonfire (translated from 'Unggun Bersih' by A Samad Said)
by kitaAkanSiasat

Abused by embers, we're all getting ill -
to call out to the message of independence,
We manage still democracy,
as brilliant as the sun yearning for the desire of sincere self-regard.

We've long been restless - democracy is wounded;
we've long been wounded - democracy is ill.
A supercilious democracy, disgusted us;
A strong voice of liberty, we desired!

Two centuries ago, Samuel Adams exclaimed
(in Boston where tea was poured into the blue sea):
We don't need a loud fluffy cheerleading
What we need is just an eminent bonfire.

Let's light up that sacred bonfire;
Let's spread out that sacred flame.


the waves of yellow light

sea of yellow

When the empire going to fall
You hear the leaders will do all kinds of wrong things
Even laws they pass sounding way out of the marks
They think they do it right protecting the business communities

When the cries of the people rising high
They don't listen they don't entertain
They let their goons to take the front line
“We will let our bosses know”

Even the agencies can't think straight
Issuing statements to rile the anger of the people
The strokes of the running mongrels
The painted faces on walls and public places

When the empire going to fall
The hungry wolves getting panicky in return
The sea of people gathering momentum
They want to run but hide where in their exit?

The full moon is rising
The changing of the beasts
The arrows of silver light
The wolves fall crying in the night

The sea of people
The waves of yellow light
Nobody can stop them
The empire will fall

power to women

power of women

Club of Obedient Wives
You want your freedom
You want your romance
You aren't slave to no one else

You can't be going back
The age of Cave Women
The play thing for the wild men
Pulling hairs dragging into caves

It's already gone
The history of your kind
Enough of playing second best
Now you want to go there again?

Do you hear the power to women?
The black knight says its Cabinet decision
In the board room a soothing voice
Club of Obedient Wives become irrelevant

Women you have the grace
The way you should make the grade
You don't need the throw back
You need love and romance

Monday, June 27, 2011

the fear of shadows

The fear of shadows
They know it can't go away
On the day of our time
Listen to our cries
Why don't they listen?
It doesn't cost them money

On the streets of the city
The traffic jams as always
The traders still use the same excuses
It blocks them of their enterprising businesses
Losing millions as these traders claim
Of the shadows they don't see

Come on people
Make the day an event to remember
The dawn of a history
Where tyrants must go away
With the cries of right people
The battle of the minds must be won

Come on people
Listen to your inner goals
You can't let it go like this
You receive threats and intimidation
Causing fear of body injuries
The men in blue turning away

The protectors of society
They don't side the people by the law
They think they are above it
They too must follow the same rules
What are they thinking?
The laws don't go after them?

Come on people
Chase the shadows away
Raise up to fight it
For the sake of the country
The way beyond our coconut shell
It's this time
We should remember

when aged of empire

“Where are you going?”
“To the rally you don't hear?
The way we should get our voices heard
We seem to get reprimanded before we start”

“Is it safe for us to rally?”
“It's a peaceful marching
The spies will disrupt the movements
For the sole purpose to rule”

“So what's the point to rally?”
“It is our rights under the Constitution
The peaceful marching to air our grouses
The government never wants to hear”

“So before we begin we are lost?”
“It is the perception game
The government using all the agencies
For their own purposes to rule”

“So what's the point to rally?”
“The business houses complain losing money
The taxi drivers say it affects their businesses
When they overcharge, they get free

We the consumers the preys
The government protects the businesses
The people welfare and rights hammered in
It's our future so we must rally”

When aged of empire
The foundation wobbling along
The cracks of leadership
The seeds of greed and corruption

We have to protect our country
Our future and the next generations
On the corrupted regime taking over our rights
It's time we make our stand in the open

the day will come

The rally by the people
They say something wrong
With the government they elected
The leaders should give the answers

The double standards perception
The outsourcing seditious statements
By unpatriotic birds against a race
No action is taken to hold the culprits

They are allowed to run free
They are the stray mongrels
They serve no master
They serve for the money

How true in our perception?
The government drags its legs along
The snail paces taking ages to arrive
The seditious dance heating up the dance floor

Yet no reprimands issued
No law is used to frame the aggressors
They are totally given a free pass
So the dissatisfaction and the rally

the rights of the people

The rights of the people
They are the bosses on the streets
They decide which party and representatives
In any election democratically voting in

When they pick the wrong party
When they vote the wrong representatives
They will harvest on what they have planted
For by then the power of attorney transferred

The years they may have suffered
The wrong charges meted out to them
As the party leaders will try to clamp it down
Any dissident coming out to say a piece

Peaceful assembly the people will decide
Under the Constitution it is recorded and agreed upon
Now under threats by those sitting on power chairs
They issue ultimatums and scared tactics

The rights of the people
It mustn't be boxed in
Let them have a voice to assemble
In a peaceful manner guaranteed in the Constitution

Sunday, June 26, 2011

the dream falling

lonely yellow

The dream of falling
Only the word whispering
“Bersih here Bersih there”
Ameeno leaders can't sleep well

The sunshine has gone
The darkness comes to stay
The way it is foretold
The end of an era

The grace to go
The ameeno leaders can't
They think they have the right
It is long past the time

Now we see the props
They released the mongrels
They run after shadows
Barking all the way home

what money can buy!

What money can buy!
There is the make-up story
The rendezvous erotic type
It will make people sit up

Involving celebrities
Involving the politicians
It's the news so they say
The make up stories

The make up artists
The hands create the images
Of any known personality
With camera treats all fall into place

The hungry of scandals
The pulse of the dirty trades
It's money; its the way
The night just the topic

a coin has 2 sides

A coin has 2 sides
You can't say is the truth
Hearing one side of the story
With newspapers nothing new

One that is running
The wishes of its political master
You will read the lopsided headlines
Even the editorial slanted over

This is the political game
Bet the winning horse to win
By all the means available
Human decency of truth and fair play?

It's never in the vocabulary
One sided story is all it takes
The perception news hit the stands
The gullible people will just fall in the end

Saturday, June 25, 2011

the visible mirrors

Amazon Tree Frog Viz-a-Ball bowling ball

Amazon Tree Frog

The raining spell
The rain fall
The visible mirrors
Of the rain

On the green pond with lotus flowers
The frogs jumping croaking in glee
The way they think is heaven
They will be the kings

On the ground of grass
They jump to the branches
The twigs on the ground
They smell the rain

The snakes moving
The silent in the darkness
The frogs in jeopardy
They hardly know it

The snakes swallow the frogs
The raining spell of doom
The frogs realize stay in the pond
The visible mirrors trick the snakes

the hidden hand

And the Ah Longs
Suck the people
Let them suffer

They use threats
They use contracts
All one sided affairs
They just want to bleed

The way they are made
Suck the people
Hide under OSA
Hide under police protection

Ah Longs red paint
Threats and intimidation
The thugs come a calling
In group dare not in single

Hide it under contracts
Hide under OSA
Walking into the banks

Every year there's money
There is no way out for the people
Unless we change the government
Nationalization all essential services

Pass the law
Take it all back without compensation
They have bled the people
It's time we change

the black winged creatures

metallic dragon

The blood suckers roam
Let them free to do as they please
When nights fall, stay indoors
You don't want to suffer for stupidity

The echo of the night breezes
Blowing along the coasts to the cities
The waves on the beaches and the midnight glow
Of the Moonlight bays the dizzying heights

In the golden rays of the moon
The bright richness light on the dark sky
The winged creatures fly
The party goers indulging the night

The cries of party
The campfires branding the night
The echo of the night breezes
Blowing along the coasts to the cities

On the distance the watchers watch
The red color seeping to the night seas
The black winged creatures circulating
The night of parties red color flowing

“It's done
The way it should
We have the authority
We better stick together”

the door way to hell


The door way to hell
Right in the eyes
You can't say you never see
You watch it every day

The darkness of the minds
They say like it's real
The authorities play the game
Right in the place they want you

Don't forget they have the troopers
They are ever ready to hang posters
Standing on the streets shouting own fear
Only they try to project into you

The taxi drivers and supporters
They blame of poor profits and hammered routes
For a day they tell it's like centuries
For a few hours they say they lose business

These are the followers
The country isn't in their minds
They just want their profits
Like the taxi drivers sometimes they fleece

And this they don't say
They claim it's their rights
The authority never really wants to catch
Half past six endeavors they come and go

Don't say about the ruling elites
They want the power to indulge in their games
For the people they say go to hell
On the door signs it tells the story

Designing slogans and methods
For a while you think it is true
Behind doors the greed of power
They pack in bags quietly go away

The door way to hell
The sign says it all
For the night of the full moon
Don't go out get a stamp on..

Friday, June 24, 2011

easy work easy money


You don't need an education
You need to sell your body
For money for easy work

This is what the perception says
Keep your body sexy
Keep your body in curvaceous position
You will live earning your money

It's the oldest profession
When luck runs out
You want to live
What else you can do?

Some say it is lazy work
Some say the work of the devil
Preying on the gullible men and women
Of their services honed through the years

Prostitution survives
Through the endless centuries
For behind the bedrooms
The dissatisfaction runs

Is it the work of a devil?
The magnetic sin encapsulates in the mind
For the weakest spot of the humans
Be it men or sex

Sex of heaven or hell
You have the right to choose
The way you think you want to go
For prostitution will never change its spot

the quick fix


The social networking
Start it up the people of the world
Connected with it
The spices of life begin

For a good cause
Spreading friendship
Of businesses and connections
Of other side works bloom

Now on the dark side
There are women and guys
Prostitution and gigolo
The fast earning money

On their web pages
They advertise
Pay money sometimes they disappear
Change again do it all over

Even college female students
They go for the thrill and money earned
Living the glorious life they seek to find
Between the sheets of day and night

The principles lose
The direction to make it quick
The way of life of quick money
It never changes

so end the blue episode?

Dato Blue pleaded guilty
And so they were fined
They were talking so high
What now?

It is a political collateral control
The ruse got it wrong
The public knew the play acting
The target is to hit way down below the belt

It is a slap on the wrist
Paying fines is just nothing
For Islamic principles they had disgrace
The Syariah court officials should haul them in

Dato Blue will smile
They don't get the harsh treatment
They had done what they claimed
Politically ameeno slap own face

slow internet connection

How to progress?
When greed and corruption run
Even internet connection can't really hook up
It takes ages to get into line

We want to run with the world
Our facilities used need much to meet the mark
The ISP a long way to meet the challenges
We are stuck with the slow turning processes

How to progress?
The core services take ages to fine tune
The government can up with all kinds of gimmicks
It's the humans the lazy bones must go

Even the companies too
If they don't perform the mark
Take back the license
We want to progress to the borderless world

Fast efficient value to pay
We don't have to curse ourselves
Every time we find the delays
How to progress? You tell me

every day living

cannon beach oregon

Every day living
You watch the prices soar
You wonder about your disposal income
You try harder to meet the costs

Yet our elected ministers
The major cuts they can't do
They try to avoid it
As far as possible

Tightened our belts
They urge us to do
With them and cronies
They acquire the tastes

Where to our country?
The wealth of nation
It goes to other deep pockets
We can't live this way

fend off diabetes

The health risk of the many
The whole life of house arrest
You don't want to travel far

You eat what you are
It still holds true in our lives
Know what you put into your stomach
It holds the truth about our health

Now before you go sweating it out
Hear what these great food can do
Coffee, leafy greens, magnesium and brown rice
They bring you out of diabetes

A couple of cups of coffee
In the mid-day sun at the garden
It helps to reduce risk by 34%
Don't you want to try?

Eating leafy greens
It helps you to fend off diabetes
Before it tries to make your life a ferris wheel
Healthiest leafy greens kali, lettuce and spinach

Magnesium high reduces diabetes by 47%
Whole grains, fruits, vegetables, beans and nuts
You can get it in your daily marketing
As you take a walk around the market place

Brown rice helps to reduce diabetes by 11%
White rice is easily converted into sugar by our bodies
Converting dramatic spikes in blood sugar
So know what you put into your stomach


Thursday, June 23, 2011

do you now.....?

Sky 2

Don't think of your comfort
And the millions you can get
Do you give back to the nation?
When you have it in your pockets?

The nation get her freedom
Through peaceful protests
With the races participated
Earning our place of rights

Which party on this street peaceful protests?
Led by Umno and its partners MCA and MIC
Demanding freedom from the British
In recorded history we achieved our independence

Now we hear the same song
The powerful elites elected by the people
Brushing them with fear and ungrateful words
For others citing own personal comforts

Do you know the country bleed?
The close one eye enforcement agencies?
The wealth of the nation squandered
Into allegedly few pockets and cronies!

Under the Constitution
It is allowed for peaceful protests
The ruling elites know it
The people cherish...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

walking on the road

On the road
Walking in the evening
When the cloudy weather permit
Many like minded people arrive

The evening draws the crowd
Of those who want to stay healthy
The misty haze quietly clearing
The air quality permissible

The house abandoned
Once it was renovated in stages
It wasn't done till today
It was said the owner caught for drug dealing

The overgrown creepers and plants
It will take control of the house in time
Believing the bank takes possession
Of loan hasn't repaid

The Plaza of shops
It isn't occupied today
It is in bad location
Unless turn it into a tuition centre

Now it is the gathering spot
Of young crowd jogging around the block
On a cool windy weather
These people will jog around

Some of the shop units
Run down with broken doors
Some use it to rear swift-lets
Without following procedures

As usual with the local council
They hardly check their bylaws
The neighbors don't complain
So everything is fine in the day

The cow dung
And dogs and cats poo
One misstep it goes along
On the road

the man with many masks


The man with many masks
He walks with evil in his mind
He thinks of his race and wealth
For the country he has no love

When he speaks
The volume high in the air
Amongst his like minded supporters
He thinks he is the king on the road

He talks big
The audience thinks he is
The deception he brands in his hands
He forgets the root of his soul

The man with many masks
Leave him alone or bring him to jail
He is the disease of bringing shame
To the country he lives to breathe

He is the allegedly paid henchman
He goes where the green is
The man with many masks
He runs away when the heat is high

the deception


The king frog jumps back
Into the green pool to hide
When you watch closely
You see the bubbles floating up

In the full moon
The king frog changes
Into a man to spin tales
As big as it's head

He pushes the envelope
As far ahead as he can
He knows the ball game
The authorities dare not touch him

The little frogs jumping for joy
On lotus leaf to lotus leaf
The shadows in the pool
The moonlit night of tricks or treats

When the cats close in
He changes his tune telling his excuses
Into the green pond he jumps back
“See I mean no harm!”

the sandmen


The sandmen
They hide low
When the heat is on
For months they wait

When the haze comes
The camouflage they need
The sandmen hit the shore
Lorries and barges roll

And the authorities
Where are they?
Across the border
They don't see a thing?

The sandmen
The money good to trade
They dare to go
Knowing they will get free

The sandmen
The leeches of the nation
The tentacles they can reach
The close one eye again!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

we mustn't give it up

We mustn't give it up
Even threats come our way
Democracy survive of people like us
Brave the fear give the world a place to live

The authority can roll in
They can ask cronies and bad hats to do
The protestations of losing profits
They don't listen to fair deals

The white knights have to challenge
The way of freedom in their march
Democracy survive of people like us
Fighting for a cause the freedom and equality dwell

The masses of like minded people
It's the future they seek to find
Only the greedy and self centered ones
They will tell tales of their own flight

So we mustn't give it up
The white knights march
To seek the truth and equality
Fairness to one and all!