Friday, October 31, 2008


Malaysian men possessive and explosive
Every need the men want to be satisfied
They don’t take negative responses
They want action all the way

Look at the guys
One woman can’t be satisfied
They will go hunting for many
Affairs and flings out of the homes

Some go to Thailand
Registered their marriages
Hide the truth from their wives
Pretending to come home late at nights
“Work late honey
Report need to complete”

Telling lies
Hiding about affairs and one night stands
The wives pretend to listen
In their minds they know what the guys doing
Running after young sweet women

The hot sex
The pumping iron rules
The wives and girlfriends wait
The long days and nights
Devising ways to get even
The men who forget

But then women are no different
They too have their affairs
Playing the game tasting the fruits
‘Shopping and visiting girlfriends
Dancing and yoga classes’

Will the guys know?
They are too busy chasing their preys
They don’t know the difference
When the light is switched off

Malaysian men
Taste them but don’t chain
Let them feel they are clever
In the game they play


The leopard of many spots
He doesn’t tolerate insubordination
With his face covered with a black mask
He lashes his people to follow his ways

Nobody against his domain
He wants to be in absolute control
Anybody who tries to say otherwise
In dungeon waiting in hell

The kangaroo court
How low the judiciary must go?
Giving out judgements on certain cases
Letting the earlier judgements flawed?

It stands to reason
Afraid to acquit in law
When the major players got back their dignity
This one isn’t allowed to gain his respectability

Surely the learned skills in law
The judges must have read the past judgements
Unless history of past cases can’t be counted
They decided this one mustn’t go away
Let his name stuck with his crime
With whom nobody could say


Atlantuya couldn’t smile
Into pieces she had been done
Now the verdict came
Razak Baginda is freed

The subplot players
They are asked to make their defence
Into it justice must reveal
The true shadow players behind the plot

Atlantuya never wanted to go this way
Though she might have asked for more
On her services rendered to procure projects
She shouldn’t be murdered into pieces

Now the stage is set
For the real truth to be told
The subplot players couldn’t work alone
There must be a person of authority to instruct
The way it was done now is the time

PI Bala must be recalled to testify
In this case Atlantuya begged him to do in dreams
The right time to amend his testimony
To shade light on her gruesome murder

The main players must be found
In justice the truth must be told
No matter how important the person is
Nobody is above the law
This is what we are told
Yet in reality it works otherwise

We pray you will find your justice
Somewhere in time in days ahead
Tell your family in dreams
Where you kept your evidence
So justice can be done

Thursday, October 30, 2008


The implosion of ourselves
It may happen than we think
The air we breathe; the water we drink
The food we take; the chemicals we consume
In the mantras of living healthy

Food productions
Genetic alterations
Scientists say it saves lives
In other poorer countries
Who are we to argue?
When saving lives
A grace of living

Drink productions
Chemicals induced make it better
Gulping plenty thinking it is good for health
Else playing with fire daring to take chances

The implosion of ourselves
The daily routines and population grows
Sustaining growth taxing the Earth
What else is new before we go?

The Maya legend says
The Earth will end on 2012
Maybe it is the shifting planet
The old astrologer thinks the end?

The rate we are going
All because of greed of wealth
In the end what will we become?
I say we make our own misery


In the city
When night falls
The women roll
Into the money

The old guys arrive
Established businessmen
Money isn’t a problem
They know they can buy
A short thrill in their eyes

The young sweet women
They know they have assets to sell
For the night brings them
Into the arms of the old guys

The sweet lord of money
Into their eyes they dream
With easy money to be made
They don’t listen to reasons

In the city
It can be any where
Where there is money
Where old guys find young women
With money they have
There will be no question

No money no honey
It is true in this materialistic world
The guys work hard for it
The women edged them out with ease
With their bewitching charms
Let the old guys have their fun


PKNS established isn’t for a race
It breathes life and economy for Selangor
The agency caters for the developments
Sharing and enjoying the economic cake
By all people in the state

BN ruled for decades
It becomes the domain of a race
So when a new bold step is taken
The Malays union in PKNS disagreed
They sing it must be for malay
And an insult to the Sultan and its race

See the brainwashing
The frogs living under the coconut shell
Never learn that there is a world out there
It is about Malaysian not about race

So the narrow minded race
They don’t live and believe in multi-racialism
They believe in their own kind
In this world you aren’t alone

I believe the best person for the job
Nothing should come into this
Let the changes begin
The peoples’ supremacy should make the rule
For the good of all

So the MB of Selangor
He dares to change for the better
Let the dissidents go and work elsewhere
For Selangor needs to progress every time
She doesn’t need race minded officers
Blocking growth because of race


What new after March 8?
UMNO and partners carry out as usual
The people grievances put aside
Issuing statements berating the peoples’ minds
Knowing fully well concrete measures must be taken
To alleviate the fears of the people on the ground

Yet we hear them
Going out to fulfill personal obligations
In the party elections talking about race
We living in the country just celebrated 51 years of independence
We haven’t seen the change in race base policies

FC has no social contract written into it
There must be a time frame to settle one race benefits
It is already 51 years old nothing seems to change
The social contract still hinges on one race
For the peninsula Malaysia the indigenous people are misplaced
For their rights as the first settlers in the country
It is not mentioned in Article 153 of FC

The Constitution isn’t carved in the names of all
It can be changed to suit the times and day
By the peoples’ representatives with 2/3 majority
Where Parliament should reign supreme

It has been done in many years
So it isn’t something we couldn’t do
Any anomaly in FC must be addressed
To fulfill the wishes of all citizens


Old guys’ discreet affairs
Don’t tell partners while out in the night
Cruising in the night spots
Sweet young girls reaching out
For money for their assets

Life in the city
No money hard luck honey
Go to the night joints
Let the assets squeeze
The old guys’ fantasies
Let them dream in reality

Money exchanges
The young girls let the eager hands roam
Into their nakedness into their valleys
Feeling the needs; feeling the wants of money

Old guys want to behave young studs
Years of aging they don’t take it
When young girls are around
The leeching eyes will not stop roaming
Naturally furtively discreetly

In the night spots in the city
Where nights never go to sleep
The old guys pockets with money
Thrilling the young girls
For money…………and thrills

Don’t tell the wives and girlfriends
Hell will break loose women don’t like to share
With boyfriends, living partners and husbands
Though they are all the same kind
Adventurous in the gongs and tongs

Old guys’ discreet affairs
In the city where girls can be found
Earning quick money parents ignorance
For life in the city money talks honey


Old guys
Get on with the sex lives
Don’t take any excuse
Taking Viagra only help sometimes
Know the risks involved
Go the natural way
Do sex often

The natural exercises
It makes life worthwhile
Life is to enjoy
Stay on course
Live it to the fullest
Healthy and strong
Into sexual excursions
With loved ones

Old guys
Don’t let time telling you why
Don’t let others say otherwise
You have life take it on
Do the sex often to make it worthwhile

Do sex often
It reduces ED
So no need Viagra
You don’t have to worry
About any side effect

Go the natural way
Sex with your loved ones
Old guys hit the sack
Why give excuses all the times?


Children abandoned
By the irresponsible parents
Young at heart full of sexual drives
Responsibilities deny

Read about so many times
Of couples abandoned children
When the sex is satisfied
Nothing is mentioned about child

Abortion many
In clinics and self disastrous induced
Terminating the unborn fetuses
Let the grace takes it away

Sex education lacking in schools
Don’t talk about parents
They don’t know as much as they should
Too busy hooking for money
The fathers pinning hope on the stock exchange

So the sticks and the holes
They play the games outside homes
The innocents think they know best
The white banter the egg of life
And they called it puppy love………

When reality sinks in
The shame and regrets
Now the innocent babies
Abandoned and leave to die

These shameful mothers
They forget they are many childless couples
They are willing to pay a price
For adopting a child

Give a child a chance to survive
Don’t leave the poor baby abandoned to die
Life regrets shouldn’t make another
Atone for the sins give the child away

Learn the birth control methods
Don’t live to regret when one forgets
Women protect yourselves buy own condoms
For the guys use your heads


Languages a passport to open doors
In school we have been taught to master few languages
Then the world will be our playground to boot
Then Mahathir changes it so the rot begins

Now we hear the low standard
Of our schools and universities
Every graduate has a poor command of a second language
How to employ them when communication is a hindrance?

Yet we have malay politicians
They jump on the wagon to protect BM
The road signs with many languages
It is ease the congestion of the tourists
In Penang Island a popular tourist haven
Even the police officers are learning dialects
So there must be benefits with multiple languages on road signs
It is only the narrow minded malays who wanted to live backwards
Hello this is 21st century……….it is global now

Learn and use multiple languages
Here the tourists will flock in numbers
The country will not lose her status
In fact she will enhance in world tourist map
Malaysia easy to cruise around

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


How long must the equity 30% rule?
It has been decades yet the equity still runs
This shows the incompetent of UMNO leaders
Caring only for them and friends

Look around ourselves
In the villages and kampongs
We find the truly Malays haven’t really progress
They live on day to day hoping something good will arrive

The true Malays haven’t got the equity share
It is more towards GLCs and cronies
Into it the equity share hasn’t achieved
OTK will know about the Bumi equity share
I remembered he gave a close door session years ago

I don’t know Perkasa has the power to sack minister
Ruhanie Ahmad as the ex MP should know better
Unless he is thinking like a Malay not Malaysian
Then I am truly sad we still have people like him around

Changes must come forward
Nobody should be afraid of change
It is for the good of the nation
So it must take proactive measures

Why must Malay be afraid of change?
Losing wealth is better than losing Allah
What we have here is just temporary
It is better to build credits with Allah
Then go pestering for tight control on 30% equity share
It has been decades there must be a closure
Why prolong when the nation will suffer?


Protests on race appointments
What have the Malays learned?
Race shouldn’t be the yardstick
To measure a person capabilities

Let the best person do the job
Let no race supremacy rule the day
Haven’t we learned our lessons?
We are Malaysians

Maybe Malays feel inferior
Afraid others are better than them
Wake up feel the borderless world
Race supremacy is out of fashion

The borderless world makes it so
The country needs the best brains to do her job
We can’t be deciding everything base on skin color
Woe to the nation of people and leaders thinking this way

We are Malaysians
Let the best Malaysian handle the job
It is for the country not for personal glory
Nothing to do with race…………..
Don’t try to make race supremacy rules
It will bring chaos in our economy
In the end nobody wins


What belonging to Caesar
It must be returned to him
Nothing else matters
For living then is by sword
And the power of greed and corruption

So what is belonging to Allah
It must be returned to Him
Nobody can short changed it
It has to be accounted for
When the time is near

A simple narration
It carries true in our everyday life
Do a little of kindness
It spreads goodwill many times over

What isn’t mine, I have to return it
Somebody may cry every night
If one isn’t compassionate with one’s believe
We make our mistakes along our ways
Yet we will learn as we know we will

The ripples have no ending
It spreads far and wide with its meaning
We have to learn and adopt positive values
A little kindness, sharing values land gives a hand
We will have less misery and sorrow
In this world we are made to live and learn

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Where are the frogs?
No rain to call
Only sun shining on the pond
Hot water shining popping heads arise

The calling for a new dawn
They haven’t got it in their brains
They wish rain will fall again
The pond seems hot
Life has to change

Yet the contentment settles in
They don’t know what to say
Soaking the warm water in the pond
Will they jump when it is too hot?

Nobody can say
The frogs in the pond
Gulping air heads popping up
Listening to the political talking
They haven’t made up their minds

Now the financial setbacks arrive
Stagflation becomes reality
Unemployment will rise
So what they want to do now?

Soaking in the pond
Get the warm water
Feeling up its skins
Tomorrow the frogs popping heads
Let it be said


Laws and power
It comes together
Bringing good and bad
Sometimes evil in our lives

The political games
Branding its way
Telling us it is for our own good
Now see what has happened

Laws and power
In the hands of the greedy leaders
There will no peace and freedom
The snake spins its poison
Leaving its marks of venom
And we become zombies
Surrendering our rights and freedom

Believing in laws and power
This is where our misery begins
For in the hands of the evil doers
We live in fear and misery



The greed of power
Humans never learn
For in it the curse brawls
Deepen into the souls

I don’t know about you
I know how it works
The eyes sparkle; the mind works
The urge to show it
The wealth it brings
Of master and slaves

The brute power
It brings tears and misery
Of the people and country
I don’t know about you
I have read history
It never brings cheers

The greed of power
Endangers one’s journey
Of be kind and simple
It makes the fabric of society
Living in constant alert

Of the dangers
When power corrupts the minds
The fight for survival
It has become the constant mantra


Don’t spend time on the past
It has been used, broken, discarded, or in good memory
It is just a guide post amongst many
Nobody should forget history
It is what one has gone through

You can’t undo the past
You can improve or try new ways to live
On life where every day is a new beginning
Something new to do; something to amend

Regrets are many
Yet one shouldn’t swallow in sorrows
Past of history a diary of what had gone through
Learn the lessons plan for today
Tomorrow is hard to say

The past is a guide post
Learn the good establish the positive values
Along the way rewards will be many
If nothing else, a life to live for

For wealth is only meant in this world
Beyond that perception nothing is of value
Only the good deeds bring cheers
On the day when it is called

Monday, October 27, 2008


iwalk_rpk by hakimhamka.

The walls of Kah Moon Thing
It doesn’t break a person
It evolves a game
The prisoners challenge
For freedom is the name

People hold silent protests
Candle vigils showing the spirits of freedom
The people will get in the end
For no law can put freedom away
It has to come to shine its bright light

RPK the hope you make
The believe you wish all of us have
Don’t be afraid your messages say
Nothing in this world can break the spirits
Save with the grace of Allah…………

Though you are in Kah Moon Thing
For no reason just BN wants you to put away
Afraid you will write many damaging articles
UMNO leaders running weary
Of the shadows running after them

The silent vigils
It is there in our hearts, minds and spirits
For the truth will prevail
Nothing can be hidden away

Sunday, October 26, 2008


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Let the shaft light shines in the dark
Along the way freedom breaks the shackles of life and laws
Let there be sanity amongst the people irrespective of religions
Let us share the spirit of Deepavali giving a hand show the way of truth
On the land we call home in many ways so often in our lives....


ISA isn’t going away
BN government wants it to stay
To imprison people without trial
Saying it is for the good of the nation

When you think about it
BN leaders want to perpetuate their rule
In the country hiding facts from the people
They think the people are stupid
Never know what they are up to

The wealth of the nation
Contracts and commissions
Rampant amongst the little napoleons
And the runners who act as the middle circle

Bribes to get things done
Through the years the culture sinks in
It is so hard to change
Unless we change the government

Billions had been filtered
To the pockets of the runners
Taking a cut for who knows who
When reports file in
The police sit on it

The people must initiate change
Else the country’s wealth will go to waste
When we have leaders who don’t think country first
Only wealth creation winking in their eyes

ISA will not disappear
Unless we change the government
We have our choice
We must make our decisive stand

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Atlantuya cries on the ground
The pieces of soul buried every where
Nobody could find now it turned into dust
In a remote hilly area she sunk into oblivion

Only she knew she isn’t
The concerned people try to make
The wrong done to her
A brutal murder blown up into pieces
Who will pay when the truth finally is known?

A Mongolian beauty came to Malaysia
She didn’t know she would die horribly
On the land of smiling people………….
The police officers involved in custody
Will the truth be known who is behind it?

The silence has gone too long
The soul of Atlantuya cries on the ground
Justice must be done to appease her soul
Else she will not rest in peace
She will haunt in the corridors of power
Of the lovers she once knew
She didn’t expect to go this way
Blowing up into pieces in the sky
And let her unceremoniously died
Alone into the cold underground
Into tiny pieces of the heartless lovers
All because of greed of money
The evil of our society

Atlantuya cries on the ground
Littered with her dust of angry crying
Be it in the darkness and in the shaft of light
Justice must be found to let her go
Into her belated peace of her journey
Into the Lord she worshipped


A child just follows
Adults ask to go
No question in a child’s mind
Adults know best

A child just wants to please
Get the best world in the mind
A child knows nothing
A child just wants to be nice

Along the way adults use them
In wars, in protests and in terrorists demands
As hostages too children as the mercy of adults
They will just go as adults talk them into it

The world of conflicts
Children become the pawn
They suffer the most
As adults leave them to fend on their own
Parents all gone the eyes of sorrows the children see it all

And here we have
The uniformed personnel
Showing lack of compassion
What get into their minds?

Children never know
Of adults who show lack of responsibility
They just flow with the adults
Believing them to be right


The great things in life
It never comes by waiting
It has to be planted in early stages
So the fruits of labor will be harvested

Don’t think it works quickly
It has to sweat and sometimes teardrops flow
Success doesn’t come today
It has to be planted now
So tomorrow there will light

Consistence in pursuit
Knowing you have a chance to make it
Believing in your ability
Don’t shoot the stars
When in your home you never see

Dreaming is great
It brings a mind map to plan
Enthusiasm in one’s pursuit
It is here laid the difference
Get it or just has been

Believing in the power of prayers
It helps the journey much easier
The shadow of strength pushing along
In life nothing comes easy


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When the time is right
The leader must strike
He can’t linger with indecision
When breathing space allows
The opportunity is good as gone

Take the case of Iraq
US executed it well
Half way thought it was won
The army eased back
Now see what the army gets
More soldiers die everyday

Suicide bombers
Rain explosions many die
For what gains are there
The smell of death
The wrong strategy
Waiting to end

UMNO leaders
Fighting for positions
They don’t know beyond the horizon
It is here the opportunity arising
The opposition leader must get ready
No use talking and giving time
The opportunity will be gone
When tomorrow arrives

The world economy is turning badly
Even Singapore feels the heat
Only here the leaders say differently
They think the people are stupid

Opportunities arrive
One mustn’t let it go quickly
Seize it and make the best of it
For tomorrow nobody knows what will be

Friday, October 24, 2008


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What does a child know?
Walking on the street
Meeting all kinds of people
Adults friendly and kindly
A child eyes see them all

In a wink a child is lost
Disappeared amongst the crowd
Silence meets the echo
A child is gone
People just walk on

What does a child know?
Playing along the road
Everything a child sees
Nothing is bad in the mind

Only predators
Roaming out to commit crimes
In the neighborhood when parents so busy
A child missing the echo in the dark


Don’t be cruel
Let the child go
She hasn’t known anything
The mother and child
She just tags along

Police arrested group of people
For when they go handing over memorandum to pm
At his official residence yesterday
Police arrested them
Among the lot a 6 years old girl

Don’t be cruel
The stigma in the girl eyes
The uniformed police officers
They don’t show compassion, do they?

Don’t be cruel
Know the rules and civil etiquette
Arresting a 6 years old girl
Of a mother and child in the group

Changes must come
Anwar must get it done
Delaying it too long
The reforms will not materialize

Now BN is in defensive
The weakest in years of its history
Nobody should forget it now
Hit the mother lode
Let get the party of reforms done


Are the government denying about economy?
The world feels the ripples touching its shores
Here the government says the fundamentals are strong
The ministers think we are stupid without brains

The government leaders don’t know what to do
Out of project funding asking EPF to loan
The old age pension fund coming to rescue
At the expense of the employees…………

What plans they have for the people?
What decisions make for the economy?
The leaders in BN all concentrate on positions
They haven’t done financial packages for the country

Malaysia isn’t sheltered from anywhere
Export markets will be affected soon
The domino effect will knock the economy away
Our leaders in government what do they say?

We are economically strong
Our finances are sound and properly managed
So no need to build walls to support the ripples
Travelling quickly onto our shores

The banks stocks down
Investors feeling jittery on its shares
Asking EPF to mop up shares
The bad decision in finance

The government better revised budget
Come up with solid financial plans
For the country and her people
Don’t say about fundamentals
We aren’t stupid………don’t make us as one!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Why all the rules?
Follow Allah’s laws and be it so

Apparently here
When you are out
Nobody cares a shit
You have no power
So now you get the end of the stick

Salleh Abas has years of judiciary experiences
Holding the highest post as Lord President
Isn’t it sufficient to grant him his request?
The way the Bar Council getting it along
It smacks of lack of courtesy

Humans enjoying passing laws and rules
They want to feel the superior façade
‘I am the boss now; you aren’t’
Why can’t they make it simple?

When Bar Council or companies have the power
They want to use it to its fullest cradle…………
Nothing will blow it away
When one loses it, it is the end
One becomes the herd unless one has powerful friends
It will make a lot of difference

If they want you
They use it to the fullest
When you are a spent force
They kick you out without a glance

Welcome to the world of reality shows
I have been there, done that, got the end of the stick too
But I wish Bar Council leaders should have compassionate feeling
Tun Salleh Abas is 80 years old
Give him his wish let him be a happy man
No way should he be forgotten


So many ‘bapak’
Abdullah Ahmad Badawi gets nothing
Maybe he should get the tag
Bapak sleeping beauty

Things keep passing him by
He can’t finger it to his likes
He tries to mess it up
Screwing up his words
Only coming out bad for us

So many corridors
Yet where to find the funding
Private investments he says
The investors weary
Of the corruption and cronies

And he says he needs 5 months
To finish his agendas before he slips away
Into his belated honeymoon no?
Let Naheed holds the balls

Niamah he wants to look good
He knows he has lost control
When he is pushed and shoved away
When power is he
He sleeps it away


Press freedom
Singing the melody
The songs hardly hit the right note
It falls flat in the country

Now the world ranking survey
The country drops to 132
The perception is bad for us
Noting press freedom can’t break into the top chart

And we told him so
He doesn’t know what hit him
His warlords make him look so clumsy
We know he is sleeping beauty

The world to him is under the coconut shell
He is the one who thinks he is smart
Only the world ranking on press freedom
It tells us the song crashed out in the preliminary round

And he dreams on his moon
He wants to do it all in 5 months
When it comes to Chief Justice
He falls flat in his fight

We are not talking about other agendas
He can’t do it saying to save his skin
As the song keeps repeating in his mind
He thinks he looks great walking on the corridor

Press freedom in the dark hole
He says yet he never sees the changes
The sleeping beauty and his ministers
Into the video games they all suck in

Woe my country
Let us change before it is too late
The world recession storming across borders
The sleeping beauty snoring it away!


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The stormy storm lashes
On the coasts to the mainland
On the Northern States
Feeling the wrath of nature
Penang and Kedah

Now don’t blame nature
For the onslaught of disasters
It is a warning bucked up before we destroy ourselves
Into the murky water when it arrives

Nature doesn’t extract deaths
It is our own doing making it roars
Deadly and wretched flow
It marks us ‘don’t play with fire’

So many warnings
We haven’t really done to appease
The greed and indifferent of our living
It may destroy us all
If Mayan prophecy comes true in 2012

But then people will carry on
As if nothing will happen
Read history of human civilizations
There are changes in each phrase of our existence


The old shareholder sold it out
The new shareholder will try to make it
The people of Penang should be wary
Don’t let the new shareholder springs a surprise

Now Patrick Badawi exited from the scene
A new eagle flies in to take his place
Believing there is a way out to profit
On the projects on the Island of Penang

When wealth is to be found
No hunter of gold will let it down
Any obstacle must be bought
For the profit of hundred millions

Enough of congestion in Penang Island
She doesn’t need any more pounding on her ground
The people who share the island must be on guard
Of the collision with the Federal BN government

Let the old charms of Penang Island
At least there must be some left to remember
Don’t throw it away because of wealth
The state will suffer for short term gains

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Where is Bala?
He isn’t found
He is gone
Hiding out of the country

People write; people want to know
Amongst the blogs world
Bala isn’t found
He is gone
Out of our focus

Some say money paid
Bala isn’t going to say
His SD 1 and 2
A sell out of his integrity

Where is Bala?
Atlantuya cries for him
Out of the country
Some say he is paid

Will he help the cause?
Put the right to the wrong
Come on Bala
Let your consciousness rules


Scandals in the county
Maybank and Defense Ministry
Paying way above market prices
And they say it is alright

The economics of politics
It is hard for the lay people to understand
When market price is 1
People don’t expect to pay 3 do they?

There are the professionals
Simple arithmetic they fail
Nobody can understand
Even they come out with answers

The crying of the nation
The pm sits and winks away
Doesn’t he know what is happening?
Oh he’s still sleeping on his job!

Woe my country
We pick the wrong candidates to manage
The affairs of the nation
Now we see our fruits of our choices
We make our stupid selection

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The Judiciary
Oh it has gone down the valley
The high octane of grandeur has gone
Into the politics it has become

The revamping of Judiciary
Only words nothing will come of it
The honesty in the profession
The people on the street will not believe

Taxpayers’ money wasted
On the Judiciary of tainted characters
Holding office of independent views
Now it has become a basket
Collecting throw away

Will the new dawn come soon?
Is it just another shadow play?
It is now hard to say
The good reasoning and view have thrown away

Now we understand
The perception flows into the crowd
We make our choices see what we get
They ignore the people
The bosses in the country!

We put up banners
We signed petitions
We wrote our grievances
Nothing seem to balance
We have been taken for rides
No more come the next GE
We must truly make our choices


ISA isn’t love
Don’t get fooled by the jumping frog
He stood up to tell
‘I was one of them’

Sadly people like him
Forget the humiliation
Now when freedom is
History forgets

The law of ISA
It shouldn’t be used any more
The lies and concoctions of BN
To cling to power as if belonging to them

ISA should be binned
Into the depth of death
For humanity is worth many times
‘No more’ the people say

The right to say
In the freedom of the mind
The growth of a nation
It is the sum of all people ideas
Fusion it into a cohesive whole
It is then the country got recognized
As the true multi-racial
We argue, we share, and we progress
Without the shackles of man made laws
Derailing the unity of the people

ISA isn’t love
It brings humiliation and losses of freedom
Incarcerated in cells to make one changes ways
It never will be as it brings hatred…………….

Let ISA dies
Into the annals of our history
It is has no use in the nation progress
To be known we must be brave to break free


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Alor Road name disappears
Without a whisper KL people never get
The landmark name in locals and tourists minds
All gone by the whims of City Hall

No consultation
The little napoleons do as they like
Tourism Minister should step in
It is no use spending money on promotions
When in the backyard others don’t follow

Now KL people protests
When you mention Alor Road
The food and entertainment comes alive
In the minds of the people
The name has the hallmark of fame

The city hall officials
Never want to retreat
The people will know what to do
For the next government
When it is called
Teach them a lesson
Don’t let them forget for a long time


all bark no bite

borrowed Collins)

Bark and bite
Don’t give chance to retract
Let the meaning tells the story
For history it has to start somewhere

UMNO the bullying dog
The coalition partners barking stupidly
Dare not even fight for their own
Wagging tails hoping for the little crumbs

Coalition partners aren’t equal
The sleeping beauty denies the call
He thinks the people are damned stupid
It is only the coalition partners…….
In MCA, Gerakan, MIC and the smaller ones

The nails on the race base parties
The underground holes have been prepared
It is just a matter of time it will go
The leaders in the coalition still talking arrogance

Don’t listen to the ground
They think they are high on the slope
Good feng shui the 3Ps to grab
The quick sand will claim them
Without giving notice

The way forward fight for all
It isn’t about race any more
The people views have changed
The reformation will arrive
It is just a matter of time
On the window of opportunity
The glorious day will shine!

Monday, October 20, 2008


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borrowed Firaq)

Make your own history as you go
Into the place you want to make it so
Every one has a mission to do
In this world a tiny spot waits

When the sun rises
The blue and white sky
The day is good; the day is fun
You think you can find your way
As one of the billions living and struggling
Trying to meet one own expectations
Before today turns yesterday
For tomorrow is still blurry

Life is
How you want to make it
Don’t expect there is no failure
We are humans so we will make mistakes
In history it will be written
Success comes through failures

It is said we are here on temporary tenure
For a lease of a certain fixed life term
Do what you are meant to do
Learn through trials and errors
For it is how life will be
Sweet and sour is the game


Is it a formidable team?
The MCA election concluded
The all new MCA leaders
Elected by the delegates

Strong willed personality
A strong base race party
What will the long term strategy?
Race base again!

MCA must open its doors
To all races to join in
This is the way forward
Forget about race base party

Don’t use the old tactics
Protecting the mother tongue and cultures
We aren’t Chinese, Malay, Indian, Iban or Kandazan
We are all truly Malaysians
So don’t use race to push the party agendas
It should be buried for the party to survive

I know it will not arise
These leaders will not change the political landscape
It will be race base not multi-racial
It will grow backward for any race party in the country

The time for change is strong multi-racial party
Going full throttle to tackle the world
In global economics and finances
The glow of wealth for all

Sunday, October 19, 2008


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You are a bully
No I am not
Now who is telling lie?
The game politicians invent

The caricatures of scoring a hit
The bullying tactics and the bulldog stares
Saliva dripping gives it to me
Else look at what I can do

You are a bully
No I am not
Now who is telling lie?
In the corridor of a coalition

Changes must be dealt with
No need to study of how to do it
Prolong unchained melody
The coalition will not survive
The next round into the battle

The leaders have a habit
Study the consequences of a change
Don’t they know it is wasting time?
Do it they are leaders of the parties

You are a bully
No I am not
The country can’t wait
The people want a clear signal
No hiding behind walls
Sprouting good mantras when it isn’t

I am a bully
No you are not
We are partners
Digging the wealth of the nation

the good feeling

The good feeling
It comes when you think of it
In the consciousness comes its way
Leaving you the world at your finger tips

Sit in a corner
Alone and watch the scenes
There you will find the momentum
The good feeling in your mind

It can be any thing or somebody
Moving and stationary in motion
Watch them then at yourself
The little blessings you find
The good feeling shines

When you think you are hopeless
Take heart you are alive to live through
Every one has something of value
To cultivate to share to complement
You never know just think of the good feeling
It makes the day better in many ways

God has plans for every one
In His way He makes
Only one has to make the efforts
To reach the post and the rewards are there
So feel the good vibes
In the good feeling
It will help to make it worthwhile


ong kah ting mca president till 18/10/08

The last bite on the dust
On the exit point to raise tantrum
Knowing that the dominant partner
Never wishes to share and complement

For over 51 years in partnership
The component parties have no say
When the major partner wants his way
The rest of the chicken peaking in tandem

Now when the hurt is great
Then we hear the gong sounds
Lashing out the unfairness of the coalition
The partners must redraw its chapter
Do not let a major partner walks over
With ease without consultations

The root of the problem
The coalition partners never hit back
Only after GE March 8 we hear
The sound of dissatisfaction rears its head
Telling the people how it works

Yet the dominant partner still refuses
To acknowledge the fact of its existence
Denying its roles to the fullest
The people have known years ago

Changes will arrive
It is time for a new party to run the affairs
For the people demand for the change
It can’t just go away

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Read the plot
Changing the musical chair quickly
The aspirants want it badly
They can’t wait any more

The sound of drum beats
Once again the warlords march
Telling the supporters to go for the kill
Ask the current leader to fall out gracefully

The appointed time too far ahead
Too much political tricks and twists
Now the iron is hot better going for it
Before the situation changes again

The impatient leaders
They know the chair smelling of it
Dreaming about the power on the seat
They want it badly so the current leader must go quickly
Into his sunset redrafting his Islam Hadhari

The rakyat must be aware
The horses of wealth hunters in the midst
The new cronies will arise to share the wealth
Holding in trusts getting it all for themselves

The sleeping beauty now realizes
He is pushed behind for good
The power seems to erode away
When he gives up, headhunters all disappear

Read the plot
A new one will arise
We are waiting for it to happen
Don’t let the momentum go away


The social contract
It shouldn’t be cemented in stone
It has to change according to needs
For the last 51 years if the Malays haven’t achieved it
There must be something wrong with its implementation

Be brave to look at it
Plug any loopholes to make it better
Nobody should stop the mantra of blind loyalty
When it is the country that is important
For all Malaysians irrespective of its ethnicity

The social contract of 51 years ago
It must be reviewed to find out why
It doesn’t help the majority Malays
Is it the executive policy defective?

The social contract if it fails the Malays
It must be reviewed to find out the reasons
For 51 years the Malays still can’t achieve 30% economic wealth
There must be wrong in its implementations

It is already 51 years benefitting the few elite groups
The rural Malays are left out in its rewards……………….
Will the country afford it to carry out at this rate?
Make the plan worth it for the Malays
It shouldn’t be for the elite groups

The social contract must flow with the time
And the needs of the present generation
What was agreed by now changes must be addressed
To make it quickly realize and makes it relevant
For the groups in urban and rural Malays

Friday, October 17, 2008


The old holes gone for now
Recuperating for the next round
When the new ‘guy’ takes over
The digging on the same holes begin

Now the wealth hunters go away
One by one will take his leave
Out into the open with their wealth
For the good times have gone for them

The wind of change
We thought we could see
It is the same old story repeating again
The new wealth hunters come on the scene
Dig on the same holes for the wealth flowing

The wind sings it songs
Telling us stories behind closed doors
Brushing the leaves whirring echo
It reminds us we haven’t made the change

So the dancers begin
On the floor bewitching the eyes
On the minds something flowing
Into the dark alleys
The new wealth hunters make the waves
Into the business world


When the sun goes down
I read about a new Chief Justice
The UMNO man many said
Now he occupies the seat

Independent of the Judiciary
Not with BN government governing this way
No matter how many want to protest
The Conference of Rulers made the appointment

Now the country woes
It never ends at all
You think the sleeping beauty wants changes
In 5 months he will issue statement
‘I am sorry I don’t have the time
It comes so quickly I can’t finish my agendas’

Anwar has to move in
It is his best opportunity
Otherwise I don’t see how he is going to do it
When the new roots take shape
It will be difficult to uproot

When the sun goes down
I wish there will be changing of scene
Enough of the double speak
Time to talk straight


Hindraf will not go away
It has its root settled in
Slowly with this ban it will multiply
Claiming its roles has its effects

People will know
The truth of why it has to grow
Discrimination and lop sided policies
The BN government has lost touch
Living in its rule far too long
Until the simple respect it forgets

So BN government leaders can sleep easily
I doubt they will be from now………
The underground movement will grow
Banning Hindraf it brings forth another wave
To bring change for the country

A small step will make changes
Slowly it will be formed
It is best the BN government meet them
Listen and solve the problems quickly



Teh Kim Poo
A local in Pandamaran
When he started off
Just barely trying to make a name

He was my senior in school
I did go to his house then ages ago
When he left school………
He started a small business
Trying his best to make it good

Years on joining politics
Business is good, playing politics gaining recognition
MCA is always the road to earning wealth
I had seen those unknown people made money
It is always through political connections

Now I guess he has forgotten his roots
He has shifted to a better living quarters
Leaving his roots behind so he forgets
He has made his money in business
So he forgets the suffering of the locals

It is sad to read what he said
He forgets his root and his background
This is why one mustn’t forget one beginning
The way a person at the beginning and now

Joining politics not for personal glory
It is for the services rendered to the people and country
Yet most of the time we read about politicians
Within a certain years wealth makes into their ways
The harvesting of 3Ps forgetting the rest of the crowd

Power projects prosperity
This is the crying mantra in the mind
Teh Kim Poo has lost his touches
He better retires from politics
I doubt I will ask my siblings to vote for him
If he offers himself in Pandamaran again

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Every day is my sweetest day
I have to think positively as I get along
The world and the environment I live in
I can’t afford to think otherwise

Life is always up and down
It is when and how to cope with it
Understanding it will bring comforts
Into one’s life

Don’t put a date as a sweetest day
It reminds you the rest is just hopeless journey?
Put it as a positive flow
When you walk on the streets
Listening to music or dancing away
Give the boost into your day

I know some want to pin it this is the day
The important date to do something good
Every time you do positive errands
You will get many more in the end

I use to write my stuff in many topics
If I have made people happy or learn something
Then my earning in life is multiplied
On this journey do the positive needs
It brings the flow many times


Hindraf declares illegal
Is it the way to treat the organization?
I don’t know what BN leaders think
Peoples’ grievances they ignore

Respect is earned not by force
Don’t forget people are the boss
Only 5 years to play games
They forget the time and the pride
Asking people to vote them in

Hindraf will not disappear
When the peoples’ grievances aren’t solved in depth
The waves of discontent will soar into our lives
For they want the BN government to wake up and listen

Do the BN government leaders?
Smoke in their eyes; mirrors of their reflections
Yet they don’t see what is wrong……………
They think they have the power
So the people must listen to them

The woes of the country
It is the 3Ps hanging over in the minds
Peoples’ welfare and interests aren’t in their plans
This is why respect must be earned; it isn’t by force
People are the boss
Do these BN leaders know?

Hindraf will go on
Albeit with legal noose
Enough of its one sided treatment
I guess I won’t see the last of them
Unless Anwar really go for it
And change the political landscape

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Rahman theory
Captured the peoples’ imagination
Back in the early 80s
When Dr M ruled the country

Razak, Hussein, Mahathir
Now Abdullah leading the nation
It is all, by now, an UMNO ploy
The prime minister should be from UMNO
So it is drummed into the mindset of the people

Ruling the nation with total controlled freedom
Nobody dared to openly criticize the administration
Any one who did it then would be severely dealt with
On the ISA prison without trial

UMNO believes the rights belonging to the party
The malay supremacy and related political mantras
Believing the country belongs to this race
Forgetting others who have the legitimate rights on it

In history somewhere on tombstones in Kelantan
The Chinese came 900 years before Parameswara
The Malays came during the time of Malacca Sultanate
Majority came from Indonesia under the time of Srivijaya Empire
From Hindus then converted into Islamic rule

Yet UMNO wants people to believe
They are the supreme race……….
Only if the leaders of UMNO care to tell the truth
History doesn’t lie as records are kept to make it right

So under Rahman theory
UMNO tell its story
Spinning it with history
And its own spices to make it believable

Now it seems Najib
The last letter in the theory
By March 09 he will take the throne
Ruling the country with strong arm tactics

Is he the right man for the job?
The theory shifts into Arabic on Rahman
Then the focus on this theory will change
It seems it was debated with UMNO in 2001
About this theory and who will be the PM


Don’t give up the fight
For it never ends until it is right
For the people for the country

Look at me now
Fighting for what I believe
In my cell my spirit soars
High into my imaginative sky

The people rally
RPK will not sleep in vain
In his cell in Kah Moon Thing
He knows his fight isn’t finished yet

The BN government can muscle him
The cronies can sue him……….
The truth will shine
When it is said and done

Candle vigils in our hearts
For RPK who dares to fight
All roads lead to the truth
The BN government knows
Yet dare not say………
Hiding in a veil of darkness

RPK the man with his mouse
Muscling into affairs of the state
Now in custody the government afraid of him
Never dare to allow him to write his story

The fight for truth and against corruption
Accountability and transparency will not end
The people had spoken the way must be changed
For the truth will give us the song
The melodious ringing in our minds


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Malicious and hated reporting
It shouldn’t be allowed to go to print
Any one or company doing it
Face the legal eagles and plaintiff

Any race bashing should think twice over
Never let the fabric of race supremacy blinds the mind
It doesn’t bring harmony into the society
For divided we all fall!

Laws and freedom
A little bit of common sense
It brings dispute into the mind
Before it reaches the masses
Knowing what it is
It will prevent unnecessary retractions

One can disagree about policies
One can disagree on laws and freedom
One can disagree on stifle democracy
One can’t go on hitting race leaving society in disunity
There is no way one should say about race supremacy

Sadly what we hear and read
The way the politicians play
About race and its origin
Forgetting we all Malaysians

Change must come
It is for this century
Else we will be left far behind
In the globalize world without borders
So leave out racial politics
It stifles the growth of the people and country

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


The world events
Over ride the current budget
The new finance minister should draw a new one
Relevant to the context of the world financial crisis

He can’t say the economic fundamentals are strong
Denying the truth will hurt the country’s economic woes
He should be brave to take the cue from Anwar
Redo the budget makes it relevant in today’s events

Issuing public statements denying the fact
It creates false hope on the people
The truth must be told and arrange packages to resolve it
Put in place plans in case the economic woes sweep the country
Nobody should be so chicken as to say economic fundamentals strong

Take a breather see what is happening
No denying the fact the economic activities are falling
FDI isn’t coming in full force to the country
The tight liquidity will derail economic runs

Malaysian BN leaders seem immune
About the flaks on the financial crisis in the world
Living under the coconut shell thinking it is viably safe
Telling the people don’t worry…………

The people want to know
The remedial measures put into the plan
Don’t talk of political speeches
It sounds hollow in our ears


Cash and gold
You make your stay
The contingency plan
Staying alive on the ground

Financial crisis and depression
The economic evils when one forgets
Greed and corruption wiring in
And you think of the financial experts
They don’t see it coming, do they?

The South of the border
Under technical recession
About 300,000 Malaysians will be affected
By next year the result will flow in

Here in sleeping land
Cinderella partying after midnight
Forget about economic woes
Thinking less of the suffering millions

The political fools gunning for positions
Forgetting about the economic woes hitting the country
The leaders of these parties never see beyond its shores
The eyes full of glittering shine
The power and wealth

Millionaires don’t worry
Living in luxury enjoying the scenes
When others will face the economic woes
Worrying about tomorrow; they keep cash and gold

The fools we elected this government
Never issue true statements
Economic fundamentals are sound
The cost of living under control on the ground
Ask the housewives and the salaried workers
They tell you “Go to hell!”


Nuri - SH-3 Sea King TUDM (RMAF) by andytham.
Nuri SH-3 Sea King

Nuri helicopters sink in the air
Years of using it maintenance runs its course
Crashes many now Nuri must go

The mint of wealth
It is time to change
Now buying helicopters
Through Eurocopter
Designed like Nuri in 1960?

Spending $2.3 billion for these machines
The country has short changed again
Along the way corrupted people make money
Why middleman when we can deal direct?

The woes of the country
When financial turmoil hits the world
Here BN government spends and spends
Feeding statements contrary to world opinions
The financial crisis sweeping to Asian countries
We haven’t heard any new measures

It is in the 21st century
Yet we are buying 1960 designing helicopters…..
It is time for change
Else we will be going to the dogs
Allah save Malaysia
From the fools in the government


borrowed Spiff)

The Dark Hill thunders
The reporters covering ears
Listening with open mouths
Writing nonsense statements

The news editors let it to print
Afraid they don’t get the value
The ruling elites saying educated stupidity
On the citizen rights of Sabah and Sarawak
These countries have the 20 points agreement
When joined the formation of Malaysia

The people on the Dark Hill
Sitting there forgetting their roles
They think they have the absolute rights
Behaving little kings shouting hard to get points

And there is the goat head
Believing what the c4 says
Forget the allegations about Atlantuya
C4 is the guy to take over from him

This is why he is sleeping beauty
Dishing out dishes from his half plate menu
He can’t understand why he has to give way
Saving face to say he plans for it
It is déjà vu repeating again……

The Dark Hill thunders
The people beat the gong
Telling the ruling elites
Pack your bags leave the scene
It is time for change

Monday, October 13, 2008


This is politics
Malaysian political gurus
Learning kamasutra tricks and treats
Now they want to shock themselves

Telling the people
The economy is on track
Fundamentals are strong
I don’t know which area

Maybe on the Dark Hill
The sleeping beauty sleeps
The C4 guy on his itching fingers
Looking at his balance sheet
To prop up his wealth

The smell of the powerful chair
It is going to be mine he thinks
The aroma of the power scent
He knows if Anwar doesn’t spoil his plan

The economy
Leave it to the boys
They want to enrich positions
Then they know where to get
Fighting hard to get into line
Leaving the people holding their breath

Any news someone
It is about dateline again
The scrambled eggs and soy sauce
Why take so long?

Politics of lies
Get fooled so many times
Now better close my eyes
Niamah I better dream all the wealth
And kamasutra dealings on the sidelines


Atlantuya cried under 6 feet down the slope
The body turned into ashes absorbed by the soil and misty dews
Blending it perfectly back to nature
Where we all will be going too

The cry of justice seems a long process
In the court trying to find solace
Every script seems a long way from home
The soul dies yet justice seems a long time

The ruling elites trying not to know
Letting the court decides the fate of others
Somebody has to take the fall
The dirty work tainted blood flow
Linking the plot finding ways to free
Of the plot befalling the decease

The plotters hide away
Stashed wealth and favors
Denying it all in the process
No names no clues no pictures

Yet Atlantuya whispers
Along the corridors of power for justice
On her poor soul dead in many pieces
For a crime must be paid……….


Race base parties can’t change
Grouping together unity for wealth
Give it all let the people run
We are the bosses
The people haven’t learned at all

Now direct entry to BN
Fooling the people once again
My dear dismantle the old shack
Then we can decide what to do next

The maturity of the people
The race base party presidents cringe
They can’t accept the change
Evolving around in the country
They still want the race base parties
Fighting for each race rights
So they can control and circle the people
Left, right, centre and boss them silly

The direct entry to BN
The way downward for the country
Whoever falls for this trick again?
The people aren’t stupid any more

Time for change has arrived
It spelt out clearly on March 8
Now the race base parties don’t be afraid
You have hatched the eggs
The chickens have flown
Making their way of deciding destiny


Just peeking by alecku.
The peeping tom fell
Too engrossed in his show
Of a woman naked by the window
Onto the ground below
A soulless body gone for his stupidity

There are so many ways to go
Looking at naked women……
The easiest of all go to the cyber-world
Ogle it until the eyes get blurry

It is so easy just with a click of the mouse
Surfing through the comfort of the home
Nobody to keep tap on it
The freedom of roaming eyes just glow
Nobody will cry ‘peeping tom!’

I feel sad for the poor guy
Nobody teaches him how to get by
A cheap thrill what he got in the end?
A life wasted on his folly
The Lord will be merciful on him


RPK dares to fight
On the big guns on the Dark Hill
He doesn’t worry what will happen to him
It is the truth he asking for it

He never wants to fail
He knows the jail is waiting for him
What he writes and speculates
Mixing his spices to taste good in the mind
Only the ruling elites can’t stomach it alright

So he fights on
He knows the obstacles stack against him
He is a fighter; a Bugis prince never runs away
He challenges the ruling elites
Until they put him away

The Dark Hill tumbles
The echo rings its weight around
There shouldn’t be unfairness
It isn’t worthy of the current regime

Now the ruling elites realize
Even behind bar, RPK light shines
Shafting it into the Dark Hill
For tomorrow will arrive
The Bugis prince will get his rights

Sunday, October 12, 2008


RPK behind bars
Of his writings UMNO leaders can’t accept
For the truth seems to be true now
Putting him under ISA……….
And Sedition Act

Plotting charges to put him behind bars
As he said for a long time if Anwar never comes true
Of the promise he makes to form the next government
RPK will be cooked for a long time if he fails to deliver

The ‘Rahman’ theory in Arabic
Naheeb can’t be the one
Though it looks likely Naheeb ball
He will misguided it so there it is
He will sit and cry his shameful tears

For the highest office is waiting
When the sleeping beauty goes away
Enough knights to storm the Dark Hill
For the new light will surely shine

UMNO thinks the premiership its own
On the silver platter all those years
There will be surprise coming
When the due date is near

RPK knows he has to sacrifice
A little inconvenience for the better good
For Anwar will bring his triumphant return
On the stage to bring the good news


5 months I want to do
The projects I can’t finish in 5 years
Sleeping on it while I had the glow
Now it tumbles down
When I was dreaming through

Look at me now
I want to save my face
Now I realize what real friends are
They don’t come stabbing me at the back

Now I have my warlords
Plotting for me to go
I should have known better
I should have kicked them out long ago

Now look at me
I realize I have to quickly do my reforms
I know it is too late but I will make it
If I don’t sleep on my job again



I don’t want to go
I see the glitter in my eyes
I am living it for so long
Now it seems I should go

The Dark Hill speaks
The voices of the warlords crack
Mouthing out expletives
I can’t take it any more

I have tried to share
The spoils of the land
Giving out projects
It isn’t enough to make me glow
I have to go

The Brutus in the party
Carving swords sharp edges glints
I have seen them
I can’t take it any more

I don’t want to go
Now look at me rushing to finish it off
My projects still on my plate
I only say to save my face

Now my time is near
I look around at the Dark Hill
Smell the mint of power
I have to leave behind
Go home rear my goats
And watch the world goes by