Saturday, December 10, 2022

pee anne better change


Padang Serai won

A Pee Anne leader smile

A majority win

Nothing to shout

One more seat

It doesn't make a collapse

The equation of majority isn't in the bag

It's nothing to shout by Moo

Over in Sabah

The chapter Moo closes shop

Losing 5 MP under GRS

The anti-hoppping law doesn't apply

Because these 5 MP contested under GRS

Though they were members of the moo party

Now the whole party shifted base

This law doesn't apply

Pee Anne will have 74 seats

Maybe the crocodiles will try to shift base

They can't stand to be the losers

The crocodiles want their brand of political Islam

It isn't the way for a Secular nation

Padang Serai won the crocodiles flexed their tails

They thought they could sing their way

They forget people don't want to lose freedom

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