Friday, September 30, 2022

the voters


The voters

Use your vote to kick out the bad leaders

You have that veto power in your hand

Don't waste it away by accepting crumbs

All politicians will feel for you

They will come with promises and gifts

The entrapment to take away your vote

Once you fall into their traps they will win

The country is on the edge

The Sulus has a claim of US$15 billion

Though it is wrong to give a new contract

The judge failed in his duty but he didn't care

This is the back door dilemma

It is also our own problem if we allow the bad leaders to stay

So the voters should know the reasons to vote wisely

Kick out the bad leaders don't waste your vote

The voters

You have a role to play

A very important role in your life

Vote for change save the nation

the flood season no GE15


GE15 during the flood season

It is the bad foresight for any leader

The turtle man shouldn't bow down to pressure

He should hold the fort until the season is over

He is the CEO of the nation

Though in his party he isn't the party leader

He can listen to advice but he has to think for the country

The flood season no GE15

It is his party chief

He wants to escape his jail sentence

The only way he can do it is to gamble for GE15

Every opportunity he will shout for it

A former party chief has gone to prison

The current one may find himself walking in

The AG has filed to COA on his acquittal

The nearly $50 million bribes need to find answers

If it comes to GE15

His Majesty has a role to play

He can refuse to dissolve Parliament

Citing the monsoon season and the cost of it

Ronnie Liu is a lone ranger


Ronnie Liu

The lone ranger in the Rocket

He will try to make his face in the news

He is afraid to be forgotten

Sometimes he talks some truth

Of his party or on the Old Man

He is just wanted his few seconds of fame

People will remember him

As a season politician in the Rocket

He should know how the party works

But he wants to fake his ignorance

Ranting it off like missing the target

It is the collective agreement

Those who disagree should abide by the majority

Whatever need to be said have been discussed

Once a decision is made every one should respect it

But Ronnie Liu is a lone ranger

He wants his few seconds of fame in the news

If he finds the Rocket isn't to his liking

He should leave and find his own house to stay

Thursday, September 29, 2022

the bearers of bribes


The bearers of bribes

The gifts of spells

The takers can't ignore

Eyes glow minds stay dumb

There is always a reason

No traffic jam on projects

Clear the hurdles every one smiles

The gifts of spells

The bearers of bribes

They will not spend millions for nothing

They expect results in a nice ringing

When they listen to a melody of good fortune

The bearers of bribes

The agency can't see

They sit waiting for report

They don't go when they hear in grapevine

They don't want to get headaches

Probing and collecting evidence on higher ups

The bearers of bribes

They can escape

the midnight


The midnight

The night time glows

Not many can see

The events unfold

It's like the back door

Nobody will see who's in and out

The midnight

The night time glows

The ordinary folks

Sleeping like babies

They don't see or hear

The midnight dreams

The shadows of the night

Talking in secret in hushed voices

The projects to enrichment

The brown envelopes smile openly

The midnight

The night time glows

The curry of favours

Not many can see

the dim light giving a hope


The costs of living

Riding high on the chart

The pockets feeling the weightless

As the people counting the days

The changes in their lives

The dim light giving a hope

Something good will come

As long as they stay focus

The days will not bring cheers

Maybe it will bring tears

As they stare at the empty tables

Even bills will have to delay payment

The costs of living

Singing a slow miserable song

The changes in their lives

The dim light giving a hope

the wrong kind takes control


The liberty will be gone

When the wrong kind takes control

The nation has enough shame in her eyes

She doesn't need to lose her liberty as well

The liberty must return in full

Put religions in the homes

This is where it should stay

It has no business in politics

The politics is a game of snakes and ladders

The game of lies, half truth, part sincerity

The game to enrich with benefits and power

Along the way throwing crumbs with a smile

When the majority entrap in addiction

Liberty will be hard to climb out to be free

The nation will drive downwards to the edge

The colonization will be the way instead

Liberty must be protected

Don't let it by hijacked by the extremists

The wolves in sheep skin will triumph

When the majority sleep through addiction

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

the failed script


The turtle man

He can't really move

Legs bury on the ground

Only his eyes see

He is hit by his own party leaders

He can't say much as he isn't the chief

He is a follower no reason to play his card

A puppet has no choice but to follow

Moo too criticizes him

His NRC recommendations

The turtle man takes too long

The costs of living rising high

Though the turtle man tries to shift blame

He forgets he was in Moo's Cabinet before

He is equally should get the failed script

Now he's running the show but no credibility

The turtle man

Finding he has no support

He doesn't want to call GE15

He doesn't want to be the shortest pm stay

He will try to push it

On 30 September he will know

Will he has back bone to stand up?

GE15 this year will be bad

the back door slams each other


The back door attacks

Each other in the public sphere

They don't feel the shame

Incompetence at all levels

The public read in dismay

The shame we all feel today

The costs of living shooting stars

The currency value dipping low

The back door doesn't see

The leaders don't come out with solutions

They don't hear the whispers on the ground

They are living like angels flying

The scammers will do the quick jobs

They will go for the kill on the mind weaknesses

The back door should have seen it

In chaos of poor management the scammers will win

The back door slams each other

The thumbing chests of power

While the nation of people weep

The costs of living shooting stars

in public interest appeal files in


The Attorney General files his appeal

On the recent case of the chief wolf acquittal

The public wanted COA to look deeply into it

The case shouldn't be acquitted on technicality

The HC judge gave his reasons

There are ways for the AG to argue for it

In the court of COA there will be change

It is unlikely the chief wolf can escape

The millions had transferred by hands

The witnesses will not simply say to look good

There will be perjury to themselves

They aren't that stupid to entrap in it

There are merits for the appeal

The judge couldn't say he doesn't believe it

Ask the givers how they did the transfer

The defendant didn't rebut the handover

Now we will watch the COA judges

How they will comb the judgement

How the AG will argue on the case

The public will wait for the good news

live without addiction


Live without addiction

Think about it in life

Why should we live in it?

We will become enslave in it

Is it what we want in life?

Spoon feed with crumbs

We can't think of ourselves

We depend on handouts

One party has looted the country's wealth

These bad leaders only enrich themselves

We mustn't allow them to return on stage

They must be buried for good in retirement

Live without addiction

We can go as we like

We don't owe anyone a living

We should stand proud and free

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

self praise is no praise


Self praise is no praise

It is only to make a person feel good

As if he has done a better job

But on the scale he has failed

The wolf politicians

They are there for the rewards

They aren't going to perform

Look at the some high profile cases

Even the crocodiles will speak

As if with $90 million he can do wonders

Only catering to himself and others in his camp

Lavishing in style but not in Tok Guru Nik Aziz time

The politicians are to do public services

It isn't about scoring points to live lavishly

It is to be humble, kind and tolerate and stay simple

But the wolf politicians aren't in it to serve

The wolf politicians

The crocodiles walking on land

They are only serving themselves

The public is second best

the bus


The bus

In the early morning dawn

Sleepy eyes bag full of books

The heavy load waiting on the side road

The sun wasn't smiling

The crowd gathered

Waiting for the bus

To school or to work

Some came running

Thinking they could miss the bus

The puffing and breathing

Luckily the bus didn't arrive

The bus

Sometimes unreliable on time

To school to work

Would be late but who to blame?

In the early morning dawn

Sleepy eyes bag full of books

The bus finally arrived

To school or to work

the night of smiles turn to frown


The chief wolf

The night of smiles

For a while he can feel it

He can't get away yet

Now AG has filed it to COA

There are merits to argue again

Did he not receive the cash?

He did admit on part of his testimony

This is the right approach

Let COA to determine the case

The judge shouldn't say

He can't believe S$600k stuffed in an envelope

He should ask can it be done?

Readers had said it could be

Because Singapore issued $10,000k note

The AG makes the appeal for the sake of public interest

The chief wolf

He has to see himself in the mirror

Did he commit corruption?

Now the smile turns to frown

the Gombak voters failed


The Gombak voters failed

The final push to Federal Court

On the election promises

When the elected member defected

The election promises threw away

The member ran with smile on his face

He didn't fulfill his election promises

Standing on stage said it in public

Now the voters must vote wisely

Believing in promises say in General Election

When the promises aren't fulfilled

They can't sue or demand for it

In GE15 on its way

The voters must study

The promises put in writing

Signed and sealed as a contract

Will it happen?

Unlikely as no candidate wants to do it

They want to become the sales-persons

Talk everything under the sun

Monday, September 26, 2022

tomorrow will come


Tomorrow will come

Nobody can deny it

As long as there is a reason

The light will keep shining

Though harmony in race relationship

It has taken a bad cut by the politicians

The score on divide and rule

It brings no cheer in racial composition

The early years in 50s and 60s

Part of early 70s brought races together

Every one could sit together, eat and laugh

There was no clear cut on race colour

Because of bad politicians

The bad policies came and supremacy of a race bloom

Did it bring progress of race relations in the years?

The situation we see today is a sad episode of our times

Maybe Pakatan Harapan can bridge the gap

Tomorrow will come we can't ignore the hope

Vote for the good leaders to manage the nation

Bring back the good times of race relations

the burberry man


The Burberry man

He can't speak London

On the stage in UN

He missed his opportunity

He wants to show his village champion

In UN the opportunity shouldn't be missed

Speak London to tell these leaders

A small nation can run with the pack

But alas he can't speak English

He fears his inferior complex

Even if he speaks broken English

No leaders will laugh at him

They will appreciate his try

It will show the world leaders

A small nation can run with the pack

Alas he brings us no opportunities!

The Burberry Man

He so afraid be brought 30 of his members

What were they doing enjoying free rides?

At the expense of the Rakyat?

The Burberry Man

He shows his fear to speak English

He doesn't bring opportunities to the nation

He shows we are still backwards in our focus

let go of the big tent idea


PH leaders

Let go of the big tent idea

Concentrate on your core values

With your present partners

You don't have to woo others

The stand will be different

The clashes will happen

When power play comes to contest

The Comet Man sees its failure

The big tent idea should be scrapped

Don't let the snakes to bite

In the shadows of the light

The only 2 partners

MUDA and PSM can be roped in

If can't be full members be as least associates

You need these people to woo the crowd

PH leaders

Don't forget the back door history

Learn your lessons in political back door

Don't let it happen again

focus needs action


Focus will help

In managing life and interests

With relationships or money

In one's course of a destination

Focus we must remember

The mind can divert elsewhere too

There is still the action part to follow

Without it nothing will happen

The span of control

Too many things or events in life

We may lose focus on what we want to do

In a way we need to have a clear mind

A clutter mind will not bring focus

A picture will become blurry in our eyes

It will embiggen our bad searches

So the mind still plays a role

Focus on a subject

Take the correct measures

Let it spin its way to its destination

Else the mind may lose its concentration

Sunday, September 25, 2022

time to let go


The Old Man

Time to let go

You don't have to return

On the stage

Don't dream

A 3rd time to hold the post

You had your chances

You didn't keep your promise

You don't have to say

Give you a year

By the time you will forget

As power rocks in your soul

The Old Man

Time to spend in leisure

Time to reflect and apologize

You can't be on the stage

the alleged rumour


The saga of Abdullah Ang

30 years ago he ruled Kajang Prison

He could live well in jail

He could have his liberty

It was under the Old Man watch

He revamped the prison administration

He didn't want it to happen again

Money would work in the bad ways

Now there is another story

MO1 in prison in Kajang

The alleged rumour in the grapevine

The special treatments of his illness

Stomach ulcers don't need hospitalization

The prescribed medication and proper food

But he was sent to recovery hospital

For medical check up and consultation

The saga of MO1

It will not be the end of his story

We will wait to see what he will cook it up

What the turtle man will do to grant favours

He is in history of the wrong kind

The former prime minister sent to jail

He brought shame to his family and nation

Yet his party leaders still support the corrupt

The saga of Abdullah Ang

Something similar in services came to light

In Kajang Prison both were sent to stay

The story still sounds quite familiar today

the moos should walk the talk


The Moos declare war on Bee Anne

Isn't it ironic the moos still cooperate in the back door?

They think the voters will believe the call?

GE15 will bury the back door politicians

The Moos should walk the talk

Declaring war yet still holding hands

Walking in the corridor of power

The old ways are back

The Moos should know

As they were once in Bee Anne

The members shouldn't play the saints

They came from the same party mill

The Moos should walk away

Pull out the plug and see what happen

There shouldn't be a GE15 this year

The cost of billion should be used for the people

there is no denying the smile on the faces


The chief wolf can celebrate*

One of his cases he won yesterday

He shouldn't feel he is free

The AG hasn't filed his appeal to COA

He may tone down his GE15 demand

He may want to decide his next course

Though he knows he still has his pending cases

It isn't over for him as the law still holding him

The wolves may celebrate this victory

There is no denying the smile on the faces

It is always good to feel the winning

Yet don't go overboard there are still pending cases

The AG will file his appeal to COA

This is a public interest to do it

The AG mustn't fail his duty to pursue it

There are still unanswered questions on the millions

* he still has his pending case in court

living today in money


Living today

Money is the gateway

Without it the hungry look

The mind will cry every day

Living can't be lazy

Money isn't growing on trees

Hard working and be smart

Grow your riches will be

But remember

When riches reach the score

Don't forget the primary living

Learn, make mistakes, enrich life

Money can't buy freedom

Money can't buy longevity

Money can't buy in death

Money will be worthless then

Living today

Money is the gateway

But remember money can't buy in death

Money will be worthless then

Saturday, September 24, 2022

karma will seek us out


The devil laugh

One has got away

The law lost its round

The roll of dice turns Aces

The devil smile

It pays to do bad

The law can be bought

Money can move mountain

Look at the light

Waving by the strong wind

The cascading whispering

Forget the devil intrudes

The light backs up

The fights still on going

It isn't over for the bad guys

The law may win

Now the devil laugh

One can get away

Money can make the difference

But is it always that way for the bad?

Don't do the bad

Karma will seek us out

When we aren't aware

Karma will knock us down

the green light on MO1 health


MO1 is given a green light on his health

He was admitted to Cheras Hospital

Complaining on his health issues

The public in general do not buy his reasons

Now he is sent back to Kajang prison

Where he will stay for his long haul

We may not hear the end of his saga

He may cook up another excuse

The special treatment for a convict

The prison DG hasn't issue any statement

He needs to clarify it to ease the public sentiments

No convict should have any special treatments

MO1 should stay be like a man

Once he said he was a Bugis warrior

A crying shame when he was in prison

He didn't act as one of his ancestors

Now AG should get back the millions

MO1 hasn't returned his illegal cash

His fine he can wait in his long stay

But the illegal cash he must return