Tuesday, May 31, 2016

the crooks are free

The crooks are free
The billions walked away
There is no police investigation
There is no police report

Every agency keeps quiet
The sign of money floating high
The loads of it if you keep away
Sit on your chair smoke your cigarettes

Somebody has to answer
Somebody has to authorise
It can't be all playing a dumb game?
The billions walked away

It is the sign of a fall
The heavy load the mighty crash
The loud bang and the thundering rolls
The Bamboo River keeps a ringing

The crooks are free
The billions walked away
Somebody has to answer
Somebody has to authorise

i hear a rumour

I hear a rumour
It flashes right into the mind
Everyone seems to be talking
Everyone believes it is true

I hear a rumour
Give me women give me cash
I will get you the contracts
If you give me what I want”

The rumour keeps going
With no elements of concrete evidence
But rumour mongers don't wait for it
They find it so juicy to repeat all over

Now it goes to Macc
A complaint filed to say
Macc will jump into it
They know it is the opposition

I hear a rumour
It flashes right into the mind
Give me women give me cash
I will get you the contracts”

jealousy and power

Jealousy and power
The twin potion of bad
It will destroy a person or party
Once it breeds in the heads

Once jealousy breeds
The bad things will keep rising
Seeking the power it needs
On personal gain selfishly to stay

It can be found
In companies, in relationships
Even in political parties
Jealousy and power games

The self ambition to go the top
Everyone will desire to get there
If only it is by own efforts and group support
And not through jealousy and power backdrop

don't get blinded on power

Power corrupts absolutely
Once you get your hands on it
You will feel you are a god
What you say and do is your birth right

You will tolerate criticisms
You will wield the axe to execute
Of anyone who opposes your reign
You have tasted what power can do

Then you find wealth
The glow in your eyes and mind
You realize with the cash you can move
Others will come to your needs

They will say all the good things
Nothing you do or say or behave is wrong
They will support you even against their principles
As long as the monies keep moving directions

Power corrupts absolutely
Once you get your hands on it
You will wield the axe to execute
Of anyone who opposes your reign

a chinese man forgets his root

It pains to read
A Chinese man forgets his root
Though he takes a different route
In his believe he criticises his own race

He can't wash his race away
He is born into it with his DNA
No matter how much he tries to say
He still a Chinese the root he can't forget

Nobody should forget his root
He will commit his terrible sin in his life
His forebears will punish him
When the day comes he has to depart

He can change his religion
He can't change his skin
He can't change his DNA
He is foremost a Chinese!

Don't get blinded by religion
It is your belief to embrace it
Don't try to run down your own race
You will commit a terrible sin

Monday, May 30, 2016

will we dance again?

Put on your dancing shoes
It may not be long the dance floor will be closed
When a certain law comes into our lives
The crux of divide and rule will ruin our nation

You may enjoy the last pint of beer
Feel the dizzy height will be gone
You will have to go underground
Watching shadows in your eyes

Put on your dancing shoes
Swing your moves maybe for the last time
The divide and rule will come with flash lights
There will be no entertainment delight

You can say why worry about that time?
We can change it the next time around?
When the foothold is in place
It will be a long while before changes come through

Now put on your dancing shoes
Swing your moves maybe for the last time
It may not be long before the dance floor is closed
When a certain law comes into our lives

the coalition partners

The coalition partners
Why cry out in public?
You have become irrelevant
For so long still don't see it?

The dominant party decides
By itself to do what it wants
By partnership in words only
You are left behind in the loop

You still want to hang around?
Even the backstabbing flows
You haven't decided to go?
So why the public outbursts?

Don't you have faces to save?
Where is your dignity now?
It is better you leave the coalition
It serves you no purpose

The voters have found you
You don't have spine to stand alone
Even you have been stabbed many times
You still can't see the bad in it?

The coalition partners
The threats will not work
The voters see your drama play
It serves no purpose now

the divide and rule

Pas will say
It isn't about hudud
But do the Non-Muslims believe it?
Pas just wants a small step
When a brick is laid
The future will take hold
The craze of hudud will begin
It is in its DNA

As long as Malaysia is a Secular Nation
Hudud law shouldn't be introduced
This nation has her colourful people and cultures
Everyone is involved like it or not
It isn't about affecting the Islamic faith
It isn't about Non-Muslims should not get involved
It is about our Constitution
No law passes should ignore our Supreme Law

Pas sings its support for Amno baru
Knowing it needs the latter support
With it Pas can fly to the moon
It can ignore the shouting of other faiths
Pas needs just one step to climb the ladder
The rest they say will be history in the making

The moderation is key to all humans
You can't go excessively overboard
God gives us the brains to think and plan
And reason to find the best way to live
Those laws were for those times ago
Even Muslim countries practising it
The crimes, lies, cheat, bad mouthing,
Murders, robberies, thieving, rape
It hasn't stopped the reduction of crimes
There is no real improvement to live peacefully
There is still the warring side in ourselves

Religion and laws
It is a private matter
Between the believer and God
It shouldn't be passed as a law
A country shouldn't have 2 sets of law!

this is drama class

The leaders cry like babies
When the food never serve on time
They make all kind of noises
It rings loud in the air

This is drama class
They are used to behave
Maybe they are told to make it
Look as if they haven't known

Together in bed
For decades catching eyes
Always treat in second best
They haven't learned at all

Now a mistress appears
They all get cornered and cried
It has been long in the news
These leaders never wake up to see

These leaders better leave the bed
Sleeping in the decades never share
They are treated as second best
Like crumbs can be thrown around

It is better they leave now
Save their dignity and faces
Don't get treated like kids
This is no way to live in partnership

the lies run

The lies run
Along the block of walls
Write it on
It never will go away

The leaders who speak
They think the people are fools
Listening and believing every word
If only they hear their own words

Look into the mirror
See what your expression is
The words of sin will hook you up
In the thundering claps of crying

The runners for money
Days and nights they will say
Polishing the walls to light
The words of lies

They forget about sins
They think they can go to paradise
Dreaming about the virgin girls
It is better they repent and seek the light

Today they can escape
Since they sit on the power
The day will come they will face the music
The Bamboo River will sing to them

What goes up has to come down
It is the basic principle of gravity
Today you can escape sitting on the power
Tomorrow the sins will take you to hell

Sunday, May 29, 2016

history tells us why

History tells us why
The reasons for the fall
Of any dictator or empire
When corruption, greed and lies rule
It will fall flat on the ground
And a new one will change
And a new party will make the difference
Of history many leaders will forget

Here we have seen or read
The divide and rule and unfairly parade
The double standard rule by the police
Even seditious elements involving the ruling regime
The police always forget to run into them
They will say there is no police report
They will say to prolong the agony of the public
When the police wants to nail a person in the opposition
They will gallop like the wind; there is no wait and see
Even the police will make own reports to stick the case

A small case on the opposition
Involving a pittance they will go out to nail him
They will try every way to find a fault
Just to show to their political master
They have the guts to twist it around
But the billions involving the ruling elite
The police never go and find out why
They are quiet pretending to wait
Though police reports filed in
The slow walk in the park
Even studying PAC report
It takes the police so long

Don't forget the lies
The ruling elites keep dishing in the open
They know it is but for the cash wagon rolling
The thundering claps in the sky
Cash is king so the singing ring
Where will the country be?
The light is slowly dimmed
Don't let the darkness rule
It will be a day we wish not to see

the curry chicken

The curry chicken
The rising hot in the pot
The fire burning hot
The bubbling sound
The saliva flow of aroma
The smell makes the day

The curry chicken
The many spices blended in
The curry leaves and coconut milk
Cut tomatoes and potatoes
In mixture in a pot
It tells of unity the smell of aroma
It never fail to make you hungry

Alone by itself
There is nothing to shout
There is no taste
There is no colour to see
It looks all in disunity
The spices, the mixtures and meat
It is only in unity the aroma makes the whole

Here is the story
The country divided
The scandals hide it
The leaders like the money wagon
Forgetting about honesty and accountability
The lies will make the sin high
The reason for its fall
The smell is bad in the air
We don't get the aroma
We get the sickness of lies and deceit
We better change pot of ingredients
Before we all go hungry
The curry chicken it tastes good
If it is blended and cooked well

i see the rising

I see the rising
The darkness smile to me
Hello it says
Do you want me to play?”

I look into its eyes
I see no emotion
I see no pain
Hello it says again!”

I have no answer
I see the darkness wings
Rising high above my head
I know I can't run

I wish I can
Fleeing the fear rising high
Knowing that darkness will laugh
It bolsters me to struck hard

It takes one positive step
Break the wall light will shine
I see the rising
The light speak softly

You don't have to worry
The darkness will disappear
When the light shines in colour
The darkness will cry into pain”

I see the rising
The darkness smile to me
I see the rising
The light speak softly

the money in the wagon

The money in the wagon
Come on people jump into it
It will take you to unknown places
You will not have to worry

You can watch the wagon
Carrying the loads of cash
Tempting your eyes what you say?
There is no way you would forget

The money in the wagon
It rolls out to tempt your fate
What will it be you ask?
It replies “Just your soul will do!”

You look at the wagon
All the money you can have
The eyes glow with the money
It can solve your misery

But you know there is a catch
The hell of fire if you sell your soul
The money in the wagon
You will not have to worry

Saturday, May 28, 2016

the country living

The country road
The silence of vehicles
The fresh air to breathe
There is no traffic jam

The country folks
The friendly lot to see
The easy smile but not everyone
Some will think of you as an intruder

The women will stare
Thinking why you drive it through
Maybe to take one of them
As a bride or girlfriend?

You don't need to have lots of money
Drive a branded car into the village
You can rent one to impress the folks
The man of means looking for relationship

The country women are easily hooked
You can buy your way into her life
Once she is in your beg of entrapment
She will realize she isn't the only one

Living in the country
You will live of easy way
When you have lots of money
Enough of the city lights

The country road
The life of easy living
The fresh air to breathe
There is no traffic jam

bah kut teh episode

Vivian Lee and her Bah Kut Teh episode
She got 6 months jail sentence for her racial tout
Though she thought it was a joke
In court the judge said otherwise

She doesn't get a 2nd chance
She walks to jail to serve her sentence
In her adult life the prison time will do on her
In her job resume she can't hide

Sometimes it takes a hard knock in life to learn
Why certain episodes shouldn't be played at all
There are certain people really got confused
Bah Kut Teh in hokkein is meat soup...

But then many will get confused with it
They linked it to pork as if it is its name
She will learn her life in prison
As one Khir Toyol learned the hard way

Life isn't always on the fast lane
Don't try to push your luck everyday
It is better to know your limit
And the rule of law over your head

the poodles bark

The poodles bark
Telling the people
It shouldn't be there
The tabling of controversial Bill

What's there to say?
The bulldog has barked its way
Now the movements begin
It's best the poodles leave

The sooner the better
Let the bulldog has his day
You can't fight him
He will kick you out easily

It is best you join forces
With other dogs to fight in unity
The bulldog has betrayed the nation
The billions cash in his box of bones

The poodles bark
What's there to say?
You are with the bulldog
You still hang around there

the cooked up story

They don't tell the reasons
They will tell you the cooked up story
It is only meant for their own kind and religion
The other faiths don't have to worry

They can tell to the spoon feeding people
They will take what they can receive
They will not ask you many questions
They will say it is fate of their lives

I have no ill feeling
What they want to do with their lives
It has nothing to do with me
But when it goes against the Constitution

There lie the heated issue
Once it takes a foothold on it
The branches will spring up in no time
It is better to read again the Constitution

Don't be like Acheh
Say one thing covers all the people
Even different faiths aren't spared
They too get the religious punishments

No Sir it is no way to go
The walls are cracking so we have seen
The last hurrah always make the headlines
The regime will fall in the next GE

Friday, May 27, 2016

the hound dogs never bark

The hound dogs never bark
The billions gone astray
They eat the meat bones
They forget the meat

The hound dogs never see
Eyes too busy with the meat bones
They put their paws everywhere
But the real thing they forget

The hound dogs never listen
They put headgears on the ears
Listening to the vaping business
They feel high walking on the side road

The hound dogs take side
The good they try to forget
The hedge it on the bad
They lick the meat bones

The hound dogs never bark
The billions gone astray
The hound dogs never listen
They put headgears on the ears

the hudud bill

Hadi thinks he can fly
He sings his support to the regime
Behind his call there is his personal agenda
The tabling of his Hudud Bill

Now he got it in this bag
Amno baru leaders fall into his agenda
They think of their faith forgetting the Constitution
There lies the divide and rule play

The Constitution is supreme
No law passes should over-ride it
If it is so, it will become null and void
Amno baru leaders fail the test

Is it only in Kelantan?
Other States may just do the same
The reasoning is still vague
The coalition partners too have failed

Now don't blame the opposition
They are the punching bags long enough
Admit the mistakes and do the right way
Will these leaders bite at all?

As long as the Constitution doesn't allow it
The Hudud law shall be null and void
It shouldn't be table in the first instant
A country shouldn't have 2 sets of law

the 2 birdies

The 2 birdies in the nest
The mother bird flies in to feed
For days on a daily basis
Until the sun goes down

The father bird stays as a bodyguard
He hardly feeds the birdies
He watches or flies with the mother bird
Like a personal companion

Now when the birdies fully grown
It is his job to lure them to fly
He has been making the kind of noise
Only the birdies will understand

So far the birdies sit in the nest
Feeling comfortable with the feeding
They look around themselves
They stay put though the father bird tries

The 2 birdies have grown
Maybe it is time to fly
To the unknown in the open space
They may die or they may live

worrying about maids?

No maids today
The conditions have changed
The traditional supply a new rule
The straight shift with overtime

No maids today
The parents of kids will cry
They will be worried
Sending SOS

Go into the hinterland
Find the maids you want
They are locals don't pay a miser
They will come if terms are good

Why seek foreign maids?
You pay a bomb for agency fees
And you don't get quality maids
And you are held responsible for them

Go into the hinterland
Find the maids you want
Don't play a miser
Be humble and caring

don't keep on running

Don't keep on running
Every time you can't find a way
Leave the old far behind
You want to start all over again

Even failures have lessons to learn
Stay it on and get going
Modify the situation keep the spirit
Running away will not solve the issues

Even falling in love
It can bring a smile
It can bring a misery
But you don't run away

You will keep on looking
Believing one day love will click
There is that chance you would take
Don't keep on running

Even problems have solutions
Today or tomorrow you will find
It doesn't have to forget
It is better to find an answer

So don't keep on running
Every time you can't find a way
Even problems have solutions

Today or tomorrow you will find

Thursday, May 26, 2016

the enforcement is weak

The brown patches on the land
It tells of something bad to the area
The natural way of life in the forest
It has been culled by the greedy farmers

The barren patches expose
The farmers want to cultivate illegally
No need to pay but get higher returns
Destroying the environment that feeds them

Don't talk about our enforcement officers
They only go out when reports are made
When it is highlighted in the newspapers
Showing how much clearing had been done

Only then they spring into action
They will talk and find ways to remedy the area
For a while there will be a hive of activities
Slowly the routine will creep in once again

everyone dreams

Everyone dreams
The fantasy in the mind
The world of paradise
Floating up in space

The wishful thinking
It has its place in our minds
Though some will say
Why waste the time?

Things can happen
Through dreams in our minds
Some dreams releasing tension
Some dreams turn into reality

Don't run away from dreams
Let the imagination run in our heads
It takes one best dream
The rest they say will be history!

use live feeds to patrol

The illegal farmers
They don't care about environment
They only think for themselves
As long as they can earn a living

Besides there are the syndicates
These strong arm tactics guys will enforce
By all the crooked means to get the wealth
Bringing in the illegal workers for it

We have the culture of “it is none of my business”
This is why the illegal farmers thrive in secrets
Encouraged by the syndicate members
Destroying the environment without regrets

We have the sitting office enforcement officers
They don't go out to track and find the source
With Google maps into live feeds
Why don't they use it to catch the culprits?

We know the reason why
It could be the greasy palms along the way
Maybe they too are afraid of higher up authority
They don't want to step on toes

Now the police going out to catch
Another operation another code name
Why can't they do on a continuous basis?

Catch the illegals and syndicate members