Thursday, December 08, 2022

the rural heartlands


The rural heartlands

Swing their votes to Pee Anne

Believing on race and religion

Bringing them to paradise

Maybe the voters are angry

Of the wolves corruption cases

The billions siphoned off

The court cases tell some of it

Pee Anne shouldn't sound arrogant

The rural heartland will feel the pinch

When they don't get the funding

The crying will hit the roof

They can't survive on religion and race

They need to live on work and recreation

Without enough money life will be bad

The rural heartlands mustn't forget

The young voters of 18 years old

They can't think straight but brain washed

Sultan of Johore is right in his view

The youngsters can't differentiate the right or wrong

They are easily tricked by the green

They think it is money but it is a false narrative

PH leaders should work on the ground now

Change their mindsets and let them see the light

Put up cases on Pee Anne leaders

It will tell on the voters how they pick

The wrong candidates to represent them

Let them see the wrong return to the light

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