Sunday, December 18, 2022

the VOC bases covered


The VOC tomorrow

Some lawyers say it isn't necessary

His Majesty concluded Anwar had the majority

It is a waste of time to do it again

They say Anwar likes to be an actor

Willing to stand on stage to get the applause

All politicians must have the confidence

To test it in Parliament

The two previous back door PM

They refused to hold it in Parliament

They knew they would get knocked off

One took an Emergency law to stay on

Anwar needs to test his candidacy

His party doesn't have the majority

He stitches together a unity government

So it is better to hold the VOC in Parliament

Anwar is expected to pass through

With the unity leaders signing the MOA

A gentleman's agreement in the VOC

All the bases are covered to hit the right gong

Only moos and crocodiles will drum a different beat

They can't forget they lost the deal in the palace

They shouted they had 115 SD submitted earlier

But His Majesty had extended the deadline

In the end moos and crocodiles got nothing

Many SD were withdrawn ordered by the party chief

They didn't get the majority support in the end

They cried out loud it wasn't fair to them

Tomorrow they have their chance

Let us watch the political football in Parliament

Anwar will score the goal

Moos and Crocodiles will taste defeat again

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