Wednesday, September 14, 2022

the changes in life


The changes in life

The fall from grace

The darkness in the mind

The lonely cry in the cell

Who can tell?

The sins of his own

The fortunes in the wrong

The law turns him in

The many swearing

Trying to fool others

It only backfires on him

The sins will monkey him through

Suddenly he feels sick

The tricks he uses to perform

Like the boy who cries wolf

Who want to believe if it is true?

Not even a month in his cell

He has quite a few health issues

He is like a child crying for attention

Maybe his many swearing causing him pain

The changes in life

The quick to understand

It will be better for the brain

Apologize and don't carry the burden

The other cases in court

Better plead guilty and settle it

The changes in life

Pay for the sins on greed and corruption

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