Saturday, December 10, 2022

when reality falls on pee anne


The Pee Anne leaders and hares

They will not stay quiet but yell

Every opportunity to stay relevant

They are afraid to lose the high doses

GE15 they have lots of cash to splash

As the events unfolded in videos and TikTok

They needed monies to play their games

The voters fell for the wrong advice

Heaven not for lies

Heaven not for personal benefits

Heaven for those who do good deeds

Heaven for those who help the poor and needy

As long as one reads the scriptures

There are many warnings to go straight

No religious teachers can promise heaven to us

They don't have the authority and means to do it

The Pee Anne leaders and hares

Cultivating deception to fool many

Though they won in the heartlands

Will it last when they can't offer cash aids?

Sabah Bersatu parted ways with Pee Anne

The leaders want developments and aids

Through GRS they supported the unity government

For the benefits of Sabah and her people

Pee Anne leaders and hares

The honest leaders may find ways to escape

Without posts in government and GLC

They may lose the support eventually

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