Wednesday, December 14, 2022

the bad laws must repeal


PH fought hard on the draconian laws

The leaders brought the people grouses in public

Though the effectiveness wasn't in glowing result

Without majority nothing could be done

The laws passed and police were smiling

The police didn't have to do investigative work

Use the draconian laws to control or create fear

Anwar was a victim many years ago

Now Anwar and his team have a chance to perform

Take away the draconian laws in the statute books

These laws have no place in democracy

It makes for a dictatorship in future politics

Anwar's Home Affairs Minister forget his struggles

He doesn't want to repeal the draconian laws

When PH has the chance to do it now

The leaders are turning blind?

The back lash will flow

Anwar should read the ground sentiments

The draconian laws must go

Don't try to avoid the issue

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