Wednesday, February 28, 2018

in the cage

In the cage
Time will go slowly
You can count the seconds
You can't say much of your needs

Once you let fear rule
Your whole mind is in the cage
Even old age will not ease the pain
When you let addiction take in

In the cage
You make yourself in
You want to put blame
You can't find an excuse

You live in your world
Put the walls stay within
You think you are safe
But fear has no wall

You will still in the cage
You can't escape the mark
In your mind you put it there
You have to decide

the painted scenes

The painted scenes
Showing to the public
The stories of a time
Tell the truth let it be free

The dark strokes
It never wants to show
It hides behind the bushes
The scenes covered by flowers

The bees flying around
Pollination seems right
The carrying of tales
The breeding takes flight

Somehow it never happens
The strong wind hammers in
The wind currents blow it away
There is only frustration

The painted scenes
The drawing of yesterday
Today the truth stands tall
Casting its long shadow

the injustice rules

The injustice rules
When good men sleep

The bad rules
Where people close eyes

See no evil
Say no bad vibes

But pockets are empty
Days will be broken

The hardship will cry
The tears will fall

The injustic rules
Where fear makes its round

Where will be the light?
When good people stand united

On common ground
The justice will prevail

one bad decision

The old beggars on the street
Eyes looking sad life gone to the sea
The years may have lost in their lives
Down on their luck or their own stupidity

Once they had dreams
To fly high to search of reality
When they landed in the city
The lure of naked witches

They got side tracked
They went on the wrong way
Led them into the long darkness
They lost their dreams

When they woke up
They found the years had gone
They were left behind
They had nothing to show

Now on the street
Begging for alms to ease the pain
Embedded in their minds the sorrow
They can't bear to return home

Under the bridge a home to stay
Bear the heat live with the cold
In the night the nightmares return
One bad decision they sink into the hole

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

the stateless people

We have stateless people
Born, school and work here
For decades they fight for recognition
It is always running in circles

They apply for PR status
They apply for citizenships
Yet nothing will be concluded
Even some were born to citizens here

They are pushed in circles
For decades they hope to get
They become a political setback
For those leaders championing the cause

On the ground the stories will be heard
It is whom or which party a person support
Though it isn't necessarily a person will get it
But it makes the way to get notice

The stateless people
In our backyards crying for help
Born, breed, school, work and die here
Yet they wait for decades to get recognition

love is a two way street

Love can be kind
It can ink your life
Once you take it through
You will find your bliss

So you think you will do
Galloping high in your mind
You never know of defeat
You think love conquers it all

Once you put your guard down
You will find the other side of love
The other back door will open
The double cross of intimacy

Love you will find
The uneasy mind
It can poison your self worth
It makes you into a slave

Once you give it all
You will trap yourself in a cage
You think you have a key
But you find you forget to bring it along

Love is a double edge sword
It can bring you joy or regret
Once you turn blind to it all
You will be the easy target

Love isn't blind
Don't let yourself in a bind
It is a two way street
Everyday you will meet

a time for us

When the election is called
Let Bee Anne bite the dust

Let history be made for the nation
Let the fat party tumble and fall

Let the addicts finally wake up
How they have been used and fooled

Let these people seek redress
By changing the old for the new

When the election is called
Let it be the end of Bee Anne

Let the bad crooks face their dilemma
The music of Bamboo River sings

Let the coalition break it up
For the brand the people will reject

This is the time
The history for us

the power of lies

The power of lies
It will take us in a merry go round
Living in the circles of many
It doesn't want the truth to be known

There will be hired writing assassins
They will be used to spread the ill intentions
The craft of instability by their articles
The push on race and religion

The brand of falsehood will be used
The fear of losing benefits and identity
The writing assassins will light it up
They are paid to wire in the lies

Some leaders will take it
Push the panic button to establish a cause
Let the uninformed feel the heat
But the truth is hidden in layers of circles

The power of lies
The layers of circles burying the truth
Once the light finally breaks through
The fall of cards the crying shame

Monday, February 26, 2018

the song of blues

The song of blues
The way life fall into
Once we don't get up
Pave the way for the new

The disrespect leaders
They don't care about us
They only want for themselves
We are the pawns

Once we give our mandate
We will suffer for the wrong choice
How many decades do we need?
Wake up from the feeding addiction?

It is time people
Let the new take us ahead
Let a new way to prosper
The nation needs it so are we

The song of blues
Don't let it be our tune
It is time to take back our rights
Let us carve our way ahead

if you can't manage your finance

If you can't manage your finance
You don't blame others for your blues
If you can't keep track where your money go
You should keep a record on daily basis

Run it for a few months
You may see a pattern sink in
From it you can do some adjustments
To meet your daily consumption rate

If you can't afford to own a home
You must see what you can afford
Do not dream of buying a bungalow
When your income can't match the loan

Are you going to blame the economy?
Are you going to say the state deprive you a home?
You make your own destiny
Rich or poor or homeless you have a choice

Everyone has an obligation
Everyone has debts to pay or service to provide
Everyone must live within the means
Else nothing will work but crying in the blues

the days of the attacking dogs

The days of the attacking dogs
They have slowly got up from slumber
They want to earn cash to buy luxurious bones
The months ahead will be the lucrative business

The seasoned campaigners have started
The write up on the minority rich businessmen
These paid troopers will open the empty cans
A race political leaders will jump start the way

The credits they want to say
Others work hard to be successful
They sit waiting for the gold
In the end they feel envy

They cry of the bad intentions
They will attack feeling the jitters
Crumbling their thoughts never say they are wrong
They are addicted to the wealth without sweat

Now they feel they are losing
The people have seen enough to know it
Yet the paid troopers will drive a bit crazy
A race political leaders feel the jitters

The bad no matter what they want to do
It is finally come to roost for the fall
The pillars are weak the weight too heavy
The crumbles will be heard the walls will breakaway

the cycle of shame

The cycle of shame
We don't want to hear its name
The dirty lies staining our minds
Do we need it every time?

We know of addicts of the game
They can't live without it
They have sold their souls
They don't care what they say or do

We hear often in our lives
The cycle of shame
We don't want to hear its name
We have enough of it in our game

Everyday we hear
The addicts get into the lanes
Gearing it up to pin others blame
They don't say they are the cause of it

Yeah we hear it often
The cycle of shame
We don't want to hear its name
We have enough of it in our game

Sunday, February 25, 2018

the tales of make believe

The tales from RPK
Amno B men jump the train
They will sing praises
They think it's the gospel truth

When he touches on the opposition
A man once he was a hero with Pakatan
Now he has gone so low in exile
He seems to get paid to write his tales

The Amno B men will ride on his tales
When RPK wrote about Apandi story
The Amno B men stay so quiet in a corner
AG says he will sue but he sleeps on it

Silence will say it should be true
RPK is a hired gun writer of tales
The police will not take action
But not with Namewee....

It is a sad episode
For a man to sink so low
All articles he wrote before he sold his soul
He should walk back into history find his way home

the Chinese

The spin of lies
It never seems to die
Every day we will read
The trumpet of self enriching beats

It is hardwork
Blood,sweat and tears with it
There are no sweet deals
It is the business skills involved

Put the Chinese anywhere in the world
They will carve out a name with it
They make their lives worth sacrificing
The natural resources or the soft skills way

The Chinese way
The time will not stop them
They will make it through
Even facing obstacles in life

the nights of the cats

The nights of the cats
The screaming of domination
At the back lanes they roam
The jealousy rules in the end

Too many male cats
Chasing after a sole female cat
This is the time to sow their seeds
The male cats will fight who will be the first

This is the time for the female cat
She can pick her suitor to mount on her
The other male cats can watch
Until she makes her selection again

Some male cats have no chance
They will run after the female cat
They will wait like hungry begging cats
The female cat just lures them around

let the chains be broken

The negative reports
Bee Anne leaders and troopers do
Chasing after the opponents
Why they feel the jitters?

Every time they say
It is always DAP they blame
As if DAP is the cause of their troubles
It is them who brought us shame

Even they warn of losing rights
If DAP captures Putrajaya
If the ground Malays understand
Even DAP wins all the seats it can't be in power

DAP doesn't contest all 222 seats
It has to contest 60 seats the most
The lies Bee Anne leaders will shout
It is really the fall into the pit

The time to change has come
Bee Anne has been ruling for over 6 decades
It is time to allow a new party to helm the nation
Let the chains be broken and freedom run

Saturday, February 24, 2018

the tomcat on the move

The Tomcat on the move
The season has started
The crazy ones will run
Chasing the female cats

Comel the Tomcat
He doesn't know the time
He returns as he likes
He doesn't worry about his meal

Once the female cats call
Base on past records he will run
Like the toy cat he will become
He hopes to get a share

On all scores the female cats lure him
Making him the lovesick Tomcat
He thinks he can perform his stunt
The younger stray cats will outshine him!

He can't run with the young male cats
He hasn't got the energy to run afar
Yet he thinks he is a Tomcat
The Casanova of the feline variety

Comel the Tomcat
The female cats will lure him like a cat toy
Luring him around like a lovesick cat
Waiting for his turn for hours

the light is rising again

Cry in the dark
In the lonely tunnel deep below
The dark shadow rules the black
No light can be seen

Once there is light
The spread of goodwill abound
Until the bad takes control
The trust has been gone

Instead there are lies
Everyday running through our lives
Even the institutions are running low
The respect seems split with the wind

Cry in the dark
The longest journey to make it
The bad is feeling jittery
Many bad followers will feel teary

The light is rising again
Though the cry in the dark still hears
The bad will face Bamboo River
The iron gates and hardcore criminals

the war in cyber world

The paid cyber-warriors
They have the arsenal in their hands
They have to wait for the green light
Once it is sounded the keypads will ignite

They will write their ways
With the guidelines to score points
Waging the war in the internet
The paid cyber- warriors sink low

They don't care about the truth
They don't believe it anyway
They only care how much to get
Once the heat cut into the internet space

The war in the cyber world
The blues will sound its drums
Beating it hard sending its war cry
The tidal waves rising in cyber space

The war has been decided
Years ago to effect the change
Even the institutions have broken pledges
The people aren't paying for it

the sweet words

The sweet words
Once you learn it
The women will fall
They will go crazy

Once you say it
In between conversations
The words will trigger her sexual modes
She will swing into action

So it is claimed
The gurus make the hit
The hot women will fall
By the words trigger in her brain

Women basically fall
By the sweet words of encouragement
By the actions carrying it out
In her mind she needs her fill

You don't need the punch lines
It has become out of date
You need to show confidence
You need to be the man she needs

Friday, February 23, 2018

the bad broom sweeps

The bad broom sweeps
The dirt and hairs will get away
Hiding in its brittles
Hanging on for corruption

When a fish head is tainted
The credibility is questioned
No matter how it is bundled together
The bad news will get into the flow

The bad broom sweeps in circles
Outwardly the bad will drive away
Leaving behind the trails of dirt and sand
The struggling to make a clean sweep

The talk of promises
It never comes to light up the night
The bad crooks still run in darkness
Laughing at the addicted race

The bad broom sweeps
Everything seems to stay
The dirt and hairs hiding in the brittles
The addicted people can't see the difference

the chains of the long goodnight

GE in April or May?
It doesn't matter really
Call it even today
The time is up anyway

The jittery leaders
The ruling elites will spread
The bad speeches run
Thinking the people easy to buy

No doubt they have the command
Once the election is called
The spread of a new will sing
In the minds catching the train

We can't let the bad stay on
Time for them to stay in Bamboo River
There will be many when a new light shines
The chains of the long goodnight

roS stays away from politics

RoS stays away from politics
Don't get into its groove
Play your job as a civil servant
You will never get it wrong

Pakatan Harapan's application
It shouldn't take so long to approve
If you have reservations about it
Write to the Chairman to explain

Once when old Amno was deregistered
The High Court ruled it as illegal
The president then could get it done in 24 hours
You didn't delay its application as Amno Baru

Now it seems Ros takes a long free walk
Staying in the park looking at the monkeys
Drawing flaks from those in the know
Maybe waiting to get inspiration...

RoS don't get into politics
Do it as a civil servant
Serving all the people all the times
Showing no double standards as well

Now Pakatan Harapan takes RoS to court
There is a trust deficit
RoS stays away from politics
You don't take so long to give the green light do you?

if we don't make the right decision

If we don't make the right decision
We will suffer the many knocks in our lives
The current regime is taking its rides
Leaving us breathless with debts piling high

If we fall for the empty promises
We will not wake up to the new
We will toil for the old debts
The chains around our necks

Every agency seems to be compromise
The way it is conducted by its officials
It is always left us to criticise its works
The independence is by puppet on the strings

So if we don't make the right decision
When the call of GE14 comes to vote
We will lose our golden opportunity of a change
We will be saddled with our pains