Wednesday, December 14, 2022

the malaysian politics


The Malaysian politics

It's never a dull game

We can read the twist and turn

The plot on plot and over-plot

The major leagues

The minor groups

Every one has a say

The mark of power and benefits

The rogue can turn into a political hero

Facing his court case he could turn the game around

By aligning himself with the most seats in Parliament

He saved the nation from the bad group

By helping to cobble a unity government

He has set himself the saving grace for reforms

But will he pull it through on Monday?

Will he want to take the cherry pie?

The Jakarta plot telling a story

We heard it before in Sheraton move

The betrayals we didn't approve

In last GE15 many lost their seats

The Malaysian politics

The edge of throne pricking our heads

It's never a dull game living in it

The Jakarta plot we will be listening

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