Monday, December 26, 2022

the old man stops playing the old records


The Old Man still says

About Anwar in his old age

He can't let it go

The man has become PM 10

The Old Man stops playing the old records

It has no relevancy now since events gone

You made your bad decision of divide and rule

Playing the racial card in your long history

You don't change

But Anwar had been through it all

He has learned his lessons

What about you Old Man?

The nation problems started with you

You didn't apologize when you had your chance

You blew it big time still thinking the old way

You can't change even in your old age

GE15 saw you and your members lost

The poll and deposits all of your members

Don't you realize the voters tell you to go?

Zip your thoughts write another book

Anwar has the job now

Let give him his chance to perform

He may do a better job for the nation

As for you Old Man don't feel jealous

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