Thursday, April 30, 2009

the children in limbo

Refugee camp sign by Richard & Jo
Refugee camp sign by Richard & Jo

The weak always get bullied
By the political government
Chasing out dissidents
Away from the political arena
Refugees they are humans
Landed in our shores
We must show our compassion
They have no choice
The country they came
Ruined their lives
On our land
They face the deja vue
The eyes of civil society
Our government shouldn't treat them indifferently
For as humans we must help
Find ways to help them
Earn a living help the economy
So we don't have to import labor
They are here willing to start a new
No doubt it is a trend
Humans migration worldwide
Some by choice, some by seeking wealth
Others by political bully
Chasing out from the home country
This is the testing of faith
On the government to do the compassionate plea
Refugees flocking to our shores
Asking assistance to start a new
A little offering of help
Our nation will be bless

decision will arrive

TRAITOR03 by Huntology
TRAITOR03 by Huntology

Hee Yit Foong should go
Let the voters pressured her so
She isn't fit to hold her post
When she forgets the trust
Giving to her by the voters

For years she spoke against Bee Anne
Many years on Albino........
The wrongs and lies
Now she joined the same wagon

The voters got it right
Advertising in the chinese newspaper
It is hope it would help her changed her mind
In the State Assembly on 7 May 09

Zombie had said
There is a contract with the 3 frogs
I will agree with proper procedures
Not with the currrent crisis in Perak

The voters there shouldn't stop
They should pressure her to go
Let her realise she is wrong
She should make it good
When the time comes..

perak speaker rules

03/03/09 - Perak Assembly meet by politicsec
Perak Assembly speaker Sivakumar by politicsec

Perak Speaker rules
He can decide and reject motions
Bee Anne has no balls to call snap election
Pushing and digging its own grave
Bee Anne and Albino
Crushing party thinking they are smart
Cracking illegal entries driving F1 to court
Want to change illegal to legal.....
Perak Speaker stands in its way
The laws of the land
Don't Bee Anne follow?
I guess not as Albino wills it
Going back door smelling the throne
Ringing bell claiming it is
The staging coup
Now brewing crisis in state constitution
The Perakians see the unwanted plays
Of Zombie and his gang
Perak Speaker rules
It will hard for Albino to do
Motions submit plenty
It is Perak Speaker to allow
Zombie and gang
They will be denied entry to Assembly
As far as the ruling goes
It is just a ruling without an order
Though it is against the FC 72(1)
When the sitting Assembly begins
The Perak Speaker will make his ruling
Zombie and gang will be asked to leave
Else they will be sacked from the meeting
Perak Speaker rules
Albino forgets now the headaches
Going back door without proper permission
This is where the deed stopping dead

gays, straight or crooked

Gay, straight or crooked
Nothing to feel ashamed
It is life which ever way
Angels sleep the product fails

Surely God is perfect
He is never wrong
He knows his way
He knows his work

Only angels
Playing tricks on humans
The one to inherit the kingdom
Of kings and queens

So they see
The reaction of the human beings
With eyes, minds and souls
They work differently
Division of class
The way we have sinned

The heavens wait
As humans struggle with sin
As angels drum up its productions
We like fools running after them

angels and evils

Good Evil by Justin Shearer

Angels and evils
Born to humans
Compassionate and unforgiven
Life moves on

War and peace
Missiles and politics
Swaying public
Religions intolerances
Bridging the gap
A long way to harmony

Angels and evils
In our lives so it stays
You hear it all the times
The play of emotions
The way it makes

Right or wrong
Does it really matters?
When greed and power rule
Angels and evils flow

Which way the breeze?
It is our own doing
War and peace
Missiles and politics

on the green hill

Queens Parks by Carolynpom
Queens Parks Sydney by Carolynpom

On the green hill
When the cool breeze caress
Brushing hair disarray
They don't mind

Smiling faces
Eyes feel the breeze
The cool wind
On the green hill

Of the koala bears
When they will see again?
As they stand wishing it
The years ahead.....
It may arrive

The wine yards
The Sydney Opera House
Little Izzy growing up years
All flashes the pictures rhyme

On the green hill
The perfect day
The cool breeze whisper
Bringing them the memories
“Never forget me”

too young to let go

Maybe i'm too young by otrodiscurso
Maybe i'm too young by otrodiscurso

Too young to let go
Of a child roaming antics
Trust the center to do a good job
When a child just begins to be free
Too young to take a giant step
The child may rebel silently
The comfort of a home he knows
Now in a different environment
Nowadays busy parents
Working hard for meals and housing
And some comfort and liberty
Parenting will take secondary
Too young to treat as a young adult
In the world in his eyes he may disagree
Talk to him see whether he can blend in
The environment now different in a home
Now watch the signs
Happy? Smiling? Hiding away?
Is there a change in his behavior?
Reluctant to go crying every time?
Some children love it
Others feeling trap
Either way observe the behavioral patterns
It will help to understand what a child goes through

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

sleeping on the job

sleeping on the job by portlvr
sleeping on the job by portlvr

The Bee Anne always says
Go for trips and study methods
When these ministers come back
Nothing concrete to show

Down the South of Our Border
We can learn so many things
The ministers dont have to go far
Across the causeway learn plenty

A nation with no natural resources
Singapore can build herself into a World standard
With national reserve we are crying for
Yet what do our ministers do?

Study, working visits more on holidays
Any economic returns on our tax money?
I am afraid nothing to sell to the people
We aren't wiser rather we looked foolish
Right at our corner the ministers travel all over
Yet they don't get anything right....
Look at our MSC.......

No change of government
We will hear the same old story
Working visits and holidays
Nothing to show only our tax money gone

the parasites

Sophisticated Parasites by Sylvieblissplace
Sophisticated Parasites by Sylvieblissplace

Parasites in Bee Anne
What the Albino doing
These parasites keeping silence
Let the people cry
They don't hear a thing
MCA, MIC and Gerakan
These leaders in a chain
Let their leadership values cemented
Dangling them with wealth, power and position
The country's needs
And the peoples' welfare
And the generation to come
These parasites forget
It is them they enriched
Perak crisis
These parasites never tell
Albino tracks on illegally
Brewing illegal beer and toddy
The draconian laws like ISA
Gerakan talked about it
Then it died a quiet death
The day will come
When these parasites will be gone
Albino knows its time
The writing keep appearingon the walls
It is the tail end of its reign
So are the parasites biting crumbs

no to ISA

fCandlelightVigil-NO-TO-ISA-129.jpg by
NO-TO-ISA-129.jpg by

Islam doesn't preach bad on others
Saying “No to ISA” making us civilized
We must be willing to engage in courts
For crimes whatever it is done

Afraid to try them
Sending them to Kah Moon Ting
Even without a proper trial
it smacks of ungentleman virtues

Nobody is guilty unless it is proven
For a country to progress we must know
The good, the bad, the ugly and the bad mouth

Wishing others bad vibes
A person has sunk into his own
To become a fool one has to be one

ISA has served its purposes
The day of communism is over
Now is the time to do
The normal police work

dreams are gateways

"I Have A Dream..." by gatorgalpics

Dreams many
In fantasy; in hopes
Things one forgets
Events forgotten
It becomes an object
The mind games
Searching for peace
Letting it go
Eye for the new
The next story to tell
Past seems to draw in
Thinking it should be done this way
Afraid to say it loud
Of younger days growing up years
Things left behind playing in the mind
Write it down
Something you have forgotten to do
So it comes back
In dreams changing concept
Read into your journal
You will find what you haven't done
Dreams are gateways
To release something never done

the swine flu 2

Media wakes up to Mexican Swine Flu by DevelopmentSeed
Media wakes up to Mexican Swine Flu by DevelopmentSeed

The swine flu
On the rise
The disease
Humans contact
Spreading by human carriers
The airborne disease going fast
Into the atmosphere seeking victims
As the Lord wills it
Maybe we haven't learned
Bird flu and other airborne diseases
Telling us observe nature
Keep the 'garden' green
The greed of society
Plundering the earth
Green vegetation disappears
Now we harvest what we planted
The swine flu
Another message to us
Don't ignore it
We better take the road
Change our ways
Else the diseases will floor us
Into the basic of our times
Back to the caves

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

the back door slams

pic: a bodohland creation

The back door slams
It is hard not to see
The way Zombie and gang
Strutting it all the way

There is no law to them
They go about it as they will
Perakians will not forget
The day it happened
It got us all angry

Judges sit
Breathing fire
The Perakians never run
They will unleash it
When the day comes

Daulat Tuanku
We sing his name
When the day to walk the talk
We got the off key in our ears

Some may want to move on
Forget about it let the back door swings
For those who voted in Perak
It isn't the way we wanted

sloganic trick?

Najib's political slogan by mowadoha.
Uploaded by mowadoha

Sloganic trick?
The decades on use
The work of politicians
Hookwinding the people again
Businessmen and prominent personalities
Giving up the thumb signs encouraging its concept
These people want to create wealth sustaining lives
Into the way it must be good sign
It needs political will
For the little napoleons to change
Understand the concept
Knowing what it should be
The black knight should take his cue
Unload his heavy baggages
Let the peole know the truth
On the allegations of C4, commission and Aminah
He can't hide in his elegant silence
For the rumors will keep piling up
He has to face the allegations
Keeping silence doesn't say he is free
We want the slogan to work
Amongst the races in the nation
The black knight should unmask his allegations
For the truth will blow the cooling breeze

ISA must be put to sleep

ISA - Say Goodbye by mowadoha
ISA - Say Goodbye by mowadoha

ISA “halal?”
Charging without legal discourse
Putting a person away without trial
Truly going against the Islamic idealogy

Islam treats equally
People who are charged with crimes
Produce witnesses and documents
And dispose the cases fairly

In God eyes
The truth must prevail
Otherwise let peace be amongst the people
Living peacefully enjoying God gifts

ISA destroys the dignity of a person
Shame the person, family and friends
It gives a person no chance to defend
Lock up the accused without trial

Some say ISA needed
They can sleep peacefully at night
So what are the police doing?
Closing one eye to crimes and terror?

We may as while throw away
All the laws and Constitution
Let ISA be the beacon of security
Saving time and court processes
Put these people in a colony
Let them spend their times
Doing nothing withering lives

Nay....for Islam
A journey of peace
Amongst the children of God
Give them a chance to defend their wrongs

So ISA isnt legal in Islam
It must be put to RIP
Forever stay underground
For it is better this way
For the progress of the nation

money going away


4-1 the score
Favoring Pakatan in the by elections
Albino gets scared
When using the might and money
Yet the losses bruised its ego
Spending millions by the uniformed police
No breakdown of what they did
Is it hiding again from pubic scrutiny?
It is our tax money wasted unnecessarily
The black knight galloping away
One lance with a shield to hide
Telling his story but the truth
His supporters feel fatigue and disarray
The calling of Penanti
The waiting game begins
“Phantom of the Opera” singing
Only the wind.....millions you know
Base on report
EC spent $3 million
Uniformed police walloped over $31 million
So how did the money go?
No breakdown only beautiful figures
This is Bee Anne
Back doors saying it is legal
The people know waiting to unleash
The lies and corruptions
When GE 13 arrives
Write its own obituary

Monday, April 27, 2009

sex, relationship and money

Family planning advice by optimusprym8
Family planning advice by optimusprym8

The young adults
On sexual revolution
It is nothing new
It has happened before

The young girls and boys
Engaging in sexual activities
To feel good or forget about problems
Some feel to teach their parents
For nagging them all day long

The young girls crave
Warm relationships someone to listen
Mixing with the crowd young and old
With money they hope to change

Peers glamor
The trade marks they wish
Girls and boys parade
The talking in private
Of the conquests

Studies put aside
Dreaming about the adult world
Easy quick fix solutions
They think they find their ways

With men of the streets
The girls crave for money and fame
Hooking the guys the auro of the world
They thought they could escape
The daily emotional down trends

In the end the girls realize
They aren't better off before they arrive
They are used, knocked off, and played around
Choosing life turning out a nightmare........
Diseases and pregnancies.....
The world isn't the same

Families rich and poor
There is no distinction with it
The sexual needs will blossom
When the young adults go
The peers, money and relationships
It is only sex education to stop the sorrow
Teach them about sex planning
And responsibility of one's action

the swine

Swine by Jah in I
Swine by Jah in I

The swine
Oh it comes again
Taking lives what can we say
We have been warned
Over thousand years ago

The hog
The peoples' meat
Contaminated and disease
It is our body immune system
Taking care by itself

Now too much stress
Too many popping pills
Too many factory made
Our system losing its ability to fight
Laying bare of diseases
So frequently touting us
“Catch me if you can!”

Swine fever in Mexico
81 people died by the disease
This is another contagious disease
Spreading from human to human

With the global economic upheavel
Now this to hit our lives
We haven't recovered from the financial crisis
The swine fever makes us fear
Life can be easily!

the story

Nature story~ by Tja'Sha ♥
Nature story~ by Tja'Sha ♥

Once a while
We hear something out of the ordinary
Of a person poverty to glory
Learning an education
Established into the world
We can see it
In the class rooms; on the streets
The poor students; the weakest ones too
Teachers just don't tell
Most just ignore and carry on with their tasks
Only a few concerned ones will try
To do what can be done....
In a society gearing towards materialistic needs
Helping others always on the second list....
So it is something to tell others
There is always a way home
It may take years
Of sweat and tears
Believing it will help
It is this difference
Persistence to make it works
Story like this
It always brings me going to tears
It reminded me of years
Struggling in my youth
Living in a poor condition
Never knew whether I could make it
I can only say
Persistence pays for me
Now I can live easy
But I always remember where I came
So this story will bring tears to many
I believe some have gone through it before
Maybe not in this story
But on different routes achieving the results
“For the world is for those who are willing to try
Even at odds yet go for the first step
It will make a lot of difference”

Sunday, April 26, 2009

bite the dust

Another One Bites The Dust by Renae Lupini
Another One Bites The Dust by Renae Lupini

It is a personal recording
Of what one sees or hears or reads
Put it down in words to share with others
Sometimes a bit overboard; sometimes extra put into play
To get the oomp or so some thought of it

Yet when everything is done
Some just can't carry it through
Like the TV shows.......fatigue running out of ideas
Finally the curtains fall
Sometimes the authorities wielding the hard stick
Telling who is the boss?

Even in companies
Losses heavily closing shops the day
When economic spelling doom
Sell what can be fetched
Leave the scene live elsewhere
Cut the losses save it for another day perhaps

Likewise in blogs
A day will come somebody will close shop
Unless it is used as a diary to track thoughts and events
Until the day one soul disappears..........

I had occasionally read her blog
Interesting articles alternative view
Yet I hope she will be back
When she completes her pursuits

history pages turning

Route to Istana Changkat by razuryza
Route to Istana Changkat by razuryza

Odd to say
Seeing it but do nothing
This isn't the way
Action always speak louder than words

Our institutions dwindle
Allowing the facades the rules change
For them people come second
It is a sad affair.....when they forget
People make them; they can take away too

Buddha saw what happened
In his father's palace of his people suffering
He went out to the streets gave up his splendour
For his people came first..............
This is why Buddha's name always spoken in great honor
For he took action he sat the wheels rolling

I can't say much of our institutions
Perak crisis is a sad history in the state
People wishes ignored totally
The back door stealing allowing it to happen

The history pages turning
Tearing noises wanting to change
Yet the past will not go away
It will stay even one wants to forget

accountability and transparency

I see your Truth by *Dragonfly*
I see your Truth by *Dragonfly

Walking on the Petaling Streets
Smiling sweetly people came to look
His body guards and supporters thronged the roads
Afraid of rivals or people got carried away

Now taking LRT
Smiling for all to see
Yet they are body guards and supporters
Wanting to get into publicity

Will it be a regular affairs?
Is it once in his life he would do it?
The previous guy did once
Walking to Immigration lots of publicty
Then he never stepped into it again

The black knight
Practise your slogan get it right
Charge the economy bring it out into the open
No covers up let transparency rules

PKFZ an Ali Baba cruise
It is said it has ballooned into $8 billion!
Tell us how it could happen?
From $2.3 billion to $4.6 billion to $8 billion
Maybe the number isnt stopping yet
Chalking upwards feeding parasites?

The black knight wakes up and see
You aren't clean in your closet
So you are afraid to sweep clean
Now the needs to create publicity
A ruse to hide the truth?

pages turning

Time Flies As if someone is turning the pages. by tonmoySaha
Time Flies As if someone is turning the pages. by tonmoySaha

Pages turning
Mind on the flow
Ideas come and go
Pens on the table
Wishing it writes

The way it should
The blank pages fold
Inviting the silent whirring
Running away mind goes into dreams

Only a flower
Enticing a moment
As the eyes glow
Maybe another day
When mind is uncluttered

Writing thoughts
Sometimes it feels hard to do
Sometimes it is easy
As it flows into the turning pages

life has worries

Do not Worry by moemoechi
Do not Worry by moemoechi

Life has worries
It is how one takes it on
The day will make the difference
As long as one takes control

It is part of staying alive and free
Life packages doesn't come easy
It has to involve all the ripples
Floating in ones' mind daily

Basically people worry
On staying alive,money and relationships
Of what life will be.....
If only one knows
We have a fixed time here

I used to advice
Look into the mirror say what they want
Anything that come to mind just let it out
In the end the day will look fine all round

Nowadays it is much easier
Shoot into blogs and let it spins
Of course don't write something else
Of attacking others for the sake of it
It should be personal mumblings
Without pointing to anybody

I think you have done right
Spending sometime to worry
Let the flow know what you must do
Things you can do others only in dreams
And don't forget about prayers.....
It is a powerful tool to ease the pain
When life seems unbearable sometimes

liberalization where it will lead?

-liberalisation-du-marche-postal by maniat_2
-liberalisation-du-marche-postal by maniat_2

Is our foundation strong?
In our economies we must have strong pillars
Else we will be cornered and surrendered our economic rights
Opening up liberalization is an economic gamble
The Bee Anne government hasn't thought it through

The NEP is used to spoon feed one race
Now Bee Anne wants to push them out to compete
A domestic trained animal can't survive in the wild
When there is no exposure to handle the competition
The survival of the fittest will fail..........

The SME companies employed the most people
These companies supplied the activities of economic growth
Some are family owned; others are joint partnerships or companies
Growing internally surviving on what they can find locally

Competing globally needs financial muscles
And marketing and connections involved
it isnt an easy way to stare at the world's economy
It is a jungle out there!

When the companies aren't ready to compete
Struggling to survive internally..............
Liberalization will push the setbacks
The giant will crush them without mercy
This is what liberalization will do

Are we ready economically to challenge the world?
We hear other business CEOs welcoming the news
It is the wealth they think they will make
About employment opportunities it is still debatable
Since now it is borderless economy.............

The liberalization awakes
One ethnicity may not like it
The wealth of the economy
This group thinks belonging to them only

the back door keeps slamming

back door by ConcreteWaffer
back door by ConcreteWaffer

The back door keeps slamming
No shame in public eyes
The zombies talk staging the act
Power crazy forgetting the laws

The witches must stir
The potent potion for the people
It is best people decide
The way of affairs in the state

The cold stare
The pebbles hit
In homes, bars and coffee shops
In blog world spreading the illegal entry
Of the zombies trying to stay relevant

The witches council
Sitting to decide
The wishes of Albino
The way of the people demand
Let the people get it done

Let common sense prevail
The laws of the country rules
No one is above the supreme law
So let it be known in our history

Don't write a report
A foolish one to make us fools
The zombies want the seat
Illegal they know about it
Yet they go all out to claim
The back door is a good try

Saturday, April 25, 2009

he forgot his root

Rooted and went to new house by yoshiko314
Rooted and went to new house by yoshiko314

Engaging with bloggers
Only a particular ethnicity is called
In the country there are hundred thousands
The minister forgot

Talking of 1Malaysia
The walk hasn't started
It is still in supremacy mode
Of one race forgetting others

Want to be fair?
Engage the multi-racial bloggers
Put in the press............
Let the slogan begins
1 it just for nothing?

The minister shouldn't invite
Only pro-government bloggers
He should invite those with opposing view too
Is he so afraid forgetting his days in Semangat?

The road of self destruct of a political party
It is buried now until it is done
I don't foresee a future for this party
As its members crow about their race
Forgetting this country is multi-racial
with its norms and forms and belief

A party must accept criticisms
Else it will self destruct itself
A legal entity breathing life
So it will fall when it becomes too self important
Forgetting others when it shouldn't

the list

“Everyone wants to understand painting. Why is there no attempt to understand the song of the birds?” by Duck Defender Bonnie
“Everyone wants to understand painting.
Why is there no attempt to understand the song of the birds?” by Duck Defender Bonnie

The list
The yellow bird sings
In the mirror
Chirping all day

Alleged corruptors
On the list so it shows where
This Albino will be
On the road of spiral spins

Losers appointed into it
Leaving the young out of the loop
Maybe God has His plan
Self destruct Albino kneels

The horses feel the fear
Knowing the dark shadows lurk
From now till its final run
It will be a sick, sick, sick double speak

The people wait
For the day and time to change
It has started; it will not run away
Enough of what is happening
Arms twisting hammering games
It is time to change our destiny
By our hands by our belief

the test of faith

Faith, hope and charity by KristinaVF
Faith, hope and charity by KristinaVF

Injustices befalling society
The nature of politics and power games
In it there is the line of dinstinction
“With me else go to hell”
Religions distributing channels fair
In the hands of fanatics it is twisted facts
The Holy Father gives us the tools
Yet we are hopelessly been used
It is our faults
Letting others playing the games
WE stand ignoring the events
Running through our lives
In our recorded history
The devils seem to rule
Gathering faithfuls to plunger
The wealth and souls
Yet there is a message
The poor, meek, blind and handicapped
They enter heavens much easier
They don't carry baggages
It is a test of faith
Of belief in religion and charity
It is best to start at our homes
Before we think beyond our shores

Friday, April 24, 2009

the changes will come to our shore

surya-edisi-cetak-21-april_0 by zat_asyraff
surya-edisi-cetak-21-april_0 by zat_asyraff

Maybe we are village champion
Within our borders our leaders feel fierce and secured
They use all the forces available to intimidate us
Charging us on flimsy charges just they stay in power

Simple question it takes ages to answer
Events had happened; spreading it out the web
Our leader should be able to handle a simple query
Why he fail to response?

Now Indonesians will query
Even those staying working here
Is Bee Anne hiding again?
“Performance Now” for sloganic appeal?

Our leaders going overseas
They represent us and the country
The way they handle PR
They bring up our levels or down the spiral

Simple question yet he refuses to answer
As if there is a bait...........answering it
The way our leaders handle themselves
Talk only refusing to walk the talk

The changes will come on our shore
The seed has planted nature will take it there
When it is finally grown and blossom
We will be standing tall amongst the world leaders

how you try

vows by smiles4angels
vows by smiles4angels

Fight for another day
It doesn't mean it is the end of the road
It doesn't say you are yellow bird
Admiring in the mirror

Critics and admirers
Drumming up support
Some calling names
This is freedom of expression
No hard feelings none taken seriously
Only the roads for all
For equality, peace and justification

Now you try
The black knight doesn't let go
Hell bend to put you away
He doesn't want to explain

The corridor of shadows
Lurking afraid to expose
What lies behind the scenes
Only God will know

when one piece is non aligned

My Poor, Sick Boy by [Christine]
My Poor, Sick Boy by [Christine]

Balloons high
Colorful ones for the eyes
Floating in the sky
Get its work done

The strings attached
Holding it never let it flies
The wind hot and warm
The crowd cheering

It is only the mind
Getting it knocked left and right
The spinning wheel gushing water
From the well of diamond water
Cascading down into the warm

The drum beats
It makes life so uneasy
When things need to do
It can't be done out right

When one piece is non aligned
Everything will be pulled down
It has to grease it to back on line
Of all things in the mind

The balloons popped
The heavy load divides
The hot windy breeze
And the pouring of whirring sound
Life seems back to normalcy
At least as it is said......

Thursday, April 23, 2009

rpk protecting himself

RPK by melvinmah
RPK by melvinmah

Where is RPK?
The question bloggers want to know
He has stood his ground
He even went to jail....
Enough Bee Anne wants to dig him in
So he better be free elsewhere
Fighting for freedom and justice
The alleged cases of the top
It never opens files to find the truth
Nothing at all in the corridor of power
Many on Bee Anne celebrate he is gone!
Some called him names
Coward, no balls, yellow belly and what's not
Remember he stood his ground to fight for freedom and justice
He doesn't disappear......until his court case mentioned again
It is no use to sacrifice in vain
When the black knight can have his feasts
Nay I say he should stay elsewhere
Prepare for the onslaught what he may have
Though I don't totally disagree what he tries to convey
There are some element of truth in it
A person of his standing will not write for nothing
Unless he is trying to tell some bearings
What ills the country and the political masters
With the cases staked against him
What elements leg up on his soul
With millions he has to pay on lawsuits
What more can he do to break the duck?
The truth will be delivered....on time
When the final curtains fall on stage
RPK has lost many
Millions and his honor
Of telling what he believes
Yet the culprits are free
Roaming in the corridor of power

careless fingers on the keys

a piece by dreikelvin
a piece by dreikelvin

Hands on the keyboard
Beginning to rhythmic melody
Blowing out to the silence
People listen attentively

The waves of clarity
The words of songs and music
It never fails to soothe emotional needs
Lifting up souls of downtrodden pits

The audience sit patiently
Eyes focus minds in control
As the classical pianist caressing keys
The music and its ways

Events outside can wait
Economic upheavals forget
Now the music
Let the world spins carelessly
In the hall sanity prevail
Just for it life of music

Careless fingers on the keys
Bring out lovely tunes and melody
Caressing the lines of beauty
Life will flow reality knows

Now a moment satisfying
The crosses of ups and downs
The music keep changing
As its glory matches into harmony

the pieces of revenge

In Pieces by Life_With_Auto_Focus
In Pieces by Life_With_Auto_Focus

Aminah roams the streets of the city
Stopping at traffic lights eyes looking ahead
The ghostly apparition walks alone
Seeking her vengeance as her pieces grouped
Looking for her real killers hiding behind masks

Many cars cruising along the streets
Traffic lights turning green
Honking and braking the normal routines
The city night life begins

Aminah walks through
Waiting at a corner
For the day she wants her revenge
When the light dim in the night
So will be her opportunity to strike
Now she waits patiently.........
She has started her moves
Silly mistakes happening around
Surely she knows her time is near
Revenge is sweet when she gets in

The corridor of power
Ringing wind of breezy whirring
The sound of religious chanting
She knows her limitation
So she waits for her time
A few years now yet she hasn't given up
She knows her time is near

The news of the world
Spreading messages asking questions
The masked man must come out
To clear the touting in the press

On the bloody soil
The vapor of pieces crying for vengeance
The fire balls burning asking for release
Only the guilty shall appease her soul
The one who ordered her killed into pieces

ah long(loan shark)

jaws by ilovechiayoong®

Ah Long on the rise
They aren't afraid of police crack down
Desperate people will need their assistance
About future these desperate ones don't care
Eyes are only for short term
Troubles begin when payment defaults

Ah Long put up notices
In the broad daylight
Stick on trees with big posters
1% or 2% to cash your checks
Sometimes banners at right locations
Let the people know.....
So will the police on the beat

Red paint body harm
Physically attacks abusing tactics
Family members too aren't spared
Yet police say they are on the beat

Walk around
Notices plenty to see
You don't need police report
We need positive action
Police should do the work

There must be reasons
Banks don't go out to help
Stringent measures and pick and choose
The hawkers and working adults
Hard to meet the requirements
So Ah Long flourishes
And the people get into traps

This is the harsh reality
Back to the old days of clans and followers
Branding their kind of law and enforcement
And the police walk on the beat

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

police on the beat

Street Patrol 3 by BerFil
Street Patrol 3 by BerFil

Police on the beat
In major towns and cities
Walking on the streets
The blues let it be seen

Stickers of Ah Longs
Will they check and prosecute?
Maybe they will close one eye
As it allegedly claims

Corruption is cancerous
It breeds when there is no control
When medicines fail to clam it down
It takes hold body and soul
Then everything will die.....

Do the police patrol with eyes open?
Seeing things knowing events.....
Or is it just to satisfy the budget allocation?
It is still too early to find concrete results

Past results on its statistics
Base on letters and government knowledge
It is still a long way to win confidence
Of past cases tarnishing its image

common sense

The prophet has shown the way by UmmAbdrahmaan (back n busy final exam markings)
The prophet has shown the way by UmmAbdrahmaan (back n...

Contest and win
A right to hold office
The voters decide
So there is no reason
To say inefficient....

We know
The qualification of each contestant
We know
Which party and what service records
We know
When we cast our votes

There is no reason to say
As long as they can work for the people
Understand the problems, read and write
It is ultimately the peoples' welfare
And the country needs that matter

Qualifications are just secondary
It doesn't mean one can do wonders
With qualified people running the administration
Too many cooks spoil the soup!

Every one of us
Has something of value to the chain
This is why we have so many colors
Of people and decision making process

So it is with partnership or coalition
Know the working relationship
Views and criticisms must be shared
No party should control the medium of common needs
Settle it within the confines of the inner circles
Don't run each other down
It shows sign of no leadership qualities
Even one has string of degrees.....
Common sense is the one we should remember

nobody or law is above federal constitution

31st August 2006 : Here's to many more years of wealth, love, community and strenght of spirit to ALL Malaysian ! by HL Wang
ALL Malaysian ! by HL Wang

Federal Constitution guarantees
What you have; what you don't have
Nothing more;nothing to speculate
Nothing to think what you should

The rulers are constitutional monarchy
Vested with some powers to decide certain issues
Enshrined in the Constitution nothing more
The country doesn't need a ruler to say otherwise
Beyond the set written into the Constitution

Rulers are above politics
It is true nothing to argue
Yet rulers are not above the law of Constitution
Here they can be sued in Special Court
When AG thinks there is a case......

Rulers shouldn't read beyond the Constitution
Rulers can engage with their subjects
If they want to, organize a friendly forum
Dispense discussion and wisdom of choices
In this way any bearing of unfairness can be explained
Without holding back........

The Federal Constitution is the Supreme Law of the land
Nobody or any law should be above the Constitution
When we understand it, it is better for every body
Then the nation will be peaceful and harmonious settings

the grace is there

Fullness of His Grace by loswl
Fullness of His Grace by loswl

Unemployment and emotional strain
Under the economic down trends
The working population feeling the heat
Many mouths to feed bills to pay
Suddenly the future is looking bleak
The stressful struggles
Singles and married couples
Families and friends dilemma
Tightening budget controlling spending
Yet the social stigma rules
The burden of unemployment
It cracks up the social structures
The low esteem the mental torture at night
Of unemployment and social ladder gone

It is part of a plan
It can't be seen; it can't be ignored
For it is written religious texts
God give God take away

The grace is there
When we change our ways
Hold steady to the teachings
Life will flow like the wind

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

camry on auction

Camry_Hybrid_2009 by wmmmk.
Camry_2009 by wmmmk
Camry on auction
By the Bee Anne Zombie gang
Hardly used now Zombie wants to replace
Even his post is questionable in court

Is he trying to show his power?
When Perakians can't agree with him
If he has the balls, dissolve the State Assembly
Fight in the ballot box earn his stripe

The economy is on a dive
Here we have a Zombie wasting pie
We have known the Harm Noh antics
Gaining wealth through projects

Bee Anne will surely die
It is written on the wall alright
No matter what Bee Anne wants to do
The score is written
Disintegrate on the field

The crisis in Perak
It never ends......
Dissolve the State Assembly
The ruler makes a wrong turn
Now the potholes run

the blessing

bless by moaan
bless by moaan

The blessing
The day we were born
Into paradise and hell
It is our own choosing

The years of beginning
Down the roads of many
Saying and praying for the days
And years into sunset

We must be grateful
Of our good fortunes
Of the roads to plenty
Into paradise own

Many have not kept diaries or journals
Days and years gone as it is
Living and procrastinating
Life is how one chooses to be

With Internet blogging
Events and thoughts can be written
Paperless can be private or published
It is up to the bloggers

Now millions are talking
Amongst the waves in space
In written words direct to
The engaging thoughts flow

So we must be grateful
Of the years and inventions
Spare a thought too
For those we can't make it
The homeless, the poor and destitute

it never ends

Guard dog? by Peace Correspondent
Guard dog? by Peace Correspondent

Is it a joke?
Signing MOU with MACC?
If RTD is corrupted
Send the calvary
Catch them....

So another con job?
The problems will remain
The core is cancerous
MACC catching cows

Sometimes it makes us
A fool or what in our lives
Reading reports like this
MACC should just walk in
Catch any one presumably on the take
Ask the runners many stories to filter
So what is MACC for?
A beauty parade for the last sleeping beauty
Now he is tending his garden
Forgetting the marks on us

Now we realize
MACC is toothless tiger
Even in a cage, it can't roar
Outside it is worst....
No bite only as a guard dog
Barking all the times
Yet the big fishes smile

“See our pet dog
Knowing the rules
Guard the house
Inside we can swim
Splashing of glory
Who can say.......”

lessons in life

A Lesson in Love by Naj ( away for few days )
A Lesson in Love by Naj ( away for few days )

The little birdie died
Alone in his makeshift nest
No companion to cling for warm
Though I tried to make it
Using dried leaves, sponge and newspapers

When morning arrived
I was getting ready to feed it
The little birdie died
Cuddled up laid dead
As far as I could determine

I buried it in my garden
Said a short prayer for a good life
Beside the other little birdie I found
Bitten to death by black ants.....

So a lesson in life
Plan for a future, don't waste a time
For tomorrow it is hard to see
What will happen............

Don't live alone
The world will miss you by
When old age arrives
You will regret it
What has happened
Nobody to keep comfort and warm
Life will be a misery
Just go take a peep in old folk homes

Nature draws
The journey on the roads
Help as you get along
Prepare for the rainy days
Save credits on what you can do
Life will be easy
Harsh reality will be just a dream

respect must be earned

Respect 101 by R.S. Glines
Respect 101 by R.S. Glines

Respect must be earned
It isn't through law and demand
It is through one's conduct and services
That one's name singing with the breeze

Respect isn't sent by courier services
Respect isn't written in any law
Respect is only given on one's deeds and action
For respect must be from self to the next.....

But what do have in this century?
We are conned in every part of our existence
We have enough of the speeches no action to correct it
Even history the power that be wants to change
What our lay man can do?
The ordinary people going out incognito
Even that the corrupted uniform officers never try us proper
We are intimidated even on peaceful night vigils

We ask for help....
Our rulers ignore our pleadings
Writing memorandums all for nothing
Even signing petitions come to naught
Yet we don't lose respect for the rulers
We still hope they will defend the last post
Against the alleged corruptors in the country

Respect of the Judiciary
Ah the learned federal judges of the law!
When they can ignore subtly of our Federal Constitution
Just to suit the Harm Noh......
Our pillars of check and balance conveniently forgotten
For the people are angry when the federal judges too trap in darkness

Our respect for ourselves
Amongst those we share the common gaols of life
Of politics, of economy, of social gathering
And the common grounds of the country

So respect must be earned
Nothing on a silver platter
Crafted crafty speeches
When action fails it is just nothing

Monday, April 20, 2009

dont hide any more

MD0_0162 by angah316
adnan mb pahang by angah316

Pahang Chief Minister
Now he better resigns his job
The High Court ordered him to pay
$63 million to a logging company
Of contract failure to perform

There is no excuse
As CEO of the state
He should know the contract laws
Before he wants to rescind it

What say now of Harm Noh?
Hiding under the carpet again?
The truth must be revealed
The alleged non-performance shouldn't be hidden
Come out clean and be accountable

Performance now!
Else sack them
The country doesn't need incompetent managers
To manage the affairs of states and country

How long must taxpayers pay?
For the affairs of the wastage of public funds?
I say no more hiding away
Catch those incompetent CEOs
Let them pay for their excessiveness

the nest is gone

hungry_humming_bird_babies_2 by IngSiang (Vagabond)
hungry_humming_bird_babies by IngSiang (Vagabond)

One little birdie alive
Two had died from the jaws of cat
Living alone in a make shift nest
Hoping the mother bird will arrive
The mother bird never searched
It came 2 times looking at no nest
Then it flew away never came back since
The little birdie struggles to live
For the past half a day.....

I try feeding milk
I thought it gives protein
At least it can survive
Until the mother bird checks in again

The little birdie
Helpless chirping away
Calling for its mother bird
There is no sign yet

pages to remember

Love Affair /// {Day 20: 365] by kelsey.wearethearsons

Love Affair by kelsey.wearethearsons

Love affairs
It comes and goes
Into the minds of many
Into smile and misery

The economic curve
The beginning, the growth
The satisfaction the profit goes
Love affairs
Breathing the romance
Living the fruit of labor
Only if the fire keep burning

Love affairs
It makes living sound so easy
When everything seems magical
Nothing will destroy it
Breathing through life a bliss

The years ahead
It seems nothing to obstruct it
The golden rays bloom
There is no darkness to worry

Yet love affairs
Life of honey; tender words of mesmerizing
At times causing pain and misery
When faults and disagreements flare

The flowers and the bees
When nectar is gone
When flowers wither
When time changes
The seasons have many
Will the footprints be the same?
As years take its toll
It has to work nothing is free
As life is written
Pages to remember

when nature rule

Hatched humming birds by mstangel
Hatched humming birds by mstangel

The feline night raider
Into the dark night it came
Quietly hunting for its prey
The 3 little birdies on the bamboo plant

When morning came
I saw the birdies' nest gone
Totally disappeared!
I knew it was the cat
I saw one yesterday

I was disappointed
Knowing the birdies gone
That nature rules....
As my eyes searched for clues

In the porch I saw
One birdie dead bitten by ants
Still fresh the time could be dawn
One I found outside the compound
Still alive a few ants got to it
The last one I couldn't find
I concluded the cat took it away
With the birdies' nest completely disappeared

The live little birdie put in a coconut shell
I hope the mother bird will come and feed it there
Else it will die without the feeding routine
The day will decide its fate

Sunday, April 19, 2009

wrong can't be right

Walk on the Beach of Pangkor Island Beach Resort, Perak by Loeffle
Walk on the Beach of Pangkor Island Beach Resort, Perak by Loeffle

The state of silver gone
Leaving the white sand
Hitting up the sky

The story of the back-doors
In the broad daylight
Capturing the government
Offering alleged concessions
They called them the “friendly the end”

The state ruler decided
Even though the sitting chief minister doesn't resign
To appoint another believing Bee Anne has the majority
On the “friendly the end”

The Apex Court determined Bee Anne rights
Ignoring the Federal Constitution section 72(1)
The separation of power of State Speaker in the Assembly
They have no authority to decide!

The state ruler never feels the pulse
The Perakians feel on the ground
Giving his speeches drawing out his thinking
Ignoring the sentiments of people in the state

The crisis now deepens
The Speaker still can bar the renegades
Before any proceedings begin
They should be barred from voting

The state ruler should dissolve the Assembly
Put forward in February to let the voters decide
If he really listens to his people........
He should know what to do

It is a sad day for me
Since I voted in Perak
For change and upright government
Not what I am saddled with
An illegitimate administration

Will the ruler listen?
Will he really feel the pulse of his people?
Tuanku do the right thing
Let the Perakians decide
Which party to govern the state

history the truth no lie

Give me Liberty or Give me Death (Graveyard) by Shutterhack
Give me Liberty or Give me Death (Graveyard) by Shutterhack

History a story of events long gone
Words, actions and rules
Telling it correctly lies the strength of the nation
And with it the people as a whole

In the hands of the one way street leaders
History will be full of lopsided holes
Telling the truth will be buried in sand
Sieving will take generations to unravel it

We want to learn from history
It is the fact of true events
When hidden truths conveniently suppress
We will fail to understand history
In it the nation will collapse

Murderers now recorded as heroes
What an ironic history to learn!
This isn't what would be preaching
As crimes of those years gone
It shouldn't be written differently
It wasn't fought gentlemanly
It was planned in murderous intent
So it was murder don't twist the facts

The new generations
History will be a waste of learning
Even the older judges giving wrong signals
Throwing the Constitution aside
When giving out judgement
So what now?
We are the decider of our destiny
The journey we will take
As the country unfolds to compete globally
As one nation one people
Else we will perish
For our stupidity!