Thursday, December 29, 2005

flames of fury 20

Divide and rule

THE NATIONAL FRONT PASSES laws to affect nearly half the population, and no Malaysian is concerned at the time when their kind is affected by it. The Malaysian Chinese Association, the Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia, the Malaysian Indian Congress and other parties in the Front other that UMNO would rather not talk about it, and look the other way. Two cases in recent weeks show that it is done. A Malaysian, who was born an Indian Hindu and scaled Mount Everest in his time, was buried a Muslim, after the civil court decided it could not interfere in what should have been other court. But because she is not a Muslim, she could not go to the Sharia court for justice. So the Indian is buried a Muslim, with his family not allowed to take part: the religiious affairs department saw to that. The second case involved women, albeit Muslim, and they objected to their denigration at the last minute. But the two cases are seen in water tight compartments, and so the official actions against one is not seen as affecting the other. So, the Muslim women are up in arms, and the Hindus are up in arms, but seperately. If it is this way, the National Front government is not worried: they would be elected by these groups in the next election or byelection. But there is a link between the two: it shows the National Front reduces views of Malaysias by attacking individual components, knowing full well that parties in the National Front would not object, as it has not in the two cases, and Malaysians will vote the National Front in the next time around.
Why does this happen? The National Front government uses its powers to keep the opposition diffused and weak. The opposition political parties, even Parti Sa Islam or PAS, feels it is more important to survive than make sure the needs of Malaysians are taken care of. The DAP has asked the Yang Dipertuan Agung not to sign the bill, but it happily allowed the Lower House to pass the same act in September. It now have jumped into the action, but it has done after the National Front women senators had raised their cudgels. The mainstream newspapers now find creative reasons to explain whether the act was necessary. What the women did has changed the political landscape once again. The National Front has to look over its shoulders - now to see how the women would react to what it has in mind. In the 1950s and 1960s, it had the Labour Front to check it in Parliament, but it destroyed it by banning the Chinese group in the front, and made sure the Parti Rakyat Socialis Malaysia was not elected to Parliament. The PSRM has broken into two, the Parti Rakyat Malaysia has merged with the Keadilan party to form Keadilan Rakyat Malaysia. The other wing, Parti Socialis Malaysia, fights a lonely path, by believing in a better Malaysia and not elected seats, and issues statements on government intentions, and spread their outpourings to Malaysians up and down the country. They are too small to make an impact. But what they say is taken seriously. It is afraid of the Malaysian Communist Party, and would not allow its long term leader is not allowed into Malaysia, as he can under the peace treaty, and has taken legal action to allow him to. Its views affect the Chinese Malaysian, whatever the Chinese parties in the National Front think or say or do.
In the other case, the National Front government has passed a law disallowing half the population from going to one of its court systems. The civil courts told the wife of Lance Corporal Moorthy that it cannot hear her case, said in effect could not go to the Sharia courts, therefore her husband had to be buried a Muslim. She had no standing in the matter and had to allow the religious affairs department to bury him as a Muslim. The Indians, particularly the Hindus, are up in arms at this 'gross injustice'. The Malaysian Indian Congress, which should have taken the cudgels on behalf of the wife, would rather not. The Peoples' Progressive Party would rather blame National Front politicians for bribery in local councils than get involved in this religious tug-of-war. They know fully well the people would vote the National Front in at the next election or byelection. So why should they get involved. The Chinese and those of Sarawak and Sabah do not want to get involved. So it becomes a women's issue or an Indian issue, and the others stay away.
This is now the National Front would like matters be. When a point of view is argued, the National Front must be told that they would vote against it in an election, and take steps to do so. When more than half the electorate are women, the National Front would sit up and take notice. When the Indian Hindus have a beef, they must make it clear they will vote against the National Front in future if the problem is not solved. Islam is the state religion. One should not deny that. But if that religion is used to denigrate the non-Muslims, and the government agencies are used to enforce that, every Malaysian, including it seems many Malays, must take heed. The Mykad, which replaced the old identity card, has Islam printed on those who practice the Islamic faith, but not of others. Hindus are listed blank, Christians are listed as Buddhists. And the religion is not list in print. It is an arduous process to find out what is written, and the day I went to get my MyKad, the reader was faulty, and many went home disappointed. It is any wonder that many have bought these readers to know what is written about them in the MyKad. Was Corporal Moorthy's change of religion listed in the front of his Mykad? If it was not, then he was buried in the wrong place!
The National Front behaves as it does, keeping its opposition weak and defused. It is up to the opposition to see through this, and act accordingly. But it will and has not. As we have seen in the case of Muslim women and Corporal Moorthy. The others are not involved. But that is changing. In the past, the only people allowed to register new voters were the Election Commission and the National Front, especially UMNO. Many did not bother to vote because of this political party involvement. Now, however, the National Party has found to its horror that four million Malaysians have not bothered to register. It wants them to. But unless it involves the opposition parties and any group willing to register the voters, those who have not would not register. With the National Front breaking at the seams - the membership stating their opposition to the leadership openly, the groups in the Party at loggerheads, in UMNO, the top not agreeing to the bottom, the self-interest groups within not getting along with the leaders, for instance - they need all the help they can. In the next election, the National Front would be voted in, but most analysts believe it would face intense opposition in 2012 or 2017. The National Front leadership is in crisis. So it needs all the help it can. But that help cannot be easily got.
Unless the various disparate groups get together for a common purpose in challenging the National Front, they would not succeed. These groups would insist, to the National Front's pleasure, that they will only be involved in what they fight for and not in politics. But they will ensure that they will fail in what they fight for. But if the groups used what has happened in recent days for a larger purpose, there is hope. There is not much of that around. The Chinese would not be involved in an Indian matter. The men would not be involved in a women's matter. As long as Malaysians think that way, it is easy for the National Front to divide and rule. The Malaysians are concerned about their narrow interests. They would never get out of their narrow selves until it is too late. In the Internet, the Indians groups discuss Corporal Moothy's predicament, as if no other issue exists; and the women groups discuss the denigration of women. Some Malaysian political parties have taken the cudgels on behalf of the women, but they slept through when they had a chance. It had to do with the general feeling that on matters Islamic, no political party, including those in the National Front, would take part, or even take an interest. If they had not taken that informal ruling, matters would not have reached this stage now.
M.G.G. Pillaipillai@streamyx,com

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

flames of fury 19

MBSA of Selangor has passed a new regulation for dog owners to comply. The city council only allows breeding of dogs in bungalows or corner units. It becomes effective on 1 Jan 06. So all those animals lovers have a tought time to understand the rationale behind this regulation. I know when dog owners do not play their part on tackling the 'shit' business of dogs, they shouldnt be allowed to rear dogs in the first place. When dog owners do not know how to clean their dogs and teach the dogs to behave, they shouldnt be allowed to rear dogs in their homes. I know it is a nuisance when the dog owners do not know how to breed dogs. The new regulation also covers type of dogs are allowed (bungalows & corner units) to the owners of these houses. Although it is tough regulation for the dog owners, they should understand the reason why this piece of hard regulation is introduced. I know many dog owners will cry foul of the regulation. I think MBSA has acted in the correct procedure. Most dog owners rear dogs to protect themselves and they dont care about neighbours perception. Besides, the future dog owners too must get written permission from their neighbours on dogs ownership. If the neighbours agree, then eventually they shouldn't complain and should share their responsibilities as if they too own dogs in the neighbourhood. I believe there will be an uproar about dog ownership in Shah Alam...

An Indian convert died. He didnt inform his wife or his family. The wife said he was a Hindu but the syariah court said he was a Muslim. The High Court couldn't overturn the verdict of the syariah court. He was buried as a Muslim with much anguish to his wife and family members. Why the husband didnt tell his wife? Why the authority didn't inform his wife? Because by his conversion his marriage becomes void unless his wife converts too. Since he didnt inform his wife, he had made his own mistake. By right the religious officials should inform his wife about it when he was still alive. Nobody did. So the misery moans on the family. May he rest in peace.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

flames of fury 18

The laws favour nobody. This is the basic ingredient by itself. Yet in reality it favours the ruling elite of the country. They are above the laws! Do the PM know what's happening in the country?
He should know before he becomes the PM. The police act for ministers and PM and not trying to protect the common people. Every one knows the SB can come any time to take a loved one away without telling his/her family why. You can lodge a police report. This is about what you got. A report. And when you make a false report the police charge you. Remember the case of Anwar Ibrahim? He made the police report and he was thrown into jail without any courtesy for a former Deputy PM. I dont like the way the system works. There is no check and balance in the police system. It should work itself for a seperation of authority - like Hong Kong Internal Affairs Department or the US system. In this way any misuse of authority can be checked and any unauthorised arrests can be reviewed and any rogue police officers can be charged and dismissed. By itself the public can file report against any police officer for manhandling during his operation such night clubs, discotheques, massage parlours, gambling dens, prostitution, illegals, robbers, thieves, etc....Every one must accord the decency of the laws until he/she is proven guilty in court of law. What we have the police has the right to detain you for 60 days without trial or attached any reason thereto. Even in ISA itself you can sweat in Kamunting for 2 years or more without trial or charge. Only the police head honcho thinks you are a threat to the country you should be put behind bar for awhile...

There is another tale which happened just recently. A church was demolished by the authority. I thought my country imbues with religious freedom. How sad it had happened! Because the majority rules they could do what they want? What goes around will come back to haunt. This is the basic logical revenge of the Lord. Arent they come from the same Lord? The Torah, The Bible and The Quran directly from the same Holy Grace! Yet what I see is totally disregard of the teaching of the Lord. It saddens me alot. That the government officials do not practised what their religion told them to do. Islam is a religion of peace! I should expect they should show respect in December which is drawing closer to the Christmas celebration of which I know Jesus wasnt born in December but it is the spirit that every Christian jumped into it. By right these Christians shouldnt celebrate this pagan celebration but I think it is the goodwill and friendship which brought smile and forgiveness to these people and so bring peace to the world And what I seen here a group of government officers forget their training and upbringing that one should respect other religions. If these church officials do not follow regulations, call them for discussion and find ways to solve the problem. We tell the world we are a friendly nation with many races and multi religious freedom and yet in our own backyard we do differently. The government should put a stop. Immediately! But the PM is going for his holidays!

Monday, December 19, 2005

nothing to do - guitar learning 9

Sometimes I wonder how people learn to play acoustic guitar/electric guitar. I had tried to learn but I had a tough time trying to understand. I got my fingers coarse but I didnt get anywhere. In fact I couldnt even tune properly on the guitar strings. Last time my musician friends said it is easy to play acoustic guitar. I didnt learn from them though they did show me some fancy finger chords. So now I try to learn something to pass my time. It isnt easy. Only 3 guitar chords one can play many songs - such as Cliff Richard's songs, Elvis songs, Everly Brothers, etc I had learned quite a number but I couldnt even strum a song. So I havent progress in my lone pursuit which I thought I could learn it on my own. It is easy as ABC....yeeeeeet I am no way to learn it Now I try to learn from the net.....tuning guitar....

Sunday, December 18, 2005

nothing to do - Bandar Seri Botani Sungai Raia 8

I went to visit the housing scheme in Sungai Raia about 8-10km away from Ipoh City, not so far away from the Sam Poh Tong Temple. It is called "Bandar Seri Botani" This is actually my 3rd child on property investment. When it is fully developed it will be a great place to stay on this 1,200 acres of former plantation land. Yet for me it is more like a holiday home when I visit the city. It takes me around 15 minutes(max) to reach Giant, Parkson, Jusco or Tesco and Sunway City homes and college. Currently, on the surrounding areas are housing projects. So it is a busy place though I also expect it to be quiet too because it is away from most complexes and entertainment outlets. Right now there is a chinese secondary school about 150meter away from the main road of Jalan Gopeng.

The house, a single storey terrace, is facing opposite a vacant field which I enjoy though I had to pay extra money just for a house facing an open field. It is a 20X75 ft built up is 20x50 ft. Currently it is 75% completed so by next year maybe in March 06 I could see the whole house up. When the last I saw it cement plastering was completed. The balance is the floor tiles, bathroom basic amenities, doors and grills and finally the OC. I sigh a sense of relief now that I almost complete the transaction for this house. Single storey house is basically a holiday home and in case when I grow old I dont have to claim stairs...which my second home is about - a double storey corner unit only now waiting for CF so I expect to move in next year 2006.

(Thinking ahead the next one should be around a lake or facing a lake.....the place I dont know yet Maybe thinking of my home town - a place I dont recognize no more)

Friday, December 16, 2005

nothing to do - honda city 8

I was dreaming about the honda city since last year. Yet I didnt buy it then because at that time the tax structure would cost more compare on the mainland price. So my dream was just a dream. Since then my mind was occupied buying homes to stay. This had been done this year (2) and now until next year is occupied how to renovate the houses. Then I wrote a poem about the honda city since honda launched its new honda city in Oct05. I didnt go to view it then. Now it has come at my door step and I make a quick drive in to see it. It looks much better than the old city then. It has more curve and shape but the front grille which reminds me of a lion face (lion dance) looks quite cool at times menacing. Two variants i-DSI and Vtec - the former at $83,300 and latter at $89,300 OTR. Now I sit and considering about my pursuit. Time has changed. Right now I havent decided about it. Dream again? Next week I try to visit the bank to ask around though basically I can pay it through. Just want to see how the lock-in the package.

I read a good review in the newspaper and also car enthusiats comments in Next week I open my mind to see..................

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

flames of fury 17

Once the police said it is the SOP

It has been practiced for decades

Now it isn’t in the procedures

How the police hide!

Imagine the police break the law

Uphold justice and rule of law

In the oath taking ceremony

Later it is forgotten

Only the whim and fancy

The police take its course

The uproar on the nude squat

The race blown out of proportion

The loud mouth deputy minister

He didn’t rectify his errors

He only shown his arrogance

This we don’t need him to do

He should protect the country’s image

And not sullen it by his outburst

He had the cheek to say

He was misquoted!

Now the public inquiry

The woman is Malay

Why don’t the police reveal it the first instant?

It tells something fishy

It let the newspapers had a field day

Until the Chinese government demanded action

The police have her records

This is what the police do

Why the silence since happening in June?

Perhaps the police plan to cover it up

As most of the cases gone silence in the past

I think the PM should change his cabinet

Put those who can fight for the people

Even with the uniformed personnel

They can’t open their mouths

Without thinking of the damages done

What a joke we have become!

A weak administration wakes up the demons

It is time the PM walks the talk

He should have done it

Long time ago

If Tun Dr Ismail was around

I believe the Deputy IGP will be kicked hard

Until he gives him the answer

Within the time demanded

Sadly we don’t have another one

He was gone forever

So I guess the demons wake

The open sesame plays the game

The king kong comes

We the helpless suspects cry

Silently and in fear

The police beat on the ground

Will changes come in this inquiry?

Will the police know what to do?

How will they perform when they don’t follow the law?

Surprisingly the government let them ride

For such a long time!

Monday, December 12, 2005

nothing to do - christmas 7

Christmas is around the corner. Yeah....every complex the sound of Christmas! It makes you wonder the year is coming to an end. Time to splash money and decorations in the homes and office buildings or complexes. Every commercial good is put on display. Christmas has become too commercial now. So are the other religious faiths. But Christmas is different. More grand display and lightings. You can't miss the atmosphere in the complexes. Maybe it is also the year end bonus for the employees. Traditionally it is the spending time for the year. Display discount on goods - clothing, fittings, furnitures, lightings, shoes, cosmetics, cars but hotel rates going up. Know the reason - people have extra disposal income and the school holidays. I walked around in the complexes - Jusco, Parkson, and Giant. I havent done my Christmas shopping....currently dont know yet what to give away as presents. I dont really celebrate Christmas just follow to give cheers and goodwill. It is good to share what one could afford and spread harmony around amongs friends and relatives.

In the mood, the banks increase the BLR by 0.25% which may not affect the swinging mood of most people. In the years ahead it can affect their repayment. So they should need adjustment of their monthly fixed expenses. Short term interest rates adjusted for 3 -6-9 months but 12 months remain at 3.7% Personally I thought the 12 months interest rate should increase sadly it didnt happen. So the banks want to squeeze more profits out of the people. Inflation reported around 3.3% but it may increase in the 1stQ of 2006 because of hike of petrol and petroleum products.

So Air Asia still advertises for cheap fares. I dont think it is really true. There are hidden costs which Air Asia never advertises in the advertisement. You have to pay cost of insurance, embarkation charges, transport, airport tax, taxi/bus....but for all these payments you are not confirmed a seat! So you have to hang around in the airport for many hours just to get these special cheap rates....Damned what a fool! How many hours lost? mind is on Christmas and the songs and the spirit....

Saturday, December 10, 2005

nothing to do - hunger strike 6

Hunger strike to achieve a personal freedom. Or it is a way out of life. It is the good norm to bring attention of one's belief? One has to admit one's wrong then proceed to cultivate friendship and peace. To force one's hand to achieve something it always boils down to the power that be. Sometimes it is really a wasted time and life to rot away without achieving any significant way. Maybe other people think it is a good value to go for hunger strike to target one's grouses or belief. In this time and place there are many ways to fight for a cause with dignity and a semblance of substance. It is not through hunger strike. Eventually the battle loses and life is lost. Why not learn how to fast for say 12 hour and pray? In this way life can be saved and dignity established. In fact it should be one of those ways. Pray and believe in it! The power of praying can set you free.....only just believe in it.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

flames of fury 16

When you do something wrong or when you make mistakes, you should apologise or compensate to make good the loss. You can't just walk away and pretend it doesn't happen. Good sense should make a right choice. Yet I find there are people who just ignore it or pretend they don't owe anyone at all. What happens the victim(s) should pay for himself or herself. Nothing to do with them. In my work place then I helped my staff to get off financially in his venture back home in Pahang. It was a substantial amount yet until today I haven't heard of him or my money back. He is supposed to help in the Felda scheme in Pahang. The latest new I heard he is in KL. Maybe he couldnt dig out as a planter like his father who ploughed the land for over 20 years...Lately end of November a Malay neighbor reversed his car and knocked my car parked stationary there. He promised to pay me back when I repair the car. When I did it and told him the cost of $130.00 he just kept quiet till today. Now he dares not sit around in the balcony. Maybe he tries to avoid me or what...

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

nothing to do - maids 5

Every one, has money to spend, wants to employ maids. It has become a norm now. What happen to the older generation? Leaving them in the cold storage. Look around. Business for the old people has become a hit with those young and well-to-do families. Put them in the old folks' homes so that one doesnt have to worry about so many things - sickness, time, listening to repeated stories...Time is for profit and not to waste it! Every conversation seems to be on money and how to find it. It has become a nightmare to the older generation. All children grow up, start their own families, and have no time to spend around. Whatever time there is money pursuit comes to mind. The social responsibility is disappearing fast. If they can utilize the older generation as maids then they shall be less problems in the family unit. These people have the knowledge and experience to look after young children. Cooking, I dont think so. The modern family has no time to cook. Early rise late home; the only food is bungus saja dikedai mamak atau kFC or the fast food cafe. Fast, easy, no cleaning. Just pay money everything is served. So easy! Then again employing maids arent easy too. Many hassles and forms to fill, doctor to visit and agent to discuss. Good maids or mad ones? Dont know really! Muslim couples must have muslim maids. Immigration rules! Just imagine that! If you are a muslim and you want a christian maid, your application is rejected. No answer is given for it. You want to pay but the immigration officials decide whom you can employ as maids. So it is fair? The government should be aware what the department is doing. I think the ministry is sleeping otherwise I dont hear so many criticisms in the immigration department.

I dont think there will be changes only more running around for the people

Monday, December 05, 2005

nothing to do - tea time ya? 4

My tea time always ring in at 4.00pm. It has become like clock work for my stomach. The laidback life. I am getting bigger on the wrong side. Shhhhhhhhhh yet my exercise routines never make an impact though I should say I am still healthy. I dont really eat those fattening stuff. Basically some biscuits, fruit and plain water or sometimes tea. Yet I dont see any weight loss. I used to have 29 inches waist when I was in the hill resort. During those times I used to run alot. I have become laidback since then. Now I read that drinking more coffee and tea helps to avoid liver damage and I read somewhere coffee too helps to reduce heart disease. I never like coffee in my life. I always avoid coffee. Let this article I come across help to tell a healthy story

Study finds coffee reduces liver risk
Sun Dec 4, 8:53 AM ET

Coffee and tea may reduce the risk of serious liver damage in people who drink alcohol too much, are overweight, or have too much iron in the blood, researchers reported on Sunday.
The study of nearly 10,000 people showed that those who drank more than two cups of coffee or tea per day developed chronic liver disease at half the rate of those who drank less than one cup each day.
The study, conducted by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases and Social & Scientific Systems, Inc., found that coffee provided no protection to people at risk of liver disease from other causes, such as viral infections.
"While it is too soon to encourage patients to increase their coffee and tea intake, the findings of our study potentially offer people at high-risk for developing chronic liver disease a practical way to decrease that risk," said Dr. Constance Ruhl, who helped lead the study.
"In addition, we hope the findings will offer guidance to researchers who are studying liver disease progression."
Writing in the American Gastroenterological Association journal Gastroenterology, Ruhl and colleagues said caffeine seemed to hold the key.
They analyzed the records of 9,849 participants in a government survey whose coffee and tea intake was evaluated and who were followed for about 19 years.

Copyright © 2005 Reuters Limited. All rights reserved. Republication or redistribution of Reuters content is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of Reuters. Reuters shall not be liable for any errors or delays in the content, or for any actions taken in reliance thereon.

I havent decided on coffee. I have to think about it hard. Maybe I will somewhere to add color to my drinking habits. Right now mostly plain water.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

flames of fury 15

A young man died admitted to a private hospital. The doctors didnt attend to him immediately because they wanted money first! No money no live saving! I think the government should pull back its licence and the doctors should be barred from practising their trade. In a way this will advice other doctors that their skills are used to save lives first not on profits. The social responsibity should supercede any motives on profits. The government always takes reactionary measures when something serious has happened. Why can't these people think ahead? Problems become hot for awhile then disappear. Just look at AP issue. It had not been addressed on the root problem but it has conveniently gone away. The Jerai MP could get away from his racial slur but not the MIC secretary general. Now the deputy internal security minister too had escaped punishment. His outburts could have damaged the tourism industry and foreign trade. In fact he didnt follow the PM and DPM advice. He didnt get sacked or suspended. So now one sees the unfair punishment metered by the PM. No wonder in the grave vine he is considered the weakest PM. He couldnt take a decisive action when it is required. One can be nice but make sure the quality product is good otherwise change it.

Friday, December 02, 2005

nothing to do 3

I have so much time that I let it slips by. I think I have become lazy for awhile. Years of working and running around now is my time to take it the way I feel I want it. Imagine no deadline to meet and no report to write. Only rich people can do it. No....they work to increase wealth so I am wrong here. Perhaps I am one of those few who enjoy some wealth freedom - do what I please without hurting others. Well....why not eh?

I have heard alot about wealth creations in the internet. In the newspapers too it is advertised by the so called gurus profiting in the internet businesses. The typical one "making money while you sleep!" Unbelievable! True or false? I havent tried this. But I had read testimonials of those who claimed they made so much at home or while they were sleeping. If so easy, why every one is not catching it? The modern 21st century gimmicks of getting rich without trying - only need your PC or Notebook and a connection - voila! You are in business in the internet.

Leave this aside. Gone over to my new house to cangkul again. I dont know how many rounds I did that. To me it is a good exercise. Sweat for an hour or so one can get refreshed. Then I went for a leisure walk. As usual looking at peoples' houses especially what they did to their homes...some are really terrible while others are quite ok Mine? It is still in my head revolving and looking at magazines to find which designs I can curi or modified to suit my house. When the time comes I hope I have something concrete to paint on my home.