Thursday, December 29, 2022

play by your own rules


If you want to live a good life

Live the simple way in your own terms

You don't need to compare with your neighbours

You make your rules and live life with contentment

If you want to live a miraculous life

You don't have to travel far or reach mountains or hills

You just open your soul and talk to God

Believe in what you say and do and it will happen

If you want to live a sensible life

Don't treat everything as a need or a chore

Treat it as an exercise to stay healthy and strong

Even if you have riches but poor in health what's the use?

While you are working save a little for the rainy days

Have some extra money to play on stocks and shares

Maybe buy the lottery tickets miracles do happen

If you believe every action there is a reward

Above all I will say it simple

Talk to God everything will work out fine

The good life; the good health and joy

The world we want to travel, live and try

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