Sunday, February 28, 2010

the hot degree

The hot degree
Burning on the roads and skins
The hot sensation sweaty begins

The leaves and trees
Shading the natural vegetations
Yet the green colours change to brown

In quick sessions
The hot degree rapturing rays
The hot climate burning

Staying indoors
Avoiding the sun rays
The burning sensations

The night will cool it
With occassional rain
It may help not to turn crazy

lawan kuda

Lawan Kuda
Hey lawan kuda!
A new village
Nothing out of ordinary

At one time
Cheap single storey bungalows
You can't get it any where else
Lawan Kuda
Hey lawan kuda!

Old houses spreading out
Out of the small town centre
Of natural environment
Maybe quiet and serene

Restaurants many
Satay man burning his meat
Smog getting into eyes
It's business money to be made

Old wooden homes
Some rundown with no inhabitants
Living its symbols of decay
Lawan Kuda
Hey lawan kuda!

A small town
With modern comforts
Away from the main activities
Lawan Kuda a place to hide away

Lawan Kuda
Hey lawan kuda!
A small town
With modern comforts

we are on our own

The earthquake hits
The land of the people
Sending signals of devastations
There is a warning.........

God send messages
Now there is no prophet to tell
The people of the land
Wake up before it is too late

The scriptures of any religion
It foretold what would happen
The history of our ancient people
It may happen to us

Wake up now
Do the right thing
Love nature embrace Mother Earth
Before it swallows us
note Chile hit by 8.8 earthquake yesterday

people on parade

Beautiful women
Handsome men
On parade on the streets

The signals
The truth they seek
Of romantic illusions

Sometimes it is said
You don't try; you don't get
So give smiles and waves

Amongst the crowd
The festival will begin
The colourful spring

The magic in the eyes
Seeing the neon lights
Swaying shadows breathing away

In the background
The songs and music
And the entertainers begin

Saturday, February 27, 2010

chap goh mei

The celebrating CNY
Sunday the last splashes
Of the traditional offering
On the bridge throwing oranges

The last day of celebration
The young and old will go
Throwing of oranges as they believe
Good luck and good fortune

The young people will enjoy
The parade of many lights and costumes
The wishes of many for the Tiger year
Of those dreams we wish it to happen

The echo will linger
Keep the faith and believe
As long as one believe in it
Dreams can happen

Chap Goh Mei
The moonlight sparkles
The flowing shadows mix
Into the lights of magic

On Sunday the ending fling
Of a celebration with a Tiger
Roaring ahead for the next 12 months
Of raw meat, health, wealth and projects

the lovers dance

The sunset going down
Colours of dark orange and lighted blue
Setting in quickly as shadows clip the darkness

On the beach facing the sea
Rushing waves echoing of needs
As the lovers holding hands and walking

The smile and laughter flow
The windy breeze takes them in its wing
Carrying them in their imagination

The echoing waves splashing on shore
The lovers stand embracing into its glory
Feeling the intimacy within souls

As the light going down into darkness
A speck of silhouette shadows dancing
In the far distance eyes can only pinpoint

The lovers dance
On the fading light of sunset
With the windy breeze

the dragon fly

The dragon fly
Colours of blue. Green, red or grey
The wings folding biting on the green leave
Stationary of its life

The big eyes of its kind
The dragon fly sees its world going by
Sucking the juices of the green leave
Of the days it will never know

The olden Chinese women will say
Don't catch the dragon flies
Let it goes roaming free
It is your loved ones looking after it

The young children gone
Even before they reach maturity
Death takes them too young
The children's job guarding the dragon flies

I used to catch dragon flies
With sticky latex sticking on them
Tying the dragon flies with strings
Then it flies wanting to get free

Now the dragon flies
You don't see it in the city
Only in the villages where streams flow
And natural flavours still flourishing

the wooden steps

The wooden steps
Reaching to the wooden door
On the sunset light rays
As shadows display

Imagine years ago
Children used to play
Running up running down
On the wooden steps

Sometimes children sat
Enjoying meals or ice cream
As the parents sat inside
Talking about mundane things

As time passed by
The children grew gone to the city
Living the wooden steps
The echo of the past

Behind the closed doors
Maybe tears could flow
Of happiness a job done
A sadness they all gone away

Into lives of their own
Only the echo of the children footsteps
Running up running down
On the wooden steps
note lawan kuda pictures in pselaseh

the windows to the past

The old windows
Of the old wooden house
You will find it in Lawan Kuda
Before reaching Gopeng

It makes of wood
Hanging loose by hinges
And hooks to close it by
The wooden house standing by

On the surrounding of concrete homes
Those years it was said selling for $40,000
A single storey bungalow lot...........
On a new village settlement

Amidst the homes of those who made it
Some wooden homes still standing today
It reminds of those years how hardship life could be
Carving up a living on a daily basis

If you think about charity
We should think about our people
Don't go jumping to foreign assistance
Our destitute people need our help too

The old wooden windows
Opening for the breezy wind
Echoing of those times ago
Only for stop a moment
note pictures in psesaleh

the old wooden chairs

The old wooden chairs
Once popular in primary schools
Those years ago learning the ABC

Now time has changed
The old wooden chairs forgotten
Left to gather spiders' webs

When you sit on it
Maybe you can feel the echo
Of those years ago

Where teachers used canes
On those naughty boys and girls
Playing never wanted to follow rules

Standing up on the wooden chairs
Carrying them high over the heads
As a punishment for not doing homework

Now the forgotten wooden chairs
It may not see life in action again
In storage or use as fuel long ago
note pictures in psesaleh

Friday, February 26, 2010

accept different views

Religious tolerance
It's a must in a multi-race living
Speak and accept different views
It is to understand

Quickly framing police report
Citing intolerance views
Of different opinion on a law ancient old
Where the peace allowing different perception?

Religions way of peaceful coexistence
Religions way of living harmony
Religions way of accepting faith
Religions way of of different perception

You don't ask why God give so many religions?
Why God never put a stop of many few thousands years ago?
God has created many tongues speaking differently
God want to know how the people will live together

God make many changes
Creating challenges for the people
In the end God will judge
Of how we react in our daily lives

God has the chess board
The various forms of prophets came and gone
Teaching the people of what are the ways
Some going round the long story

Respect your neighbours
As they respect your opinion
Accept the different views
As they want you to explain to them

Making police report
The wrong way to explain your view
God will be watching all of us
The chess board game moving...

life the 4 seasons

The palm trees red and yellow
Swaying with the soft breeze
Waving in the hot day...........
“Look at us roasted in the sun”

“Stop whining!
The breezy wind telling them
I give you a cool breeze
You aren't alone feeling the heat”

“You don't understand
You blow your way
You go away
We have to feel the sun rays”

The wind stays still
Thinking what to say
Knowing the heat of the sun
“You are born to live in hot summer”

The wind disappear
Into the borderless nothingness
The palm trees of red and yellow
Feeling the heat in the sun

Life the 4 seasons
Summer, Autumn, Spring and Winter
We are born to take it
Learn the rope live with the journey

marriages not made in heaven

Marriages good for the run
When the parties pass the baton
Accept the fact it is a team effort
Let the journey ambly rewarded

Marriages aren't made in heaven
It is work carving out the images
The journey each takes to its fullest
Sharing and loving of all the good and bad

Criticisms willing to take and forgive
Nothing should be taken into its severity
Share the joys and good fortunes
Share the bad when the love is still good

A lot of sacrifices sharing with distinct individuals
A lot of changes come into foreplay...................
Nothing is left to chances one has to work on it
Marriages the sharing of two powerful individuals

Marriages aren't open and close doors
It is seeking beyond the borders
Of sharing needs to its fullest
Accept flaws working on it

A married life just the beginning
Of a journey seeking the warm and caring
Giving love and sharing without borders
Life will be smooth sailing

the days of gloom over

Days of gloom over
The painted pictures in reports
Telling all and sundry
How good Bee Anne is!

If it is true
The deposit rates so low
The returns can't buy essentials
The people will feel the blue

If it is true
Why the talk of power hike tariff?
Every one should share the good fortunes
Yet there are some linked leakages

The people will feel the pinch
The companies will catch on it
The petrol tariff will be free
The people will suffer in pain

Days of gloom over
The painted smile of the leaders
The internal conflicts never change
The backdoor seems the edge

Thursday, February 25, 2010

the truth will be known

Don't tell lies
It never brings you wealth
You know the reasons
You can't hide for long

You can't coin words
Telling what you will do
When nothing concrete ever shows up
A lie is a lie no matter what is said

The power in the hands
Of politicians rule for the people
Yet the spins of lies..............
They double talk until nobody belief

In this country
The worst of the lots have happened
Cronies link to the ruling elites
They are conveniently let go

The people must wake up
Find the truth when the next round comes
So many contracts hide under OSA
The truth will be known when we change

leaders afraid to lose

MCA dragging its feet
Call for fresh election
It seems the leaders afraid
Is it power afraid to lose?

The tiger roars
On its way
MCA the bites have gone
Don't you read the news?

The leaders fight
The long battle never materialises
Only press statements
Nothing new to tell

Evolve the spirit of the tiger
Go start get a fresh mandate
Let the MCA members decide
Leaders of MCA why talk?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Course for maids and employers
Why the waste of money by the government?
The onus should be from the recruiting country
Let them handle of how to teach maids

The employers will not have the time
This is the reason they employed maids
What is the main purpose for this course?
To earn a living the maids should prepare

The onus on the recruiting agents
They have charged high fees
They should bring quality maids
Here it is working backwards

Employing maids
The recruiting agents should send the best
Train them tell them about requirements
Why waste time?

There is the contract
There is the law
Only enforcement is weak
The government should address

listening a powerful weapon

What a title phd in law
One would think he should know
Listening to clients what's the problem?
Before giving advice ways to tackle it

Then when power corrupts the brain
It takes away one sense of balance
Listening to the waves rushing on
The eyes see waves; the brain sees rain

When faults finding is so easy
He should listen before he spins his degree
If he wants to live in his coconut shell
Nobody cares what he wants to do with his life

When it involves every one of us
He should learn to listen know his audience
We are the masters....yet he forgets
Listening to our criticisms he pushes it away

Too long in one place
Too long in running the government
Complacent takes off its shines
Arrogance comes playing into his mind

We must change
The systems and government
The way we see it
We have no choice

dancing fire

Fire burning
Small a friendly dance
It keeps you warm
In winter or cold wind

Fire the golden rays
Beautifully ignite casting shadows
Bewitching the eyes what to come
Entrapment runs its way

When fire spreads
Burning woods burning souls
The evil smile cracking cries
“I will burn you alive!”

Don't play with fire
Firecrackers candle lights
Faulty wires no escape route
The fire burning smoke in the sky

When tragedy strikes
We hear sorrows and pains
Lives just gone in smoke
There is no rain

Fire friend or foe
We decide our fate
When it spins out of control
Run dont be a hero

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

we only wake up

We only wake up
When we miss our favourites
Singers, musicians, shows
Jokers preying into our lives

We only wake up
When some one close go holidays
Leaving an empty space
Listening to the falling echo

We only wake up
When things you have to do
You feel helpless learning again
All the while it is done for us

We only wake up
When we know have no choice
When some one close on holidays
Leaving an empty space

the lights in the garden

The lights glow
In the garden
After the showering rain
Little insects flying

Colourful shadows
Dancing in the lights
The lizards crawling
Time for bites

The teasing insects
Flying within inches
The hot tongue lashes
The food in the night

The frogs hopping
On the pearl grass waiting
The flying insects buzzing
In the dim light fatal attraction

The cool atmosphere
In the night of quiet garden
Only the dancing dim light
The hunters and preys

it is our MONEY

Sarawak boost
Bee Anne wants to roost
Allocation of $3.4 billion
Under the 10th Malaysia Plan

The same old trick
Near to state election
Money allocated to win
So Bee Anne think

You know the drill
Here we have seen
Many times it seems

The corruptions and intimidations
Very subtle coming your way
Letting out the goodies
“Wah Bee Anne so good one”

If you sit down to sip coffee, tea or milo
You know it is our money in taxes paid
By right it is belonging to all of us
Our elected government shouldn't think they own it

Monday, February 22, 2010

growing up years

Growing up years
Life full of double talk
One minute and the next
You can't see what's coming

Parents may tell you
Study hard for your future
The next fall they want you
Go get married have children

Friends are many
Many faces many belief
You try to understand them
They make you pay

And you wonder
Why the pain growing up years?
Learn through the ropes
Gather the experiences

Growing up years
Nothing is smooth sailing
Beware of Brutus
Keep away the con people

When you stop at the traffic light
Look closely on the people
They have many problems
They know about it........

Growing up years
Something can be done
Others no way to land
Stay on your course

Belief in yourself
The journey you seek to find
You are the one making through
The others are just a show

religion the taste of many

So many in the market
It makes it so
The tastes of many

Every one
Many paths to go
Each try to claim
It's best for you

The scriptures
Some beating around the bushes
It doesn't show the way
It makes a fool on interpretation

Why God never give it straight?
Passing through many prophets
Each try to say what it is
In the end many paths to seek

Leaving it to humans
The religious scholars interpret
Only to their benefits as they wear the hats
Brewing scriptures holding no meaning

They say they have learned
They cracked the codes
Look around ourselves
The cracks of our belief

We are no near to salvation
We are twisted by those religious zealots
Issuing religious decrees to protect their turf
In the end God has to come to serve His way

those were the days 6

The city of the lights
I went up to share my work
Those were days in the city
I saw many aspects of human behaviours

Everything was about money
Every word I heard was it so
Every one saying the same routine
Money makes the world!

Amongst the group of women
GROs and mummies linked
These women always telling me
Hit the road then retire peacefully
Married guys don't share the past
It only brings misery..................
They had it all made I thought
Then the mummies told me........

“These young women
Some will go astray
Only a handful will make it
Living happily with families”

Life in the city
It wasn't to make money
Living not so far away then
It was to me an opening

Learning the ropes
Of what people would do
The city life would not wait
It moved quickly taking hearts and souls

Moving in the wrong direction
Life of misery and handicap
It was there for me to see
The life of dreams crushing out badly

I saw an old Malay woman
Way passed her prime
Brokering for her services
In the city where nights never sleep

Sunday, February 21, 2010

the auto-gate ganged up on me

One day in the morning
Started car's engine
Revving it up to go
The automatic gate died on me

I went to look
The red light shining
Blinking as it always be
It seems alright to me

Yet the automatic gate
It didnt want to move an inch
Now I realize it could be the wiring
There was no power to engage

I unlocked the nuts
Let the automatic gate free
I can't call the technician
I forget his telephone number

Now it is back to manual
Opening and closing gate
Tomorrow I hope to get it done
Provided I get his telephone number

life ripples on the sea

Life ripples on the sea
On the rocky slope or sandy beach
Imagine what it takes.............
The magic in the eyes

Imperfections what we are
Learning to know; accept it as the truth
Working on it to make it worthwhile
The journey one takes in life

You may want to change
You may want others to challenge
The way life make its journey
Let it makes it easy the way it should be

The drive to correct
The imperfections wasted energy
It is best to focus what good one could be
Giving out words; reaching out touching hands

Life is still great
No matter what lies ahead
Look at the positive flow
Imperfections part of the gig

those were the days 4

A new place
A new way to live
Amongst crowd of new faces
Gathering in the new village

The row of oil palm trees
Swaying with the wind
Beginning many refused to come
They wanted to stay nearby

Of the old place
A few miles away
They couldn't forget memories
They couldn't let go

A new place
Quiet dwelling swaying coconut trees
A village known for its gangsterism
Those days gangs well known to play

Some settled for a while
They couldn't stomach it
So they sold their homes cheap
Those days it cost plenty

As a young person growing up
Life was still free in his eyes
Bicycling to school enjoying the pedalling
On the roads to the school

Old neighbours and children
We were lucky we got a few
Along the same stretch of road
At least some familiar faces bloom

Yet as growing up years
The solidarity of sharing disappeared
We didn't mix any more
Years brought changes

we are our world

We are our world
Holding hands walking in harmony
Living it through the ups and downs

We remember the good old days
Life was easy air was pure
Cool weather harmony in pursuits

We are our world
Born to do great shows
On Earth of paradise

Somewhere in our lives
Greeds and corruptions engineered
Our fall from grace

Devastation the written history
Our footprints smog in our eyes
The air we breathe choking our lungs

Yet determination play
On our march to right the wrong
We are our world

Saturday, February 20, 2010

those were the days 3

Those were the days
The village life I once knew
Playing marbles and flying kites
Catching fighting fishes and spiders

The challenges and pride
On the reward of champion
Amongst the village friends
Sharing a common bond of life

Those adults we thought were upright
Yet in later years we found out the flaws
One incident I could remember
The father raped his 1 year old daughter

He was into the religious thing
Every festival he was involved
Yet in years he lost his soul
And his creditability amongst his peers

The tragic affair
Slowly it died out too
Only spoken in whispers
Of the shame felt in the village

Those were the days
Studying only to learn
Yet thinking of making money
The boys of the village

The young minds worked differently
As years came changes were made
Some dropped out others continued
Life of crimes; life of dreams

As the village disappeared
The scattered friends too
Into new life beginning
A new place; a new bridge

those were the days 2

As age came
The young boys learned
Dreaming was fun for a while
Reality is the hardest bite

When the village gone
Owing to rapid developments
The young friends uprooted
Saying goodbye the last word

The village disappeared
Now the concrete buildings stood
Of those were the days
The footprints all disappeared

The temple and its celebrations
The gathering of different gods
Of witchcrafts somebody got hitched
Ball of spikes the woman didnt cry

The tearing down one by one
The changes came quickly too
Main roads cutting through the village
It was time to go...........

Those were the days
Recycling of bottles came
The old man traded
The young boys got some pocket money

The neighbours knew each other
The sons and daughters amongst the crowd
Nobody could make a fool or take a fight
Parents would come immediately settled it

The village of my time
The memories hold in my mind
The place I once knew
Now it was gone nothing else to hold

those were the days 1

Those were the days
Young people run dreaming away
Living carefree school work left behind
Playing truant by the roadside

The group of boys
People say rascals on the road
Leaving study behind
Dreaming about the good times

Imagine to be big shots
Looking at the expensive cars
On the road seeing it all
Exchanging looks wait you see

Those were the days
The young people got to play
Flying kites at the roundabout
Living free for a while

As years came along
Those boys on the road
They too disappeared
Never heard from them any more

The village torn down
New developments came
The fabric of cohesive dreams
All gone away......

GE13 breaks the tradition

The Bamboo River prison
One name dusted ready to hang
On the cell block a long time gone

The conspiracy theory
One more time on sodomy
The Amino wants us to know

Once tried send to prison
Of a charge fixed it to look right
In court the main witness decried

Yet he was sent to Bamboo River
Amino wanted him to stay there for good
The highest court set him free on appeal

Now he faces the deja vu
The same charge haunting him again
A new recruit by name of Saifool

A story of sodomy
Doctors report denied it so
Yet the case gone to court

Amino wants him in
In Bamboo River hangs him there
Let him sit until light takes away

He better go in
Let Amino tastes the success
For a little while longer

By the time GE 13 swings
The empire will collapse
Amino can kiss goodbye

the greed swallows all

We hear it
So often in our lives
Educated people fall
On money matters

Doctors, lawyers, judges
Managers, clerks, ordinary folks
Minds of wealth creation
Thinking of the millions

Savings invested
They don't ask about it
The conmen tricks into legality
Money gone it is too late

The scheme of wealth
Promising returns no prudent one will buy
Yet these people fall for money wealth
Of savings gone into make believe investments

We hear it
The greed swallows all
In the end of the road
No entry my friends!

Friday, February 19, 2010

just flow with the script

Augustine 2
A new judge the old script
It has written all over it
Biased decision come to pass

Reluctant to forward
Documents for proper defence
No submission of witnesses list
Though requested rejected out right

Even CoA judges
They sing the same old tune
When doctors evidence in report
They say it isn't the conclusive judgement

Now we know how to judge
The judges failure to look at the facts
No penetration in anal sex
The law explicitly says it should be

How to have a case?
When the doctors say so
The judges seem to ignore
The medical reports

The alleged plot
To put the opposition leader in jail
Afraid of him to topple the black knight
And the cronies crying losing wealth

The judges want quick promotions
As it happened before..............
Now they want it to happen
Just flow with the script

we must change

And the men got free
On their marital affairs
Only the low ranking people
They face the music

The Constitution is Supreme law
No other laws should put it aside
As it happens the amino soldiers
Lashing it out without a care

The syariah court says so
Where is the appeal before final judgement?
It wasn't carried out on the last incident
The world now shares with us

The unbelievable thing happens
The first in the history of this nation
Are the government promoting Talibanism?
To keep power and control within its grasps?

We must voice our dissatisfaction
The victims must be given free to appeal
Until the last resort fulfills then be compassionate
The Islamic faith has all its ingredients

Only the narrow minded I am better than you
These are the religious officials they think they are gods
Religious officials should teach the flocks
Let them know and be compassionate

Malaysia doesn't need the bad publicity
Enough damages on the world stage
With leaders and its agencies alleged conspiracy
It's the power and wealth they seek to secure

People we must seek the change
For the Constitution has been raped
Until the document of our nation
It seems to lose its value and importance

reckless drivers

Reckless drivers
On the roads we see
Cutting lanes double lines too
Some double park who cares they tell you

On festive holidays
The culprits rear their heads
So eager to reach the destinations
The simple rule drive slowly forget

Reckless drivers
Whoever you are on the road
Listen to your mind why the rush?
You must stay alive to arrive

Reckless drivers
You aren't the only ones
Reaching home with smile
So slow a little let us enjoy

The long holidays
With loved ones and families
Reckless drivers don't forget
When you are 6 feet down, nothing for you!

when we were young

When we were young
We got lost so many times
We forgot our days
We forgot our homework

We were playing
We were talking
We were dreaming
We were lost

When the time came
We said our goobyes
We saw the smile
We saw the day gone by

Into the adult world
We thought we could conqueur
Our dreams dropped into pieces
On the ground jamming with others gone by

We face reality
In the adult world we came
Innocence of years gone by
Now the digging of one's life

We are lost again
In the world we thought we could
Within the masses of sparkling woven lights
We know we have to run in

Innocence of the young
It has no place when growing up
Into the work of businesses
You make it or you will never do

Thursday, February 18, 2010

close your eyes feel the moment

Dreams are made and died
Within seconds exploiting to the full
In the mind as it is ; imagination runs
On the quiet solitude of empty spaces

Close your eyes to feel it
In the world you transport
Living it feeling the impact
Of heavens and hell

Fire burning snowflakes falling
You make it so easy to go
In dreams where reality seems so small
You can laugh; you can smile

Amongst the lot sharing a time
Flooding dewdrops winter tears
When you walk alone in an empty spaces
Where has time gone you wonder?

Malaysia a hot punch

Extra marital affairs
For Muslim women and men
Under syariah law
You can't escape

Yet God is compassionate
If these people repent
Nothing should be meted out
For when forgiveness is asked

Fairness must be all round
For parties involved in the act
No preference treatment
Let show some mercy

Let them say why
There can be reasons to learn
Why extra marital affairs?
Why premarital sex?

Listen with open mind
With heart of gold
Compassion of mercy
There must be reasons

Malaysia in the news
In the world we can't escape
Of our modern moderate ways
Now it is gone without thinking

fear isnt in the mind

Fear is in the mind
Any guru will tell you all the time
Get hold of it before it mocks you
As walk alone in the night

Now in battle field
You hear guns shooting
Explosion of mines soldiers cry
Fear isn't in the mind

You see the bullets flying by
It whispers a deadly siren in your ears
You may try to hide shivering in fear
Fear isn't in the mind

As you sit on the bench
Eyes surveying the crowd
The mind touching heaven
Ah fear isnt in the mind!

It is what you see
As reality sticks you in
You realize when life begins to lose
This is fear as it tags you mischievously

say a prayer of a day

Say a prayer of a day
Light up the life as it goes
Don't worry about the day affairs
It will be as it will be

Say a prayer as you go
Wake up in the day the sun shines
Feel the golden showers of light
Scattered beams shadows cry

When the silence creeping in
You know the reason in your mind
You make the noises of your life
As you take the day with you

Say a prayer of a day
It makes you feel good whole
You say too for your friends
It's a circle borderless world

dont forget history

The Amino youth
Protesting without permit
Showing their double standards
Wearing headbands money allegedly paid

Basing on personal knowledge
Easy money making noises
Using placards uttering rubbish
The Amino youth the misguided misfits

In the backyards
Corrupted patronage they don't see
They see wealth of easy money
Running rabids minds blowing to pieces

Amino youth
The way you behave
What values you show yesterday?
The lazy bones minds in trash cans

Don't live in coconut shells
The big brothers can take us
We can't match their military might
Don't we learn our history at all?

We had been sacked many times
In our history we tend to forget
Of our shame and colonization
We should think before we leap!

the judges fail

Oh judges!
Judiciary down the hole
Men of letters
They sold their souls

They don't wake up
Of the heavy load of sun
Penetrating deep in consciousness
The nail locks on sane pursuits

Oh judges!
Don't you wake up at all?
Smell the rancid flow
There's no heaven

Law in 377B
Penetration a must
In sodomy
When doctors certified

When there is no penetration
There should be no charge
The element of the law
The judges skirting it away

The way it goes
A trial of an opponent
A trial of common people
The judges fail in their roles

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

the white stray dog 2

Now the stray white dog
Sleeping at the gate
Alone and hungry when I saw
Pitying eyes longing for help

Curling near the pillar
When night came for the day
The stray white dog seemed no place to go
Pitching its tent at the gate

Fed it with barbequed meat
Cut into small pieces through the gate
Hungrily the stray white dog swallowed
At least now it got food to eat

It was said it came
Last New Year Eve on the road
Maybe an owner kicked the dog out
Left it there let it roamed around

It wasn't amongst the neighbours
It could be relatives brought it
Then threw the stray white dog out
Let it finds its own food

Now the stray white dog
It sleeps near the pillar
Sometimes other dogs disturbing
Barking in the night

the white stray dog

The white stray dog
I never see it before
Thin and haggard looking
Maybe the owner let it go

I saw the white dog
On CNY days ago
It stayed around at my gate
For a while then gone away

This morning I saw the white dog
Walking on the road.............
For a while it stayed by the gate
Then it went away

Sad eyes haggard outlook
The white dog walked with dignity
The owner let his dog go maybe it is old
The unfaithful person when the dog gave its full

The white stray do
No home to run into
On the roads it runs
Other dogs chase and bite

The dogs fight and surrender
I heard about it in the early morning
On wrong territory the chasing and control
Outsiders have no place to stake a claim

the traffic jams

The town roads
Once a year turning alive
Choking traffic by cars and buses
The long queue patience on thin ice

The children of the town
All return from the South
The annual affair on CNY
The hot afternoon traffic jams

Yet the order flow
Slow tortoise traffic
Some with good road manners
On the roads

Banks full of people
As usual crowds many
The parking lots seem limited
On the festive holidays

The town roads
Only for a week
Then it will back to normal
As folks go back to work

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

the old warrior of the road

The old warrior of the road
White colour so much soot
Months covered with it
She never complains

Years of services
Driving from North to South
East Coast to the islands
Passing through floods

The old warrior when she was young
Shining bright eager to fly
As years took her shine
She eyes me my sadness

Now she serves me
At night when sun goes down
For short drive touching my old warrior
Taking me on the road

Now rust makes appearance
Leaking under the compartment
Though I painted her many times since
The old injuries still make a return

Today I give her a wash
Months I haven't done
Now she is looking better
For the year of the Tiger

I hardy drive her in the day
It is only at night she goes galloping
Only at night she turns alive
The day another one takes the drive

The years still kind to me
My beauties on the road
Driving me around to places I go
So much sentiments I hardly can forget

do the good

Life is precious
Don't let it go to waste
Don't be a fool
Be used as a tool

On somebody's target
On his ambition to fly
Using you as a carrier
Doing his bidding

Jihad is to fight
Within oneself of wrong to right
Follow the path of God
In the holy paradise

Vengence doesn't belong
To you or me or anyone else
God owns it
God knows what to do

Live in peace
Amongst the people of many colours
Of practises and belief flowing along
Do the good paradise waiting

lining up in pockets

The small fishes
They make the news
On the corruption
Lining up in pockets

The macc officials
They net them in view
It seems they see
The small fishes plenty

The white sharks
In the deep blue sea
Don't they see?
They dare not swim

The perception divides
The corruption in our midst
Lining up in secret alleys
Lining up in pockets

the king frog

The king frog
He has no bone
He has no principle only himself

The racist he is
The king frog from the East
Branding his wordsmith

The racist idealogy all over him
He brews his brand of a race
For him he wants it alone

The king frog
Perfecting his art
Jumping wagons

He finds his kind
Mixture of blood
In the cauldron singing

The hot stew
Lacking ingredients to smash record
No salt no sugar no herbs
As bland as he is

Growing fat now can't hardly jump
Using the fools on his biddings

Monday, February 15, 2010

the winter fall

Winter fall
The snowflakes floating
The sky cold breathing smoke
Putting touches of natural flow

Colours of dark green and golden brown
On the thin branches holding it out
The praying in dead woods
As the winter snow dancing through

The branches rushing out
To fret of winter fall
The temporary capture
Of snow covering rapture

The pathways of white snow
Soft and hard as it will be
Laying out the white carpet
The natural paint children stop to play

On a day free from work
The man and his daughter walk
With camera in his hand......
Capturing the colours the winter fall

The pictures of snow
The warm glow in his eyes
The daughter happily tagging along
Of winter fall the snowflakes dance

Of a time
The footprints on the white snow
Carrying a history
Of a man and his daughter


You make it your own
Nobody asking for it

You try hard
The whispering cry
Caressing in your ears

You try to stay
On focus on what you do
Yet the mind makes it

Oh it is just hard to do!
You seem to hear voices
Knocking every now and then

A need to share
No bottling up

The gases bumbling
Dancing in the brain
Waiting to explode

Talk to any one
Who can listen to you
Politely guiding a path

You will serene
Of voices of a new life
Capturing your eyes

the mandate belongs to the Rakyat

The frogs
Out of the pond
Croaking hard

Newspapers write
The bad publicity
The spoilt child tantrums

Jumping up and down
On the steps
Posing pictures

The reporters write
Bad mouthing on others
Hiding the real reasons

Painting bad blood
The frogs forget
The Rakyat's mandate

Cheating for wrong reasons
Of money and projects
Of personal gains and needs

The real culprits
The true passion
Of people and country

The change
It has to come
The mandate belongs to Rakyat

marriage is 2 way street

Marriage is 2 way street
It isn't made in heaven
It isn't made for lust

Marriage is for long term
A commitment to fulfil wishes
A love of many..up and down it seems

To share to honour
To participate to enjoy
The marriage bliss

Marriage aging flow
Know the footprints
Remember the history

The paradise isn't in dreams
Working hard the fulfillment comes
Marriage is 2 way street

polygamy is just lust

Lust in polygamy
No matter how one puts it
Marrying one isn't enough
Many a man desires

If it isn't lust
What else you call it?
Sexual preferences
Women seem the falling angels

The men seem arranging it
Sowing his seeds leaving them around
The women will carry it on
Afraid to cast out into the streets

Even 4 is the desire level
Yet a man will lust for many
He isn't satisfied he wants his herd
Back to the old days...........

And women seem to fall
For the sweet talk and security
Of a home and warm companionship
They forget they sell their dignity!

What can I say?
Olden days women the chattel
Slaves to men part of property
Now they have the choices

Yet women pick
The wrong men to live
Selling souls into lusts
The guys sweet talk; the women fall

Sunday, February 14, 2010

the tiger roars

The Tiger roars
In the early morning sun
Bright sunshine

The eyes glow
Searching for his meat
The prayers offer

The Tiger sits
On his throne
The paying homage

The animals kingdom
The Tiger chairs
On this day

The wishes
The people rejoice
Offering meat wine and songs

As usual the poor
The destitutes can't rejoice
Day in day out

We pray for changes
The Tiger year will bring
The harmonious journey our way

The Tiger roars
Signalling his rule
The rays of sun; the hunt begins

Saturday, February 13, 2010

in the hand of evil ones

Power corrupts absolutely
In the hand of evil ones
Cradle it embrace it
Power the obsession

The mind works overdrive
Blasting trails capturing imaginative foes
Putting them away
Silence the crying

Yet the evil mind
It doesn't satisfy
It brings out the worst
Of power corrupts absolutely

The pot holes
The covering takes ages
One after another
The trade marks hard to hide

Power corrupts absolutely
When power dies, the ego cries
Finding fear hiding away
As tears flow, power walks alone

Yet judgement will come
For retribution will be paid
The power of evil
The fall from grace

love has no age number

Love in the air
For the young and old
Love has no age number
You must believe to make it works

Love of many kinds
You wish it every time
It brings the close knit unit
Into a life of its own

The flame in the souls
Reaching out to get free
Yet the sniffing dogs
Putting back into hiding

Love in the eyes
As it glows abundantly wild
Amongst the lovers
Of young and old

the unholy trinity

The unholy trinity
The Rakyat feels the beat
In the minds; in the souls

We pay our taxes
Many billions burning
Auditor General reports

The surprise look
Amino and gangs
The spinning wheel

Back to plundering
The unholy trinity
The nation's wealth

The British left us
With a piece of Constitution
What good it is now?

The bought players
The perception in our minds
Of freedom and associations

Now we are divided and ruled
The beggars and prostitutes
And the religious issues

The unholy trinity
The British left us to fight
Without weapons and tanks

We blame ourselves
Allowing it to happen
For over 52 years!

Now we wait
The Rakyat in GE 13
Give them a fight in the box

voices from the sea

Voices from the sea
Look at the ripples
Spreading wide in unity

The rushing waves
Rolling on and on
Touching the rocky slopes

The splashing sea water
Landing on the rocks
As if saying “You don't want me?”

The wet spills
The water marks imprint
For a while it stays

Voices from the sea
The echoing wind saying
Enjoy the gift of life

To the sea
The raying beams
Of the sun heating spree

Voices from the sea
Unity the way it should be
Of a life each gets one to share

valentine what else?

Valentine's singing
Blues and heartaches
When missing ones go
Fighting in the war

The bombs and broken limbs
Deaths on the ground
As soldiers rushing in
Yelling the combat cry

Valentine's tragedy
It happens all around the world
Religious belief stupidity of the minds
Promising heaven murderers rampage

The explosion of lives
The pieces of meat slaughtered inhumans
By bombs planted on walking zoombies
As the red ground painting bloody

Valentine's crying
The world we live in
Perverse minds hidden agenda
Saying peace it's so hard to do!

submarine can't dive

malaysian sub KD Tunku Abdul Rahman
can't dive but warranty so happy Amino!

Malaysian submarine
Newly purchased from France
Amino leaders felt so proud
Named her KD Tunku Abdul Rahman

Tunku loved horses
He wasn't interested in submarine
So he made it stays afloat
Submarine can't dive

Hundred of millions spent
We got a submarine couldn't do her job
Yet our sailors just took possession
Never test the product.........?

The defence minister says of warranty
What he is talking about.................?
When enemy walks into your door
“You hold there I have....”
The submarine will change into pieces
Of metals and a sad goodbye

Maybe Tunku wants to play
Amino never remembers his birthday
Though gone from us but not forgotten
Bapa Malaysia Amino forgets

wait for the ballot boxes

The black knight sips his coffee
The last few days he felt so so good
Walking about in Petaling Street
Showing his pink lips smiling widely

What he says
His own party leaders slyly disputes
They too come out different opinions
The mohawkdin arrowing his own feet

Yet the crony newspapers
The editors take a low key
Never contrast with statements made
They spin the web of public relations

So when black knight turns the pages
Of the crony newspapers he sees
The opposing party leaders quit
On the front pages of newspapers

The former party members
No ounce of discipline in the bones
So use to the Amino ways
They find the going hard to take

The Rakyat never lose sleep
They wish they go in many
They are waiting for GE 13
Pouring hot coffee on Amino face

Now Amino and partners
They try to give a different tune
The Rakyat aren't interested
It is the ballot box we will wait

Friday, February 12, 2010

oh the traffic!

The town clogged
With motorists eating out
Double parking on the roads
It sure takes a long time

The going home syndrome
The rush partially arrived
The town and new villages
The people coming home

The firecrackers in the night sky
The children make the spirit
Of the Tiger roaring to its throne
The 12 months of meaty role

Yet driving in the town
The traffic quite heavy
The journey will take a time
Of scarcity of parking lots

The next few days
Cars, cars and cars
On the town with a university campus
Drawing in the traffic woes

the natural way

The natural wonder of nature
It bonds the child
The way nature intends

It has all the natural ingredients
Good for a new born child
Against the natural diseases
Hovering in the air..........

The artificial milk
Tested on the general usage
The ingredients may not suit all
Yet it is marketed
It's good as mother's milk

If only all the mothers understand
Don't throw away the natural milk
It is best solution for babies to get protected
On the growing up years

now the jamming sessions

Now quaint life
Suddenly turning into jam
Motorists fielding day
On the roads

Homeward bound
The escapees return
To the place where they were born
Putting prints of life

The road manners
It will hard to follow
Each try to get into it
The place they want to go

A funeral procession
Late morning holding traffic
A tortoise pace
Motorists can't complain

The shops on the roads
Set it up by the town council
The brisk business money exchanges
The day gone another to reflect

The Roaring Tiger
The hungry of meat
Economic isn't getting up quick
It will be slow recovery

The hot sun
The burning sun rays
Knifing heat on the skin
As the people go

Thursday, February 11, 2010

dont get roared ok?

On the road
Don't rush to get home
Take your time
Let the flow

Don't drive like crazy
Thinking it is the best holidays
Mind gearing for the weekend
Listening to the Roar of the Tiger

One of the powerful beasts
You don't have to rev your horse power
Burning tyres on the free way
You must reach home in one piece

Don't get prayed on the road
It's no use leaving it that way
Learn to drive carefully
Be alert and get home
In one piece

the tigers died

The tigers died
Poachers and natives hunt
In the jungle for money

When hunters died
Blame it on wild animals
Roaming free in its natural habitat

The wild animals
Tigers too hunt
In the wild

Only the poachers
With natives as guides
Gaming for money

The tigers died
In the wild
Of money and greed

The roar in the jungle
Silently as the wind
The species died

it must be fair and right

Judges are humans
They do make mistakes
Only they don't admit it
When their reasoning wrong

In years it is left there
Until another case comes along
Then it will be reviewed
The test of the ruling

Law should be said
As it was framed
As it is what it is
The spirit of the law
Let it shines

Judges don't go
Changing the law
Job is to dispense justice
Any disparity on clarity
Tell the government
Amend it in Parliament

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

we will sing our last song

We will have our last laugh
Let them smile with glee
Shake hands pat each other back
The day will come
We will make them pay

Go drink your rum
Fill up the coffers
Give it to your cronies
It is what you lived by
Power projects promotions

The black knight smiling
He thought he made good
Into the backdoor..........
The way he manipulated

Pangkor pirate
It isn't over until the people say so
Go have your bottle of rum
Smile to all pirates
We will sing our last song
For you into the sea

Yesterday democracy technically died
With the lordsheeps jumping over the fence
Leaving their footprints in the wall of history
For the wolves saliva dripping

we make our destiny

The destitute man I saw
Yesterday as I parked by car
Near a public dustbin area

Here he was
Bare chested with short
Aged about early 50s

He peeled open
The jackfruit thrown away
He managed to get some

I looked at him
He was contented chewing it away
In the hot sun on a Tuesday afternoon

I thought of my past
The way it was
Growing up hard on life

The roots will stay
With me though now I can fly
The yearly years hard not to know

Now I am free
The shackles of society stigma
It is a history

Now seeing the destitute man
I thought back years ago
Will I make it in the end?

We have our choices
We make our destiny
We can turn the pages of life

when orders flowing

Working under pressures
Some aren't made of steel
When the tough get going
They collapse in mental agony
In a company
The person can be replace
Without losing the company's image
It's the survival in corporate world
In partnerships may bring disaster
On the business when partners aren't in tune
They aren't working for a company
They are working for themselves
When orders flowing
One should be smiling
All the way to the bank
Yet they are people
Fretting it with agony

the pandora's box

The Pandora's Box
The 5 lords-cheap did
Opening it up
Now we may have absolute monarchy
On the line

The political appeasement
Of the ruling elites run
The Constitution put in backseat
They go frogging it to the well

The people will stay calm
They already know the outcome
Even before the 5 lords-cheap jump
On the fence appeasing the wolves

Let the wolves in sheep skin
Let them drink the bloody rum
Let them celebrate with like minded souls
The snaky moves the people wait
The majority has known your antics

The Pandora's Box
The tiger punch
The golden sheep skin
The people wait
The matter of time
The changing craze

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

let them sing for their rums!

Dont cry Perakians
It is just a short break
For the pirates to play
With their ill-gotten wealth

Let them sing
A song of six gold pence
When it becomes heavy
They will sink themselves

Maybe the pirates believe
It is their right with might
Of luring with money and promotions
Hiding cases writing good reports

So don't cry Perakians
You will have your revenge
When it comes
Unleash your power
Settle the score
Let the pirates lay
In the open sea

We aren't lost
Not by law
Not by the sultan
Not by the backdoor

We will decide
When GE13 knocks
We will be full
Carry the pirates
To the sea

mayflower at kota kemuning

When business roars
Don't short-changed
In terms of ingredients and services
You aren't looking for
New customers every day

Services must be prompt
Give a smile let the customers know
If orders will be late
Maybe offer them free drinks
It doesn't cost a bomb!

When customers come
It's time to make the best effort
Circle them in market your best
Let them come again
Again as many times as they wish

Restaurant business
The competition will be fierce
Only the best will survive
It is always good service
A smile and a hello

Let the roar light up
Its life into years ahead
Give a smile and hello
You will make them return
Once, twice and many times

3 for 5 ringgit

The lordsheeps spoken
The state assembly rendered meaningless
In the interpretations of Constitution
It has become the market fair
“Mari mari
Bayar lima ringgit
Dapat 3 barang”

'3 for 5 ringgit'
Our country Constitution plunders
Read it straight through
No need to interpret

The State Assembly
The correct house to decide
The outcome of the state government
The lordsheeps sing for the bag of full
And they sing right through

We will wait
For GE13 make amend
In our country future
In our hands we will roar

we will wait for the story

Holidays pictures and ramblings
All on the journey one takes along
Any place any where you put your butt on

Take pictures let us see
The arm-chair travellers
Some no money some poked into it
Some get banned from travelling

What without pictures
Many will not know how to learn
Words can fire imagination
Pictures tell clarity
Showing the way

At least the frogs
Can have a say with pictures
Peeping it imagine what it will be
As the world moves around us

So roar with your holidays
Valentine's Day and Tiger roars
And come back telling us
Where will the country land?

the tiger roar

The Tiger roar
Out in the jungle
Roaming for his turn

Into the throne
He will sit for a year
Bringing hope and cheer

Eyes fiery
Heart of Gold
Paws of compassion

People gather
Ushering New Year
New, new and new

Hear the roar?
The new era
The changes

God bless the world
You, me every one else
Let us roar for harmony!

pkr shakes

PKR shakes
The rumbles amongst the few
Telling and criticising without principles
Milking their way now they say

The antics wrong way
Feeding the folders for the enemy
What are these MPs doing?
Forgetting the roles
The should play

The 'Brutus'
Amongst the few
The 'Trojan Horses' opening gate
Now the true colour
Let them go PKR
You don't need them
To carry the flag
And the road for Malaysians

Let them go back
To their former parties
Of Bee Anne
Go to the sinking Titanic
We will watch them cry
“Help me! Help me!
I am drowning in sea”

PKR get the house cleaning
Let the Tiger roar with new image
Lose some MPs for a better good
Get it going don't waste time
Learn how Alexander the Great
Conquered the world
and the mistakes he made

don't rush it

Fiery death
On the highway
A family of 5
Perished with BMW 5

The driver skidded
Banged into a stationary lorry
On the side road
On the highway

Deaths were instant
Burned beyond recognition
The family of 5
Together they went
Living this world

Business can wait
Life can't be replaced
We should learn it
Before all too late

Don't rush to get home
Carelessness always happen
Losing concentration
The little demons warming up

The family of 5
They could have lived
If the driver started his journey
After his morning prayer

So go in peace
Into the world you will learn
Before reaching the gate
Where angels wait

Monday, February 08, 2010

the perception of paradise

Riches of wealth
Riches of soul
The perception
Different in every toil

One for self gratifications
The liberty the way one feels
On the wealth endures
The hardship a distance memory

One into charity
Helping the destitutes
The back alleys people
Where people tend to forget

The riches of soul
It's here to the future
Of a place we imagine
The gate of paradise

Each has its flaws
Richness for charity
Charity without wealth
What to feed?

Life choices
Giving it without rewards
Share a little; help as you can
No demanding no fix routines

valentine's menu

Valentine's menu
The lovers plan and decide
In secrets looking the best
On the appointed place
The rendezvous stitches

Once it was
A romantic affair
Hiding out the date
Waiting for the cake

Now the business digs
Take your money
Pockets feel empty
By the time arrives
Is it love is it lust?

The chase of posh settings
Expensive flowers and chocolates
Gifts to tell your intention
For Valentine has changed

The romance seems lost
Into the world of money bags
It is the commercialization business
Empty pockets mortgage in the mind

life on the fast lane

Life on the fast lane
Tomorrow a distance recognition
Play the game wanting to taste
What the borders will be?

Stitched into its web
Idle daydreams nights alive
Life on the fast lane
Buzzing bees tasting honey

Religions convictions
The shadows of life
The endless stretches
Life on the fast lane

Women, wine and wrong
The dim light hungry for money
Guys, beers and songs
The ground falls away

Life on the fast lane
Wheels burst endless misery
When the light is gone
The darkness descends
What the borders will be?

repeal section 377A

The statue law
Way passed its usefulness
Only a tool for political gain

Penal Code section 377A
Any person who practises
To another human is an offence

Oral and anal
Go against the order of nature
On penetration the section 377A applies

It leaves privacy
Freedom of choices
In jeopardy when affairs go wrong

Just take the city
How many lovers indulge in it?
Everything is good

When affairs turn sour
Blackmail and revenge
Love delights turn rancid

Penal Code section 377B
Whoever voluntarily commits the act
Imprisonment for a term
which may extend to 20 years
And also liable to whipping

The world has moved on
The secret affairs open book
Marriages of same sex flourished

Our sex laws
A weapon for political plottings
By the colonial masters

This law must repeal
For the sake of the country
In the eyes of the world

Sunday, February 07, 2010

when evil of marriage bounce

A man of 51
A woman of 55
Married 5 years ago
Problems ensnare

Green eye hornet
Sting in darkness
Afraid of freedom
Choices make

The man no children
The woman baggage few
Married keeping in contact
The man chasing them away

The control freak
Wanting all for himself
The woman facing dilemma
She doesn't have to

Dump the man
Why waste time?
Love is sharing
In marriage contract

Marriage is two way street
A freedom within the sharing
Building castle for life
Dream, sand or concrete

When evil of marriage bounce
Don't waste time suffering in silence
Admit of mistakes take corrective action
There is still life in single again

the sin road

Men choices
In relationship
The best and stupid!

The brains and beauty
The services and comfort
Old and new

Women empowerment
Highly skilled
The best and stupid!

The sin road
They give a different tune
Believable in pursuits

The earning power
The reversal roles
No more chattels

The men in houses
The animated roles
Women call the foreplay

Yet it is a curse?
The same mistakes
Women go for the men

The men
The women
The best and stupid!

love is a traffic rule

Don't get into marriage
When you can't stay in one place
Doing all the routines
Day in day out for decades

Living with two people
You think love will conqueur all
Think about the roses
Think about the golf

It isn't easy
As the sky will tell
Dark clouds sunshine and rain
You think you can keep pace?

Love is a traffic rule
Of colours green, yellow and red
Age will make its way
Eyes may grow old
Aroma descends
Guiding the way

the haitians cry

The devastating eruptions
On the island Haiti reels
Collapsing buildings
Broken brides deep hole roads
And death waits the unlucky ones
Buried deeply in rumbles
Mortars steel and mud

Over 212 perished
Of nature tragedy
Why it should happen?
On the island of Haiti

There are reasons
God send the messages
Live the simple life
Love nature live in its world

The gifts of life
The land, the sea, the wind, the fire
All interconnected to make it easy
Of enjoying the temporary paradise

The Mother Earth
Shielding us from all calamities
When we do our simple tasks
Live the simple way
Know the heartbeats of Earth

Pray asking God
Be tolerant on our transgressions
Be kind on our misdirections
Forgive us when we run overboard

The Haitians cry
Ringing loud in the world
The testing of one's faith
Facing the truth
Do not forget God
In everyday rituals

no secret life will shine

John Terry Tiger Woods
Affairs of secrets eroding family values
When married people go roaming
It breaks the fabric of trust eventually

The broken vase can be patched up
With super-glue as good as it looks
Only the memories and the trusts
It is hard to forget when loneliness sinks in

For entertainers and sports people
The publicity and open write up
The privacy will bare for all to read
Of affairs going wrong in the end

When lusts and new bodies
Surely it brings the foreplay
In the eyes in the minds
So it is better be a single
Taking chances every day

When you are married
Stay on the sharing road
Be true stay in connection
No excuse of going astray

It isn't worth it
Causing pain bumpy road
Read through the scriptures
It already explains

the political spin

The political spin
Amino will go for it
Leaving behind the waste
And telling it is good

Pakatan allows
The members airing grievances
Into the media it becomes
Folders of disintegration

There is no party whip
Not like Amino
Party coalition toe the line
No talking to the press

The feeding of projects
The hungry of power line
Amino can't tolerate dissent
Amongst coalition partners
Even amongst its members

Now we know
Pakatan shows the way
Allowing different view
Within the boundary circle

Maybe as with political parties
Read behind the statements
Enough of Amino and Bee Anne
The decades we knew......
It is best we need something new

Saturday, February 06, 2010

where to Malaysia?

The fore! The fore!
The ball swings
Floating high in the sky
The golfer and caddy walk

The onlookers stare
See the ball?
Finger pointing
Up in the blue white line

Like 1Malaysia
Hitting hard in marketing strategy
Bill boards, signs and events
It takes off in the eyes

Do you see the results?
1Malaysia on the outside
Inside it is race and form
The personal status....
Where is 1Malaysia?

The civil servants
Finger pointing...
1Malaysia cruising along
They have no idea at all

The fore! The fore!
The idea in the air
Yet the old system runs
Where to Malaysia?

sodomy 2 shame for the country

KY lubrication
The flame; the fame
On the erotic adventures

The melting pot
The saga unfolds
Maybe lies

Coaching techniques
The impact of words play
On body languages

No remorse
No ashame
On the face

Idol and charisma
Worshipping a distance
Then the drama

It just lies
Coaching manifests
The deja vu; wisp of smoke

A young actor
Wanting to be known
The old hand directors

Evidences warming
The time will tell
Different doctors; first and second

The body language
No remorse
No shame

Who wants to believe?
Every old hand gets promoted
“It's the honey; the fool he works”

when you can't fall asleep

When you can't fall asleep
Don't get drugs to induce it
You will land yourself in the morgue
Think before you reach the tablet

For a while you feel it
Drowsiness body floating away
The shutdown of the clock
You think you achieve

In the long run
Habits form addiction ruin
You have no way to escape
The sleep pattern needs drug
The death sentence lining up
Only time will make the difference
Of life and death

When you can't fall asleep
Old remedy reading historical books
Reading heavy mind inducing challenges
Use up the extra energy
Sleep will come............

Friday, February 05, 2010

life pages of it

The sea calm
The moonlit night
Years I saw
I imagine again

On the rocky stones
Merging with the sea
Backdrop hill and trees
The backbone of nature

The dancing ripples
The soft breezy wind
Caressing the lighted sea
The eyes dazzle wanting to free

The sandy curve
Footsteps of history
The sea waves entangling it
Goodbye friends see you again

The dark shadows
Spreading far and wide
The dropping leaves
Swaying waving goodbye

Life pages of it
The story unfold in the mind
Swiftly passing through
Then it stays as memories

the sparrows

The sparrows came
Into the house nobody stays
Drilling holes to gain entry
Building its nest no permission gained

A week later I found
The returnees never give up
I had removed the nest
Yet it makes a return

The sparrows find a place
Neatly tacked away for its nest
Since nobody around the house
The sparrows make it its own

Every week I make the trip
To mop and clean the house
A short distance I drive
The sparrows make it my day

people snore

Fat or thin
People snore
Disturbing the peace
For a good night sleep

It isn't about healthy or sick
It is about sleeping habits
The position you dream
It's here making the difference

When you are in deep sleep
The position of the body changes
You don't realize it
Until the snoring calling the night

Fat or thin
People snore
Sleep may be deprived
Yet living must carry on

Thursday, February 04, 2010

the colonial laws

Colonial laws
Malaysia still keeps
When Bee Anne leaders say
Change the road names
Obliterate colonial history

Yet the statue law
On oral and anal sex
Sitting decades wanting to change
UK had put it to pasture
So is Singapore

Here in Malaysia
The colonial laws still rule
On the sexual lives of her people
Yet it happens amongst the millions

The country wants to progress
Yet shackle by some outdated laws
The colonial master long buried in archives
It has no use in the modern world and progress

he just can't take flight

Lies will expose
Within minutes it will show
Only the speaker doesn't realize
He thinks he spins a good yard

This is the court jester
Clowning his glory
In 18 months coaching by many
Now he spins his tales

“Afraid and angry”
He could disrope for a cause
Describing the close curtains
Dim light waiting to be screwed

The fallacy of truth
He spins the coaches smile
The court jester spreads his wings
He just can't take flight

the basic rule

Romantic affairs
The illusion of magic
The way the lovers behave
Counting the days
When they will meet again

The married guys
The married women
Singles playing the game
The power of illusion
The forgetfulness in the mind

Through the ages
Men are always the beasts
Clothing to hide secrets
Until women marrying them

So it is said
Tame the beast
Let the roar within the 4 walls
Let the fire of romance
Sparkles in romantic interlude

Yet the beast escapes
Into the game of romance
Of illicit affairs and lustful deceits
Of lies and broken promises

The basic rule
Couples should behave as boyfriends and girlfriends
Ignite the romance; let the fire burning
Don't ever think as husbands and wives
It spoils the end of the journey..........
Let the romance flow
In the eyes; in the minds

the indecent proposal

Indecent proposal
The day starts with the testimony
Four letter word nothing new
It's a word used everywhere

On the start
We knew it is fabricated
About semen found and extracted
What else the prosecutors wanted to say?

The drama unfolds
The complainant alleged feigned scared
About what to happen as he disrobed
Curtains closed with dim light
He could remember when he was afraid...

On 26 June 08 the alleged incident happened
On one of the expensive condominiums........
A nobody could see the black knight
In office and official residence
All about student loan.............
We aren't suckers to draw the conclusion

So the complainant never wiped his ass
For the days after the incident..........
No discharging waste material
No lubrication used no shower after the act
Do we believe the story?

On 28 June 08 he went to a hospital
The doctor found no evidence of penetration
No evidence of injury or semen...........
He came out a disappointed man

After over 4 hours he went to KL hospital
What he did after the 1st hospital visit?
The time he should have to answer
Now he only coached to spin his tales

It's the day of the trial
We don't need it
We become the laughing stock
In the world

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

live the romance

When you have religious fanatics
Everything about love is a shame
Brewing own kind of ideal relationship
They don't study the scriptures
The true sense of its world

The idea of romance
It should be nurtured every day
It isn't on any particular time
It must be like prayers
Do the way make it works

God bring romance
Into the world for the people
In the creation God make it so
So nothing to be ashamed at all

It's only the goners of the world
Marshalling their thoughts to brake romance
Telling you all kinds of sinful lies............
Everybody sins......and we die all the time

“Wages of death”
It is the truth as the journey unfolds
In death one gets into a new world
A journey in the Kingdom of God

So Valentine's Day
Live the romance
Young and old bind the love
It enriches the soul

melody of love

Melody of love
It rings every year
Listen to the whisper
It brings colourful rays

Long distance mapping
Spending money to bribe
The words of many tones
Connecting in cable news

The wind brings the tune
Rustling on soft caresses
It nurtures the forgotten feeling
As one walks thinking about it

Along the beach
The dancing waves rushing ashore
Leaving its marks telling more will arrive
Drawing its natural curves
On the white sandy sand

Up in the sky
The moonlit sky sparkling stars
Melody of love
It gives; it takes away

build a nation

Build a nation
It isn't just a small elite group
It never should be at all
It has to be involved all people

Kings and rulers
They can't survive without the people
They are there not they are good
It's the people grace

Build a nation
Be proud of its birth
It's in the wrong direction
The nation's image painted

Kings and rulers
It's the people needs
The survival of a nation
All parties must get into it

There shouldn't be divide and rule
It can only happen up a certain stage
Then it will fall as people want change
In the direction of the nation's destiny

Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Get bossy
One child then the next
Shouting and scolding
The way it becomes

A skill needs lots of patience
It tests the character
Of the parents

The guys will run
The children will ask
Too many questions
Too many games to play
“Go play with your mommy”

The wives will be good at it
Maybe it is inborn to handle children
The way children flow with their mothers
From the day they were born
To the day they go to primary schools

When you want to play
“Who's the Boss?”
The children the best game
Telling them what you want
No question just follow
“What mommy says ok?”

Get bossy
A good way to get your exercise
There is no excuse to postpone
When you reach home
There is work to be done!

the kangaroo court

The kangaroo court
Hopping along the bench
Stomping hard for result
The balls carriers come

Justice must be seen
Treat it fair for all
It can't be one sided affair
Irrelevant rings true again!

The 'irrelevant' judge gone
Carried with him the irrelevant documents
On his way to plead his own case
Be merciful yet God let him wait

Now sodomy 2
One isn't enough
The shame we felt
For Amino is self destruction
Carrying it though the wall crumbles

the children

The world needs children
The innocent smile natural laughter
Ringing in the homes
Even in poorly lit slums

The children
Life renewable processes
Giving the Earth the sound of many
Silently make noisily grooming
Don't you hear it?
The wind breathing it through

The adults may have failed
The pursuit of God ways
Trying to best with God
Finally losing the battles

Ah the children!
The innocent smile and laughter
They may be the saviour
For planet Earth

learn to do the small things

Nothing is perfect
In this world or you try
Knowing the limitations
It helps you to progress

You may hear
People talk about perfection
Tell me are we God?
We have our faults
When you look into the mirror
You want to carve your shape
Mould into something else
Yet you may know
You may hate the face....

Imperfections make us human
Along the way you will find peace
Within the inner glow learning to be free
It is there only don't pull a stop

We live amongst people
Rules and laws; red tapes and waiting
When you sit on the bench staring at the numbers
And the voices lingering it through

Not every one of us
Can be leaders amongst men
Some of us will be followers
Some of us will be ants on the streets
Some of us will dream of perfection
It never will be; it's a waste of time

Learn to accept
What you are what you will be
Doing the best you can
Within the scope you are trained
Within the level you have achieved
Learn to do the small things
Life will be easy...

it's life

Money equals power
Power equals sex
Sex equals AIDS
AIDS equals death
So money is.........

The root of all evils
It breeds in our minds
It slowly eats us alive
As we work day and night

With deep pockets
Our minds run wild
Into the darkest night
The razor lights
The night creatures
Of humans parade

Money is death
We work hard on our butts
Yet when we walk out
Some crazies take it all
Leaving the victims
In a pool of red paint
Drawing pictures of life has been

It's life
It's hard to live through
Afraid is natural
Just get it prepared
It saves the hardship
And sorrowful face

Monday, February 01, 2010

remembering good staff died of AIDS

The former workers
2 died of AIDS
In their prime
When the disease struck
Nobody knew then

The skin rashes
I thought it was food allergy
Even doctors prescribed medications
It gone away a week or two
Then it came again

They were healthy
With active hormones surging
Pretty women fell
I thought they used love magic

I talked to one of them
He agreed to disagree
Secrets buried amongst own kind
Women just came by telephone calls
Words of amorous glow
Women turning on

Money, sex, food
They could claim it all
Even women from Hong Kong
They fell for these two
Money and power
Throwing to the wind
They just ordinary guys
With high voltage of hormones
They wanted to have joyful rides

Words of advice
Who wanted to hear?
When they could have
Money sex and women

When they fell from grace
The disease struck with subtle warnings
Yet they didn't recognize it
Even I didn't notice....
Sick leave granted
Doctors gave them paid leave
Away they returned home
Weeks went to weeks

One admitted to Klang hospital
Leaving a life of death situation
Hanging onto his dear life
As he wished he knew........

One lying in his parent's home
He used to play football until the disease struck
Now when I visited him immobilized............
His parents said it was his final journey
It was years ago seemed like yesterday

The next day I got a call
He passed away in his youthful condition
The AIDS had not done its works........
He died in his sleep

The other worker recovered
He was discharged from hospital
When he came back to see me
He looked healthy and strong
He said he wanted his job back
I said “you are welcome to it”

I didnt know
It was the last time I saw him
When he returned home
He died one week later

Life can be gone in minutes
We are living on borrowed time
Learn to be happy and enjoy
Be grateful of the gift of life
p/s the women went for tests
all indications negative
So it could be
From the honkies women
The last they had one night stand