Saturday, February 28, 2015

it is just to buy time

Suing opponents
It is just to buy time
It is the right of the people
How the debts accumulated
How the monies are spent

Playing the sitting duck
Without a pond to flow
There is no ripple
It's only cracked mud

There is no quacking sound
The elegant silence in the pond
The sitting duck can't understand
Public funding can't be hidden

The day will arrive
The silence can't be hidden
It has to quack
In court it will unmasked

the moment like this

The moment like this
It's hard to come by these days
The carefree days have gone
Grown up march to the world

The predators everywhere
The bigots and extremists
The militants and Casanovas
The robbers and murderers

The conmen and liars
The swindlers and pickpockets
The prostitutes and gigolos
The money market and loan sharks

The men of business houses
The minds always rake in profits
The human souls are badged in
Paying peanuts dreaming of castles in the air

The good men have gone
Maybe hiding to wait for opportunity
Leaving the pot holes to the corruptors
Filling it up with massive unrecorded wealth

The moment like this
The carefree days are gone
Grown up march to the world
Wanting change on the evil game

putrajaya wants to rock

Putrajaya wants to rock
The drum set has many pot holes
The drumsticks will hit with a whimper
The people have known it all along

The developments must be fair
There shouldn't be one for you 5 for me
Putrajaya wants to divide and rule
The opposition states and Federal government

All of us pay our taxes
For the simple reason to develop all states
We are all Malaysians
Yet the policies smell of divide and rule

Putrajaya wants to rock
Classic or modern it can't decide
It is good at issuing statements
The real truth is divide and rule

sirul holding out

Sirul is holding out
In Ozland playing his game
Death is his nickname
He knows it too well

He doesn't want to tell
He wants his cake and eats it too
Pas may have taken for a ride
The convicted murderer holding out

Sirul must tell
Doesn't he want to clear his name?
Who ordered the hit on Atlantuya?
Tell it now and be free of your guilt

You took orders
The offer price money
Somebody must have rolled it
Tell the world let your conscious be free

Sirul has his chance in Ozland
Atlantuya will want to go home
Let it come out Sirul
Let her soul be at peace so will you

change come from us

Change come from us
Within ourselves we must show it
Bee Anne stays too long
It is time we must change

Anwar and his Reformasi
He manages to gel it together
Giving us the ordinary folks
A chance to effect the change

Now he is incarcerated in Bamboo River
A voice though gone but never dies
The footprints can be seen in all of us
The nation cries for change

Alone Anwar can't do it
It is the sum of all races
Come together to effect the change
It will happen in the years ahead

The groundwork has been done
Now to make the roar ring it high
Our nation needs good people to manage
The time is within ourselves

women exist to test the faith of men

The pervert mind will say
The women's bodies make him fall
Into the darkness of his sins
And he never questions his own weaknesses

He will try to put blame
When he falls into the trap
He will say it is the women
The shape of bodies on parade

He will never say
The weak faith in his religion
The wrong approaches in his life
The women inviting him to do it

The entrapment of women's bodies
The devil asks him to go for it
He will offer many excuses except his own failures
Of a command “man must take care of women”

*Where there are no women
There are no good manners*
Women exist to test the faith of men
They aren't the sex object!

*johann wolfgang von goethe 1749-1832 german writer

Friday, February 27, 2015

don't fall for the falsehood

You know about Isis?
The black dressed crusade
Covering from head to bottom
The ninja black turtles of our times

Isis preaches the wrong message
The wrong way to make the grade
The fake certificate to announce it
When it is tested nobody can say

Nobody can promise you heaven
One or two or seven the lies you will hear
But does Isis care for you?
It is your body and soul it spears

Don't fall for the lies
There is no short cut to heaven
You have to work hard for it
The good deeds and sinless soul

Isis is a militant group
Its leaders want power to control
Nothing about religion
Killing and murder is the game

Men to fight – it isn't a holy war
Women to bed the men
Giving blood transfusions
Doing the domestic chores

Isis tricks the Islamic faith
Using religion to entrap the faithfuls
There is no short cut to heaven
Hard work and good deeds will

you can't fool me

You can't fool me
Telling me lies after lies
Waving it out in my mind
Looking at you telling it

You don't realize
You are lost in your world
I keep it in my memory
You want to feel good

The rain will fall
On a cloudy day
I know you don't see
Telling me lies after lies

The traffic lights
It tells you a sign
You pretend not to see
Telling me lies after lies

Now your world has gone down
You don't know what to do with it
You lie on the public bench
Crying your heart out when the truth sing

You can't fool me
Telling me lies after lies
You can't fool me
Telling me lies after lies

the sitting duck

The sitting duck
The potshots throw
No quacking sound
The elegant silence

The pond has no water
The potholes drain it out
The sitting duck
Silently stares at it

The sun hot and humid
Raining lights of golden colours
The sitting duck
Alone and waiting

The sky never turns cloudy
The sun smiles hot and sweaty
The hot wind blowing along
Never a word is spoken

The sitting duck
The potshots throw
The muddy ground
No quacking sound

the drug dealers

The drug dealers
You will live a short life
Peddling drugs for money
Destroying lives in return

Why look for short term?
Decaying souls of the bad
Wake up to the world
Easy life through hard work

Why pawn your life?
Running from the law
Looking behind your back
Is that life worth living?

Let it go; let it go
You have a life make it worthwhile
You have to do good deeds
You have to earn your credits

Going for short cut
Life will be short
Paradise turns into hell
Let it go; let it go

royal pardon

Royal pardon
Anwar's family seek the King
Let Anwar go free
The King can decide on his own
Though there is a Board to advice
The Board should be free
But as it is under Bee Anne
How free can it be with AG and Amno Baru?
Let our King show his Royal Highness compassion
Let's us see Anwar go free
Right the wrong let justice and freedom flow
In our nation of many colours and religions

The cracks in our political fabric
It will be a fertile ground to breed
The military groups catching us
Playing the hardcore Islamic lyrics

We can't allow this to happen
We have seen why it has happened
Promising of heavens for lives lost
Giving it away for lusts and falsehood

Let Anwar go free
Maybe there is a hope for the nation
The sitting pm brings to many negatives
It never takes us to the promise progressive nation

Let the King with his wisdom and knowledge
Be able to see the light in the dark tunnel
Anwar has suffered enough for the past 17 years
Let the Royal Pardon make him go free

Thursday, February 26, 2015

the militant groups

Many laws in the country
Why draft new one at all?
Wasting time and energy
When the enemy is at the door!

Using arms to create fear and instability
It is waging war against King and country
There is a law in existence to capture the militants
Don't forget the Penal Code too

Police want bites into it
Possession of arms death is the penalty
There is a law for that offence
Time delay enemies dig in

The militants have settled in our shore
Base on reports they came and went
Under disguises they came
Started the ball rolling then went away

The militant groups
They have it here
Though police caught many
Many laws to book them in jail

loan sharks grow

Loan sharks grow
In cities, towns and villages
The easy money to loan
Smiling faces easy to borrow

Once the sharks go in
The trap will be laid
The borrowers will not run away
The day will come the bite will be pain

Once the loans are defaulted
It can run into many hands
The thugs will come a calling
Red paint on the fence

The emotional ruin it rains
The family members suffer in vain
The loan sharks don't care
They want the bites and pound of flesh

Reports lodged to the police
They will not take immediate action
They will always say they can't find them
When on the poles or walls the handphone numbers

The loan sharks grow
Knowing the ineffective enforcement
The desperate borrowers failing prey
In default the time of crying running away

the street of his marks

Anwar in prison
His footprints will not disappear
The street of his marks
It will stay for a long time

The shadow on the street
The ruling elites can't sleep
Though they think they will
Sleepy eyes in the day

Anwar in prison
The walls close on him
The days pass quickly
He prays for his freedom

The young generation
They will carry the torch
Justice and freedom
The country needs it badly

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

world class universities?

World class universities
We don't have the fuel to fly
We are not going there
With the methods we have

We aren't ranked below 100
We are way down the ladder
Whose fault it is?
It lies with Bee Anne government

We ranked above 400
Is this the way to call world class?
We are 5 years away to achieve a developed nation
We should know by now we can't achieve it

Unless we change government
We will not see our ranking going higher
We will be looking downwards all the times

We aren't at a stage we are proud of it

manners in life

Manners in life
It has to stay until we die
Learn it and use it
It makes life easy to live

Consideration to others
We expect the same to us
What goes around will come around
It never disappears

Common sense will help
In every situation we are in
Giving way doesn't show weakness
It shows good etiquette

Respect laws
Respect rules
Walk within it
Life will be safe

Manners in life
It helps us to live in peace
Don't try to live in class system
It will bring discord in what we do and see

the green red and blue

The green devil
The red rocket
The two can't see eye to eye
Unless they fight for a common enemy
When the storm vanishes
The two will come with lashing tongues
Telling each other to shut up

The green devil believes in Islamic laws
Forgetting the country isn't an Islamic nation
The country is Secular with her Constitution
Brokered by men to serve men
Leave religions alone without mark of politics
Let the followers pray and decide
What punishments they deserve
In the privacy of their own

The red rocket salutes the Constitution
The fair deal for all citizens
With Penal Code to monitor one behaviour
Running foul of the laws
The appropriate punishments will be given
The red rocket believes religion is a private affair
Let it never taint the politics of men

The Blue Dog will bark
Trying its best to call to order
The infighting within its rank
It doesn't sound positive in politics
It is open to attack by its enemy
Watching on the side road smiling gleefully
Of the antics of the red rocket and green devil
Leaving the people looking East or West

Fish out the common grounds
Use it as the stage to galvanize the troops
Fighting a war without religions in tow
It is much easy to plan and execute
Leave it aside success will come
With a firm ground then talk about religion(s)
Else get the house clean up

mic crisis sinking in

MIC crisis sinking in
The warring groups don't agree
Calling for fresh election
The leaders afraid to go?

Going to court
What to settle an internal issue?
Ros acted on complaints
MIC leaders should come together

Get the problem out of the way
Why need to prolong the anguish?
Don't the leaders have to work to do?
Don't let greed of power corrupts it all

No doubt the leaders still think
The Indians still support MIC
If the leaders care to listen
The Indians have long abandoned ship

The antics of MIC
The backbone hard to see
Maybe Ros should deregister it
Let a new era begin

the house deep in the woods 2

One day in the darkest night
The clouds stayed still the stars hidden away
The still air in the woods
The creatures held their breath
Waiting and wondering in anticipation
When they heard the roar of car's engine
Driving deep into the night
With its flash lights blooming in the darkness
The ground broke in vibrations
Thundering through the quiet forest
The owls looked with piercing eyes
As if trying to halt the roaring engine to stop
The car eventually came to halt
At a clear clearing at the compound of the house
2 men a woman alighted from the car
They looked up at the abandoned house
It gives me the creep!
What's this place Az?”
You don't have to know
It's a place where evil deeds dwell
Long decades ago I heard it
Now it is abandoned to the elements”
This is where it should end?
A place for evil to dwell again?”
Az looked at his friend
That's the way we lived Saint
Bring the woman over
We don't have much time left
When the moon shines
We better leave here quickly”

The house in the woods
It roars with laughter
Ringing out in the quiet night
Az and Saint shiver in the dark
The woman prays for her soul
You have come to do evil
I feel it in your mind
This is the place for it
Give her to me
I spare your life!”

The wind suddenly appear
Roaring its crazy sound in the darkness
Az and Saint have to work quickly
Putting the woman on her knees
The woman cries desperately
Please let me go!
Let me stay in the abandoned house
I take my chances there”
You just shut up!
We have a contract to finish
It has to end to night”
The woman pleads with her life
You can do anything to me
Please spare my life
I have no quarrel with you
I hardly know you guys”
But someone wants you dead
We have accepted the contract
This is the way you have to go”
Saint takes out his colt.45
It glints in the sudden dim light
Saint shivers for a while
Ignoring it he pulls the trigger
The woman feels the impact on her head
She rolls forward to the ground
Saint what the hell you are doing?”
She has to die hasn't she?
I give her a bullet
What so cross about it?”
Don't you hear the house saying?
Let her live in the house
We will live another day!”

Saint laughs
Az gets annoyed
The tree roots hooked them
Dragging them into the house
They scream of course
Hardly anyone hears them
The woman gets up from the ground
Laugh out in the night
You have my contract
You die for it!”

The house in the woods
It stands in solitary mood
The cage for hardcore sinners
The drug lords, corruptors and murderers
The door slowly closes
Leaving the screaming men in pain
The woman laughs loudly in the open
She walks back to the car
Revving up the engine and disappears
Into the night to seek other sinners
The woman who once lived in the house
Seeking her revenge of the evil doers
Taking her life when she was young

Now the Az and Saint
Struggle in their last breath
They know they will die
But why in the woods?
They don't have the answer
As the roots slowly pierce their bodies
Hanging them high with dripping blood
They struggle they scream but death takes them
In agony of pain they cry out in the end
Death seems the logical way to go
They become limp high on the roots
Swaying slowly as their souls disappear
Into the darkness of the night
Death welcomes them

The woman in the car
Driving out in blast of smoke
The white line can be seen for miles
Laughing out loud in the quiet night
Bad people take my life
Now I get them to pay me back
Many many times over
I will be come back for more!
That's my promise bad people!”

The house in the woods
In the morning light of sunny rays
The structures still stand
Covered by natural trees, creepers and plants
It stays alone but at night is a different story

Don't go there you may not return!”

the house deep in the woods 1

The house deep in the woods
Flanked by trees and bushes
With yellow roads in meandering ways
It will take a while by motor vehicles

The sunlight flashes through
The glowing rays hitting to the leaves
Casting shadows of many shapes
Pointing out how nature lives

The compound of lighted solar panels
Getting light from the sun
The house stands quiet in the woods
The silence of human voices

Once it was the hive of activities
The parties of songs, wines and romances
Until evil started to mark his ground
The killing spree death of many

The devil took the souls
Leaving the bodies decayed to the soil
In time the police came to look
The house was partially burned

The police couldn't make it
Nothing to show of any existence
The house stood in the woods
As quiet as of humanless voice

As times turn into decades
The house feels its rotten bones
Natural creepers claim its abodes
Leaving trails of roots squeezing in

The sun lights still shine
Partying the ground with its rays
Light and shadows surrounding the house
The wind whisper the leaves shake

The creatures crawl in
Smelling the decay
The house in the woods
Abandoned ages ago

The birds of many kinds
Tweeting out in the broad day light
Telling each other of lost opportunities
Of food once were plenty

The creepers crawl over the structures
The twines grab all the spaces of the house
The lights still penetrating it through
Don't be so greedy give us some spaces”

The squirrels jumping across branches
Tails wagging eyes watching the creatures
Maybe there are food in the house
Else why the creatures crawling in?

The abandoned pond of dirty rain water
The frogs claim its own territory
Of the tropical rain falling into it
The mosquitoes breed abundantly

The wild creeping plants and bushes
Trees grow wild and free
Once the ground of cultured landscape
It is now turned into a wild terrace

The house in the woods
Once it was a party of music and romance
Now it stands holding to its memories
Of its dark history soiled to the abandoned ground

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

the wrong cause

The young girls
They see adventures in their eyes
Far away countries
For a cause they hardly know

The minds are easy to manipulate
Telling them the story of heavens
Twisting in religious faith
They will just fall into the trap

Isis knows how to get there
They learned through documented histories
Twisting around with promises of many
The young girls fall into its sting

The reported girls who escaped
They were used as sex slaves
To feed the men of their lusts
To feed the injured of their blood

The wrong cause
The deviant view on religion
The sins spreading far
Capturing the imagination of many

But is it true?
It is going to hell
Isis doesn't care
It is harvest of sins

The police better walk the ground
Walk the talk fish out the militants
So far police netted below 100 of them
The brand shouldn't get hold here

The police should give some ways to the opposition
They are there to check for any misuses of funds
Of the ruling elites administering the country
The opposition aren't the threat to the nation