Wednesday, April 30, 2014

it is time to let go

Learn how to let go
Once you were on the stage
Everyone stopped to listened
Every word had a glue to it

You were the man
You had your way
You believed you could
Bulldozed every part of it

Nobody could stop you
You were the man on the stage
You held your microphone
You spoke of your way

Now you are off stage
You still wanted to have your way
You forgot you had your time
It is time to let go

the terrorist's cells

The terrorist's cells
The country can't afford it
Our prestige is at stake
The police must stay on alert

The police should use all resources
To crush the terrorist's cells
The country can't allow it to happen
Our honour is at stake

The latest arrest of terrorists
The police should be lauded
The arrested shouldn't be allowed free
They have to stay in prison until case mentioned

Now the public know
There are many still hiding in the country
Knowing the police running after the opposition
And the civil NGOs leaving a gap for others

Police should protect any external threats
We had the Sulu armed invaders
Showing us how porous our security systems are
The police shouldn't allow it to recur again

Our hats off to the men in blue
The men shouldn't feel good about it
There are many things ahead of us
The men in blue walk about more often..

a time every one can call home

The Nation dreams
Of a time beyond our minds
A place every one can call home
A place to share equally
Without the radicals brewing hatred
Without the little napoleons
Behaving like little kings and queens

The Nation dreams
The hope of many
The equality of our lives
Without the thumb down effects
The people don't need it
They just want to share
Every fruit of labour
Of a shared dream
Is that difficult?

We share the road of destiny
It is in our hands to make it
We shouldn't be cowed by any forces
For the Nation dreams
A time every one can call home
Without the rule and divide

The Nation has grown up
It isn't afraid to face the challenges
The radicals can kiss it goodbye
The brand of politics isn't working
The little napoleons better take notice
You aren't the little kings and queens
You are paid to help the people
Don't try to lord us because we pay you

The Nation dreams
The day is inching closer
The dream maker in our lives
The light over the darkness
It has to come no doubt about it
The equality, freedom and choice
Every one can make and live free

the older women

The older women
Divorced, widowed or alone
There is no power to rope in
The desirable men in life

The younger men will not be around
Even some do for the sake of money
It is hardly loving to the end of time
These men may have girlfriends in the quiet

The older women
The best bet is the older guys
But the older men will think of younger women
Leaving the older women in distress

The choices of partners
When days of loneliness
The hunger for companionship
Many will fall prey

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

the days gone too long

The days gone far too long
There is no trace of where it landed
No sign to tell us

The waves on the ocean
Telling the rescue parties to forget
She isn't under the ocean bed
You just wasted your time and efforts

The rescue teams should investigate
The snow covered mountains on land
Maybe MH370 covered in white carpet of snow
It can't be seen in our naked eyes yet

The grieving families and relatives
Finding hard to close the doors
The hope they are still alive

the nation of unequals

The nation of unequals
It has been for decades
The best years could be
When races lived in harmony

Those were times
When Tunku held the post
The people lived together
No race no religion no colour

Until the radicals came
They upset the social order
They wanted to claim their own
Without holding the Constitution

These radicals promoted a race
Telling themselves and its band of black dogs
They are the kings on their soil
Others shouldn't have the rights

Until today the disease grows
In economic cycle it has to be diminished
When it hits its peak on the chart
Now the declining curve they feel worried

The history of Malaysia
The history of immigrants
Once these people get it right
The Nation will prosper

The radicals play the 3Rs
Thinking the model will work
They never realize it is a borderless world
We have our rights guaranteed in the Constitution

don't ignore the Constitution

The little napoleons
They never see the picture
What they see is the destruction
Of the fabric of our society

They bring up race and religion
Ignoring the Constitution
The rights to practice one's religion
Guaranteed in our forefathers agreement

All races are free to practice one's religion
There is no thumb down effect over it
The little napoleons flapping wings
They think they are the majority

It is better they realize it
Before God punishes them for being rude
The Constitution stands supreme
The harmony the races should uphold and cherish

the walk of memories

The years moving on
The thought of you
It will stay in our minds
Of the years we knew

The stories of your good deeds
It will stay in our lives
We know how good you were
Those years when we knew

Time may cushion our pain
But we know you are watching us
Watching us every step we make
In case we fall like children do

The walk of memories
The melody of singing angels
The stories of your good deeds
It will stay in our lives

Monday, April 28, 2014

let bitterness go

Bitterness of life
It will consume your soul
You will not find your passage
The God's gifts of paradise

Once you have it
It is best find a way to let go
You shouldn't let it stay
Within your mind and soul

Life has many pursuits
One red light doesn't say the end
When the green light shines
It is time to break free

Travel forward to seek new pleasures
Of life and events to enrich your mind
Let bitterness stay behind
You should know how to let go and move on

in collective leadership

In collective leadership
Every party must toe the agreement
Though there will be allowed on disagreement
Of party struggles, rules and regulations

Once the collective efforts hammered in
No party should try to behave differently
The party leaders can accept opposite view
But no party leader should twist and lie

Promoting a party though in the collective mould
It sounds bad judgement or trying to fool the people
These type of leaders should be canned for good
They can have credentials but morality is wrong

No matter what each party wants to do
The party leaders shouldn't forget the Constitution
This is the supreme document for the Nation
Let no one try to break it apart into selfish needs

The farm out boys are playing fire
The bon fire on the beach to dance away
The handlers are keeping a low profile
Pretending nothing serious is happening

The game of good cop and bad cop
Playing out in full public view
The trend keeps going out to a single road
Driving it deep into the dark forest

The collective leadership
The party leaders must rope in the bad
Be brave to tackle the runaway
Put them in proper place and manners

The Constitution stands above all else
In this man made world we live together
Let nobody try to cut or paste as he wishes
For it will bring total collapse of the nation

it is better to do good

The bad things we do
On our living days everyday
Even praying to get rid of our sins
Once we are out of influences
We make our bad habits again
And we think God will forgive us
Every time we do wrong
Think hard on it
The purgatory of hell awaits
In it we will know the truth
Bad things never save souls
The cleansing processes
The bad people have to go
Cleaning up our bad ways
Learning to be good
Why we want to do bad things?
It is better to do good
In this way purgatory will not catch us

We can have a smooth sail on the sea

junk food


Junk food
The taste so good
Every child and adult
Falling in line

Junk food
Know the danger
The silent way it moves
In years you will cry

The danger in hiding
Building nests like cobwebs
On a time when you aren't aware
The unleashed of its evil ways

By then it can be too late
Struggling to live in normal days
The dark spots will hit the gong
The echo making sleep difficult

Junk food
Don't be a slave to it
Don't get addicted
Don't waste life this way

Sunday, April 27, 2014

the cows on the road

The cows walking on the road
The leader herded the group to follow
No cow should over take the leader
All in a single file in unison

The young and old cows
They know the rules by instinct
The older cows will show the way
Let the harmony prevail

The young calves can disobey
It is a natural instinct too
Lazing on the grass looking cool
In the hot sun of golden rays

When nightfall a few cows getting lost
They never follow the herd of cows
They broke away finding their own food
In the end they are left behind

The lost cows booed loudly
Trying to get their bearing home
They are lost and bewildered
Walking aimlessly trying to find the way

the passing of kampar historian

The Kampar historian died recently
With him gone the Green Ridge in Kampar
Will be left to find another soldier
The unfinished business of a War Memorial

Chye Kooi Loong a retired teacher turned historian
He wrote a book about the Battle of Kampar 1941-42
The bloody exchanges of fire with the Japanese
The Green Ridge can be lost through development

Photo: Dedicated to Mr Chye Kooi Loong who thought me Geography but turned Historian to preserve the Green Ridge area where the Battle of Kampar was fought during the Japanese occupation. Many British and mainly Punjab Regiments who held the ground and delayed the Japanese Advance! Sad that many of my countrymen had died here but Mr Chye's efforts to build a War Memorial has been bluntly denied!  It is history denied. I put it to the Veterans to honour the dead who fought for the defence of our country!! The British must help too!  They have honoured Mr Chye with MBE/OBE. But where is the War Memorial??? The National Museum took all materials and relics which we dug out from the Trenches on the Green Ridge but where is it displayed? I would like to see it too!! Please show some respect to the Dead !!

borrowed kampar revisted

Kampar has progressed after the heyday of tin
With a university and college sitting on the land
The town of the old gradually changes into the second wind
Of the young students coming from other states and overseas

When Nizar was the MB it was hope he could do something
The former teacher of his school ACS Kampar....
But he had a short reign in Perak
So the Green Ridge remains a battleground forgotten

Chye Kooi Loong passing
The Green Ridge will be likely forgotten
The history of Battle of Kampar
It will be in his book to be remembered

Ashes of his time
Burying in the memories
The students, teachers, relatives and friends
Of a time Kampar had a historian

the brick walls

The breeders of hate
The brick walls they create
They think they are the only ones
Living in this bless nation

The nation of multi-races
The country of many religions
The tolerance level must be shared
No race should behave superior

The fabric of our existence
The rock on the Constitution
No political party should try
Changing the landscape for its own

It isn't the doctrine
Crafted by our forefathers
Every one should live equally
With the rights enshrined in the Constitution

Now we hear the radicals
Behaving like Taliban brewing hatred
Of everything the eyes can't see
They want to divide the nation

They will have their say
They should realize they can't change
The Constitution will stay
The rights of every citizen

the drumbeats of hudud

The drumbeats of hudud
The players will run wild
On the field for the first time
And they shouted “Where is the ball?”

The field of players
The colours of red, green, blue and yellow
The white on the side lines waving flags
The man in black holding his whistle

The ball boys holding the ball
They hold it waiting for the signal
The spectators watch minds far away
The drumbeats of hudud ringing

Malaysia is a secular nation
She isn't an Islamic country
Hudud can't be introduced
It isn't in the Constitution

Our forefathers put on record
The Supreme law of our Constitution
The Islamic parties can talk
Within the walls of the party

Saturday, April 26, 2014

the toad

The toad on the grass
Squatting there motionless
Waiting patiently for insects
Under the shade of light

The human's shadow
The toad never wants to jump away
It stays still watching with eyes
There is no alarm to hop and hide

It stays its ground
Eyes looking at the light
The work of patience
The meal in the night

The toad only hops away
When it finds its life is threatened
It will quickly hide in pot or bushy plant
Camouflaged itself away from the predators

The life of patience
The toad can teach a lesson
It can stay motionless
The meal in the night

the light will shine in the darkness

The truth will rise
No matter how one wants to suppress
It can't be hidden for long
It has to come out one fine day

The corrupted leaders can hide
Everything under laws to bury it
They can put locks to secured its work
It can't hide with truth

Don't they know
When consciousness take over
The break free has to come
The truth will make its way

The truth has no walls
The truth has no restriction
It can't be hidden in locked walls

The light will shine in the darkness

bad company

Bad company
The mixture of races
The different faiths
They have the common goals

Bad company
The back alleys
The corner blocks
Face to face

They know
They have a short freedom
Living in the bad ways
Till the day they are caught

Bad company
The tattoo on their bodies
The signs of gangs they associated
Till the day the blues

Bad company
The face the prison life
Steal, rob, riff and kill
The drugs to make them forget

Bad company
A life one can choose
When you make the wrong choice
It's life in the prison walls

a chair for a tiring body

The marooned chair
By the angle corner it waits
The shining leather from the light
It waits for somebody try

A hard day for a rest
You can forget your troubles
Put up your legs and close your eyes
You will get your tiring body a chance to relax

How many can relax now?
The speed of work earning money
It is the top priority in daily routine
Will anybody come to sit with the marooned chair?

The background music playing
The marooned chair tempting the tiring souls
There is nothing to pay for a relaxation
Go and make it for the body to rest a while

honey lies

Honey lies
The sharing of the road
The road of traffic jams
The people gathered to look
The tiring eyes on the block
Minds so far away
Standing in the hot sun
Honey lies
Telling the sky is shady blue
It never wants to share
The cloudy sky taking sweet times
Sorry folks you get hot in the day
The motorists impatient fingers
The drive in the hot sun
The smoke of the exhausts
Sweet people taking the time
Honey lies
The red cap and blue officers
Keeping watch on the crowd
In the hot sun
At the traffic lights

Friday, April 25, 2014

no law should be against the Constitution

PAA shouldn't be enacted into law
It goes against the Constitution
Bee Anne is so afraid to curtail the free movement
The people may want to act on the spur of the moments

Each person or organization must give 10 days notice
Before the police will allow a public to hold a gathering
This is the way Bee Anne wanted to instil fear and control
They always forget to learn history

The Berlin Wall
Once it was there
East Germans would try to escape
Even though they knew the cause of death

Freedom is our rights
It shouldn't be taken away
The government work for the people
It isn't the other way round

The Berlin Wall now gone
The unification completed
The progress can be seen
It was because of tyranny

Now Court of Appeal judges
They gave their decision
That sections 9(5) PAA is unconstitutional
The judges must be brave to shoot out

The judges shouldn't be cowed
The judiciary will take many years
To get back its glory days of the past
The people will change Bee Anne

the tyranny wants to rule

The tyranny wants to rule
As long as he can find a way
This is the truth in human's mind
The bad apple will never run away

There goes the good work
The inter-relationship of people
Of religions and common interests
It becomes a distance pole

The ancient law in 7th century
It has served its time then
When those ancient afraid of the religious leader
They couldn't question his authority

Until others came to help
Pushing the change for the better
It was a mistake made by humans
Some just never learned

we cry quietly

We are in jail
In the time of our minds
Listening to the negative vibes
Flowing into our lives everyday

Our lives in jail
We get hurt reading it
Listening to it everyday
We can't escape

We cry quietly
Our country's wealth mismanaged
The funds disappeared without trace
The authorities dragging it out

The heads bury in the sands
The authorities sleep it through
Hear no evil no need to ride
The Ali Baba and his forty thieves

It will be a long time gone
The looters escape quietly to foreign lands
Living up the good lives they have it illegally

Leaving the rocking chairs behind to rock it away

the lies to hide the truth

History will say
The footprints leaving behind
The good and bad people
The gambling of lives

The scriptures will say
The good way of life
Many forget to go along
The words without action

The lies hide the truth
The greed of power
The taste of corrupted ways
Soon it will be the downfall

Down on the fall
The tears will be too late
You cheated yourself
The scriptures will say

It will be a long time gone
The footprints will stay
The scriptures will say
The lies to hide the truth