Saturday, December 31, 2022

we are in business of economy not religion


Rice the staple food for the nation

The government should control the buying and selling

In fact the government should do the buying

Then sell it to the distribution companies

As it is now a company controls it

A monopoly where the farmers can't fetch a better price

The farmers will face the mercy of the profit making company

Thus it is the government role to control rice buying

It is time the government should take it back

Rice, electricity, water and telecommunications

It can't be farmed out to companies to profit it

This is basically a monopoly interest

Even the lottery companies too

Why let other companies make the monies?

The profit can be used to help the NM

The taxes can be used for developments

The thinking must change

If we think of religion all the times

The nation will not progress

We are in business of economy not religion

the will of change


The will of change

It will pull its weight

The renewed determination to succeed

Within the shortest time to plan it

The nation needs it

The people want to

There is no reason

The changes can't happen

With a 2/3 majority in Parliament

The way can be easily plan and adopted

Don't let the swaying trees fall to the ground

The time is important to get it done

The will of change

The action needs to be taken

Carved the red tape let a new way begin

The nation needs it to progress

the bad sight for the eyes


The rolling sea

The debris it brings

Touching the shores

The story it wants to say

The spilled of unwanted things

Spoiling over to the beaches

The eye sore for every one walking by

The footprints keep on repeating

The nature lovers will complain

Telling their tales of lack of responsibility

Right from the government to the people

As the beaches will collect the unwanted materials

The endless stretches on the beaches

The rolling sea will float with its rising images

The hungry wind of tides bring it along

Spread out the debris the faults of the people

The flow of indifferent attitude

The lack of concerned on the environment

The government, the local authorities and holiday makers

The bad sight for the eyes; lack of interest as well

Friday, December 30, 2022

Anwar has his plate full


Between the 2 devils

The wolves and the moos

Anwar picked the wolves

As he knew them well

It is for political stability

The country needs it to stay focus

The moos isn't worth a try

Back-stabbed PH last time

The unity government formed

The concessions had to be given

Nothing wrong with it

Only the Old Man would conjure up

Now the government is formed

The groundwork needs to work fast

The economy issues and Covid 19

As China sees a surge of the virus

Anwar has his plate full

He can't delay but to be in a hurry

With a 2/3 majority he can work his plan

This time he must be better than the others

a very high hope on Anwar Ibrahim


A very high hope on Anwar Ibrahim

The transformation the nation needs

He has a lot on his plate to digest

He mustn't forget he doesn't have the luxury of time

The bad wolves are still lurking

Finding ways to erode his base of solid wall

No doubt Anwar will stay to fight it all

He mustn't forget the time wait for no man

Outside the wall of fence

The moos and crocodiles will ply their toxic venom

It is still harping on religion and race

Nothing new but traction needs to be stopped

Anwar should light up the bulbs

Spread the light to chase off the darkness

With it the transformation will be done

The bad politicians can't run or hide

The high hope the people place

The transformation needs to take pace

The neighbouring countries riding high

We mustn't running in circles in our backyards

the world of corruption


The world of corruption

It has buried deep in the back doors

It can't be easily wiped out

It takes good people to sweep it clean

We can hear the whispers

In the quiet back alleys or out of towns

There the juicy tales will be told

How the big boys will do their ways

There are schemes to deflect it

Looking innocent by the look

Donations to political fundings

Reimbursements of monies drawn

In the poorer nations

The people suffer hunger and health issues

The big time warlords will live in posh homes

Living the world of their paradise

Some bad leaders use religious corruption

Telling the masses to suffer so they can go to paradise

All the while they live in palatial homes and expensive tastes

While the people suffer they turn blind to their cries

The world of corruption

The bad leaders and their entourage

The runners and hired assassins

They want to live in paradise

When the people turn blind

Living in fear living in division

The bad leaders will win

Until good leaders sweep in

Thursday, December 29, 2022

the changes for the nation


The changes for the nation

It has to be done quickly

Time mustn't be delayed

Else nothing will come out of it

Anwar mustn't think he has 5 years

He has to think what happened to PH then

It was brought down from within the group

The Moos plotted and destroyed PH

A lesson learned for PH

Anwar mustn't forget

In the next 2 years he has to make the changes

Get it all done the chances are now

There the hope will rise

The people need it to survive

The bad wolves aren't sleeping

They still want to bite

The moos and crocodiles

Still using religion to divide

They don't see the wrong

They see it as their right

Anwar can quote Shakespeare

Well known religious renaissance icons

Even scriptures from the Quran

But he is competing with the bad

The changes for the nation

Anwar has to get it going fast

Lay the foundation of good flow

Let the lights glow with liberty and justice

play by your own rules


If you want to live a good life

Live the simple way in your own terms

You don't need to compare with your neighbours

You make your rules and live life with contentment

If you want to live a miraculous life

You don't have to travel far or reach mountains or hills

You just open your soul and talk to God

Believe in what you say and do and it will happen

If you want to live a sensible life

Don't treat everything as a need or a chore

Treat it as an exercise to stay healthy and strong

Even if you have riches but poor in health what's the use?

While you are working save a little for the rainy days

Have some extra money to play on stocks and shares

Maybe buy the lottery tickets miracles do happen

If you believe every action there is a reward

Above all I will say it simple

Talk to God everything will work out fine

The good life; the good health and joy

The world we want to travel, live and try

the bad forces


The bad forces

They will not stay quiet

The evil minds will indulge in evil ways

Wanting to taste power and its game

In the back door they came

In the back door they will hatch their plan

They can't forget the taste of power

The billions they saw the secret need of it

These leaders will keep harping on religion

They have no clues what to do on economy

They only care to get their own benefits

If only the rural folks realize their game

The bad forces

Lost in battles fought

Like fools told of tales of nothing

They behave as if they won the game

Religion in politics

It will breed the evil forces reign

In history of the world we read about them

Still we see it happening today

the aging population


The aging population

It grows on the nation

The government needs to tackle the issue

It isn't something it can sweep away

By 2030 the aging population will be acute

The aging families will seek care giving homes

The children may not help financially

As they too have their own families to support

The sunset industry the developers will cash in

Finding out there is a need for it

Marketing it to rope in the investors

Like a new school for new children

Anwar should present it in his budget

He should recognize himself as the aging politician

So he should understand the predicament better

Allocate it in the budget and plan towards the sunset industry

The aging population

Good health and hygience

Live expectancy will be longer

Extend the compulsory retirement to 70 years

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

the political frog tag


She has her tag

The political frog she was

The voters kicked her out

She even lost her deposit

Even her new party

She was sacked from it

In a way karma drove her judgement

She lost her political standing

She can bring her case to court

The court will not interfere in her case

As she didn't response to her show cause letter

She can't file her grievances

Maybe ROS will investigate

As the party gave her chance to respond

She refused to reply so end her episode

In a way her political career will be ended

Zuraida had no patience

A short term gain caused her to lose plenty

She became a political frog to get fame

It ended with her shame of losing in the poll

have patience will win


Have patience will win

Though many will say differently

They want to frog to get the fame

Doing nothing is the name

Look at Moo

Impatience got him no where

He got to the highest post

But got headaches of his bad reputation

He didn't survive in his role

He was forced to resign

Though he didn't quit politics

He still does his old ways

Look at Azzmin

He was impatien to stay

Now he had nothing

A gay video tape hanging on his head

Look at Zuraida

Frog here and there

The voters rejected her outright

Even her current party sacked her too

Look at Anwar

Mun Mun Lai wins his race

He struggles it for 24 years

Now he is PM 10

Have patience will win

It may take years to fruition

But in the end it is worth the wait

The confidence in one's ability to succeed

the law must reach the culprits


Wasted funds

Direct contract awards

Cronies on the back doors

Linking to exclusive contracts

The leaking funds

The inflated contracts

The elements of commissions

Flowing back as donations

Even it is said

Money claimed for reimbursements

Trying to pull wool over our eyes

No declaration to Income tax assessment

The inguinity of the bad guys

They will think of some ways to get it through

They will claim innocence of it all

The millions going into bank accounts

The Auditor General Report

There is no drastic action taken

Even Macc will stay low about it

The wastage funds involving billions!

The law must reach the culprits

They shouldn't be allowed to slap on the wrists

The officials and higher ups must be put in jail

Like MO1 and others who may follow soon

do something within our abilities


The New Year Resolutions

Many will craft it up to try

To the highest to the lowest

Looking impressive on papers

They should plan what they can do

Through 365 days to walk the plan

The resolution of hard to achieve

They think the sky is the limit

Look into the reality of things

We can't be many ways in our lives

Our capacities will be limited

That's the truth even in our brain power!

Do something within our abilities

The resolutions will sing praises to us

It doesn't have to gather dust looking good on paper

When we can't even achieve it in a year

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

jealousy knows no bounds


Jealousy knows no bounds

The road of light it will try to bring down

Dividing the rules calling it many names

As long as the division sticks to the mind

Nobody shouldn't let it breed

In the long run it will never benefit anybody

It is best to control it and think of something positive

We all have that jealousy streak in our minds

The lovers will come to mind

Once the faults arise compromise hard to find

Separation seems the logical way to go

But jealousy will ruin the souls

We can read about the men

Running off with young brides in South Thailand

Leaving the wives feeling angry and jealous

As their beauty age with the times

Jealousy knows no bounds

The wives may get angry and cut off the men's genitals

Let them feel the wrath of the wives

No more be a man no more can become a woman

the crony companies


The day of crony companies

The directors reap the harvest well

The people have to pay a higher price

Leaving us a bad taste in our minds

This form of enrichment

It has been carried on for decades

The social welfare lottery was a good income generated

It would help the NM and NM NGO but it was divested

It was a wrong decision then

Focusing on the religious matters

When in reality the government needs funding

Helping the poor and NGO to survive

Even a GLC company sold its subsidiary

There is no reason to do it then

The company generated a yearly income of $25 million

A former minister explained but there are punching holes

Anwar administration will have his plate full

The can of worms will slowly crawl out to look

The day of the crony companies

It will need to be controlled

the people mustn't expect too high


The pockets full of holes

The hardship we have to face

Covid 19 and low gear economy

The faces of idle day-dreams

Anwar seems to move it right

Hope to get the costs of living down

The essential items hike up the chart

The corporate responsibility seems an art

The flow of good vibrations

Stretched together with good policies

Anwar has to make it right with his team

The pearls and diamons in economy growth

The people mustn't expect too high

In the current situation the going will be tough

Though we expect the economy should rise

Filling our pockets to sing some tunes

don't lose plot PH leaders


When PH has the chance

They fought for it for ages

In GE14 the leaders forgot

Until they lost the plot

The draconian laws

It needs to be changed

PH leaders should be aware

Not like the Blue Eye secretary general

He is appointed as the Home Minister

Through the back door to get it going

But he did a disfavour to the people

If he can't perform he has to be replace

The Blue eyes members fight hard for it

Through the years in the opposition

The secretary general should know

He better reflects on his action

The draconian laws

The driveway of misery and fear

In the hands of bad enforcement officers

The victims will cry silently in pain

Monday, December 26, 2022

the religion in politics


The religion in politics

In history of our times

It could never bring good vibrations

It will breed religious fanatics

It will stir up bad ways

Believing one religion is better than the other

It will say it runs supreme by using God's name

But in man's politics it isn't true

The endless stretches of sinful vibrations

By using God's name will be in vain

Because we are all the children of His creation

We are put here to learn how to live in harmony

The religion in politics

The politicians can't think of economy

They will keep harping on religion

As if it can bring food to the table

The religion in politics

Time the fanatics should face the music

They don't bring good harmony in society

It is a one way ticket for their own benefits

Anwar can't fail


Anwar can't fail

He lived through his ordeal

He has a point to make

Jail for political persecution

Now he is PM 10

The path he needs to change

The Reformation Man mustn't forget

The nation and people wait for it

So far he is on right track

The many decisions make

The people welcome it

The nation will be set for greatness

Anwar can't fail

The nation needs to succeed

He has a point to make

He will make it happen

the old man stops playing the old records


The Old Man still says

About Anwar in his old age

He can't let it go

The man has become PM 10

The Old Man stops playing the old records

It has no relevancy now since events gone

You made your bad decision of divide and rule

Playing the racial card in your long history

You don't change

But Anwar had been through it all

He has learned his lessons

What about you Old Man?

The nation problems started with you

You didn't apologize when you had your chance

You blew it big time still thinking the old way

You can't change even in your old age

GE15 saw you and your members lost

The poll and deposits all of your members

Don't you realize the voters tell you to go?

Zip your thoughts write another book

Anwar has the job now

Let give him his chance to perform

He may do a better job for the nation

As for you Old Man don't feel jealous

the rural Malay women


The rural Malay women

Wake up and fight for your rights

You can't be getting a second class treatment

You are treated like slaves by your men

Look at the crocodiles

They passed law to make you obey

They don't want you to usurp their authority

The men can marry many times

The children the men leave behind

The women have to bear the shame

Shouldering the weight and finding their way

The Muslim men find their new wives to stay

The rural Malay women

Show your gut in the next state election

In Kelantan, Terengganu, and Kedah

Chase out the crocodiles for you to progress

The rural Malay women

Don't be afraid to change

You have your right to vote

The men can't take it away

Sunday, December 25, 2022

Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas

May the Good Lord bless us all

In our times of distress and sorrow

With His guiding light we will live to see

The nation has a new leader

The hope of change will bear fruit

It's her destiny to stay ahead

In low gear economy a new man arrived

The people have to live in harmony

We may have our political differences

As a nation of people we must stay united

Because she needs us to stay afloat and free

Merry Christmas

Here and every where

We can sing our praises and joy

Remember to think of the unfortunate ones too

the lust of men


The Muslim men

Frogging to South Thailand

Getting wives 2,3 or 4

When back home 1st wives don't agree

When the newly wed returned home

They can register it with the authorities

Every move will be legal and the 1st wives lose

The Muslim men have their wives 2 or 3 or 4

The authorities must put a stop to it

It is like telling lies to get hitched

When the men know their 1st wilves will not agree

Frogging to South Thailand to get a wife degree

The government must amend the Muslim law

The married Muslim men must marry here

No frogging to other countries to get married

When their 1st wives don't agree

This is basically lust of men

They want young brides to stay young

The old wives will cry in their loneliness

When the Muslim men forget their vow

the batang kali tragedy


The Batang Kali tragedy

On the landslide killing many*

The last victim was found yesterday

The sadness registered on our faces

They were too young to go

Leaving this world in the tragedy

In the late morning of the night

The roaring mud buried them alive!

Our fate we can't determine

We can think or dream about it

The fortune tellers will say

How true wait for the day

The hill side projects must stop

There is no reason to upset Nature

The punishment will be lost of lives

Batang Kali and Highland Towers recorded

The lessons must be learned

The government and civil servants tow the line

Nature will not keep quiet of our transgression

Once it strikes lives will be lost

*31 died