Thursday, March 31, 2016

the seat of power

Once power slips away
It will hardly crawl back
It will look for another one
On the seat of power

Once one makes a mistake
The power game will become naught
The person will lose it all
The crying shame to work so slow

Once power in the hands
It has to stay true to its causes
Once it is used for ulterior motives
The sins will make the downfall

Once power comes in
Don't be greedy and haughty
It can be taken away
As easily as it makes its entrance

where are the balls?

Where are the balls?
It has gone to the pit
Hiding against the light
It doesn't want to show

Where are the balls?
The chicken takes a roll
Kicking around in the pen
Shrieking loud with bad eyes

Where are the balls?
The transgender swallows it whole
Right to the moment
It disappears from sight

But really where are the balls?
Be a man takes the roll
It can't be bad to stand up
Admit there is a wrong

Where are the balls?
The gong in Bamboo River
The stream of visitors
Be a man takes the roll

she's standing at the other side

She's standing at the other side
With long hair on her shoulder
She looks into my eyes
She smiles sweetly

But I am on the other side
I wish I can run over there
I can only smile back
The opportunity goes to the wind

By the time I turn around
She has gone with the crowd
Into the sea of people in a crowded street
I search around I find nothing only her smile

With a forlorn look I walk back
The day turns a different tune
Then I hear a voice by my side
Are you looking for me?”

She's standing at my side
With long hair on her shoulder
She looks into my eyes
She smiles sweetly


There is a smoke
It wants to blind your eyes
You don't see it straight
You barely know the way

You stand alone
You try to find your way
You want to go on living
Not in the struggling mode

There is a smoke
It comes rushing to you
You are caught in its web
Of blindness in the wind

You feel the choking
It clouds your eyes
You stand alone
You try to find your way

There is a smoke
It wants to blind your eyes
You are caught in its web
Of blindness in the wind

every statement came like a lie

The secret in the beginning
For years it was kept in the dark
When it was exposed by the foreign medias
It was still in a denial mode

There were no straight answers
Every statement came like a lie
It was to close up the ears of the rural folks
The city folks weren't fooled

The months which came
The holes become too many
The answers still in progress
Even today there is no closure

It can't be censored
The sins committed
It will have to face
The law of the nation
There is no escape
Though power grants some solace
But the sins will have to pay
Today or tomorrow

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

the little toy guns

The little toy guns
Box in the cupboard
Putting it high up
Leaving it there

When the bad things happen
When the crying is loud and clear
It shakes up the little toy guns
It will make the move in the night

Outside the congregation
Of the bad people going
They want to make it worst
They don't see the picture

They only see
The money coming
The pockets will be full
The shouting matches

And the little toy guns
The box opens and they climb down
In the night the business
Of making it right

The little toy guns
It looks so harmless in the box
Wait until bad things happen
Then don't cry for help

whose fault is it?

A child falls
From the sky to the ground
It isn't superman flying
It's a poor child

He never walk again
He never see the light
He never see his parents
He is claimed by the Earth

He should be told
Don't play on the highrise
Once he falls there is no escape
The emptiness void will claim his life

It's sad day
A child falls
From the sky to the ground
And whose is to blame?


Something it says
I don't see
The shadows floating
In the corridors of power

Something it says
Listen by the people
What I hear it comes differently
It makes me swallow in pain

Something it says
There is the equal rights
You can believe in me
I don't tell no lies”

Something it says
I can't figure it out
I get stuck in my mind
The potholes in my eyes

Something it says
Under OSA the people don't have to know
Let them just walk in limbo
And I don't get it

For one man
Something it says
I shout out loud
It seems the truth walk

Something it says
Nobody can stand the pain
It has to change
And I don't get it

the highrise buildings

The highrise buildings
Nice to stay dreams in the clouds
During the nights the glittering stars
The cool wind blowing by

Live like a lord
High up to the sky
Rich or poor in our midst
Living on the highrise

The highrise buildings
It is also the place for suicides
Of boys or girls hurling down to the ground
Think of the bad karma circulating around

I had worked and stayed on highrise building
It always gave me the creep in my mind
Looking down from the edge of the glass panels
I could never feel comfortable with it

The highrise buildings
It will be here like it or not
Those who stay should be aware
The bad karma circulating around

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

if good men don't make the noise

If good men don't make the noise
The nation will go the other way
By then we shouldn't cry and complain
It is our own doing pretending nothing happens

If good men don't wake up and see
The nation will go to the bad habits
The cultivation of bad seeds will grow
There lies our future sorrow

If good men of the past never hit the wall
Now the payback has come to haunt us
The nation has gone the wrong direction
The bad men and women take control

Now if the good men still sleeping
Thinking the life of the nation will stay
They must be dreaming all day long
The promises have gone to the pit

Only a few good men have tried
To make the nation fly high
But the current scandals derail it
The monkeys enjoying the walk in the park

the slow walk of redemption

The billions pouring in
It seems like the falling rain
The private accounts getting soaking wet
There is no alarm bell to tell?

Exposes by the external medias
The contents of money trails
It seems damaging to a man
He still walks with a straight face

The nation of people reel
To laugh or to cry or to play stupid
The billions pouring in
Into the wrong accounts

The laws have gone to cash
It seems that is the way to go
The slow walk to redemption
The nation of people cry

The seat of contamination
The creepers get hold of it
It spreads wide into the whole
The nation of people pray

The slow walk of redemption
The nation of people cry
We can't be taking it quietly
It spreads wide into the whole

drugs and teens

Drugs and teens
School children and peers
They have something in common
They want excitement
They can't live without it

They do it in secret
In groups of their own
Nobody will report
They have own sins

The parents are too busy
Working days or nights to feed
The brood in the families
The ever demanding costs increasing

There are the new generations
Flocking to the market of sins
They want to grow up fast
Never realize the heartaches

In their minds of excitement
They forget to see the fall
When the souls are sold
The devil will keep a tight control

Drugs and teens
The innocent souls want to think big
In group of bullying tactics
They have fallen they never known

hey running dogs

Hey running dogs
What are you doing?
Barking at the wrong tree
It's the big fat coconut

You pretend not to see
It is standing right there
You just have to turn around
Go and see for yourself

Hey running dogs
You get your bones for free
You are so happy
You bark at the wrong tree

Hey running dogs
Turn around and see
It isn't difficult to find
Unless you are purely blind!

You can sniff the trail
You don't have to see
You can smell it far ahead
Don't you see running dogs?

Hey running dogs
What are you doing?
You run in circles
It's the big fat coconut

Monday, March 28, 2016

when you were born

When you were born
You gave your first cry
Everyone around felt so relieved
You were alive!

But child it was
The years ahead you didn't know
Would you be good or bad?
Living in luxury or die in prison?

It is in your hands
As the years turn into old
Will you craft it good or bad?
But child you would never know

The world will change
On your growing up years
Will you live to old age?
Live the full cycle?

It is hard to say
By then you are an adult
You have your times ahead
For now live your life

the old man last crusade

The Old Man last crusade
He knows his time is
Not more than he wishes
To bring down a man who forgets

The truth seems so hard to come by
The scandals ringing in the air
Though AG clears it without much conviction
The people can't accept his reasons

Show the statements; show the transfer slips
Don't just say it and hope it will stay in the bin
What happened to over $570 million?
There is no disclosure till today?

The Old Man wants it to end
The boys he brought up today
He saw he has made mistakes
It is better this way

The Old Man last crusade
The boys laugh at him
Calling him names
Once they kissed his hand

There is a case
The judge should sit to listen
The nation needs it to clean up
The bad affecting the nation's name

time to rethink what we hear

The gang on the move
They have the backup and they know it
They can make all kind of noises
The law will just go to sleep

The gang holds illegal assembly
The blues gang stay and watch
Nothing will happen to the gang
The police say know who they are

This is as much as the public hear
The gang know they can't be worried
They work for a boss paying their monies
The police will say of the tough measures

In the end it is just a public statement
Unless it involves the political opponents
The police will swing so swiftly on receiving reports
They don't waste time watching or reading tweets

The gang on the move
The blues keep a constant watch
The public will see the double standard
It is time we must change our thinking

law should apply to all

The rule of law
It should apply to all
There shouldn't be any special right
Accorded to any special groups

Once a law has been broken
The culprits must be taken to task
For breaking the law
There shouldn't be any preferences

The rule of law
It makes the civil society
Working and living in civilized manner
Without it the lawlessness will hit

Then chaos will arise
The militants of any kind will wait
Once the opportunity arises
They will unleash their brand

No Sir no law should be put aside
Everyone will face the music
Sit on the chair or dance with it
They should learn the lessons well

Sunday, March 27, 2016

make the best make it last

The memories help us to remember
Of the good and bad events in our lives
Along the lives we cherish and hold
Of those people and events gone by

Look at the graveyards
The history of those gone forever
They might be good or bad
In the end everyone has to return

Maybe they will go to another lives
They don't remember what they were before
Sometimes they say as if they have been there
Done those things before in their times

The old buildings hold fond memories
Of a time in history of those periods
Some manage to save it for the generations to come
Others sadly knocked down and forgotten

Whatever we do in our lives
It is better to leave behind our good deeds
We have a fixed time in our days
Make the best and make it last

the power isn't forever

The power isn't forever
It is just a short reign
Don't do all the bad
The karma will wait

Many power crazy people
They forget to learn
Once they are up in the sky
Lucifer will have his pick

How many will fall?
In the history of our times?
Many have tasted their dilemma
Sometimes losing lives

Well..Lucifer will move on
He has other fishes to fry
How many souls he will collect?
In the history of our times?

Don't let power corrupt your mind
It is the end of your time
The forces of light will march in
In the day you will fall from grace

life isn't a straight road

The way of life
There is always no straight road
There will be bumpy rides
The bad stabbers; the gossipers
The charater assassinations
The good friends turn foes for money
Maybe positions in corporate world
The friends and their values
Don't turn into blind eyes

There will be trials and tribulations
It will harden our souls to make it better
Of course it isn't easy when the road is bad
The potholes; the sinking rides and the damages
We can get angry and shout it out loud
The end of the day we have to move on
We shouldn't allow bad memory embitters us
We will never see the good of our lives
We will live in bitterness of the unfair treatment
By right we should remember and move on

We have our hurtful memories
Like Anwar Ibrahim but he has accepted it
He forgives them and he moves on
Though still serving his time in prison
For a charge rings with many potholes

We have to move on
The struggles of life as we know it
It will not be a straight line
There will be obstacles and sadness
There too will be joy and happiness
For we have a chance to live and play
Enjoy the fruits of our labour and love

Let love shine through our lives
This is the way to enrich our souls
Forgive and move on and enjoy it
The lives we have forget about bitterness
Let love sing it is so much easier

the cry of the hound dogs

The road blocked
The traffic diverted
The hound dogs move on
Chasing the opponents

The land sharks in high office
The hound dogs dare not see
Why want to spoil the golden eggs?
They can have pockets full of money

The dark lord stands tall
Pimping out to the streets
Eyes glow hands itching for action
It's time to hammer on

The hound dogs chase
Into the woods to pursue a case
They don't see the traps
The hunters make

The dark lord ears prick
Listening to the yelling
As the hound dogs hang up on the tree
The opponents appear arrows in bows

Saturday, March 26, 2016

you say you don't do bad

You don't do the bad
You think nobody will know
You keep it all in your head
You don't keep a trail

You tell it in a straight face
You show how you follow the law
You don't try to hide it away
You pick your audience to say your piece

When the heat rises in your head
You make your play and the lies become known
The El Nino makes the water disappeared
On the barren cracked ground it will show

You say you don't do bad
The truth calls you a liar
Out in the open dried fields
God words speak out loud and clear

the political errands

The hound dogs run
So busy these days
They are doing the silly things
With money in their pockets

The mantra of the game
Hit the opponents hard and score
Forget what their leaders hide
The wealth they have undisclosed

The hound dogs never see
They don't hear about it
All they can see the good life
The pockets never get empty!

They pound the streets
They shout and get angry
They use racial undertones
The police maybe watching

The hound dogs run
They want to create disturbances
They are paid to run the show
Giving the nation a bad name

the jkr homes

The old homes by the road
For years it stands there for all to see
Once it was fully occupied
Each passing year the tenants moved away

Leaving the empty houses
Let nature take it away
Some naughty guys painted graffiti
Others broke in took away window panes

Surveyors came a few times
Mapping out the plan
It was an off and on again
Until last week it finally came

The Old JKR homes
It is finally knocked down
The last tenant shifted away
Now the bulldozer and lorries came

The memories of the homes
The marriages conducted there
The many who lived and gone
Now it is all grounded into pieces

the schemes of getting rich quickly

How many times many fall?
The schemes of getting rich quickly
Even promising fantastic returns
It is all because of greed

The promising words to play
Letting you feel the glowing days
Up in the mind it will stay
It lets you dream

Reality is the empty shell
Once you are conned of your money
You will not see it return
The dreams will be shattered

Like the broken shards of glasses
Splintered on the floor no way to save
Like the Humpty Dumpty falls
It is hard to patch it up

Don't let greed rule
Know the ground rules
Common sense will tell
Too easy is a con-job

Friday, March 25, 2016

places, faces, and spaces

Success never come through sleeping
It has to work hard for it through the years
There is no free way to get it there
Know the way else nothing will happen

There are 3 things in life to find success
It is there for all to see and get it
It is only our own laziness that fails
When success is just waiting to be taken

We can read many motivational books
It is only to enrich these authors to enjoy life
They make the market and we are the target
Falling into the traps thinking this is the way

The 3 things in life are places, faces and spaces
We will grow and socialize in our lives
Along the way mingle with the crowd
Listen from the horses mouth...

In the end of the day
We have to find our spaces
To practise what we have learned
Failures are groundwork to success

the day is hot

The day is hot
The fields have dried
Letting the grass turn brown
Prayers for rain

The monkeys run
Looking for water to quench thirst
Under the foothill of running water
The monkey makes the spot

There is another hot trail
The hound dogs move in so quickly
Knowing it is the opposition member
They lick their lips quick on the strides

The double standard of operations
In a country sane rules seem throwing away
Put it aside busy playing the drawers
Currying favours for long term benefits

The El Nino is in
Give the weather hottest since
Water rationing seems unavoidable
But the hound dogs never see

the flesh trade

The flesh trade
In ancient times till today
No matter how many raids
It will not go away

Basically there is a need
Why the flesh trade flourish
Men always look for options
In their sexual orientations

Men can't get it
From wives or girlfriends
So they will seek elsewhere
This is where flesh trade comes in

Make no mistakes about it
The raids can be going forever
The flesh trade will move underground
It has happened with many freelancing around

Some go for the easy money
Some go for the financial needs
Some go to feed the families
They take the risks

The flesh trade will fade
New recruits will come to play
Knowing about pleasure and money
The women will flock in to trade

why the wrong way?

Why the wrong way?
The militants want
The power and greed
Camouflage in religion
The wrong approach
The wrong teaching
It will cause the downfall

Now the Islamic militants
They have waged militancy for years
They think they can rule the world
Using tricks and wrong teaching
Tellling the followers they can go to heaven
Sins will be forgiven
They just have to witness
The fallens on the ground
It isn't heaven my friends
You all have been had!

Still the waging goes on
The wayward ones will come and go
The dragnet of its falsehoods
The people folly to believe in it
There is no heaven
But hell of fire

But Islamic militants don't care
They want the power and greed
They find out they can mislead
The followers of the faith will not say
They will come and surrender their lives
They don't see the leaders live on
Living their good lives