Wednesday, December 28, 2022

the law must reach the culprits


Wasted funds

Direct contract awards

Cronies on the back doors

Linking to exclusive contracts

The leaking funds

The inflated contracts

The elements of commissions

Flowing back as donations

Even it is said

Money claimed for reimbursements

Trying to pull wool over our eyes

No declaration to Income tax assessment

The inguinity of the bad guys

They will think of some ways to get it through

They will claim innocence of it all

The millions going into bank accounts

The Auditor General Report

There is no drastic action taken

Even Macc will stay low about it

The wastage funds involving billions!

The law must reach the culprits

They shouldn't be allowed to slap on the wrists

The officials and higher ups must be put in jail

Like MO1 and others who may follow soon

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